Bepannah 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya slaps Aditya

Bepannah 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya asks Abbu why he called Arshad. Wasim says I hope you will hear me peacefully today. I wont let history repeat. I still blame myself again and again for letting you make the wrong decision last time. If I had done my duty responsibly as a father then this wouldn’t have happened. I lost to Yash, your stubbornness, my ego and anger last time but I don’t want to lose this time. I request you to listen to me once. You know how much it pains me when you are in pain. Please listen to the entire thing. She nods. I am listening. Wasim says let Arshad tell you why he blamed Aditya. Arshad nods. He reminds Zoya of the day he came over to Siddiqui House for lunch. I got a phone call and had to leave in a rush. I dropped you to Bharat Nagar before heading to hospital. It was a fake call. There was no

emergency in hospital. Aditya was the one who did that fake call! Zoya is taken aback. Arshad says Aditya used his servant’s phone to make that call. Coincidentally, Anjana got hold of that phone today and redialled my number by mistake. This is how I found out the truth. Zoya fails to understand why Aditya would do this. You mean he sent you where the riots were going on and saved you? Arshad says I don’t know. I am sure that he is plotting something against me after what happened today. She says Aditya has no enmity with you. Why would he do something like that? Arshad replies that it isn’t about enmity but love.

Zoya looks at her father in confusion. Love? Arshad says you gave me two weeks’ time to figure out if you can fall in love with me or not. During this time, Aditya tries his best to get me out of his way. Zoya still finds it confusing. Why would he try to do this? Arshad shares that Aditya does not just see her as his best friend. He loves you. She says I thought you are open minded. Can a girl and boy not just be good friends? Why are their relation eyed otherwise only? Wasim seconds Arshad. I too have felt it. I have seen it in Aditya’s eyes. He loves you. Zoya decides to confront Aditya right away. I will find out if he loves me or is just my friend. I will find out if he has done this or not. She calls Aditya.

Aditya stops his car to pick Zoya’s call. She asks him to come to her house right away. He agrees.

Noor is in a cafe. She cries thinking no one cares about her. Everyone is only concerned about Appi. Ammi, Abbu, Appi and even Arjun aren’t concerned. Waitress serves her order. Noor shares that she got her job today. You are the first one to know this. Waitress says you should celebrate it with your family. This pastry is complimentary for you. Noor gives her a bite and then takes one herself.

Arjun calls Noor. She picks it up angrily. He asks her why she left so suddenly. She replies that she has some self respect. I can walk out of wherever I am not needed. He points out she is still angry. They end up arguing again. She ends the call angrily.

Aditya comes to Siddiqui House. He goes quiet seeing Wasim, Roshana and Arshad. He suggests talking in private first but Wasim denies. She never hides anything from me. You can talk in front of us. He requests him to allow them 2 minutes. Wasim stays put. Zoya also tells Aditya to speak in front of everyone now. Arshad and Abbu are mistaken at some point. Aditya asks her about it. She tells Arshad to ask Aditya now. Would he have come running here on one call if he was wrong? Wasim knows Aditya will come running wherever she will call him. Arshad has already told you the reason. Aditya says what the reason is. Zoya says they all feel you don’t want this alliance to work out. You don’t want Arshad and me to come close and the reason behind it is that! Aditya says it is that I am in love with you. She stops talking realising what he just said and looks at him stunned. He repeats that he has fallen deeply in love with her. It has happened! I am in love with you!

Zoya says is this why you called Arshad using Victor’s phone. Aditya fumbles. She repeats her question. He accepts doing it. I called Arshad using Victor’s phone. I dint want to harm him though. I just wanted to confess my love to you. Zoya slaps him. She walks out without saying a word to him.

Aditya follows Zoya outside. She scolds him for thinking that ways. Trust is most important in any relation and you broke it! I don’t know who you are. You aren’t what I thought you to be! You sent a guy in riots intentionally. He denies. You know I cannot do that. She says you still did that. I know nothing! He insists he dint know about the riots. I only wanted to tell you what’s in my heart so Arshad’s chapter is closed. He was always around us. She says I fought with everyone for your friendship but you turned out to be the liar in the end. I made a friend for the first time in life but you stole him from me! She cries. Thank you for making me understand that I don’t understand people at all. Aditya holds Zoya’s hand as she begins to walk away. I accept your anger. Truth is no one can love you as much as I can! You may accept it or not but I will keep loving you forever. She replies that how she can believe the love of the friend whose friendship could not be trusted. Saying so, she shrugs his hand and walks away. Aditya shouts after her but in vain. He refuses to let them lose their love this time.

