Bepannaah 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi breaks her silence

Bepannaah 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Hooda house, Harsh thanks Hawaldar to drop Aditya home, this guy would have been in jail again otherwise. After the police leaves, Harsh questions if Aditya has the slightest chance how it could affect their case adversely. Aditya says yes its his mistake, he married her is his mistake, she cheated on him is also his mistake, she became pregnant with someone else was also his mistake. Sakshi comes from behind to slap Aditya. Anjana questions how dare you? Sakshi replies no, how dare them? They have been speaking against her daughter whatever they wish but not anymore. Sakshi says she knows what pain he had gone through and didn’t want to make him suffer anymore. She couldn’t tell him anything because otherwise she would have to tell them she knew about Pooja and Yash. Sakshi says she had been guilty

for months. She suffered for months when she was in the house and even when he had pushed her out of the house. But today he needs to know his own face isnt clear as well. Why he always think he is the rightest person. One day he felt she stepped out of the limit of this relation and he started hating her. He was her life since the age of 12, she did his homework and even took admission in his college. She was an MBA and didn’t opt for a job only because he needed her more. He was someone who couldn’t come to any agreements with his parents, he could be aggressive otherwise. It was only because Aditya can only find negative in others, for him his parents are wrong, Pooja is wrong, Arjun wrong and Zoya is wrong as well. She throws the diary off from her hand and minds Aditya that he wasn’t a good husband for her daughter. Pooja was tired and wanted a normal life but he couldn’t ever grow up from college life. She considered that becoming a mother might turn him responsible; she came to discuss the matter with him one day. Aditya replied, he had to take care of himself first. He wasn’t ready to take any responsibility. Pooja understood there was space of only a single child in her life that was Aditya. That day, when she had come to him she was pregnant with his child; she wanted to tell him she bear his child. Aditya was shocked to hear and asks why Pooja didn’t tell her? Sakshi says after what he had said how she could tell him. He was never a husband, he only married his best friend and always be. Sakshi says its her daughter who took every responsibility in their relation, that day also she went alone to hospital for abortion. She died along with her child. It made her cry until her tears wiped all the love for Aditya away. They lived in the same room, how Aditya could not know what she was going through. Sakshi says one day Yash asked Pooja how she was, he noticed her amidst the whole world.
Aditya wasn’t ready to accept this.
Sakshi says she would accept a hundred times that cheating can’t be justified. Pooja was wrong, she lost her child but the end of their relation started with Aditya and not Pooja. Aditya was haunted badly by this accusation, he falls on the floor and tries to negate it all. He spots a diary lying nearby on the floor. Sakshi turns to leave. Aditya holds her feet and asks her to tell him this is wrong, she can beat him badly but forgive him and say this is all lie. He cries there on the floor while Anjana comes to support him.
She shouts at Sakshi that this is enough, Sakshi claims Pooja was pregnant with Aditya’s child. Zoya claims she was perfect with Yash. She says it was Pooja who had an affair. Not every marriage is perfect, there are problems but she wonders how Pooja was brought up that she started an affair as soon as the problems started. Sakshi clarifies she doesn’t want a justification for her daughter’s act. She was at Aditya’s side, not the whole world is against him and always wrong. Aditya must mind this. Anjana asks Sakshi how she might know the news about pregnancy is right. Sakshi looks towards Aditya and says he knows the truth. Sakshi says this isnt court where she can prove herself right, she can only show a path to Aditya through which he can save himself. She walks out of the Hooda house.
Aditya unlocks the diary remembering Zoya’s request to read the diary once if he still doesn’t trust. Zoya walks out as well. Aditya remembers Pooja hide the diary from him.

PRECAP: Aditya reads the diary. Both had wanted to share surprise with each other. Pooja told Aditya she was pregnant, Aditya tells her to say she was joking. She said she was joking.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Yappiee I knew medical reports had confusion, i declared day before yesterday only..???

    2. Finally Aditya got what he deserved a tight slap, but one wasn’t enough??????

    3. Aditya ko #captaincool kaha tha maine but now he get new nick name #कानकाकच्चा???? (to be week of ears)

    4. Sakshi said that Pooja took admission in same college? with aditya, she was an MBA? and left career, it means aditya too did MBA?.. Now my question is How come an MBA? become pliot??‍✈??? Serial wale koi bhi degree? kisi ke sath bhi link kr dete hain???

