Bepannah 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajvir gets suspicious of Zoya

Bepannah 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Victor steps out on the terrace. He looks ahead curiously but does not see anyone. Aditya and Zoya are lying on the floor next to each other. Anjana comes there just then. He drops his phone startled. She asks him what he is doing here. I can see you are avoiding working these days. It is time to break fast. I have been looking for you but you were nowhere to be seen. He apologizes to her. I saw the door open so I came to check. Anjana asks him if he found anywhere here. No right? She has tried my patience already so you don’t try it now! He heads downstairs.

Anjana thinks of what all Zoya is up to. Aditya and Zoya peek at Anjana turn by turn. Aditya ducks as Anjana turns all of a sudden. Anjana decides to do something about Zoya or her family members will only be seen in photos. Where is she?

Aditya is now lying over her to avoid being seen together. Anjana leaves. Aditya and Zoya share an eye lock. Anjana goes downstairs. Aditya teases Zoya by asking her how long they will have to fast for by staying away from each other. She begins to run away. He asks her if he has to touch her feet now. She compliments the idea. You will have to do it in front of everyone. Zoya tries opening the door but it is locked. Aditya and Zoya look at each other.

Zoya blames Anjana for locking her on the terrace. Anjana suggests her to visit a doc instead. Why don’t you leave the house? Zoya suggests going to police station. I will file a case against you for harassment. I wont let you live in peace. Harsh asks her why she is blaming Anjana for no reason. Victor is watching everything from far. Aditya comes there just then. Zoya replies that Anjana locked her on the terrace. This enough is a reason. Anjana insists there was no one. Zoya asks Arjun if the door wasn’t locked when he helped her out of terrace. He nods. Zoya continues blaming Anjana. Anjana says I shouldn’t have let you come in this house in the first place. Zoya calls it her strategy to throw her out of the house. Now I will just call police and tell them that I am a victim of domestic violence. The penalty is strict nowadays. We will then know who will go where. Arjun requests her not to stretch the matter but Zoya stays put. Aditya tells her to stop. He folds his hands before her and bends down on his knees with a smile. Anjana is stunned. I beg you not to do this. Aditya winks at Zoya. Harsh stands there in shock. Zoya remembers what happened upstairs. You must tell your mother not to intervene in my matters! Saying so, she walks away. Aditya gets up and goes. Victor looks on quietly. Anjana stands there in disbelief.

Zoya comes to her room. Aditya enters and continues acting by talking in loud voice. She says the game will change if we find out who is the spy in the house. We cannot fight like this every day. He insists they will have to continue it till the time they find out the culprit. She asks him what they should do next. He asks for a kiss in exchange of her condition. I did what you asked me to! He reasons that this will help reduce the stress. She suggests sleeping now. He keeps asking for a kiss so he is energised to fight tomorrow. She covers him with curtains and runs inside the bathroom. He cutely asks for a kiss. She comes out and kisses him on the cheek before running back inside the bathroom. He makes a cute face. I am not a 5 year old. I want a kiss not a kissi!

Harsh gifts Arjun ethnic wear for Diwali. Arjun tries it. They promote Manyavar.

Rajvir tells the mystery woman not to drink. It messes everything every time. Mystery woman is positive that everything is under their control. Zoya is on our side now. Rajvir looks at her in disbelief. Zoya cannot be trusted. She disappeared. We don’t know with whom and for how long. Mystery woman says I was watching everything on the video call. Zoya even threatened to file mental harassment case. Everything is going in the right direction. Zoya stops to overhear their conversation. Aditya is hiding nearby. His phone rings while Rajvir and the mystery woman are arguing over her drinking habits. Rajvir opens the door and confronts Zoya as to what she was doing here. She goes inside. Aditya rushes downstairs.

Rajvir asks Zoya why she is here early morning without informing them. Why were you eavesdropping? Zoya keeps quiet and so does mystery woman. Rajvir asks her why she doesn’t doubt Zoya today. Zoya tells them she isn’t bothered about what’s going on in their life. I came here for my own reason. I cannot see that murderer MIL every day in front of me! I married Aditya happily but you guys came in my life and told me the truth! What should I do now? Rajvir is still suspicious of her but mystery woman asks him why he is getting angry on Zoya when he is actually angry on her and liquor. Zoya stealthily clicks photos of the files kept on the table. Mystery woman tells Rajvir to trust her. I have my eyes on her. I will find out whatever she will do! Rajvir is sure Zoya dint come here without a reason. I wonder why you aren’t suspicious of her anymore! Zoya advises them to sort their personal matters once she leaves. I came here to discuss my problem. You can tell me if you have some suggestion or I will tackle it on my own! I have to bring out the truth at any cost. I wont bear it anymore! She leaves. Rajvir says she dint say anything which couldn’t be said on phone. You still don’t find anything odd? Mystery woman assures him she has a backup plan ready too. Just trust me.