Precap: Aditya tells Arjun he is afraid that it is almost like heartbreak of Zoya. People take wrong decisions in such times. I don’t want her to make any wrong decision now. Zoya asks Arshad if he still wishes to marry her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Laya

    Well , this is just great ! 😒😑

  2. Thank u for the quick update☺️

  3. Heart breaking precap!!!!

  4. Neha1

    Don’t know what to comment….😷😭😢
    Hate Zoya…okay agreed she is in no mood in marriage and love relationship then what I didn’t understand is why she slapped Adi… Zoya slapped him as if he’s a roadside Romeo… Aditya is her best friend/Aziz dost, she must have denied for that proposal but no need to slapped him…and completely agree with what she said– that she didn’t understand people at all…..and misunderstood Adi for that Arshad…I know he did prank call but why he intentionally hurt her…. Zoya think once before you speak…
    I don’t know what should I say…. I’m pissed of this creepy and cliche twists… Just waiting for Arshad exit… It’s confirmed that this week Trp will low…I now watching KBC instead of Bepannaah… Disgusting and Disappointed upon the makers…

    1. Right I also didn’t know what to comment…Sigh!!!!!

  5. As expected…..:(

  6. Zoya slapped Aditya finally 😅
    Arshad is not that bad. Poor Adi

  7. Riana

    Ewwww kinda precap 😢😢😱😱😵😵😡😡

  8. Neha1

    And the most shocking and confusing thing is Zoya told Arshad earlier that she’s in no mood to marry or love and she learnt about Aditya’z feelings for her she’s ready to marry him…How and Why…??
    I mean no girl should do that….if you don’t love just denied and you’re ready to marry someone who’s strange for you or you know him just a week ago and you trust that stranger…Wow👏!!! So you don’t trust Aditya who helped you many times, who always came to save you from danger, who’s with you when you both were be in demand of Rajveer, who indirectly help you to save from a murder charge of yash-pooja, Mr.Hooda fought that case for you just sake of Adi….and you’re saying that you can’t believe the love of a friend who’s Friendship isn’t trusted….That shows how selfish you are.?? Actually you don’t deserves Adi’s friendship….
    Aditya plz just avoid Zoya for some time…let she values how much you matters to her…and resume your Pilot Job….let Zoya to be engaged with Arshad…let her suffer for not trusted you…

    1. N to Add to our miseries Arshad is gonna brutally beat up Adi on Friday!!!…since Monday I have had absolutely no guts to watch episode !!! Reading updates itself is bringing tears in my eyes for Adi n only Adi…Bcos such a Heart breaking week!!!…feel very bad for Adi… Arshad pls tell us when is ur last day of shoot?

      1. I’m not happy about Adi being beaten up but I want to see Zoya’s reaction. At this point I don’t know how she’ll react whether she’ll be sad, this’ll be a step towards Adi or she’ll pretend it doesn’t bother her. Don’t know. But, everything on this show is unexpected, my take anyway.

  9. Well, Zoya is the most stupid tv character presently. I can’t believe that after Jennifer portrayed a character like Maya, the makers have given her some role as stupid as Zoya. Huff. Why doesn’t the trp go down so that makers realise that they are stretching an utterly stupid track like a chewing gum. But I have a plot ready in my mind to repair all the damage that has been created to the show.
    1. Zoya agrees to marry Arshad
    2. Zoya falls into some danger due to her stupidity while Adi saves her risking his life (I know this is cliche and Adi has saved Zoya 1000s of times but right now I can’t think of anything better. Please suggest if you can).
    3. Adi clearly tells Zoya that he loves and respects her and tells her that loving her isn’t a crime. Even scold Zoya to put some brains in her and tell her that if she doesn’t care for her life doesn’t mean nobody cares for her. There is someone alive for her.
    4. Zoya realises her mistake and realizes all that Adi has done for her, saving her and supporting her. She feels guilty and decides to propose Adi infront of every1 just like Adi did.
    5. She asks Waseem to cancel her wedding with Arshad but Waseem remains stubborn. He makes Zoya swear that she won’t tell anything about her change of plans to Arshad.
    6. Zoya tries to talk to Waseem and Zoya is caught in a tension.
    7. She decides to propose Adi infront of every1 on her engagement day.
    8. She takes help of Arjun and Noor. She asks Arjun to bring Adi to her engagement by making an excuse that if Adi sees Zoya getting engaged to someone else, he might be able to move on in his life.
    9. She spreads this excuse everywhere. Anjana is relieved thinking that finally Zoya will move out of her son’s life and agrees to attend the engagement with her family. She herself requests Adi to attend the engagement. Adi reluctantly agrees. Waseem is happy that Zoya finally has changed her mind.
    10. Adi and family attend Zoya’s engagement. Only Arjun, Noor and Zoya are aware of the real plan.
    11. During the ceremony, before exchanging the rings, Arshad takes a rose and tells Zoya that the rose is her heart. He keeps the rose in his pocket and says that now her heart is with him.
    12. During the celebrations, just before exchanging rings, the DJ asks every one to sing a song and show their singing skills.
    13. Many guests sing in the party. Everyone is happy except Adi who wants to get out of there asap.
    14. Finally Zoya takes the mic to sing a song and requests the DJ not to announce her name. Adi’s back is facing Zoya.
    15. Zoya starts singing a song and Adi recognizes her voice and faces her. (I have even decided which song, O Saathi from Baaghi 2). The lyrics of the song convey her love for Adi. While singing the song Zoya gives beautiful expressions and keeps looking at Adi making it clear that she is singing the song for him.
    16. By the end of the song, she takes the rose from Arshad’s pocket and kneels down infront of Adi and proposes him infront of every1. She tells Adi that her heart is only and will always be for him. Adi accepts her proposal.
    17. There is a huge ruckus then. Guests are stunned and the parents of Adi, Zoya and Arshad are angry.
    18. Zoya reasons with her father that she asked him to cancel the engagement. Since he did not listen to her, she had no other option than proposing Adi infront of every1 on her engagement day.
    19. Now Zoya and Adi love each other and ArNoor are happy.
    20. Now since Zoya is a muslim and Adi is a hindu, we can also introduce the social issue of love jihad. Love jihad is a big problem in India and we can address this problem using these situations.
    Please do reply and tell me did you like my version? You are also free to suggest any change, addition or deletion but please do reply.
    Waiting for your replies 🙂

