Bepannaah 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya lifts Zoya in his arms

Bepannaah 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya (wearing a burqa) and Aditya are in the jungle. She is about to fall down but he holds her in time. Aditya is thirsty. I am getting cramps. Can we drink water from somewhere? She notices water pond in front of them and takes him there. He tries drinking water with his left hand but fails. She fills water in her hands and makes him drink it. He thanks her. They resume walking. She asks him to switch on his phone and check GPS. We might find out where we exactly are. He does not want police to tap their location. We must find a PCO. We will have to go old school.

Bank rep comes to seal Zosh. Staff members request him to atleast wait till Aditya and Zoya are back but Bank rep says put. Staff members are pushed out of Zosh and office is sealed. They are all teary eyed.

Zoya asks Aditya how

he is sure only Arjun will pick the phone. Aditya says I know my brother. He wont be at peace till he talks to me. She is still unsure as to how he will talk to him. Police must be around. Aditya covers the mouthpiece with his kerchief. This is our childhood game. Arjun picks the call as soon as the landline rings. Inspector switches on the speaker. Arjun stares at him. Aditya greets him as a Sheikh. Arjun immediately recognizes him. Your courier was returned as your address is changed. I will send it when I will have the new address. You very well know that Hooda and Sons don’t leave anything midway. Aditya smiles. He gives him his location (in thier secret code). Arjun agrees to send the package asap. Inspector looks at Arjun in confusion. Aditya tells him it was a client. Inspector walks away.

Zoya asks Aditya what he was saying. Aditya explains that he took his name backwards. I said Kuwait so police does not doubt. Rest were our codes. She isn’t sure how Arjun will understand it but he points out that they have been practising it since childhood. They aren’t mere codes for them. Till now he would have cracked the code already.

Arjun is exactly cracking the location. Bhai is in Badlapur!

Zoya and Aditya step out of the PCO.

Rajvir and Mahi have also overheard Aditya and Arjun’s conversation on their headsets. Mahi complains that it was just a client. Why isn’t Aditya calling Arjun till now? Rajvir says you aren’t as smart as you seem. It was Aditya only. He was spelling his name backwards. Plus, the numbers were digital pincodes. Aditya is in Badlapur only! She asks him how he is so sure. He replies that this is his job. I also get some medals for this work sometimes.

Aditya and Zoya sit down for tea and snacks. She tells him to eat as she has kept Roza. I will eat during Iftar. He apologizes to her. I wouldn’t have eaten in front of you if you had told me earlier. She says should I have told you when police was chasing us or when that tiger was chasing us?

Mahi asks Rajvir where Aditya and Zoya were last night. He says there is a dhaba near Badlapur. I believe they were there only. He notices her upset. You seem sad to have found them! Is it because they spent the night together? She tells him to drive fast. Arjun cannot reach there before us. Rajvir is positive it wont happen.

Arjun tries to make Inspector understand that his client can lose lots of money if he wont go but Inspector is reluctant to let him step out of the house. Arjun reminds him he is a lawyer himself. I know my rights. You cannot confine me like this. Inspector tells him not to act smart. I will talk to Sir. He calls Rajvir but Rajvir advises him to arrest Arjun and his mother if he tries to even step out of the house. Constables don’t let Arjun go out.

Aditya wonders why Arjun hasn’t come till now. He wont even find traffic at this moment. He notices a car coming towards them. Zoya gets happy thinking it is Arjun but Aditya stops her. It isn’t Arjun. They run towards the jungle seeing Mahi and Rajvir. Rajvir asks dhaba owner about Aditya and Zoya. He tells them that they headed in the jungle. Rajvir alerts his team. Rajvir, his team and Mahi set out on a search for Zoya and Aditya. Zoya is tired. Aditya says we cannot stop or we will be caught. zoya asks him how Rajvir found out about their location. Aditya reasons that he is too smart. Phone lines must be tapped and he would have decoded the location easily. Zoya says it was good we figured out it wasn’t Arjun’s car. Fate is strange. We dint do anything wrong yet we are running. He tells her to let fate do its work. We wont give up though. They hear some noise and resume walking.