    5. I hate Mr. And Mrs. Hooda, they didn’t changed their expressions even now after knowing the truth about baby..????????????????

    6. I know husband wife? me love❤ ke sath sath friendship?? bhi honi chiye, but aditya and pooja ki life to friendship se aage bada hi nhi..???

    7. Sakshi should have blurt all this truth long time back, or may be in court room during case….????

    8. Anjana is most blind mother in aditya love.. She said that no marriage is perfect, marriage me problems hone lage toh affair krna chiye kya shadi, trust, relationship etc should be kept.. why didn’t she told this to her hubby harsh??????

    1. I guess mba must have been her post graduate course… When aditya would have gone to the training for pilot… And mr hooda was Atleast quiet and showed some remorse… But anjana dint even realize pooja’s pain. I think they were talking about previous abortion….long bfr when she was pregnant with aditya’s child…. I felt bad for zoya.. Atleast pooja gave her 100%.. But yash dint even try his best. And zoya is much more matured than aditya… She would have understood the financial crisis if he had told her about it

      1. absolutely agree, Yash never ever gave Zoya a chance whereas in flashbacks we have seen Adi dismiss Poojas interests and feelings. ive said before he needed to grow up and he was very neglectful. Adi comes across very selfish and makes everything about him. Even though i dont justify cheating i can see how it can happen, but as soon as you think you are developing feelings for someone else you either distance yourself from the person or you end your marriage before pursuing a relationship. adis the type of person who doesnt listen and take on other peoples feelings into account. his selfish attitude and conduct have been bothering me and to be married to someone like that would be difficult. Marriage is a two way street not all about one person and Adis the type to drain anyones energy

    2. Neha1

      Yes Shraddha, I agreed to all your points but last one was….????
      Yes, I know that pooja-yash did very wrong by deceit their partners…. but agree no one is perfect…A marriage couldn’t be successful untill a friendship, love, care and mutual understanding wasn’t in the relationship…..but after knowing the truth from Sakshi, I now said that both Zoya-Adi made some mistake and their mistake was they thought that they’re perfect for their partners, they didn’t do anything wrong….and about Aditya, I would like to thank Sakshi that atleast she makes Adi realized his mistakes….
      But I agreed what Sakshi said, she would accept 100 times that cheating can’t be justify…Definitely Yash-Pooja did wrong…!
      But Now, I think by Next week we will see a New Chapter of Aditya-Zoya…by leaving their past behind and starts a new llife…and we will see “Bepanaah Mohabbat” of ADIYA…❤??

    3. Neha1

      And Finally, Shraddha you’re back on your position… first to comment..???
      keep commenting…

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Thanks Neha1… ????

  2. Neha1

    Today Sakshi rock….She’s true somewhere…. I’m not justify cheating buI agree nobody’s perfect, but they (life partners) should realise their mistake and work on it…I really find Anjana quite irritating today…!
    But, Im really waiting for Zoya-Adi friendship to start….
    Waiting 4 2mrrow episode….

  3. I dint understand one thing! So was pooja pregnant with both yash and adi’s child at different times?

    1. Neha1

      No, Pooja was only Pregnant of Aditya’s child, but Adi wasn’t aware of this news that’s why Yash was there with Pooja in Hospital… and That’s when Dr.Inayat misunderstood Yash-Pooja, as Husband and Wife…I think so…!
      But Pooja wasn’t pregnant of Yash’s child…!

      1. I think she was also pregnant with Yash’s child. I don’t know. Sakshi said something on the lines that Pooja met Yash after her abortion…

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      She was pregnant with adi child, and even she told in very first episode, but aditya reaction made her say that it was joke.. And in hospital dr. Misunderstood (which happen in every show)

    3. P_lata

      Yeah Hardika……Pooja was pregnant with Aditya and Yash Child at different times….First time due to Aditya she aborted her child after that she loosed all her love for Adi. After that meeting with Yash and love developed between them due to their more understanding between them comparatively to their respective partners. It seems that after that Pooja became pregnant with Yash baby….