    1. Neha1

      Agreed with all points except the last one..i.e 20th point….but overall I like the way you thought upcoming story of AdiYa Union….but let’s see as makers won’t do whatever we assumes to happen..

    2. Haha…nice one…Zoya should propose Adi for sure…but I know all this drama likely to happen on engagement day like all cliched serials of Indian television!!!

    3. Number 3 is my prefered one and she need a loooot of brains.

    4. Rajvi_shah

      Very good story line

    5. Dawn

      Love it.

      But I would prefer Adi saving Noor from her stupid new boss. I don’t know how but I hope he saves her.

      Arjun is becoming too emotional.

      I am sure Harsh and Roshnaq will support AdiYa relationship.

    6. Mousumi Rekha Mishra

      Bravo 👏 so many points.ur writing skills 👌

    7. Evelyn superb , mind blowing script. But, Indian drama has always the same problem of lingering the stupid tracks. Bepannah bhi owhi khet ki muli lagne laga hai. I hope Bepannah team will make it exclusive series in the history of Indian television.

  10. Dawn

    I can’t understand how Aditya used Victor’s phone to call Arshad when he was at Zoya’s house. I believe Arshad called him when Adi was going with Wasim to save Zoya.

    Adi also went to save Zoya and he got hit on the head.

    Zoya’s decision to ask Arshad if he still wants to marry her makes her character extremely naive and foolish. Marriage is not an answer to a broken friendship.

    The slap … Heartbreaking … Why did she slap her in front of everyone…

    1. N in precap Adi is saying he broke Zoya’s Heart??? N Zoya asking Arshad to marry her!!!!…height of stupidity!!!!

    2. Adi took Victor’s phone with him when he went to Zoya’s place because the plan was to call him so he can go to the hospital. Anjana found out when she couldn’t get hold of Victor on his phone, he told her Adi has it.

      1. Dawn

        Haven’t watched Saturday’s episode yet

  11. Guys, relax! She doesn’t slap him for loving her.. she slaps him because she thinks due to the previous conversation between arshad and abbu that he risked their life cause he loves her.. try to understand Zoya.. she has considered adi as her only and best friend.. she dint want his love only friendship.. adi is also mistaken.. he confessed his love without first invoking similar feelings in her.. zabardasti thori hai.. also she proposed arshad cause she now thinks her abbu was right and she feels betrayed as a FRIEND!

    1. She need not love Adi…but how is Adi’s situation being viewed as betrayal in friendship by Zoya!!!..he honestly accepted whatever he did n feels for her…Zoya is so stupid that she was not understanding Adi’s feelings for her…actually she is not a good friend …she doesn’t understand obvious signs of love nor so called best friend’s heart…all things need not be said they need to be understood…n none of these reasons justifies her decision to marry short plot is cliched n illogical…in other words ‘bepanah’ is not unique but like any other serial…😣😥😑😐😭

  12. I know online trp doesnt matter, but atleast it has increased by 4 points from 13 last week to 17 this week and bepannah stable at 9th position in online ratings

  13. Adi proposed. so wat….she can still decline the marriage with arshad. what does she know abt arshad to marry him? Is she marrying him for biryani 🙈She herself admitted that she failed to understand people then what made her to accept this marriage. No logic nothing. Being angry with adi doesn’t justify that she can marry arshad. Next 2 weeks will go in vain, zoyas realization etc etc. On the day of marriage,she will run towards adi. Waiting foe the moment of realization!

