Bepannaah 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya and Zoya see a tiger

Bepannaah 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya and Zoya are sleeping. The tempo driver stops the tempo and they wake up. Zoya is surprised to see Aditya by her side. He tells her that she was about to fall while sleeping so he came here. He shifts to his previous place. He notices the tempo driver going aside to relieve himself and asks her to escape. She isn’t keen but he tells her it is the best chance. She wears her burqa again and they escape from the tempo.

All the staff members tell everything honestly to Police. Shawn says they belong to super rich families. Why would they do something like this for money? Inspector tells him not to act smart. Answer to the questions only. Rajvir calls Inspector to know if he found something but he denies. Rajvir asks him to keep everyone there till morning.

Zoya is scared to spend the

night in a deserted area. He shares that he only knows that they are in a jungle type area outside Mumbai. Mr. Hooda will be back tomorrow and he will handle everything.

Rajvir asks Mahi who else Zoya knows in Mumbai. She tells him it is just them and a few office people. If they manage to escape from Mumbai then! He says it isn’t possible. We are manning all the exits from Mumbai. I only want permission to tap all the calls to Hooda Mansion. Once Aditya calls his father, he will be trapped.

Arjun is contacting every possible person to seek help on the case.

Zoya and Aditya hear some strange sounds. She is scared but he assures her it cannot be a big animal as they are near the city. She asks him to switch on the torch but he has switched off his phone as it has really less battery. She is concerned for everyone. Don’t know how Ammi Abbu will be managing everything. Don’t know how they will be!

Wasim opens the main door and finds all the reporters questioning them every nonsense stuff. He closes the door on their face. His wife cries that they lost their hard earned respect in a split second. Wasim wonders what their daughters would be going through in Mumbai.

Zoya sprains her leg again. I cannot walk anymore. He tries looking at her sprain when she notices the wound on his hand. we should wash it with water or it will become infectious. She takes a leaf, crushes it and rubs it on his wound. Abbu had taught me this in childhood. It will hurt a little though. He manages not to react when she applies it. She blows on it. Did it hurt? He nods. A little bit. Hurry up. He is surprised that it does not pinch after a few moments. Not bad. They resume walking when they hear the roar again. Aditya says it cannot be a small animal. Their eyes widen in shock seeing a tiger staring at them. He asks her to come but she tells him not to move. Give me your phone quietly. He does so. She switches on the torch and aims the light at tiger’s eyes. He runs in opposite direction being blinded by the light. They heave a sigh of relief. She shares that this happens very often in Mussorie as there is jungle all around. They often pay us a visit. We have been taught this since childhood. He is surprised. Whenever I think I have begin to know / understand you, you always surprise me! You are afraid of humans. You cry when someone speaks in a loud tone but you aren’t afraid when facing an animal! She remarks that animals are not scarier than humans. Humans are the scariest. Animals are just looking for food while humans hurt you for no reason. Animals attack you only when that is the last option but people can stoop to any level for their benefit. This is why I am afraid of humans more than animals. You are still bleeding. We must leave asap. She notices a hut nearby. Let’s go there and see if we can find some help. She winces in pain as she tries to walk. He offers to lift her.

Noor looks at Madhu ji. Mahi asks her if she has packed her stuff. Noor again tells Madhu ji there must be a reason behind her Appi’s decision. Madhu ji asks her if she knew what Zoya was doing. Noor insists it was a misunderstanding. Madhu ji says Zoya dint belong to anyone, neither her father nor her husband nor us! Noor apologizes to her on her sister’s behalf. I am leaving from here. She begins to go when Madhu ji asks her to call her Abbu first. Noor denies but Madhu ji demands to speak to him. Noor calls her father. Madhu ji takes the phone. Congratulations. Your daughter took revenge from my son! why are you quiet now? Your silence is telling us that you also know how your daughter has cheated us! He ends the call upset. Madhu ji walks away. Mahi looks at Noor but then goes.

Zoya notices Aditya shaking his hand. You are still bleeding. Sit down. She tears the dupatta. He looks at her. She says there is no other option as your wound needs to be tied. He says the one who is supposed to be wearing it isn’t there anymore. Pooja dint like these kinds of dresses at all. She shares that she loves these dresses especially suits. Wasn’t Kajol wearing the same suit in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? He is pleasantly surprised to hear her speak of it. Yes, that is my favourite film. Pooja dint like that movie at all whereas I saw it 25 times! She laughs. I also forced to Yash see it so many times. They go quiet realising it. Aditya suggests taking rest.

Zoya lies down on the cot while he makes his shirt his pillow on the ground. He smiles. Pooja loved camping. She enjoyed watching the stars all night but I dint like them at all! See at things now! she shares that there is no hint of hatred in his tone as he speaks about Pooja today. this is the first time. Yash was also fond of camping but I wasn’t! We had different tastes. He likes ghazals, shayari whereas I loved films. Aditya says the same. Zoya remarks that maybe Yash and Pooja had such similar choices which is why maybe they! She goes quiet seeing him looking at her. Music plays. He tells her he is sleepy. They both look in opposite direction. Aditya promises himself to talk to Arjun tomorrow so everything is sorted.

