Bepannaah 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya gets Pooja’s report from hospital as proof

Bepannaah 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahi discuss with Waseem and Roshan that she is thinking about a vacation. They suggest her to go to Missouri, it’s a good hilly station and their servants are there. Zoya returns home. Parents were worried to see her condition, Zoya doesn’t share anything with them and goes to rest for a while.
In the room, Zoya speaks to Yash’s photo that he always considered her weak. But his disloyalty taught her a lesson, she is courageous enough to face any problem. She won’t shatter any more. In the evening, Zoya comes to hospital again. Dr. Inayat asks if she has come here alone. Zoya demands for Pooja Hooda’s pregnancy report. The doctor asks if they don’t trust her. Zoya says she has to present it in court. Dr. Inayat was shocked to know if she would prove in court that her husband had an extra

marital affair. She wasn’t ready to share the report as it’s confidential. Zoya sits there. Dr. Inayat comes out of OT and notices Zoya was there. Zoya insists on the doctor but she turns to leave for home. Zoya sits there and decides she can’t accept a defeat this time.
The next morning, Dr. Inayat comes to hospital and was shocked to see Zoya still in hospital. Waseem and Roshan come there concerned for her. Zoya tells her parents she wasn’t a good wife, she shows them Pooja’s diary which she Pooja knew Yash better than her. Waseem insists on Zoya to forget about all the past stuff. Zoya agrees she only speaks and doesn’t actually take an action. But she has decided to do something. She won’t move without taking the file. Waseem looks towards Dr. Inayat, she was silent and apologizes Waseem. Waseem accepts she is also a doctor, but he requests her with joint hands; they are parents and can’t see Zoya suffer.
At Hooda house, Anjana serves breakfast. Aditya looks towards Arjun’s empty chair and recalls eating from his place. Arjun was always irritated by this.
Dr. Inayat brings the file to Zoya. Zoya was thankful to her. At home, Zoya brings the file to Madhu ji and tells them that Pooja was pregnant with Yash’s child. Madhu ji drops the file out of shock. Madhu ji tells Zoya she is a good daughter and a wife, she is lucky to have a daughter in law like Zoya and apologizes Zoya. Zoya forbids Madhu ji and says she is her family. Madhu ji blesses Zoya.
Noor calls Arjun to discuss something important with him.
Zoya asks Waseem to meet Aditya and tell him about this file. Waseem asks if she wants to get the proof to him. Zoya was considerate what Aditya would go through if he knows about the matter in the court. Zoya clarifies she isn’t against Aditya and doesn’t want to hurt him, he is her friend and she won’t deliberately hurt him. She must take the file to him.
Arjun tells Sakshi that Noor called him. He was in disbelief that Pooja…. Sakshi walks towards Pooja and her photo on the wall, tears filled her face. Sakshi apologizes Pooja for not being able to understand as a mother, she wish she had supported Pooja at that time. May be she was with her. Arjun asks what time Sakshi means. Sakshi decides to tell everyone about it, even Adi.
Harsh tells Aditya that Arjun left the house at his own will. Aditya blames Zoya, he has gone to sacrifice his law degree. He wish there was a tonic of common sense he could feed to both. Zoya arrive at Hooda house. She asks for two minutes to speak to Aditya. Anjana interferes she won’t allow, she always bring a bad news. Zoya says she has come with proof. Aditya looks towards the file then questions what proof?
In the room, Aditya stood with the report. Zoya says they thought they were perfect in their married lives but they were far from it. It’s true that Pooja was pregnant with Yash’s child, they wanted a divorce and marry each other. She brought the file to Aditya because she doesn’t want to hurt him. She convinces Aditya to accept that they need to bid their love farewell respectfully. Aditya was in a state of agony and tells Zoya to leave. Zoya says I am sorry and walks out. Aditya drops the file on floor and thinks about his life with Pooja.

PRECAP: Zoya tells Aditya she brought the file to him so that it doesn’t hurt him. Aditya argues Zoya is denying the truth but Zoya says it’s Aditya who runs away from the truth each time and faces it with hatred. What if even hatred loses his side one day? Aditya tears the report.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Neha1

    Very glad that finally Madhuji has accepted Zoya her daughter. and also accepted her DIL and a good wife too…
    Aditya was devastated by knowing Pooja’,s pregnancy…. but I wonder how would he behave/react when he will know that pooja was pregnant of his child not yash…
    Precap….OMG Aditya tears the pregnancy report…

  2. Neha1

    I think tomorrow Sakshi will revealed the truth of pooja’s pregnancy…. but really want to know what sakshi knows about yash-pooja….

  3. Awesome epi…can anyone tell how to download the title track of bepannah

    1. You will get it on google I’ve tht it’s just amazing i love it very much

    2. You can download it on vidmate

    3. Thank u

  4. Zoya shud really stop saying it’s her fault…. She justifies yash everytime… Its good to accept ur mistake…but she wasn’t the reason yash cheated… Yash cheated on her cz he dint love her… Not coz zoya was immature

    1. Exactly. I think she’s doing the right thing and all but why does she keep saying she wasn’t good enough? What if Yash wasn’t good enough for her?

      1. yeaah exactly. She should stop justifying yash and pooja. Instead of letting adi read the diary she is constantly blaming him for his failed relationship. anyone would get furious listening to the justfication of EMA.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Pooja and yash really betray aditya and zoya looks just unbelievable to me… I don’t know why, but i don’t have any faith in this report, but something look fishy…
    Anyway painful episode…

  6. Neha1

    Aditya and zoya decides to move on to greener pastures in Bepanaah.