    1. Arre don’t go up to marriage yaar!!!..let her back off on engagement itself!!!

  14. Zoya…are you mad or what??? What the hell are you doing. How can you slap him…have you taken responsibility to slap everyone?? Really?? He saved you so many times n you slapped him for his one mistake which was done unintentionally…what did you do to bring him from Paris..didn’t you lie that his family is in risk??? This talent you learnt from Aditya only, which you felt was right at that time. Your favourite movie is kuch kuch hota hai…in that movie the famous dialogue is pyaar Dosti hain.. which movie you n Adi like. When Adi loves you who is your frnd…what else do you need..n a best frnd as life partner n who is like Adi is cherry on a cake. Bewakoof Zoya, leave everything..cant you see his love in his eyes for you..what is the use of being young business women when you cant read your friends heart…least thing which you cud have done is giving him a chance to explain n one thing is clear that you don’t trust him if not you would not have believed that Adi sent you and Arshad in Dangal on that day. Whatever be the situation you cud have sorted with Adi rather than slapping in front of everyone…feeling bad for Adi…

  15. It was clear that zoya will accept arshad proposal
    Not expected like this way
    She proposed arshad
    Want an end of arshad on positive note
    All this are old ; instead making zoya dumb , give her some brain. Hope she not end up with getting engaged with arshad

  16. Why Adi why, why my boy you had to be honest in front of so many people.
    She was standing for you like she did yesterday, she was against everyone in your behalf, than you came and proved her wrong in everything she belived in front of everyone. Haven’t you thought in what situation you will put her through??
    If he would have talked to her in private her reaction would be different.
    And what would that pathetic Arshad say?
    Unless he disagree I am not interested in anything.

  17. I understand people’s anger or frustration, I’m hurt myself but in our excitement we tend to want things to go our way. Why don’t we give the creatives leeway or creative freedom to see what they’ve planned. They introduced Zoya and Aditya to us, they know where they want to take the story but we want to tell them what they must do. Yes, we can share our hurt or displeasure or frustration or whatever but I think it’s a bit unfair that we want to write these stories ourselves now. I’ve never seen a show where it’s happy times and agreements throughout. There should be some tense moments like this one. We all want Adiya to be together, it’ll happen, maybe we should enjoy the journey because with this show they don’t conform to the norm. What you expect is done but differently, in a way you didn’t expect but leaves us with emotions and in awe. Arshad will be out, and I want to see him losing Zoya even though he thinks he has won! I know ppl don’t want to see him anymore, me too but with the way he’s behaving, I’m not going to be happy until he loses even though he had planned!! I want to see Zoya falling beyadh, bepannaah for Adi in a way we hope she will. She stands up for herself and for azeez dost Adi, imagine what’ll happen when she’s inlove with him. Seeing Wassem’s face when Zoya tells him about her love for Adi will be priceless. As a father, he’s protective bit refusing to acknowledge a role played by Adi in this new of upgraded Zoya is wrong. Zoya was never like this before, she was timid and impulsive. Now, she’s a confident, business woman. Anjana will also play her part against Zoya which we haven’t seen yet. Zoya’s moon. What’s up with Boot’s storyline, maybe Adi will be involved, Dave her and Zoya will get more reasons to know Adi is the right person for her. I want to see a few things too but I’m hoping the CVs have these in mind but I won’t bash them for having different views for their creation. I’ll be here watching everyday without fail, be sad or happy, cheerleading the show.

    1. Eish auto-corretc! Zoya’s mom hasn’t said much yet but she likes Adi and surely wants her daughter to be happy, maybe this is on the way. Noor’s storyline…

  18. So heartbreaking today ,poor Adi 😭
    At least he was honest enough to confess what’s in his heart .
    A slap well deserved ,no need for him to have prank call Arshad that day.That was very much immature.
    Hope there is a more mature side to him now.
    Zoya may just agree to marry Arshad because she feels hurt but deep down inside she’d realise Aditya is the one.
    Haven’t watch the serial since Arshad entry,hope there is no wedding between Zoya and Arshad cause this series started of so damn good n now it’s way of viewers interest.

  19. Dawn

    NOOR is like the backbone of the siddiqui house but no one cares for her everyone is just worried for Zoya, same case applies in the Hooda house.