Precap: Rajvir comes to the same hut with his team. He finds Zoya praying there. He thinks she is praying while his prayer has been answered. I am sure Aditya must be around as you are here! She does not pay heed to anything that he says.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ooshi

    thanks for the update Pooja

  2. Ooshi

    epi was good except rajveer,mahi and madhu
    what Zoya said in the jungle was the pure truth superb dialogues
    end was ok ok they shared their past,their common likes and grieves that all was nice
    precap what will happen tomorrow how will they get saved tomorrow indeed today
    eagerly waiting for the episode

  3. Ooshi

    all the people here i have a question
    if a person is married and after marriage falls for someone else and merry/have affair with the other one too then will u like that person or not(an easy way to increase number of comments and also belongs to the story,by the way i also want to know ur all’s thinking about it)

    1. It is very natural for a person to get attracted to someone other than your spouse.It is human nature.But if you are truly commited to your spouse,then you don’t need to take action on that attraction.If you feel that you are getting carried away,then there is a fundamental defect in your relationship with your spouse.Try to talk to your spouse and sort it out. If you fail,then you can divorce your spouse and then can continue your relationship with the one you have fallen for.But don’t try to make both of them happy,you end up hurting both of them,most importantly to yourself.I think those who are involved in infidelity they complicate their own life the most,they lose their happiness,peace.So more than anger I sympathize with them.

      1. Mellu

        Agree to your comment Asmitha , even I think same

      2. Yes true dear . If really u attracted with another person btr divorce ur spouse no need to happy both of them cause in ending all of them will be hurt like our bepanah

  4. Ooshi

    Friends and family I read somewhere that
    Rajveer will give a proposal to let AdiYa go and will tell them his real purpose and that proposal will be very dangerous or something like that

  5. Epsode was good but no eye look no pyaar when Will adi falls for Zoya weather Zoya is kidnapped in today’s episode excited

  6. I am loving this phase in Aditya and Zoya relationship.Zoya is discovering the caring,respectful side of Aditya which was hidden behind the mask of hatred,anger and pain.Aditya has discovered the strong Zoya within that fragile,underconfident and fearful woman.They are getting to know each other.They have begun to care for each other,hopefully as friends.The way they spoke of their ex spouses and past incidents without any bitterness shows that gradually they are getting over it.Hope this continues like this,without any unnecessary twists.Because I am just loving it.

  7. I am loving this phase in Aditya-Zoya’s relationship.They are getting to know eachother.Zoya is discovering the caring and respectful side of Aditya which was hidden behind the mask of hatred,anger and pain.Aditya has discovered the strong Zoya within a fragile,underconfident and fearful woman.They have begun to care for each other,hopefully as friends.The way they spoke about their past without any bitterness,it shows that gradually they are getting over it.Hope this continues like this because I am just loving it.

    1. Sorry I posted it twice by mistake.

      1. Ooshi

        No problem as it happens and it was not deliberately

  8. Mellu

    Nice episode , finally zoya proved that she has beauty with brains????, liked all the scenes of adiya ????? , they shared their past moments and the likes dislikes without any hesitation or without getting angry , liked that ??
    Waiting for today’s epi

  9. It’s really nice episode . Very excited to know what is going to happen tonight. And ooshi dear as u ask will us like the person who hv affair after marriage actually I don’t like but in case our partner passed away and u married again it’s ok cause u need someone to rest of ur life. But while ur partner is alive and u have another relationship Is biggest cheat . That no one can accept.

  10. Guys somewhere I read tat adiya surrenders to police by telling them tat they really had affair…..with a hidden motive.Is tat true?wat u guys r thinking abt it

    1. Seriously omg but y he want to tell like that in that case Madhu and wasim all will get angry on zoya

      1. Ooshi

        May be it’s the proposal rajveer gave them eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  11. Guys somewhere I read tat adiya surrenders to police by telling them tat they really had affair…..with a hidden motive.Is tat true?

  12. Neha1

    Wow Amazing episode…. AdiYa conversation was cute…. Pooja-Yash had similar choices so even AdiYa has similar choices..
    1. Adi love to wear white shirt and Zoya too.
    2. Pooja-Yash like Camping but not AdiYa.
    3. Pooja-Yash loves Poetry, Shayari…but not AdiYa…They both fond of Bollywood movies.
    I don’t know if Pooja-Yash had an affair or not.??? but Love to see AdiYa’s Love story…For that we have to wait… but I hope AdiYa soon come out of this messy situation…Precap.??Rajveer reached to Zoya….Where’s Adi..??

  13. Ooshi

    Where are all others and no one said anything about Zoya’s dialogues about being scared by humans and not by animals Didn’t anyone found it value worthy

    1. Mellu

      Yeah ooshi it is

    2. No,I think her life experiences made her think like that.She was brought up in a protective environment.So she was not exposed to outside world & people.So she is scared.Again both Aditya and Zoya are betrayed by the people they had trusted the most.But yes what she said about animals is completely true.But about human ,it is subjective.

      1. Ooshi

        To me she was not totally wrong too

  14. Jinitha jithin

    If a person after marriage start loving anyone else other than the spouse means their relation won’t have any value and trust. They don’t seem to be for each other. Every man and woman wishes for a spouse who understands them,supports them and be with them,if they won’t get them their life would be so depressed and get anyone else whom seem to be their expected. So as per my opinion I am saying that don’t marry for someone else marry for yourself ; before marriage itself you should make a clarification on your spouse either in arrange or love marriage. In love marriage it seem that the two will understand more among themselves,but in arrange the two will be strangers so per my opinion I say that after engagement you should a wide gap for marriage,then it would be easy!!!!

  15. It s world environment day today zoya said very rightly but we are more afraid ofcruel animals coz we don’t know how to protect our selves when we come face to face with them nice episode no need to tell again and again very interesting serial

    1. Ooshi

      Zoya is showing how to save and we come face to face with animals rarely than that of humans(……..)

  16. Lokesh

    Superb lines, jungles scenes were thoughtful,.

  17. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Very sweet and cute episode! Having very sweet moments throughout the episode!

  18. In our north Karnataka average one to two persons die from tiger elephants cheetah so now we have to take training from zoya

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