Bepannah 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya breaks Zoya’s fast

Bepannah 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mystery woman peeks outside and is shocked to see Victor. He enters in a disguise. She asks him why he is dressed like that. I made you a spy but you became a CID. He replies that he will be sent to Kalapani if Hooda’s find out that he is spying on them. Rajvir asks him what’s going on there. He tells them that Zoya is fighting with everyone. She isn’t listening to anyone and has also not kept fast. She even fought in front of me. Mystery woman is pleased to hear it. They would have never thought that their DIL would behave like this. Rajvir gives money to Victor. Are you sure it’s all true? Victor nods. Zoya and Hooda family will never be together. He counts his money happily. Mystery woman adds that they wont be able to forget them ever. Do your work well. Victor leaves. Rajvir and the mystery

woman laugh thinking about Hooda’s fate.

Roshnaq is talking to Zoya about Karvachauth. I am excited to go upstairs. Society ladies have called me. What are you wearing? Zoya replies that she hasn’t decided yet. Her mother suggests her to ask her MIL and follow whatever she says. Zoya overhears Anjana inviting someone for the evening. Roshnaq asks Zoya to get ready and send a photo of her and Aditya to her. Zoya agrees and ends the call. She is rushing out when she drops something by mistake. Anjana looks at her.

Zoya complains that everything is scattered. She asks Victor to keep everything in place. It’s just a function! Anjana warns her to mind her tongue. You wont understand the importance of Karvachauth. It is for the women who love their husbands. Zoya taunts her back for only following rituals but not having conscience. She goes. Anjana thinks she is talking too much. She is jealous as she isn’t celebrating Karvachauth today. She will never be lucky enough to write her husband’s name in her hands. It will be her punishment.

Aditya watches Zoya get ready and starts helping her. Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays. She watches him looking at her through the mirror. Will you stop staring? He replies that he is trying since long but isn’t able to. Don’t disturb me now. She points out that something is missing. He looks at her from right and then left and then says no. She nods and hands him the vermilion box. He fills her hairline. Perfect! Can we not celebrate Karvachauth openly here? We will have to do it stealthily outside. She wants to follow all the rituals. They will win in a way if we celebrate it within the four walls of our room. He wants to spend their personal moment together. She tells him that no one can snatch their personal moments. I am your wife. I wont lose my rights as your wife and will do everything. I haven’t done any ritual correctly since we got married. I want to do it for you. I will break my fast by drinking water from your hands in front of everyone. He is tensed but she tells him she is serious. She leaves. Aditya is smiling.

Arjun wonders if he should message Noor or not. Everyone starts clapping as Anjana enters with Aditya. Harsh compliments her. Her friends are equally excited to see her. You have made the preps nicely. Victor is also there. Aditya thinks I don’t know how Zoya will pull it off. I am worried that we might get caught. I just hope everything is fine. Victor does video call with mystery woman. He tells her to just watch the drama and keep quiet. She agrees.

Anjana’s friends ask Anjana about her DIL. Is she celebrating with alcohol today too? Anjana replies that she is doing something else these days. She is spreading poison. Mystery woman says I am the eclipse who is ruining everything for you. Harsh tells Anjana to come. We have to do puja. Ladies tell Anjana not to bear any of Zoya’s tantrums. Let’s focus on puja tonight. We will teach Zoya a lesson tomorrow. She should know who she is messing with! Aditya stands there quietly.

Zoya comes to the party. Everyone looks at her curiously including the mystery woman. Aditya blocks Zoya’s way. She asks him to move aside and strolls around. She notices the puja thaal there and looks at the preps. Anjana is irked that she sent her to jail and is here wearing the saree gifted by her. Her friends assure her that they will take care of Zoya today. Aditya prays to God to manage it tonight. I wont be able to intervene today. Zoya says there is such a big party going on yet no one invited the DIL of the house in the party? Anjana says your party is actually a fast. No one present here wanted you to come here. Zoya begins to feel dizzy. Ladies wonder if she is inebriated again. Mystery woman watches the video in shock. Did Zoya keep fast? Zoya falls down on the floor. She drags the table cover and the thaali’s kept on table fall down. Aditya runs out from there avoiding everyone’s eyes.