    Don’t get me started on house obsessive Anjana is, a mother can get towards his son, he kills his wife, he doesn’t want to hook up his son with kuku’s daughter and she is jealous of Zoya. I won’t be shocked if Arjun is not her son, remember Harsh had an illicit relationship.

    1. I also don’t get her obsessiveness. I see people they get her point, buy I don’t. Yes, Harsh cheated, it must have been hard for her. Pooja’s was wrong but there’s divorce for that not murder. Now, I don’t get her. No one must be close to Adi, why? So, he’s supposed to be alone forever, she gets to be the one who comforts him. Arjun is her son, Adi was telling what happened between their parents when Harsh left and he said he won’t remember because he was young.

  20. @ Amanda S. You are right we shud give chance to them to be creative. But there shud be some logic behind it. The slap wud have been right, if she has his side and then slapped him n she can create fake stories n not Adi. Zoya’s character is portrayed as confused n dumb but she is business women. Whatever let’s wait n watch

  21. Creatives cannot show anything in the name of twists…serials need not run for years…n can be short, sweet n well-written…that is one of the reasons why ‘naagin’ is a hit…it is short n finite…every new season comes after a few months gap with a new story….’ek hasina thi’ was a serial that never had a single boring episode…’kuch rang pyaar ke’ was the most realistic serial in the recent past…the first week of ‘bepanah’ promised a unique n great entertainment n managed to be in top 5…but from second week itself story started losing its pace with a lot of white noise…n now post leap story is getting stupider with every passing month…it is a subset of plots presented in ekta kapoor series…n from strong ‘Maya ‘ to brainless ‘Zoya’s- guess Jenny was too desperate to do a positive role after a powerful negative role…she did day in launch interview that she didn’t want to be stereotyped..!!!
    Unfortunately ‘beyhadh’ was about ‘Maya’ but ‘bepannaah’ is about Aditya Hooda only..

    1. Neha1

      Yeah, Agreed with you Arch…

    2. So true
      I like finite series
      But don’t know why people prefer longest running ?
      Seriously after seeing precap i also think zoya is brainless. She proposed arshad!
      I watched another show DABH, but they dragged the show even though real plot is over.and i quit the show when they lost their plot

    3. Agreement level Infinity,I swear!💚💚
      A show can be sweet n short be done with.
      Since the story,the content matters..

  22. I don’t know why Arshad may turn out to be negative :-
    1. The discomfort in Arshad when Adiya discussing their friendship while having tea. That discomfort looked more like a failing trap than jealousy. N the very next moment he forcefully made Adi shake hands n help him to get Zoya..
    2. Adi discussing with Arjun about Arshad as to how can someone be so calm all the time…
    3. N a calm, serious, responsible guy suddenly turning flirtatious towards Zoya during Eid celebration…
    4. Has no qualms in getting married to Zoya even if she was previously married. He has even sensed Zoya’s love for Adi during riots but still agrees to marry her !!! That slap fiasco was enough to drive a successful NRI doctor away from a girl…
    5. Why nurse did not disclose Arshad’s address to Adi?
    6. N on Friday He will punch Adi till he faints..can such a nice guy be so wild?
    If he is negative Adi will find about it n warn Zoya but she will not believe ( same cliched drama).
    If he is really positive still this track will continue to be boring and monotonous…
    However, Wasim will realise he too can make wrong choices for his daughters if Arshad is negative!!!

    1. Neha1

      Yes Arch, even I too doubt once on Arshad earlier…. Adi and Arjun had discussed that how Arshad could be so nice, cool n calm all the time, he finds something very wierd….and if Arshad turns to be negative then again repeated creepy n cliched drama will going to happen and Zoya as usuall didn’t trust Adi, which is why she never accept that truth that Arshad is not correct for her and if Adi gonna unfold this truth she will never heeds to him(Aditya) but if Adi want the true face of Arshad to be revealed then he must unfold his real identity towards Zoya but with the collection of evidence….
      And if Arshad’s negativity revealed infront of Zoya and her parents then Waseem will realise that he too make wrng decisions/choices for Zoya…..but also if Arshad exit from the show then it’s gr8 for Adiya…otherwise I doubt what will happen if Anjana and Arshad join hands to seperate Adiya again..???? NO, Bigggg NO….that’s why positive/negative Arshad exit will only the option that will make AdiYa United..!

      1. Arshad is a cameo role..his character is not popular too..he will definitely exit…when n how we need to c…but negative Arshad will infuse some entertainment but positive Arshad is too monotonous…actually his character puts you off to sleep!!!