Aditya asks his parents if this is why they called him here. Anjana asks him till when he will stay in this fake marriage. You have to move on. Meet Sanjana once. She is a really nice girl. Harsh says it isn’t any harm but we cannot force our son. Aditya looks at his phone. Don’t know what will be happening there. Zoya is alone. Anjana says I understand that you got cheated in both the weddings. You chose them on your own though. Meet her once. I am sure she is a really nice girl. Aditya is upset that he thought it was some emergency. I left everything and came running here. Anjana reasons that it is an emergency. You haven’t settled in life till now because of which Arjun too isn’t settled. Zoya must leave. Meet Sanjana once for my sake. His phone beeps with a text – I left. He replies Ok and says it out loud. Anjana smiles. He asks for some time to which she happily agrees. Just get ready on time. He nods. Anjana looks relieved. Harsh too is happy that Aditya agreed to atleast think. Anjana nods.

Aditya is waiting for Zoya at the meeting point. Why isn’t she here yet? He thinks against texting her but then decides to text. Someone steals his phone and runs away. Aditya chases the thief. It turns out to be Zoya. She is wearing a burqa. I thought Rajvir is keeping an eye on me so I had to do all this. He hugs her. I was so scared. I thought we will be caught today. I had to leave you there alone. I am so sorry. She replies that she was worried more for him than herself. I know someone is keeping an eye on us every time so I thought to meet you outside. There is a problem. Rajvir is doubtful of me. He kept asking me why I went there without informing him. She shows him the photographs. One of them as a photo of a Pan Card. He reads a name. It sounds familiar to Aditya (Kaplana).

Precap: Aditya thinks to make Zoya jealous. Zoya steps out of the room. Aditya watches her mesmerised. Title tracks plays.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Neha1

    Today’s episode the best scene..
    Part 1.
    Part 2.

    The way Adi said I’m not a 5 yr old child. I wanna kiss not kissy…👍👌🤗😜🤣

    Finally Zoya got some clue…Adi Kalpana Dadheech…I heard this name, and She’s Rajveer’s mom and Harsh’s GF…
    Precap Is very nice….and title song is so relieved to hear…

    1. Love it when he said I’m not a 5yr old 😀

      Everytime he comes close to her she takes off like one 😉

      Good to see Adiya together and working on their enemies.

      Happy Divali/Diwali folks ,it’s celebrated in my country tmoro 6th November.

  2. Does ITA jury know what shame is?

    1. Indian tv deserves
      Ekta’s craps like kumkum ,kundali,kasautii which will run over 5 yrs with same story(even a single revealation will take months even years)
      And shows in which a girl can do anything for snatching other husband and lover🤣🤣🤣
      Sorry forgotten about snake , witch, poison women and black magic; how funny people are crazy for those as a daily🤣🤣🤣
      I support weekly fantasy or magic

  3. Again a new girl by anjana
    Hope this girl will be for 2-3 episodes only
    Good episode
    Ita awards jury has given so many nomiantion to bepanah in different categories
    But not bepanah shows life Harshad
    Harshad was so perfect in every scene some were even better than jennifer
    But ita has given nomination to karan jotani, lol shame.

  4. Today i felt really sad for Harshad
    Harshad may not win ita jury but at least should be in nomiantion list
    Seriously i watched so many bad episodes only for harshad,as he nailed all those emotion
    I watched his previous shows, but in bepanah everything was perfect
    Don’t know why ita did these?At least this award i hoped, would be out of partiality.
    Now seems fishy.
    Anyone know?

  5. I have just watched the episode. It’s 11:30 in my country and 04:00 in Mumbai. Is there anyone awake 😂😴 anyone at all😌???
    I am enjoying this light episodes as long they will last because i know the drama will start again in full mode very soon. Rajvir has already started to doubt on Zoya, he won’t leave that go easily.
    Damn i want Zoya to stay like this forever, drama or not Anjana deserves every single word of her, and this way Anju will think twice before harming Zo.
    Zo you are playing too much with my boy’s nerves as per my opinion. You are taking advantage of his gentleman side, and i wouldn’t do that if I was in your place 😉.
    For the first time i completely agree with Anju’s decision. Zo needs to understand some things that are not so clear to her yet, i want to see her blood reach the boiling point seeing another girl near Adi, even if it is not real. Like Hhh said i need her just for 1-2 episodes, maybe 1 is enough to reach the ideal temperature.
    Adi said he is not 5 years old, he is right, he is 4 and have found a 2 year old girl to fight with, to pull her ponytail. Zo doesn’t just love his childish behaviour but she is like him, they are the same. And they have started playing with each other since episode 1. Two little stubborn kids fighting over their preferred toy.