  4. And guys did anyone notice sadness in mr hooda’s face! It doesn’t look like he killed them?

  5. Really a heart wrenching epi.. ND I so loved Sakshi gave Adi a reality he will become sensible..and I like the way she said she isn’t justifying cheating bt just showing the other side of the coin.. Felt really bad for Pooja.m if it husband doesn’t understand u then no one else will and you will be a lonely soul.. If this things happened with zoya… Then we would have cursed Yash.. Anyways waiting for AdiYa’s story

  6. Diya543

    Uffffffff sooo many things happening I’m just waiting for the next episode.

  7. I have a few doubts:-
    1. Why did Pooja go all the way to Masoorie for abortion? Bcos Sakshi claimed she died with her child..
    2. But the nurse who asked Arjun about Pooja’s decision n dr.inayat are both based in hospitals in Mumbai…
    3. News was floating around that Yash discouraged her to abort n was ready to give his name to Adi’s child. If this point is right then all makes sense but Sakshi hardly revealed any info about Yash…
    Guess tomorrow’s episode will sort out the broken pieces bcos from Monday a new chapter is going to start in Adiya’s life..

    1. Sakhi said that Pooja died with her child. This means that with the death of the child, the motherly feeling and happiness that took birth in Pooja also died. But Pooja was alive after the abortion.

  8. Sakshi told dat Pooja was MBA but she left her job and sat at home.
    Im not understanding did Yash come after her abortion?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      No u linked to points… Pooja was at home to provide love, security, maturity to handle relations and connect aditya and his family with each other… And yash and pooja met at poetry reading place, and had affair, and when they decided not to cheat their partners, pooja was pregent with aditya child and in hospital dr. Misunderstood pooja and yas to be hubby and wife, but pooja went for abortion that time..

  9. Whatever sakshi reveled her true face,she was behaving like a mom to adi by hiding all the anger, what is adis fault,he is immature, seriously.pooja s love was not pure,she just adjust with him, never loved him.if she really love him she would have accept him the way he is.the real love is accepting the person with his faults, not by blaming him and going to another married man who is criticizing his wife .in real world people will misuse these kind of situation.if she shared her problem with adi and adi was not ready to change , she can move on by giving divorce,saksi is behaving like her daughter only suffered and suffocated in adis realtion .Pooja got pregnant by being a best friend to adi, seriously..this serial ate my head.i really don’t understand why Zoya and sakshi are not allowing adi to move on, why they are forcing him to know more about Pooja,why they want to justify poojas extra martial relationship

    1. U r right… the point of pregnency is fantastic…. and the most important thing is pooja carried adis child but she is not a pure soul at that time bcz she is in love with yesh and slept with adi that time… then how can we accept sh ewas a good wie, good lover, good frnd… in my view she is nothing….she even not tried to sort out the problems in their life… bepnah serial said all the love is bepnaha pyar…they spoiled their title with mahis love yesh zoya love yesh pooja love…. all r bepnah love…. and adi pooja are best friend… seriously??? What kind of best frnd??? All relatins are fake in bepnah….

    2. Hello anjana .. Bfr watching this episode even i used to think that way… But after listening to sakshi…i realized it was adi’s fault too way more than it was Zoya’s…. Pooja has always been with him, helped him, managed him, gave him strength… But in return she just asked love in return from him and value her interests too… It wudnt hsve been easy to live with anjana and mr hooda… Still she managed everything so perfectly…. Its true pooja knew this about adi from before and she also accepted it… But it isn’t obvious for any woman to think that her husband would grow mature over time! I mean we all are immature till one age and then we grow up.. And she expected adi to understand his responsibilities after marriage.. Or she Atleast thought adi would want to become a dad… Least she knew was that he wasn’t even interested in becoming a dad… Its really tough only for one person to manage a relationship as huge as marriage… But yeah said all this i still dont support extra Marital affairs….she shud have left adi and then pursued her relationship with yash… The minute she realized she fell in love with yash she shud have discussed this with adi or shud have left him first. Breaking his trust is not justified under any circumstances.
      Yash is seriously not trustworthy. Other than giving zoya money he dint do anything else for her.