  23. i dont understand the backlash against Zoya. is no one going to try and understand her side of the story? one, she didnt understand that Aditya loves her, even though Arshad, waseem, even Roshana, Noor, Arjun – all characters realised that Aditya loves Zoya, but Zoya didnt. it can be frustrating to watch, but every character have their flaw. i will take Zoya any day over the perfect leads of other TV serials who are always all forgiving, loving, understanding and most talented. this is one flaw that Zoya was given, that she doesnt have very good understanding of the persons in front of her. Maybe she takes people for granted. she thought Yash loves her and never thought beyond that. she thought Adi as friend and never thought beyond that. Maybe one day she will grow out of it, Maybe not. seriously, how easily can we get over our own flaws? Emotional flaws or flaws in our thought processes are not as easy to fix as, say, getting up late in the morning or talking with a loud voice…
    coming to Zoya slapping Adi, she didnt slap him because he is in love with her. Zoya has been continuously defending Adi. she had slapped Arshad in front of so many people in the function, even had words with her father. are we just supposed to ignore the emotional words Waseem told Zoya just before Adi arrived? (about how he still feels guilty about not doing enough during the time of Yash) we know that Zoya is still sensitive about Yash and that affects her. then Adi comes and agrees before everyone that he loves her. that is not when Zoya slaps. she slaps when Adi says he made the fake call so that he could get some time with Zoya to talk. (and the fact that Adi didnt put glasses in the dahi handi was never cleared). Different people have different triggers. some people will slap you if you use offensive words, some wont. Zoya was triggered. she was already reminded of Yash, and then again she realised that she didnt know Adi well either. Once again, what she thought of the person in front of her had been proved to be wrong (and both times her father has been proved right). the slap, i felt, was as much for Adi lying/going behind her back, as it was for Zoya’s own realisation that her beliefs were again wrong. i dont know about others, but the way today’s episode was portrayed, i didnt feel Zoya was overreacting.
    same goes for the precap. it seems Zoya is just planning to trust her father’s judgement now. (remember how Adi decided to side with Harsh after the case because he felt he couldnt trust anyone else?). she is again heartbroken. (yes Adi was right. she is heartbroken because once again her belief system is broken. she thought she has gotten over what happened 6 months back. that she is a changed person now. but truly, she still has some of the same flaws as before). i dont think she will be comfortable going with any ceremony with Arshad. but Zoya’s side is complicated and i do not blame her. i just hope that the story picks up pace from here on.
    i am not saying things couldnt have been done better. at least they could have given Arshad a better personality so that things didnt become boring whenever he came onscreen. they could have made Arjun, Noor and Adi behave more maturely instead of making plans like sending Zoya drunk to the dinner date. (or Arjun and Noor just jumping with joy and thinking about love proposals instead of once thinking how Zoya will react.) they could have shown Adi thinking about getting his job back too or having a life beside repeating the same dialogues of proposing to Zoya. they could have even shown some of other Zosh events. Zoya is heading a business but is not shown going to the office or working at all after the anniversary events. there were many settings that could have been explored instead of stupid Biryani competitions. (Adi once worked at Zosh. he could have done that again) But i still like the serial and characters. they are complicated, flawed, making mistakes and hopefully learning from them too. and both the main leads are just fabulous actors. I am ready to wait till Zoya falls for Adi as well but i just hope they wont fall into the same cliched track of dragging it till marriage and Zoya having a magical realization along the way.
    p.s. i didnt realize the comment will be this long.

    1. Ok agreed Zoya didn’t slap Adi for love confession but prank call…she agrees to marry Arshad as her father was proved right once again…all fine…

      But Zoya should think that confessing love to someone is not easy.N Adi tried so many times but something always came up…n dumbness has a limit..Adi gave her a showpiece which clearly stated ‘ILU’..she knows Adi’s handwriting but still thought love letter is from Arshad.She got the letter while she was in her senses n before Arshad’s entry!!!

      N Adi was always a mischevious guy…he did prank call to send Arshad away but was totally unaware of the riots!!!! If Adi’s prank call was not right then Zoya spreading rumour of Hoodas missing that too on world wide web is also not right..both the actions were not right but were still done with good intentions!!!

      Coming to trust now such a small thing as prank call cannot break trust that too on a person who has always saved your life from the time he hated you!!!..yes she got embarrassed in front of her dad n Arshad but taking an impulsive decision like marrying Arshad is uncalled for…this is simply makers way of dragging the story…we always knew she would say yes to Arshad but if it was for reasons like pressure from Wasim or for Wasim’s happiness then story seems simple yet logical…now it looks as if Zoya is making up to Arshad for slapping him by agreeing to marry him!!!..