    1. Eric, you’re right, Zoya needs to stop playing hide & seek. I do think this new entry is brought in hopefully to create hype and increase trp. I hope we can bear with it because, whether we like it of not, our show is in trouble, it’s not doing well at all and I’m afraid of it being terminated. At this point, J think I can handle a 3rd person since I know whatever Anjana’s intentions are, she won’t win. I also think that girl will try to create misunderstandings between Adiya, she won’t be a mute spectator but she also won’t succeed. So, bring it on Anjana. The person will be around for longer.

    2. Sorry Eri, my auto correct always comes up with Eric.

      1. It’s ok 😀 i don’t mind

  6. I never think of Aditya Hooda as a soap character played by Harshad Chopda. I always think he is alive, you can be angry at him, judge him, cry with him, you feel like hugging him when he breaks down and no one is near him for support, you take his side against others, he makes you laugh, blush, stare, think, and all of a sudden at the end of the episode you are again reminded he is not real.
    I have seen some of the others nominated actors acting. And it is just acting. Seriously it’s a shame Harshad wasn’t nominated. But i guess like everywhere else only form and not content is valuated.

  7. When Zita and Adi were talking they were showing them through a glass of a car or something. Hope no one is spying.

  8. I don’t think someone is spying because that’s not where they were supposed to me. Zoya stole Adi’s phone, pretending to be a thief and he chased her to that garage. When he was searching for her, some shots were through that car window. Unless, there is someone there and they didn’t notice.

  9. I am enjoying these days, that’s why I don’t have much to say. Aditya are together in their struggles, there’s enough dose of romance, now we’re going to see Zoya getting jealous a bit. I’m good! Sometimes I wonder how would we have reacted to last week’s episodes if we hadn’t known in advance that Adiya were faking their fight. I think this should have been a surprise so we were pleasantly shocked in a way, even though I think all of us would never have believed that Adi will doubt Zoya. What, I’m trying to say is, I think we have too many spoilers that reveal the plot. Every time an epi airs, we already know what’s going to happen. I used to be surprised by this show, what I think will happen, would happen differently, and I liked that but now, we know exactly what’s going to happen. What do you all think, I’d love to hear your opinion. I know on social media, they can’t survive without knowing, it becomes an insulting ‘game’ to Colors and the cv’s of there a no spoilers.

    1. Bepanah is not a top trp shows
      Viewer will not watch it surely for that crap happen on top trp indian shows ( multiple separation and reunion/ or a revealation taking months /years)
      And we have a doubt that zoya will separate from adi when she find out hooda family involved in poosh murder by watching previous episodes.
      But she choosed her present over past.
      Now a days epiosdes are good
      I was really irritated by watching celebreties on marriage ,snake and zoya rejecting adi and adiya suffering after marriage ( for me this track was worst)
      After watching adiya separation promo i decided i will not watch further.As i do not watch that top trp crap shows
      Thanks to spoiler still watching the show

    2. Spoilers have often been a problem for me, and in many occasions i have been eable to not watch them. They ruin the surprise so i have decided to skip.
      But as i said earlier misleading promos are the main problem of this show. If they didn’t release the first promo, the one where Zoya came at Hooda House and saw Adi comforting Anjana there won’t be any need for ruining the surprise. But that was too much to handle from the fans a week earlier the episodes itself. Actually the drama lasted for two days and in between you could tell something was fishy and everyone would have waited before jumping into conclusions. But the damage was already done with the promo, they had created un unnecessary turmoil amidst fans and couldn’t risk to loose anymore trp.

    3. Hey there

      I’m ok with the spoilers. I kind of look forward to them! It makes the weekend go faster and waiting for the next day episode a bit easier.

      A spoiler is just that. A spoiler. It spills the beans on what is about to happen. My husband can’t stand the coming previews. He won’t even watch the coming soon previews before a movie as it will ruin the movie on the off hand chance be might want to see it in the future!! So to those who don’t like spoilers,I guess don’t watch them. And to those who do, keep them coming!!! Sorry. Hope that helps 🙂

  10. Neha1

    He’s an Award winning Actor, Harshad Chopda. Look his expressions… He’s just Amazing Actor and could do any scene with perfection, whether it’s sad, cry, comedy, sarcastic, angry and Romantic scenes…
    Loved his expression in this scene.