  10. In most of the extra martial affair they are blaming spouse for not understanding.that doesn’t mean their extra martial relation is pure.why poosh and sakshi can’t live with their divine love according to them,why they used adi money without real life they will know as gold diggers.even Yash doesn’t want to take responsibility of Zoya and Pooja will have happily married life with yash.hmmmmmm what nonsense

  11. Anjanas point is also right.. bcz every marriage have problems….. finding of new affair is not the choice of problems..poojas mother said all the mistakes of adi… befor going to a relation or abortion why pooja didnt confess all this?? If she did this befor for godsake may be adi change his lifestyle… what abt yesh???? Bepnah team pls close this justification of extra marital affair.. focus the murder revealation and new life of adi and zoya…otherwise trp never gain in top… blame on adi and zoya is not justified thats why viewers left the show….. i think this pooja rajveer(silsila) and yesh lovely( kulfi) partner will get in their next birth… then their extra marital affair get little acceptence from audience??

  12. Sakshi opened Adi eyes giving him a reality check I agree but making her daughter mahaan is too much adjustments and unconditional love is main in any successful marriage. I accept maybe Adi was immature but he loved her unconditionally and is this the gift pooja giving him back. I can’t digest Sakshi defending pooja if a husband is not perfect does it mean wife can go astray. What justification CVS are trying to give what pooja did was blunder she broke Adi trust marriage vows. If she had problem with his immaturity she could have tried to explain where he was wrong.When she revealed about her pregnancy if Adi couldn’t handle it she could have informed to elders of the fly its illegal to abort baby without father permission. If pooja had problems she could have consulted a marriage counselor and could have sorted out any issues .Blaming only Adi is very wrong as per my perspective. I am sorry but I can’t accept EMA eventhough it’s a pure divine love friendship or whatever. So mistakes are on both sides Sakshi can’t make only Adi responsible for this.

    1. I totally agree with you anu and divya.they should have consult a marriage counselor or at least sakshi explained this to adi when Pooja was pregnant would have been solve this issue . that was better than killing a child or having an affair and now sakshi is praising her daughter by criticizing Adi is disgusting bcoz she was acting as a mother by suppressing all haters in her mind,she should have try to correct adi at least when Pooja went for after knowing all this also adi is really is helpless,he can’t go back to past and modify him the way Pooja wants

    2. Divya …u just put each and every thought of my in words … literally i was feeling to write this word by word …

  13. Agree with you Divya Pooja and Yash were wrong because whatever they did was a cheat. And I am not able to understand Zoya why she is blaming herself for everything . I don’t find any flaws in zosh life. They are making Pooja mahan I don’t understand why Pooja was the one for breaking zosh relation .

  14. Neha1

    Today’s episode showed 2 things about relationship is :-
    1. Don’t take your partners love for granted. If they doing everything to you, you also owe them back the same treatment.
    2. If you have problem with your partner, just bare your heart infront of them. If that isn’t working, then take next action…!

    1. P_lata

      Agree with you Neha…Its straight and clear cut……To be tagged as characterless was not required if Pooja has divorced Adi first and then proceeded towards Yash physically…

  15. I saw episode again…I think Pooja was pregnant twice..First with Adi’s child which she aborted…n this abortion was before she met yash…but zoya finds out from Dr.inayat that at the time of death pooja was pregnant..At the time of death she may have been pregnant with yash’s child..n Anjana also asks Sakshi if pooja was CONTINUOSLY becoming pregnant why we all never understood…This pregnancy track needs more clarification..

    1. Yeaah exactly… That’s what even i think so…

  16. Are they cutting off the show? I have a Hunch.. I mean,the introspection is done.. AdiYa romance is left.. But after this,I don’t think it will take long. Idk fam,I hope I’m wrong though.
    Also,to the people saying Aditya should not be made aware of this and he should just move on or get closure:No. Because then,Pooja will always be a demeaning char for him and he’ll never realise his faults..probably repeat them too.
    And to people saying Yash didn’t try enough,Agreed completely!!
    Anyway,waiting for next eps.. I hope they’ll be good..I’ve kinda been exhausted for the past couple of days now.
    Fingers crossed!

  17. Hi all I’m a regular silent reader of all comments and I really like the show. But after today’s episode, am I the only one who’s feeling that writer has made aditya a villain to justify other characters?

    1. You are right namrata,even I feel the same.they are saying being cool in the life is the biggest crime than abortion and extra martial affair

    2. Rigjt namrata … even i think so … he is also suffering … and i still feel that he is not that wrong as pooja .. and he doesnt deserve a slap like this (i see many comments here saying so) .. i still think if pooja let aditya know about his nature then things would have been different … cvs are making him villian … thats wrong …

  18. Hello everyone!! I am your new friend. Though I watched bepannah from begining, never commented here before. I just watch the new promo and I am sooooooooo excited about AdiYa’s new friendship.??? Are you guys too????