      I guess she is the same girl who never wanted to remarry…so in couple of days due to a misunderstanding with your best friend – a friend who loves you n who can die for you..u won’t even give a chance to him and understand his side of the story..n simply say ‘yes’ to a person you hardly know…I mean this is a very small issue for being so heartbroken..Adi told her clearly that he was unaware of the riots!!! Adi was always honest with her…love confession is not easy as the one who is confessing is always going to be nervous about being rejected!!! Zoya was making it very tough for Adi by friendzoning him n giving time to Arshad!!!

      1. Hi Arch, thank you for replying. I didnt know about ILU showpiece, must have missed it, sorry. as for the letter, Zoya saw it the next day after waking up and before she could read it or even unfold it, someone called her. so she placed the letter in her drawer. (was she even aware of that it was letter and not some random paper?) then when she did read it, it mentioned ‘tonight I called you for dinner because…’ Zoya was going to dinner that night with Arshad and that was on her immediate mind. i know she could have recalled Adi’s handwriting but her misunderstanding didnt seem too impossible to me
        as for trust, i never said Zoya doesnt trust Adi now or she is heartbroken because of the prank call. i meant she is heartbroken because she doesnt trust herself anymore. Because, as she said, again it is proved that she has no idea what the person in front of her is feeling or doing. and this is true, half the fandom is blaming her for not realizing Adi’s love from his actions. this obliviousness was the reason that Yash moved away from her. and it is a big deal for Zoya. i think its not about what Adi did but about stupid she herself was.
        i am not saying Zoya is making right decisions. i agree that her decision to marry Arshad now is wrong, she is doing it for all the wrong reasons, to refuse to listen to Adi is also wrong. but be as that may, i still cant blame her because from her point of view, she is just reacting from her deepest fears and insecurities.
        anyways, i realize that you too have very strong opinions about the situation and i respect that. at the end of the day, we know its just a serial, Aditya and Zoya are the final couple and they will eventually be together. there is of course dragging, but lets hope the pace picks up soon 🙂

      2. @Dhara : Everyone is entitled to have their opinions …I only justified my reasons for bashing Zoya…n the most important reason for poor sketching of Zoya’s character is that most of the fandom is able to connect with Adi…both were betrayed in the serial but we can feel only Adi’s pain n not Zoya’s…why is it so?..Zoya’s obliviousness, which is beyond comprehension n her stubbornness to become ‘mother India’ for reasons not so logical is not allowing fandom to feel her pain…plus with such major flaws she is ‘businesswoman of the year'(so cliched)…in short her character i said earlier ‘bepannaah’ has so far been about Aditya Hooda only…

    2. I liked your comment.
      Thank you. It felt good to read and surprisingly I found myself nodding by the end of it.. yes,Zoya is flawed.. what you said was absolutely right.. but I still think she was still a bit wrong on her part.. but I like your perspective. And I completely agree on what you said could’ve been shown. That’s true and basically what the entire fandom’s been trying to say for the past few weeks..
      I hope it happens soon though.

      1. Hi Meera, thank you for replying. i have seen your replies in previous comments too, and i am glad to be part of this conversation 🙂
        i agree she is making wrong decisions, but it doesnt seem as senseless or illogical as the plot points in some of the other shows. (just my opinion) Hopefully, Zoya will come out as stronger more aware person, (finally getting over her obliviousness) and then we get the love story that both Aditya and Zoya deserve 🙂

  24. Neha1

    I agree Dhara, that every character has flaws but we aren’t bashing Zoya for not loving Aditya agreed that she slapped Adi bcoz she once again felt betrayed and this time in friendship but what makes me angry on Zoya that she didn’t even want to listen Adi’s side…she didn’t gave him a second chance to prove that he’s not behind that Matki incident and about the prank call made by Adi is not with wrong intention, Aditya too felt guilty when he learnt about Bharat Nagar Riots but if you watch the episode you find that Zoya is anyway planning to go with Arshad to give Biryani to Orphanage childrens… Arshad reached Hospital when the casualty occurred in hospital due to Roits… And remember when Arshad checking that child and rioters about to attack on Arshad, at that time Adi came to rescue Arshad then why Arshad is being so panicked with this that he made that prank call… I’m not saying that Aditya was right, he did wrong and he realised his mistake…and wanted to confess this before Arshad n Zoya coz he didn’t want that they get to know about this truth from other sources but Aditya didn’t able to tell the truth bcoz Anjana wanted to create a rift between Aditya- Zoya’s growing friendship/relationship that whenever Adi is about tell anything Anjana came in between…
    In short, we are angry on Zoya bcoz she knew Aditya much more, than Arshad…Then how she even thinks that Adi will stoop so low…that he will try to harm anybody intentionally…We believe our friends right.! If we found them to be framed in these situation… atleast we give them to proof their innocence…but Zoya didn’t even think that Aditya was her best friend why would he hurt anybody…
    I also agree that Aditya confession leads to think Zoya against him but what I didn’t expect from Zoya is she didn’t want to listen Adi’s side and went to Arshad by accepting his marriage proposal…In that way, Zoya herself proved wrong coz just a day before Janmashtami, when she got Adi’s love letter which she misunderstood by Arshad’s letter.., Zoya met Arshad and clearly told him that she’s in no mood to marry or having any relationship, right now she only needs friendships…she can’t be in love after betrayal of Yash…. Don’t you think that was wrong, coz that proves she accepts that marriage bcoz she felt betrayed but unknown to the real truth… it is definitely a hush-hush decision of Zoya to getting married to Arshad proved that she’s running away to face such situations..
    Anyway, dear it was my opinion…But I really don’t know what Zoya want…I can’t understand her right now….but let’s see what will happen after 1 week…coz according to spoiler Arshad’s gonna punch Aditya until he faints coz he was talking to Zoya to clear the misunderstanding… I’m just waiting for Zoya’s reaction… want to how she will react on this situation… can’t say anything right now…*Sigh*

