Bepannaah 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajvir makes goons hurt Aditya and Zoya

Bepannaah 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir asks his team to take Aditya. Anjana requests him against it but Rajvir pushes her. Aditya ends up hitting him. How dare you hit my mother? Police holds him again. Rajvir says a Section and is about to hit Aditya when Harsh tells him against it. I can kill you right away but I will see you later! Take him away! Zoya and Aditya are taken away by police. Harsh stops Anjana from chasing the car and holds her. Mahi and Rajvir smile at each other.

Zoya and Aditya are put in opposite cells. She requests lady constables to believe her that she hasn’t done anything but they don’t pay any heed to her words. Zoya looks panic stricken. Rajvir welcomes Junior Hooda to his new home. I hope you like it as culprits like you deserve to stay in such homes for forever. He names the crimes committed by

Aditya (adultery, murder, fraud and running away from police). Are you planning to abscond from the jail as well? Aditya tells him it wont be required. My lawyer would be coming real soon. You must have heard his name – Harshwardhan Hooda. He has never lost a case. In fact I wish to speak to him right away and you would help me do that. It is my right as an Indian citizen. Rajvir steps inside the jail and offers him his phone. Aditya extends his hand but Rajvir hits him with something. Zoya shouts his name in concern. Rajvir taunts Aditya. Zoya requests Rajvir not to torture them like this. you wanted to arrest us and we are here! Why are you doing this then? Rajvir taunts them for genuine sympathy even though the marriage was fake. Did you guys really fall in love? Are you (Zoya) in pain to see your lover in pain? He challenges Aditya to take the phone again and is holding the handcuff in other hand. Aditya holds his hand in which he is holding handcuff. Hit me if you wish to! If you think it is strength to lock someone in jail and beat them then show me your strength! Remember that my Dad will make you pay for every drop of blood that I will shed! There will be a case for custodial violence too! Go ahead. Rajvir again taunts him for being spoilt. I have learnt if from men like your father, how to work things around anything. Don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself. There will be no case against custodial violence though there will be custody, violence and bloodshed! I will show you how that will happen. He goes out of the cell.

Zoya wonders why God is punishing them. What did we do wrong? Aditya requests her not to give up. This is what they want. They want us to break but no! Mr. Hooda would come soon. he is the best lawyer of the world. He has never lost a case. Control yourself till then. Few constables come inside their cells and handcuff them. Rajvir brings a few goons there. You all are our guests tonight. You will share Presidential Suite with Aditya Hooda and Zoya. Take care of the guests well. He wishes Aditya and Zoya good luck. The scary looking guys and ladies go inside Aditya and Zoya’s cells. Rajvir tells everyone to start the game. Aditya keeps looking at Zoya in concern even when the guys hit him. Zoya asks the ladies to let go. They both are concerned for each other. Rajvir laughs seeing them thus. The ladies slap, hit and pull onto Zoya’s hair while the men beat Aditya badly. Aditya requests the ladies to leave Zoya. The goons hit his head on the rods of the cell. He starts bleeding. He falls down hurt. Title track plays in the background. Zoya and Aditya are badly tortured. They still keep looking towards each other all along.

Next morning, Harsh, Anjana and Arjun come to jail wanting to meet his client Aditya Hooda. Constable informs Rajvir. Rajvir asks his men to get something cold for Hooda Sir. Your son will take some time. Harsh asks him why. Your formalities would have been complete by now. If you are interrogating your lawyer then he wouldn’t answer any of your questions against my wish. Rajvir insists that cases stay pending in his court for years for a common man. He spends his entire life in and out of court but never gets justice. I will check on Aditya and let you know.

Inspector sends everyone outside. Aditya and Zoya heave a sigh of relief. Zoya is having difficulty breathing. Aditya encourages her to be brave. Don’t give up. Try to breathe and stand. She tells him it isn’t possible but he reminds her she isn’t that weak. He stands up to encourage her. Look at me. He says random stupid things to make her smile and succeeds in doing so. He ends up smiling as well and sits down. He does not look at her and hides his pain from her.