    Spoiler Alert :- Sakshi explains the picture scenario to Aditya. She tells that when this picture was clicked she was telling Yash-Pooja to break up and go back to their respective spouses. She also confirms that Pooja was pregnant with Aditya’s baby and wanted to abort it. But Yash discourage her and ready to give the child his name. While Aditya breaks down after Sakshi confessions Aditya Welcomes Sakshi to the Hooda Mansion again….

  7. Neha1

    Get ready for another song named “Bepanaah si Mohabbat hai” sung by Rahul Jain…

    1. Lokesh

      Thanx for the link

  8. Summed up by Aditya
    Agar common sense kharid sakte to do chamach zoya aur arjun ko pila deta lol

    1. Waiting for it impatiently. When will this release?

    2. sorry, this reply was not for your comment

  9. Jisha

    Unlike other serials, CVS have tried to narrate the extra marital affair from Pooja/yash’s perspective… Which is very different and a risk as a writer…
    Normally the main leads are supposed to be the epitome of all the goodness and honesty and what not… And they are supposed to be flawless and a perfectionist…
    What I like abt this serial is Zoya and Adi are shown as real individuals who has flaws…
    One has an anger issue and is a kid by nature… Other one is too innocent to be in this world… And becomes dumb due to her over innocence… These kind of people exist… That makes me connect to this… Unlike other leads(in normal serials) with the detective talent and capable of dealing with terrorist or whatever as if they are cops….
    Having said that I don’t support Pooja or yash for their extra marital affair… But I will applaud the writer’s guts to take the story through their perspective….

    1. Neha1

      Yeah, I completely agree with you Jisha. Writers had shown Adi-Zoya as a individual and shown that they has fault, and wrong when it comes to commited relationship unlike other serials…

    2. Lokesh

      Hmm totally agreed , but looks like PPL are not connecting as today dislike increase , donno why , but they are showing real thing , such PPL exist.

  10. I want that baby to be of Yash and not Adi. Waiting for the friendship track impatiently and also for the new song ‘bepannah si mohabbat hai’. When will it release? With the friendship epi I guess. Lovely episode. Great bond between ArNoor. Noor has started sharing things with Arjun and he was the first person she thought of to tell this. Lovely episode. Waiting for the next one.

    1. Neha1

      Even me too waiting for AdiYa’s Friendship and New Track-Bepanaah Si Mohabbat hai…
      And yup, Noor started sharing with Arjun…I think Like Arjun, Noor also started liking Arjun…let’s see..!
      And also love that scene when Adi missing Arjun, and reminiscing the old memories.

  11. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  12. Ooshi

    What was Sakshi saying to understand pooja (and accept her decision of leaving Adi?)

  13. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I love the last part of the show! When zoya is telling Aditya, Yes our partner cheat on us! Yes they are giving divorce to us. Yes pooja is pregnant with Yash child. Yes our want to make a another. But Loved them, we married them. We should let them go from this world with respect! We can feel Aditya and zoya pain. But still if a life patner is not aperfect husband or wife, their spouses dont have right and logic to get into a extra-marital affair.Aditya expression is just awesome!

  14. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Yes, zoya is not perfect life partner for yash and Aditya is not perfect life partner for Pooja. But that doesn’t mean they had right to involved in extra- marital affaire. Still, I don’t understand, why zoya is madly defending Yash. I am not interested in knowing whether this child belongs to Aditya or Yash because in both cases Pooja is undoubtedly cheated on Aditya. In a country like India, where extra- marital affairs are reasons for domestic violence and many other crimes. Please don’t justify extra-marital affairs. I humble request to makers ended this track soon as soon possible.

    1. I have a doubt that if doctor is telling that Pooja was pregnant with Yash child then without mentioning by Pooja, how does the doctor mentioned in her file as father of the child with Yash name. Surely, Pooja told like that only.

  15. I don’t why, but I started to hate this Pooja & Yash both.
    Pooja was looking for love which she doesn’t feel with Aditya but as per Aditya’s past memorries, it was shown as that the good romances between them & in fact, if Pooja’s pregnancy with Aditya’s child is correct, in that case what type of love emotions she is looking in Aditya… I don’t understant. Aditya became a good husband & good friend to Pooja which I think most of the girls wants with her spouse. Just He doesn’t like poetry or behave like childish in some moments, Pooja ready to cheat him & tried to abort his child also. Really ???
    In other hand, Yash believes that Zoya was a perfect wife for him but never become a friend for him. But, whatever the past scenes shown between Zoya & Yash, I never felt that Zoya was not a friend for him or not understanding his pain. If he will not reveal his pain to her and always showing everything is normal in his life, then how Zoya will feel his pain without discussing with her. Just how discuss with Pooja, he can also discuss with Zoya & after that if Zoya was not understanding him then we can understand his point of view. But it was never happened. Secondly, he has a huge financial debts, and he was ready to accept Pooja with Adity’a child.. Really ???

    I think this story is telling that if extra marital affairs will start in any couples life, then how the entire family is disturbed. This story is not supporting the extra marital affairs, which I think so.

  16. author,
    it is request
    i can’t understand hindi
    can you please update the meaning of bepannah theme song
    it’s difficult to search word to ward in internet
    please help me

  17. Fenil

    Arjun and Aditya’s scene only i love in episode !! Adi loves to irritate Arjun see Adi’s mouth is full with food but he is taking from Arjun’s plate and feeding his mouth !! last he made Arjun eat banana !! Lovely scene !!

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