Bepannaah 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya and Aditya’s strawberry allergy

Bepannaah 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahi gives Zoya the file of client orders. This is very important for us. Keep it safely. Zoya decides to study it thoroughly and contact them to see if she can find any order. Mahi asks her if she knows how to put it into practise. Zoya tells her she is counting on her. A girl invites them for meeting. Zoya and Mahi rush to the meeting room thining it will be Aditya who will surely drive the clients away.

Aditya is talking to the clients. The girl is really excited. She keeps blabbering about destinations, locations, venues, designers. Her fiancé assures her that they will be able to have a grand wedding like she wants. Aditya nods. He introduces Zoya as his partner. She believes and even believes blindly in the wedding. She will give in everything but she wont let anything go wrong. This is Rohan

Kapoor and his fiancé. Rohan’s fiancé calls them adorable. You both are working together even after wedding. Rohan asks them if they bring their household fights to work too. Zoya tries to explain but Aditya says our fights add spice to our relation. Rohan’s fiancé teases them. Mahi finally tells them that they are misunderstood. They aren’t husband and wife. Rohan’s fiancé says you guys are dating each other. Aditya whispers to Zoya that he wishes Yash was here and could hear it all. I would like to see his face. He turns to Rohan’s fiancé who asks them if they are ready for tomorrow’s function. Zoya is panicked but Aditya does thumbs up to them.

Noor is not at all happy to see Arjun inside her house. This isn’t the right time to be here or Abbu wont spare me. Wasim’s neighbour leaves. Arjun gives his intro and tries to talk to Wasim about Yash but Yash refuses to talk about Pooja or to her family. Arjun says I can understand that that accident shook our family badly. We lost our family members. I believe we should raise some questions regarding it. Was it a regular accident? I want to find out what exactly happened that night. Wasim replies that he does not care. Yash got his due. I don’t regret it. Their memories are gone with them. We have nothing to do with them. Arjun says don’t you want to know the reason as to why your daughter’s life became barren. Wasim declines. I suggest you to return home or you might fall into trouble. Truth is bitter and tough always. Sometimes those who set out to explore it lose their lives sometimes. Be careful. Arjun leaves. Noor sees him leaving. He met Abbu but I must avoid him somehow.

Aditya bids goodbye to the couple. Zoya asks him how they will organize this in such a short span of time. We will fail! How will it happen? He advises her to put her brain to work. We have less time and a lot to do. I want to see how she will manage tomorrow’s event. You have the swear of your blind love. Start your work. She asks him if he knows why love is blind. There is no condition in love. Love means trust of giving your life to someone. I did love Yash blindly and I still trust him. I feel you also loved your wife blindly only as you gave her a 5 crores cheque without questioning her. Before pointing your fingers at me, for once ask that question to yourself! She walks away. Aditya is disturbed.

Sakshi is listening to radio. Next caller refuses to share her name fearing that her family can be insulted. My son is married but has an extra marital affair. I tried to explain to him but he isn’t ready to listen. RJ tells her that everyone listens to their mothers. It is the duty of the parents to guide the kids till they are alive. Sakshi turns off the radio. Her hand shakes as she pours water for herself. The glass falls down in the process. She breaks down. I am a bad mother. I couldn’t be a good mother for either Adi or Pooja.

Patil tells his Senior Inspector that Aditya Huda invested 5 crores in Yash Arora’s company. He gives the bank statement to him. Senior Inspector points out that now Aditya and Zoya will run the company together. Patil nods. There is an event tomorrow in their company. Senior Inspector feels either Aditya lies too nicely or something is really wrong. Send our men there undercover to find out what is happening.

Zoya advises Mahi to hold a team meeting. No one knows me here and we have to work together. Mahi tells her to re-think if she will do it. Zoya nods. I did some research on internet. Plus you are also there. Mahi introduces her to the staff members. Zoya begins to share her ideas for tomorrow’s event when Aditya greets everyone interrupting her. I am your new Boss. He notices Zoya looking at him and covers it up saying I am also your new Boss. I want to know everyone so I want us all to go for a group lunch. Zoya speaks of tomorrow’s event but Aditya has made special arrangement for her. 3 fresh team members step forward. They are zero experience like you. She asks him how she can work with them. I need help. Aditya calls her demanding. He asks the staff members if they will go with the Boss who is paying them or with the Boss who is there only for the namesake. All the old staff stand next to Aditya. He even announces half day for them. Zoya points out that this is wrong. Aditya accepts it to be wrong. This is why I am doing it.

The new team members introduce themselves to Zoya. Zoya tells Mahi she wont be able to do it. Mahi goes to talk to Aditya.

Arjun calls his agent to postpone his flight. I will stay in Mussorie. He gets down at the Police Station. No one will honestly tell me what Dad is trying to hide. I will have to work my way around it.