Precap: Zoya and Aditya have an emotional reunion with their respective families. Aditya asks Harsh if he will save them. You will save Zoya right? Harsh looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Best part of today’s episode – the love between Zoya and Adi…Both couldn’t c each other in pain…
    This Rajveer has definitely been wronged by Mr .Hooda in some way..
    Precap too good…Adi bonding with his dad n Zoya with her dad…n Adi wants Mr Hooda to save Zoya too…I think Zoya too will ask her dad to help Adi…What a love !!!!! Awesome awesome awesome

    1. Ooshi

      Not sure about Zoya
      Congrats for being first to comment Arch

  2. Adiya love each other so much…They couldn’t c each other in pain…loved the episode for their growing love…:)

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. 99% personal enemity of rajvir ????
    2. Rest episode was painful???????
    3. Precap is so cute: finally aditya and zoya will unite with their respective father’s..????
    4. And super cute: aditya expressions when he asked harsh to save them, especially zoya????? (kuch toh hua hai, kuch ho gya hai:aditya)

    1. Ooshi

      Loved the last point from last

  4. very sad how disgusting rajv

  5. Minna Chandran

    Serial is showing police brutality its a very bad message to the public. I hope the story writers reverse situation and show Rajvir getting suspended for his actions. There can be no case against adi and Zoya he has printed photographs etc which in no way prove anything. Even adultery is not punishable. If they get married or fall in love it’s not a crime. This personal agenda of Rajvir should end soon as it is sending wrong signals indian cbi officers are not so stupid

    1. Exactly.Thanks to most of the daily soaps ,this image of our police force is stopping a victim and he is not filing a case.Most of the brutal crimes like rape,murder etc they don’t even go to the police documents,because the common folk is so scared of police!Now these kind of things are fueling their fear only. Though I love this show a lot but seriously I think they are overdoing it.

    2. I read somewhere Rajvir will get suspended. I couldn’t watch the episode because of this Rajvir. He’s totally insane. I wonder who made him the CBI officer. He should be in the mental asylum

  6. Neha1

    I just hate Rajveer… How could he dothis…. He’s really getting personal….
    Feeling bad for AdiYa….they get hurt…Aditya was bleeding and Zoya too gets hurt..

    After watching Precap, got relieved…. Aditya called PAA for the 1st time, not Mr.Hooda… Thank god Adi-Zoya met thier families… Now, Will Mr.Hooda fight for Zoya..????

    I think Aditya-Zoya both started feeling for each other…coz the way Adi encourage Zoya to standup, and said Random stupid things tomake her smile, Adi hides his pain from Zoya was….Awesome.. Love story has start now…

    1. Yes dear I also think ? like that. Maybe they both feel for each other

  7. very sad episode. make me cry. precap is good.

  8. Thank you so much for updating so fast your dear Pooja.

  9. Omg such a painful episode.. Atleast precap was relief..luv to see aditya caring for zoya..this rajveer is beyond disgusting crossing all his limits..???

  10. Neha1

    Guys, I love the title song of bepanaah…. ❤ Loved it.??

    1. Definitely I agree with you. a very nice song??

    2. Yes superb song and I listen that song atleast 10times per day

  11. I love the serial but rajvir is the most stupid CBI officer i have ever seen…It can be easily proved that zoya and aditya never meet to each other before the death of pooja and yash… And pooja’s mother is witness of that aditya did not know anything about pooja and yash’s affair.. 2nd thing rajvir says he is so smart but he can not even understand mahi’s intentions..The whole staff of josh knows that mahi wanted to act a role aditya’s wife in front of veerani..

  12. Adiya sounds good togather

  13. Neha1

    Title song with lyrics..!

  14. Very emotional episode painful too watch but in one way the writers are showing the reality how innocents are brutally punished and third degree methods are used to make them to accept forcefully inspite of knowing they are not accused .But in this case now it’s very clear this ruthless officer has some hidden agenda. How dare he uses illegal ways to physically torture AdiYa because he has no rights to use third degree methods. But in that moment also AdiYa eyelock was beautiful pain suffering they both share and Adi encouraging her not to give up. The concern in their eyes was amazingly shown. JenShad was awesome with their wonderful expressions. Hope Rajveer should be suspended soon

    1. Yes true dear they really show how innocent are forcefully to accept which is not they doing. At the same time adi and zoya acting skill was awesome

  15. Lokesh

    Thanx Pooja , but I m not happy at all how could they beat somebody so brutally, even they were pulling hair of a girl. Disgusting, this violence sequence, looks like Rajvir is son of harsh only, want revenge.but y Zoya I don’t know , bt waiting for next episode.