    1. Hi Neha, even i dont understand why everyone is blaming Aditya for sending them. Zoya was anyways going to Bharat Nagar. Arshad said he will drop her because he was also going, due to the call, but even if the call didnt come, Zoya would have gone and Waseem would have asked Arshad to drop off… it was just a stupid coincidence that Adi made the call first and then Anjana made use of it….
      also i dont disagree that Zoya’s decision to marry Arshad is wrong. if she is not ready then she shouldnt marry or even agree for a marriage. and if Arshad agrees then we can be sure that something is fishy about him. why else he will so easily agree to marry a widow who clearly told him she is not ready to move on and even slapped him infront of a huge crowd? He is not in love with Zoya, and being a doctor he can get a better match, then why? (these words may seem harsh but it is true.)
      i was just saying that people dont always make the right decisions and dont always react rationally when they are broken. it just felt to me that everyone was calling Zoya stupid too much, saying that she doesnt deserve Adi etc etc… while her decisions are wrong, it is still believable for a person who has developed serious trust issues and feels betrayed. Anyways, these are just my opinion 🙂 i hope the show shows Zoya able to get over her issues in mature way (without cliched plot lines) and realize her love for Adi too.

  25. Neha1

    Upcoming…Adi and Anjana talk about Zoya… Anjana Suggest Adi to stop thinking about her…I Think Adi gets a nail which was in that Matki, Arshad hurt…
    Now Adi will try to catch real culprit behind that Matki incident. Let’s see if he’s able to catch that person is none other than his mom-Anjana.

  26. Hey guys…I read a good spoiler which I feel would mostly be true…Yash will make Zoya realise that she never found a friend in him but nobody can be a better friend to her than Adi..they way Pooja enlightened Adi as his imagination same way…all this may happen on engagement day which is likely to come soon…so may be by next 10 episodes or earlier Arshad may exit…😊

    1. Neha1

      Wow..😍😍😍👌👌after a long time I heard a good spoiler atleast in favour of AdiYa… Eagerly waiting for Arshad exit and Wang to Sehban to make Zoya realize her feelings for Adi….the same way Pooja did to Adi…So, will resume watching after next week or 10 days later… Thank you Arch, for sharing this…!😘

      1. Neha1

        Typo error*not Wang, it’s want.

    2. Neha1

      You won’t believe Arch, that thought had came into my mind when Makers bring Arshad and that time many spoilers revolving around about Zoya realisation track, That I once thought what if Yash made Zoya realise her feelings for Aditya like Pooja did but not sure as it’s totally up to the makers, but after learning from you about this twists, it’s gr8..

      1. @Neha : I read this spoiler on instagram only…:)…I really hope by next 2 weeks Arshad is gone…!!!!

    3. Neha1

      Arch, Zoya will close her eyes and saw Aditya…. same kuch kuch hota hai scene

  27. This is totally disgusting!!!! I want to slap Zoya right now and throw him to hell. What’s going on in the makers mind??? Are they trying to marry Zoya to Arshad and then start a EMA track like Silsila???? I hate it!! 😠😠😠😠😠
    I used to like Bepanah for this unique love story of Adiya but now all is over. I QUIT! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  28. Neha1

    And I think “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” wala scene is coming….😍😍

  29. PRecap is not Good. I don’t want arshad & joya marriage story. Not liking joya these days. Just waiting for aadiya romance.. best Jodi harshad chopda & Jennifer winget.. cute😍 & hot…..❤

  30. Pooja

    Yayy…something good is on the way! 🙂

    1. Neha1

      Thank you Pooja… really it’s a great news for us…🙂

      1. Pooja

        For all the fans it is 😀 Welcome! 🙂

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