  19. Wrong is wrong, suddenly Aditya must be blamed for Pooja’s situation? Sakshi should a long walk off a short plank. Pooja did MBA but didn’t know what contraceptives are? BS, Aditya showed that he was immature and in a bad place but Pooja chose to marry him, she chose to abort rather than stand up on her own 2 feet and she chose to cheat. Facts are facts. Why should Zoya and Aditya be held responsible for their deceptive partners.

  20. Hi, I am new a friend from Sri Lanka.. I loved the show from the beginning. But during past days i feel like that the writer have been forgotten the theme. I think its time to finish the negative side and to start something positive rather than crying, solving problems, blaming each other, fighting with each other everyday and so. Let it be Bepanah love. Don’t make it Bepanah hate.

  21. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I totally agreed with Aditya’s mom. No one have perfect marriage and perfect life-patner. That doesn’t mean they have right to involved in extra- marital affair. Pooja’s mom is just defending pooja by blaming Aditya that he is not a good husband! I think audience get fedup with topic and also get fedup with zoya and Aditya fight.

  22. Hi…. I have never left any comment here bt i am a fan of bepanah… Have u ppl seen harsh’s emotions while sakshi is ranting?? Is he sympathising with pooja coz he too had an extra marital affair right??i really dnt like yash.. He never tried to explain to zoya abt his probs and he is always shuffling btween mumbai nd mussorie… May be if he had zoya would have understood nd may have helped him…i can understand pooja’s pain… Bt she should first discuss with aditya instead of bearing it herself.. . Even then if aditya hadnt changed his ways then she can take ny decision she wants…. As far as i am concerned they should leave their past and move 9n with their lifes learning frm their past mistakes… Looking forward to adya’s new chapter

  23. P_lata

    Yesterday Episode was worth watching….It unfolds some of the views to husband wife relationship if it is imperfect giving the answers for why, when, what, how etc……Pooja loved Adi very much as best friend but when she became a wife her expectations changed from best friend to a wife which was natural and here Aditya remained the same. I agree that a marriage relationship is made up of love, trust , responsibilities and and most important adjustments. But love cannot be bind by any chain, it does not have any limit so it developed where it found its proper place. Pooja and Yash were not at fault at this limit this I think. But after that when they took their relationship on next level …..this is not acceptable to me also….they cheated their partners in real sense here. They should have consulted the matter with their partners if they were uncomfortable with them , divorced them and then they must have proceeded….. So Iam with Pooja’s mom who accepts the love but not the cheating….

    1. So true.Pyar dosti hai par har dosti pyar nahin hai.Aditya and Pooja were meant to be friends,best friends,close friends,so close that they thought it was love and it was their biggest mistake

  24. To all those who are saying sakshi is justifying Pooja dint they hear her say she still believes pooja was wrong..and she doesn’t want to justify cheating. She just wanted to make adi realize that their relationship wasn’t perfect. And that he should grow up and stop finding faults in everyone. And he was the one who always said he wanted a closure. And sakshi is just giving him that closure so that he can move on and forget Pooja and end the bitterness he has in him… Pooja isn’t alive that sakshi can correct her or tell her faults but adi is.. And as a mother to adi its her right to correct him. It’s true that she should have done it long bfr.. But as shr said by theytime she came to know about it,it was too late. And she dint come there to praise pooja instead she came there to tell adi that her daughter tried to a be his best friend and wife and failed as they both had problems and then she fell in love with another guy which h is wrong. Guys imagine if adi goes into a relationship with any other girl and if he behaves the same way she might leave him too… Sakshi just wanted him to change for himself so that in future he has a happy life with whomsoever he loves

    1. Neha1

      Yes Hardika, I agreed…you exactly echoed my words….and also I think Pooja was only pregnant once not twice….She was only pregnant of Adi’s child…I think Pooja fell in love with Yash but physically not involved with him…!
      Anyways, I think it should be cleared in upcoming episodes…. let’s see.