Mahi stops Aditya for a minute. Aditya says Zoya sent you here to beg you to stop me to send everyone back inside. It wont happen. He turns to go but Mahi holds his hand. I know it wont happen and this makes me happier. Do you think I want Zoya to succeed?

Mahi tells Aditya that Zoya not just snatched Bhaiya from her and mom but everything else too. I just want the insurance money and the company to close down asap. Let her play with the company till then. The puppet will stop when the time will be up. You know what a big emotional fool Zoya is. I will take Yash Bhaiya’s name and make her put her everything in my name. I am telling you this as enemy’s enemy’s is friend. Do whatever you want to do to her. I just want her to be able to sign the papers. Aditya says hi to Zoya. Zoya is standing right behind Mahi. You sent her here to convince me when I couldn’t? I told her that Zoya’s love is really strong even if the new joinees are just interns. Her love is really strong. Zoya agrees. My love is really strong. You will see it very soon. One girl comes to tell Zoya that they are getting calls from the venues selected by the clients. Aditya walks out of the cabin. Zoya trips. He comes back to help her but she gets up on her own. He tells her to look down sometimes. Don’t know who will attack from where and when. Take care.

Zoya, Mahi and the new team have come to first venue. Zoya turns to Mahi but apologizes to her. I only handled administration work. Bhaiya used to take all the creative calls. She asks the team members if they have done such an event before. Akansha, Mithilesh and the new guy are clueless about it. Mahi advises Zoya to go to a nearby market. We will buy something too if we like anything. Zoya leaves with the team happily. Mahi thinks Aditya did his job. It is my turn to make Zoya’s day memorable.

The staff thanks Aditya for the lunch. Aditya again reminds them to go home. Zoya and the new team will manage everything.

Zoya and her team buys the stuff Zoya has been searching for. Zoya asks Mahi to search something but Mahi pretends that her phone’s battery is low. Akansha is hungry. She takes everyone to have strawberries and cream. Zoya gets lost in thoughts.

Aditya is also in the market. A strawberry vendor offers a strawberry to Aditya. He recalls Pooja trying to feed a strawberry to him. He reminds her of his allergy but she says it was in school. You can find some other boyfriend if you want. Flashback ends.

Zoya recalls Yash bringing strawberries home. She tells him to keep them away as she has allergy from them. He points out that he loves them in every way. I think I will find another wife who likes strawberry. Zoya chases him. Flashback ends.

Zoya takes a bowl of strawberry and cream. On the other hand, Aditya also buys a pack of strawberries. Zoya thinks Yash liked them very much but she dint try them even once with him. I will eat them today though. She takes a bite.

Yash drops the strawberries on the ground and stomps over them. The vendor complains to passer-bys.

Zoya is having difficulty eating them but does not stop. She cries as she eats them.

Aditya thinks of the past and continues to stomp over them.

Everyone looks at Zoya in confusion but she does not stop eating. Title track plays in the background as the scene keeps shifting between Aditya and Zoya.

Zoya coughs. Mithilesh ji gives her water but she does not take it. Mahi says Yash Bhaiya liked strawberries very much. She might be missing him which is why she is crying. We should leave her alone for some time. She will join us in a while. Mahi takes Zoya’s bag with her. Zoya continues to force the strawberries down her throat. Aditya pays the strawberry vendor.

Precap: Zoya is walking in a red light area. Some guy spot Zoya and offer to take her to Bandra. She shouts at them as they walk away and later tells Aditya that they were being nice to her. They were about to drop me home! Aditya pulls her towards himself and tells her pointedly that those guys thought her to be a pr*stitute!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sri16

    I want mahi’s real identity should exposed to zoya by adhitya. So our hero adhi going to save our darling zoya. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode ????? hi my sweet bepanah family members. Who’s thinking adhi going to dance with zoya in tomorrow function

    1. @sri16…. I m thinking the same ….dono dance kare

    2. Pinku

      I don’t think so sri

    3. Fenil

      yaa Sri i wished the same , may be he will expose her at correct time.

  2. Sri16

    Now adhi starts caring for zoya wow ?????????

    1. Fenil

      yaa care toh karni hi padegi !!

  3. Finally got time to.comment …I am.not getting why adi is so cold towards Zoya.even she is a him ..if he was cheated even Zoya was cheated
    ..he should.try to help.her realise the truth but he is instead troubling zoya..after seeing Zoya I can’t believe she is same Maya who.was ruthless ..amazing actress Jenny.

    1. Maanu13

      Exactly such a transformation….she is wonderful…..Jenny the rockstar??????

    2. Yeah… jenny ROCking actress!!!!!

      Looking beautiful there!!!

    3. Pinku

      Hi srilatha… No clue yaar… I tho think there is something fishy

      1. Shrilatha

        Hello dear

    4. Fenil

      yaa u r right Shri , happy to see u !!

  4. Lokesh

    Challenges on top gear, finally dumb Mahi tells her plan to aditya, now all her plans will be shattered by adi.