  16. I don’t know what Rajveer has in his mind but definitely he has some personal enmity with AdiYa……is it possible that rajveer is connected to pooja in some way like brother or secret admirer???
    And I don’t think so Mr. Hooda will save Zoya as well.. He don’t like her and want to keep Adi stay away from her

    1. Ooshi

      But he has too as Adi asked to him for saving Zoya and it’s beginning of their good relation as father son

  17. what an acting in today’s episode. Mind blowing. Cant wait for monday! Guys imagine if this is their friendship how will be their love story! superb cast.!! Excited to know whats gonna happen. I m sure rajveer was wronged by mr hooda but why is he taking revenge from aditya and especially from zoya! TOrturing them like that is so not right . I wish he gets suspended from his job . And mahi cant love anyone. anyone else gonna feel a long weekend too without bepannah

    1. Neha1

      Yes. Hardika, I too felt

    2. I guess and its just my thought that mr hooda had affair in the past may be rajveer is his son, he s plotting against hooda family to destroy them.

  18. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja

  19. Ooshi

    Want to kill rajveer

  20. Ooshi

    Love AdiYa although epi wasn’t a good one but the way they showed their love for each other was marvelous
    Precap hmain by Adi was for both AdiYa and specially when he asked for saving Zoya loved it from the depth of heart
    Anjana will not be able to understand what’s going on in Adi’s heart as she isn’t in that state moreover she don’t likes Zoya but I wish harsh understand what’s going on in Adi’s heart
    Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode

    1. I loved your last point. Hope so too.

      1. Ooshi

        Happy u replied as it means a lot to me

    2. Ajanna will not understand adi feeling bcoz she thinks when zoya is surrounded by him he become sad, he will remember his past he can’t move on in life … Mothers feeling only think about child

      1. Ooshi

        Happy u replied as it means a lot to me

  21. How can I not comment today?
    How can I not comment how much I hate rajveer? And how can I not comment how much I love zoya and adi.
    But I think Rajveer isn’t worth mentioning today, specially in front of Zoya and Adi’s love. But I would like to mention that Rajveer used illegal ways to torture zoya and adi and must be put in jail himself.
    OMG!!! zoya and adi’s love. I live for them. And the precap is priceless. Adi met his paa and Harsh met his chikoo. Awww soooo cute. And ‘aap zoya ko bachayenge na?’. I can not put my feelings in words. This weekend is going to be the longest.

  22. Neha1

    I too feel a long weekend without bepanaah… I’m eagerly waiting for their love story… Hopefully, Rajveer get suspended from his job..

  23. It was a very emotional episode. I was very distressed for Adyya in every scene and I became more angry with rajver. how a police officer is abusing his job. they know very well that they are innocent. there is a feeling of revenge coming from the past. I hope it will be punished for abusing the duty as soon as possible. and I look forward to Monday’s episode. Two days will pass without watching Bepennah.

  24. Pratina

    Very emotional episode ?

  25. Only Jenny and harshad can act like this . Fabulous acting. I really love the way of their acting. Really show the pain even by their eyes. Really feel bad for adi and zoya but got some relief for precap but hope mr hooda help zoya also and zoya parents and adi parents becomes frens as to prove adiya innocents.

    1. I have told na,this is what happens when actors become characters.Both Harshad and Jenifer are setting benchmark in Indian tv.We are proud fans.

      1. i guess harshad is the only actor in tv industry who can match upto jenny’s acting skills

  26. Please. Producers please do not spoil the second decent upcoming Serial. UDAAN is No. 1. Bepanna is struggling at No.2.
    I hope you are not belittling Indian Police to the world, making them look as idiots. As is, Rajiv is basing his case on an evil, jealous, hated Mahi’s dirt.
    How did he even see a Police Station and has a osirion. Do correct asap. The world is watching, seeing and taking notes. Your society is being seen as the most notorious rapists in the world. You have it in your power to clean India’s face.