Anjana is not at all considerate seeing her condition. This is why I dint call you here. I knew you will mess it up! Zoya says I should snatch your right to do puja as you snatched my right of keeping a fast tonight. Anjana says I was mistaken about you. You are a Daya who is bent upon ruining everyone’s life. Lights go off. Anjana is sure Zoya is behind this as well. Harsh shouts at Victor to check what happened. Zoya is about to pass out when Aditya holds her. He lifts her in his arms and takes her away. Victor ends the video call as Harsh keeps calling out to him.

Aditya brings Zoya to a corner. They both smile at each other. She looks at the moon and then at him. He too does the same. Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays. She holds a flowing curtain and looks at the moon and then at Aditya through it. He breaks her fast by feeding her water. He takes her with him to another corner as there are too many people around. I was so dead seeing you pass out. How are you? She tells him she is fine. I was worried that you might say something. He nods. This is why I switched off the lights quickly. You are too stubborn. Lights come back. She looks at the food and smiles. You did this right? He says I know how stubborn you are. You wont step back if you have decided upon something. Roshnaq calls Zoya. Did you get the food? Have you both eaten? Zoya shows the thaali to her. I sent a special thaali for you guys. Is everything fine? Aditya says I don’t know how your daughter is still standing. I think I lost too much wait. They all smile. Roshnaq blesses them and ends the call.

Victor asks mystery woman if she saw the drama. She nods. I want to see Zoya. We have to keep a tab on her every second. He knocks at Zoya’s door but gets no response. He opens the door but no one is there. Mystery woman asks him to check where she is. Victor decides to check on terrace. He heads upstairs.

Aditya and Zoya sit down to eat. Victor is on his way to terrace. His video call is still active. Aditya and Zoya feed food to each other. Victor steps out on the terrace. He looks ahead curiously.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya share some romantic moments. Anjana thinks to do something about Zoya or her family members will only be seen in photos. Where is she? Zoya is lying on the floor with Aditya lying over her to avoid being seen together. They both look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    So, our guess was right… it’s victor who gives all info about Hooda’s….
    AdiYa scenes are Superb 👌😍😘.
    Precap looking interesting

    But now I worried that Anjana could not behave like a Psycho as she was with Sakshi then. Coz she’s up to something… already both AdiYa are fighting with Rajveer and his Nani, don’t want Anjana to be another vamp… actually she is but right now These 2 Rajveer and his Nani is enough for AdiYa for creating trouble…

  2. Neha1

    Adi filled her hairline and the makeup is done…
    She’s looking Just Perfect.👍👌

  3. That victor guy is one hell of a slow poison and what do they even have on him.Your Comment

    1. Comfort, I would’ve said maybe they’re threatening his family but the way he looked when Rajveer gave him money, I think it’s more greed than being threatened.

  4. Wow nice episode.
    Thank God it’s Victor not arjun.
    Cute & hot aadiya❤❤❤❤.
    Waiting for Monday. Precap is 👄👄.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Soooo cute episode… And nice…😍😍😍😍😍😍 but I hope this nicy nicey wipe doesn’t turn bad…

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      And plz show arjun and noor secenes also….

  6. Somehow show getting bored… !

  7. Back to back two good episodes
    Hope they will not spoil it unnecessarily

  8. Nice two episodes.
    Love the scene with Aditya,Zoya and her mom in convo.

    Seems like Mother Mischief has more skills than Anjana 😁. As for Puppet Victor ah hope he has a change of heart on that video call on Monday.

  9. Spoilers alert
    Harsh is real culprit
    Not sure but it can be true

    1. Neha1

      If this spoiler turns out to be true then My guess was right about doubting Harsh and killing both-Poosh for hiding the secret of His illegitimate son–Rajveer.
      And I was earlier said this that in initial episode we saw Pooja was talking that she will tell the truth and Harsh asked about the Proofs….which she had…..So, this will be the secret that Pooja was talking about…!
      But yes, still not sure about this….So let’s wait n watch.

  10. Neha1

    According to the upcoming spoiler, Not Anjana but This Member of Hooda Family is Mastermind behind Yash and Pooja’s deadly past….! Swipe n Read.

  11. Neha1

    Aditya and Zoya Sensuous Romance hiding from eyes of evil Enemies.

  12. Neha1

    Upcoming spoiler… What’s next on TV and Nani’s mind…?

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