  11. Neha1

    When he said that he’s not a 5year old kid…
    I thought he was a kid, sweet and little one but you know what I whenever seen this Childish sides of Adi, I really enjoyed such scenes and remember Pooja was irked with his childish side but Zoya too enjoying Adi’s childish side like us(fan’s)…
    The way, as a hubby Adi’s wish to get a Kiss😘 from Zoya, The way Zoya gives excuses, The way Adi’s eagerness for a Kiss 😘 and the way Zoya fooled him and run towards bathroom and Adi got little hurt on his Nose👃 and complaining is childish but then Zoya quitely comes an kissed 😘 on his cheeks was like🤗😍👍👌 atleast she kissed 😘 him and again Adi with childish way said — I’m not a 5 yr old child, I want a Kiss😘💏 not Kissy…😋😜🤣🙂

  12. Neha1

    And now this scene I really enjoyed and launched…Adi can do anything which Zoya wants/wish….he thought by doing this he will get a Kiss 😘 (Obviously not 5yr old child kiss) but he get childish kissy on his cheeks by doing this scene.
    It was indeed funny and I thoroughly enjoyed it.👍👌🤗😍🙂😘
    Part 1.
    Part 2.
    Part 3.
    Part 4.
    And in Precap Aditya wanna make Zoya get jealous but I guess he will Jealous and disappoint that he can’t took off his eyes from Zoya’s mesmerising beauty…👍👌🤗😍
    Aww my Adi.,..I can’t control my laughter…but Seriously, they’re just Amazing 👍 and loved them to the moon and back.😘😘😘😘😘😘

  13. Neha1

    But in this I get disappointed coz he’s not Adi aka Harshad but his dupe… But I also understand the work load on these Actors, as they worked for long hours and get tired … They too need a rest….so, it’s okay.


    Well coming to the show, last few episodes have been light with a flavour of Adiya romance…their United stand against Rajvir n Nani also good!!!
    But still there is no need of this new entry Sanjana unless n until Rajvir n Nani intentionally plant her in Adi’s life to spy on Adiya’s real equation !!!
    N now a generic criticism on Indian serials…who would send proposal to a person who is already married n that too twice?..that Arshad guy being unmarried falling for a widow itself was a bit cliched!!! N now Sanjana proposal for Aditya who is married twice n not yet divorced his second wife ???? On top of that showing parents pushing their children for multiple marriages n suggesting them to change partners like clothes????…in India such things are very common in celebrity or VVIP class only n that too not all of them !!! It is not part of the value system of an avg Indian family!!!!…believe since viewers are mostly middle or upper middle class serials should promote a stronger value system!!!

  15. You are right Arch, one thing that has bothered me in all the dramas i have seen was people getting married out of their will, in strange circumstances, grooms and brides switched, already married people getting married to others without divorce and things like this. In this case i hope it will serve just as an excuse to make Zoya jealous and change her attitude versus Adi without the need to actually bring in the show a real character called Sanjana. That would be worse than Arshad actually. And I don’t belive they will have time to do that, because the drama won’t last long, Rajvir has already started to doubt Zo, it won’t take time till he finds the truth.

  16. Neha1

    Happy Choti Diwali to all the AdiYa and Bepannaah fan’s….💥🌋🎆🎇🎉🎊 Tomorrow is big Diwali…as I belongs to U.P. It will be a 4 days celebration.
    Today :- Choti Diwali
    2morrow :- Big Diwali
    Thursday :- Goverdhan Pooja
    Friday :- Bhai Dooj….
    So, Enjoy…..

  17. Neha1

    Now these things irritates me… Adi’s plan backfires.

    I just hope that Sanjana will not fall in love with Aditya. And if she will, then plz don’t drag this twist for long like Ekta’s boring show… Adi isn’t a Divorced man, Zoya still his wife….I just hope that Adi and Zoya both disclose the truth of their pretense drama to Anjana and Harsh on time, before it’s too late. That spoiler gave me heart attack…

    1. Would love to see Zoya jealous 😃

      Arch you are quite right.

      I was wondering if they portray the Indian culture in those series.
      Had many doubts because shows are just for entertainment.
      Often the story on these serials is about love ,hate revenge,confusion etc
      I was like can’t they show something positive for once🤔

  18. That will slow the pace of the show and will result in low trp for sure. I think they have better things to show to the audience and if Arshad’s track was not enough for them to learn the lesson i don’t know what to say.

  19. Happy Diwali to all you guys 😘

  20. Neha1

    I guess This little boy will play chotu Adi…in Flashback…Papa Hooda and Anjana with this cute boy..😍😘

  21. He is so cute. All fandom is worried about ITA and he is worried about his little four paws friends. It is true dogs suffer from fireworks, they cry all the time it due to the noise .

  22. I’m enjoying the show.
    adiya romance👄👄👄.Guys in online trp list our show is in 4 position…
    Don’t know about the other(tv) trp list…
    anyway aadiya ❤❤❤.
    Hope jennifer gets ita jury award.
    Feeling sad for harshad.
    But I 💖💖💖jenshed…

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