  27. Marvelous acting by Harshad and Jenny. The best part was dono ek dusre ki Dard ko mehsoos karna, ek dusre ko care karna, ek dusre ko feel karna awesome. I just felt like hitting the TV. How would that Rajveer hit them with goons. How could a cbi officer do like this? I want to kill him. I am cent percent sure that Rajveer was wronged by Mr hooda. So he is giving his punishment to his son and even torturing Zoya. He is so disgusting. Precap – awesome. Father and son emotional reunion. Paa chiku… So cute and when adi asks aap Zoya ko bachayenge na? Awww…
    Zoya aur papa ki reunion. May be after Monday ke baad story mein zaroor kuch twist aayenga. Happy weekend guys.

  28. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    The show is portraying police and CBI very badly. It will create wrong impression among people about police and CBI. In a country like India terrorist also have human rights! Our police, CBI and other forces doesn’t works like this. Even big criminal have legal rights! My humble request to the makers don’t mislead the audience about police and CBI. It will create a wrong impression among people about police and CBI.

  29. Neha1

    I really hope that Mr.Hooda will save Zoya too…. as she’s too innocent like Adi… and also both Father’s should unite to prove Adi-Zoya innocence… coz both father’s are rich and influential, they can use their power and position to released Adi-Zoya from jail….but in precap, Harsh’s expression was quite shocking when Adi ask him to save Zoya too…. Will Harshvardhan Hooda save Zoya…???

  30. Riana

    Hey bhagwannn…Ye kyaaaa dikha diya !! ????
    I wish somebody tortures that rajveer so badly that he forgets how to torture…He’s true evil !! ???
    Somebody pls kill that rajveer…
    Was not able to bear AdiYa’s pain today it was soooo intense !! ??????????…But loved them at the last !…HarshJen Roxxx ???

  31. Mellu

    Emotional episode and full of pain , literally I was crying though it is just fiction show but still there was water in my eyes ????
    Really getting angry on this rajvir☹????,
    I guess Mr hooda had fought a case against rajvir or with his fly something like dat in the past and mr hooda may won falsely , i guess so ,& he is taking revenge, but surely he has personal enmity , let’s c …
    And in that pain also , forgetting his pain , he was talking in the funny way just for zoya, ??at that time, even in my face there was smile
    Precap is superb adiya hugging their dad’s , awesome scene????? , waiting for monday episode

  32. Ajanna will not understand adi feeling bcoz she thinks when zoya is surrounded by him he become sad, he will remember his past he can’t move on in life … Mothers feeling only think about child

  33. Neha1

    Hey, Friends, watch this….OMG..!! Upcoming Twist

    I just hope that both Adi-Zoya free from jail not one…According to the twist… Rajveer makes a deal with Mr.Hooda that he can only save his son and Mr.Hooda agree with Rajveer’s deal… When Adi comes to meet Mr.Hooda he ask to save Zoya…but Mr. Hooda will refuse to do so, coz of the deal… Now the question is–“Will Aditya go with his family or he will stay in jail for Zoya’s sake”…???

    My opinion was Adi never go out of jail without Zoya… He never left Zoya alone…specially in jail…!
    Oh God.! Just wanna kill this Idiot and insane Rajveer..

    1. If this twist is really going on board, then I am surprising that Rajveer has a problem with Aditya family or Zoya family. Because, as per the deal, he is ready to save Aditya and not Zoya. Then with whom he is likely to take revenge as we all know that he is just playing all game to take revenge from someone. Lets c where the story will go.

    2. Ooshi

      Me too want the same(last line)

    3. I agree with you. I think Aditya will certainly not leave Zoya in jail and she will stay for her. but I am also curious about the reactions of Mr. hooda and rajver. I look forward to the new episode.

  34. omg, i cant wait till monday yar… when will they both start loving each other?? excited to watch upcoming episodes

  35. Adiya Bepannah

    Bepannah is the best serial in these times.The acting of the lead pairs n supporting cast is a festive to the eyes, the dialogues n expressions are superb.

    1. Yeah agree to u adiya bepanah

  36. There is some link between harsh and rajaveer so rajaveer crossed all limits of his power rajeveer is following harsh hoddas orders

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