Zoya falls down while running and shouts Aditya’s name. Her leg is caught in a trap. She shouts in pain as he tries to free her. She advises him to save himself but he refuses to leave her alone. They manage to free her leg but she is badly injured. She fails in walking and her wound is bleeding heavily. He points out that it is leaving a mark behind. Rajvir will find us easily this way. This wound must be dressed immediately. He lifts her in his arms.

Rajvir and Mahi come that side. He notices the blood marks. There is surely some township around. He checks with his team but no one has any clue about Aditya and Zoya. Mahi asks him if he is really in CBI. I saw them escaping from your hands twice! He warns her to stay quiet but she refuses. He ends up aiming his gun at her head. I understand the intentions of people by looking at their faces. I doubt your intention very much right now. Did you inform them? She denies. You have to trust me. he tells her to make sure she does not open her mouth to say anything wrong next time. She nods. He goes in another direction. Mahi heaves a sigh of relief. He would have killed me just now!

Zoya and Aditya reach a basti. Zoya requests Aditya to put her down. There are a lot of people around. People are staring. He is concerned about her but she agrees to manage. Please put me down. He complies. She points at a house which seems empty. Rajvir and his team start scanning the area. People try to object but Rajvir threatens them. He asks his team to check ever single house. I want them both! He looks at the house in front of him. Did anyone check the house? His team denies. He announces that the hide and seek game is over. They step inside the house and notice a woman doing her prayers. Aditya hides behind a wall holding Zoya’s dupatta. Rajvir sees Zoya’s face in the mirror. Rajvir says it is great. You are praying while it seems like my prayer has been answered. I am sure Aditya must be around as you are here! It is time to go. She does not pay heed to anything that he says. Aditya peeks at him.

Precap: A Muslim guy stops Rajvir from disturbing Zoya. How can you dare you touch someone who is reading her prayers? I told you to come after Roza-Iftari. Rajvir tells him he is coming between law while the old guy tells him he is coming between religion. Rajvir says if they do not surrender after Roza-Iftari then I have shoot at sight orders for them. Later, the old man assures Zoya and Aditya that there would be a reason as to why they are here. God has sent you and I am no one to meddle in His matter. Don’t worry. I will surely help you guys.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Lokesh

    Thanx Pooja it was superb, loved it

    1. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Lokesh

    2. Pooja

      😀 Me too 🙂 You’re most welcome!

  2. What an episode!!!…love growing between Adi n Zoya with every passing day…Zoya feeding water to Adi, Adi lifting her in his arms n his classic dialogue ‘ mein tumhe chod kar nahi jaunga’ …Ufffff!!! sweet so cute so romantic..:)

    1. Neha1

      Yeah exactly, really loved those moments of AdiYa… But 1st time I’m glad to see Mahi jealous side…knowing that AdiYa spent tha whole night together…!

    2. Though the chase is getting intense,but we are witnessing so many good and cute Aditya scenes because of that.From Zoya offering water to Aditya,Aditya’s concern for Zoya,the iconic dialogue(main tumhe chodkar nahin jaunga),Aditya lifting Zoya in his arm,everything was nice. But my most favourite one was on the dhabba,when Aditya came to know that Zoya has kept roza and cannot eat and told,”pehele batadeti,tumhare samne to aise nahin khana”.That is so real and relatable.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Cat and mouse chase with love soooo cute…. I hope truth come out soon…

    1. Ooshi

      Hoping the same but chances are less

  4. Rajveer should have shot Mahi
    Btw the cat and mouse was really well handled
    Sadly Rajveer is too smart and caught the brother’s code word.

  5. Still Zoya-Adi running… Zosh was sealed by bank rep….! Zoya’s leg was injured, it was bleeding but Adi lift Zoya in his arms…? and also love that scene where Zoya make Adi drink water…!
    Rajveer reached to Adi-Zoya but Precap was good that someone has come to thier help…but still there’s a question that for how long they will run… Mr.Hood plz come soon your son Adi needs your help… Don’t know what will happen when Mr.Hooda and Mr. Wasim Siddiqui comes face to face….as they both are rich and influential. Waiting 4 2mrrow.

    1. Ooshi

      Mr Hooda & Wasim siddique face to face nice question let’s see

  6. Neha1

    Still AdiYa was running… Zoya got injured… but Adi helped her..he lift her in his arms… Hate this Rajveer and Mahi… but Precap was interesting that someone has came to AdiYa’s help atleast…!