  25. Neha1

    Pata nahi Kyun Sab log Sakshi ko wrong bol rahe hai….She clearly said she’s not justifying her daughter’s betrayal/cheating… She’s too agree that Pooja was wrong…! I too not justify cheating..
    But in yesterday’s episode, Sakshi sirf Adi ko uski galtiyan realise kara rahi thi…koi bhi perfect nahi hota, but in yesterday’s episode Sakshi said that Adi was busy in his own world…there were some incidents where Adi’s immature behavior was clearly seen…
    1. When pooja request Adi, to go with her on poetry nights..but Adi refused by saying- plz spare me pooja…poetry nights were so boring… pooja also inform him that she’s too dislike football matches, but she goes with him, then why he didn’t…!
    2. Pooja ne apni pregnancy ke bare me batana chaha tha, but Adi ne bola ki phle main khud ko toh sambhal loon….and later pooja went for abortion..!
    I am not portraying Adi as Villain but just wanna say that he always thought that he was perfect son, brother, best friend and husband but it isn’t true…
    It was bcoz of Adi, as he only find negative in other’s, for him, his parents were wrong, Maa-in-law wrong, Pooja wrong, Arjun wrong and Zoya as well wrong but he’s completely perfect… which can’t always true…Hamesha Adi hi sahi ho yeh nahi ho sakta…he also did mistakes… like Roshna, Zoya’s mother realised Zoya that being a wife, how she didn’t know about yash’s financial condition…
    Even in real life, Husband and Wife aren’t perfect but they try to work on their weakness/mistakes… Shaadi do log milke krte hain to isse nibhana bhi dono ko hi chahiye…
    Anjana is completely right that agar shaadi mein problems hain to it doesn’t mean ki EMA karna chahiye…but Anjana is a blind in Adi’s love, that she can’t accept that his son too was wrong somewhere..
    kal ke episode me, Sakshi sirf ye batana chahti thi Adi ko ki woh bhi galat tha….You cannot clap with one hand…Sakshi accepted that her daughter-Pooja was wrong and will always be wrong that she crossed her limits and betrayed her husband cum bstfrnd…! I too agree that Pooja-Yash was wrong, coz they both crossed their limits and betrayed/cheated on their respective spouses…which can’t be justified at all..!

  26. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I just feel makers are busy in justifying other characters in the show by blamed Aditya all the time. Pooja,Yash,Zoya everyone is right. They all are pious, pure and tire. They are just out of the world. Only villain is Aditya because he is childish and immature.He also used to hate his mom and dad. So moral of the story is whenever you’re partner cheated on you, never ever blame you’re partner, tried to find out faults in yourself. Secondly, gave Aditya life-impresionment, or hang till dead because Aditya is childish and immature.He is not a good husband and he considered his wife his childhood best friend. Pooja,Yash,Zoya are great. Only problem is Aditya. Because, Aditya loves his mother in law and thinks his wife never have a secret with him.

    1. Neha1

      It’s a Humble Request that?? atleast don’t called Aditya as Villain?… coz no one’s trying to proove him Villain as he’s the Main Lead Actor in this show…Both Harshad-Jennifer are the lead actors of bepanaah… Sehban and Namita was 2nd lead…
      Insaan se hi galati hoti hai…Sakshi sirf Adi ko uski galati realise karwa rahi thi….that’s it…kisi ko uski galati realise karane ka mtlb-use villain, criminal batana nhi hai, jo usse jail ya Saza-e-maut di jaye….??
      Humse galati hoti hai toh humare parents hume batate hai sahi-galat kya hai….iska mtlb saza dena nahi hai….na isse koi Villain ban jata hai…
      Or Sakshi ne accept kiya ki Pooja galat thi….She clearly said that “she would accept 100times that cheating cannot be justified”…

  27. Loved episode. Finally someone shook Aditya from his fantasy of perfect marriage. Perfect husband. Sakshi is right, cheating is not justified but one mistake can not account for character assassanation. All played part in crumbling of their marriage. Adi n zoya were busy in their own idea of perfect marriage that they didn’t even realise their partners we’re unhappy. They gave impression of being oversensitive and vulnerable. And Yash and Pooja we’re too afraid of hurting their partners that they didn’t share their problems. They didn’t trust them. Aditya loved Pooja but was never in love with her.

  28. The makers are not justifying EMA…They are mainly explaining the grey areas in individuals and relationships…n that is true in the real world …None of us is totally white or black..We all have different shades of grey…n even if all of us don’t indulge in EMA whenever we have problems in marriage we not only talk it out with partner but also seek outside support in the form of parents, friends or siblings…But at the end of the day we all seek some kind of support outside the husband-wife relationship to solve marriage issues..Some of us in real world too do indulge in EMA…Very common among celebrities n upper classes…It is happening in other social classes too but doesn’t come out too much in the open…But when reality is portrayed on screen why so much hue n cry?..n why nobody is not appreciating the subtle beauty with which a sensitive topic like EMA is being handled in the show..
    The only problem with the storyline at present is that it is a bit draggy..n anyways Adiya story starting from Monday☺️?

    1. Neha1

      You’re absolutely right Arch…. you explained so well.??

  29. A long long time ago, my husband, our two sons and I had gone out for an ice-cream treat. It was sometime when I was always thinking of curbing unnecessary expenditure.

    As a selfless person, who was too much in love with her family to deny them of any pleasure, I always chose to sacrifice my own excesses. And it didn’t even feel like a sacrifice ever, because I was a woman of very few needs/ wants/ desires…
    So, when my husband asked each one of us to choose our favorite flavor of ice-cream, I responded as usual, “I won’t have any.”

    The boys enjoyed one round and ordered another; my response remained the same, “I don’t want any.”

    I was happy in my family’s happiness. I was happy that my not indulging in pleasure was perhaps ensuring some more goodies in the future for my dear ones. .

    But my husband looked at me and said, “Please don’t do this to yourself and to us. I want a happy wife; not a sacrificial lamb. I have seen that too much sacrifice eventually leads to bitterness and victim-mentality. And I sure as hell do not want you to develop that.
    You see, after a period of time, the boys and I will stop asking you for your choice, because we will assume that you don’t want it; we will take you for granted and subconsciously start treating you as a doormat… It will then hurt you.. and you will feel miserable and unimportant. You will think that we don’t care about you.
    While in truth we would be behaving naturally, knowing from experience that you don’t care for yourself.. That your wishes are not important… .

    So, I suggest that you always take your share and then if you really don’t like it, share it with someone who does. That will be good for all of us. You will learn how to claim your importance in your own and our eyes and we will always ask you. There will be happiness all around.”

    His talk made sense to me and I couldn’t help but think about many older women who always complained, “I did so much for so and so but today they don’t even think/ care for me.”

    I also remembered many instances where children would turn back and say, “But why did you do so much? Did we ask you for it? You did it because it made you happy. Who asked you to be so self-sacrificing?”

    This train of thought made me take a re-look at the word ‘self-less’, equating it with self-sacrifice. That day the meaning of these words opened up for me!

    Self-sacrifice ……… is not the balanced way!!!

    Did Aditya ask Pooja to take his responsibility,no she did by herself and blaming Aditya.
    Have you guys watch last Saturday crime patrol, that person also has lots reasons for crime, blaming Pooja went for abortion without Aditya knowledge,she doesn’t want to continue with adi and blaming him.if adi has some faults why can’t she tell him.he hates his father bcoz father was having an affair,how come sakshi blaming adi for that he should have think harsh love also as a divine love,I want adi to move on but saksi is just saying Pooja is also at fault but all are just bcoz of adi, that is no right.pooja did affair bcoz she didn’t give any importance to adi and baby ,that’s why she went for abortion without telling adi,most of the time people did mistake of not telling problems to their own spouses and telling to others spouses and ending up in such relation.every people have their own reasons for their doing. v can also have our own opinion here.

    1. Your amazing! That was a true eye opener not just about the series but life.

    2. I agree Thandiwe, beautifully said Anjana! The main thing that bothers me is that Pooja knew a major reason for the tension between Adi and his parents was because of Harsh’s EMA, and yet she went ahead and did the same. No matter how bad of a husband Adi may have been, I’m sure he didn’t deserve that. But at the same time I liked how Sakshi did not let him completely assassinate Pooja’s character and also showed him his own reflection.
      And yes, I completely agree…self-sacrifice is one-sided, so if you sacrifice your ‘self’, then that includes sacrificing ‘expectations’ too, which as naturally selfish humans, is really hard to do. So it’s better we give what we get rather than make a personal decision to care about someone else more than ourselves and then get disappointed when they don’t reciprocate, leading to more complicated feelings in the future. Thanks for sharing that.

  30. What was yashs problem with zoya

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