  7. Neha1

    But for how long AdiYa will run like criminal, they’re innocent….Mr.Hooda and Mr.Wasim Siddiqui plz come back soon your children’s needs your help…As they both are rich and influential…!

  8. Rithu17

    Fab Fab Fab!!!..loved the hooda bros part..missing chocomati..thnks pooja☺️

    1. Pooja

      Welcome Rithu 🙂

  9. Looks like rajvir is taking some revenge on adiya, dusnt hv any strong proof against them..acting extra smart, over hooda n wasim wanted urgently to save thr children..

    1. Mona146

      true as police did not reopen the case. he has some ulterior motive to do that.

    2. Mellu

      Yeah agree to your first point

    3. Ooshi

      Agreed as the way he is getting crazy to send Adi to jail there’s some revenge

  10. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja

    1. Pooja

      You’re very welcome Ooshi 🙂

  11. Ooshi

    Epi was good eagerly waiting for the next

  12. Ooshi

    Between nothing about Noor where is she

  13. Ooshi

    Arch,Neha,Silvano,Asha & Nsb and all others who will comment
    Keep commenting

  14. Why is Rajveer so adamant to arrest Aditya and Zoya?On what basis is he saying that they are criminals?Though it was a fake marriage,but even if it was true then since when a remarriage after your spouse’s death has become a crime?How does it indicate that they have killed their respective spouse to be together?It is ridiculous.Most importantly,entire police department is helping him in this madness!

    1. He has a personal issue with them, I think he is Mr Hooda’s illegitimate child. Why else would he be insistent on trapping them

  15. Mellu

    Nice episode , adiya scenes were cute and nice , they helped each other in cutely ways ???
    Missed noor scenes ,
    Arjun and adi interacting part was nice ,
    And mahii jealous!!! Was funny to see that???
    Precap seems to b nice , waiting for today’s epi

  16. Sonakshi5

    Thanks for the update Pooja di ??..Loved adiya scenes very much ??????…superb dialogues ???????????? …I hate this Rajvir ?????…. Arjun and Aditya are very smart ????? but Rajvir is over smart?… what type of human he is?? ?…. doesn’t even have humanity…he wants to kill adiya to get promotion ???????,I want to kill him ????….
    Well , I have a doubt … Rajvir proved that Zoya and Aditya love each other by those photos but he didn’t prove that they were behind Pooja and Yash murders,he just says that they are behind the murders but he hasn’t proved it (proofs like adiya had failed the car brakes of poosh or the vehicle which hit poosh car ??????was adiya’s) then how can he arrest them…. and how on earth did he get the shoot at sight????? orders for adiya????? …. police??‍✈️??‍✈️ isn’t allowed to shoot???????? big criminals then how did they allow Rajvir shoot at sight orders ??when he didn’t even prove them to be criminals (murders of Pooja and Yash)

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome dear 🙂
      Rajvir has some hidden agenda I think which is why he is so hell bent on proving Aditya and Zoya the culprits!

  17. I’m always zoya and adi fun but….I like the cat fight of rajvir and cute ya

  18. I’m always zoya and adi fun but….I like the cat fight of rajvir and cute ya

  19. Today only one dialogue is playing in my mind since yesterday “Main tumhe chorkar nhi jaunga..”

    1. Pooja

      Mine as well 🙂 <3

  20. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I really hate Rajveer what kind of CBI officer he is , he is dieing for encounter and he needs Mahi’s help! Otherwise, episode is beautiful!

  21. Hi Greetings from turkey. I Tuba. I really like this series, the topic is, the players are perfectly harmonious together. Zoya and Adi perfect couple? and thanks you for the updates. I follow you fondly.

    1. Pooja

      Hey Tuba.. welcome onboard. I am from India 🙂 Yeah, the serial and the couple paired here play their roles really beautifully.
      You are most welcome dear. Keep posting. You will certainly find some new friends here. Everyone here is really warm and welcoming 🙂

      1. I am really pleased to be here my dear pooja. thank you so much. yes there are really friendly and warm friendships and conversations. I read every comment with pleasure.

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