    1. @ loku bro….. hope so!!!!

    2. Pinku

      Hi lokesh wassup…. yea hope so

      1. Lokesh

        Everything fyn di , wat abt u.

    3. Fenil

      yaa hope so loko bro !!

  5. You write so brilliantly nd skilfully *thumbs up* ?? points out everything nd descriptions r way too good …keep it up

  6. Cathy

    Seems to me Adi has become selfish in his enmity towards Zoya and does not want to share this with Mahi, so begins a little change, unconscious protection, friendship, then love..can’t wait to see this develop.

    1. Well given his reaction to the thought that he has been sharing the love of his wife with another man, its only natural that he not want to share his hatred. just look at his relation to his father. Adi takes his feuds very serious indeed. However he will end up helping her unwillingly. what he really doesn’t realise is that the more trouble he causes for her, the stronger she will become.

      1. Cathy

        I hope that is true, i think Zoya will find her strength working, although she has been pampered all her life she truly was unaware how dependent she was on everyone and being harassed by Adi she’ll find her way and develop a backbone and hopefully the writers will gift her a tongue so she can let him have it eventually. lol

    2. @ cathy… correct ur point!!!

      1. Cathy

        Afra, there is change in the wind for sure.

    3. Lokesh

      Hmm, he want his revenge by his own, so he will protect Zoya, when so ever Mahi attacks her.

      1. Cathy

        I believe so.

  7. Cathy

    Oh and Pooja, excellent update, well written and descriptive.

  8. This is fabulous episode .just loved it. Adi caring for zoooyyyyaaaa……

  9. Good morning Bepannaah Family.
    Wow… same allergy!!
    Zoya’s first meeting with clients was nice. Adi saved our innocent Zoya… that scene was awesome!! I am eargly waiting for the next episode…. I think that’s the perfect timing for the dance with a lovely eyelock!! I am becoming crazy…
    And Mahi tells her plan to Adi… now it’s seems dono milkar kuch gadbad na kar de!!

    And cited goes to Diu

    1. Pinku

      Hi arfa yea nice review yaar… I am yet to c I will c n comment…. see u guys byeee

  10. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome Episode! Waiting for today’s episodes!

  11. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah Family !!
    AdiYa Rocks !!
    Bepannaah rocks?
    Tag Line : Tumhe Apne Andhe Pyaar Ki Kasam !!

    Zoya ne kuch socha, Uss Soch ko kamjor kiya Mahi ne,
    ADITYA mila clients ko,Zoya Ko Laga Aditya bhaga dega Clients ko,
    U Guys looks so nice together Best of luck,Deal Final,
    OMG #Supercool ,Aditya’s amusment ,ZoHi surprised,
    Panditji ne kaha subh muhrat hain ,I was like Subh Muhrat toh tab niklta hain jab AChha sa Wedding Planner milta hai, Oh God This Girl Bella is so talktaive Hastag #Cheesy Sab Ko Jaise VirUshka ki Itly Property pe shadi karni hain. Bella Kapoor Weds Rohan Chopra
    Bella: u guys look super cute together!!
    Oh my god so cute…
    Aditya: what did u say? We look cute together….
    Bella: yah like Hashtag #goals u guys r #adorable!!
    Adi: Humare Rishte ka Tadka Jaghda hi toh hain.
    Bella : Tadka Hastag #Naughty_Naughty
    Adi was controlling his laugh.
    Mahi : U guy r misunderstood ,they are not husband and wife.
    Bella :matlab aap dono ek dusare ko Date kar rahe ho….(Adi was laughing insidee and Zoya was shocked) Abhi bhi woh wala phase hain Awwww that’s so cute .
    Adi To Zoya : kash Tumhara cheater hubby yaha hota aur yeh sab sun pata,mein uski shakal dekh pata.
    Bella : U know mujhe Mehndi me princess ki tarah ready hona hain OMG Hastag #So_excited
    Aditya’s Thums Up Boom for Zoya !!
    HasTag Queen Maja aa gaya she is cute girl.
    Wasko-di-gama ki Aulad lolz Noor , Finally Arjun VS Wassim Puri daal kali hain yaaro Dhamki to Arjun Hooda !!
    Tashan between AdiYa always cretes magic. Sakshi’s scene was emotional . Police is very interesting in Aditya’s life and taking wrong impression of Aditya Hooda !! Pata Toh Chale Aakhir YEH MAJARA KYA HAIn !! Aditya Hooda Aapka Naya Boss i mean Mein Bhi Naya Boss Hun , fresh interns lag hi nahi rahe ki fresh hain ,
    Boss VS BOSS-Superb move Adi !! Mahi again nailed her role as vamp and Adi ki nazare kuch paka rahi hain.Hii Zoya Mahi ko dara hi diya Adi ne.
    Hey Bhagwan Mithileshji 60VS 16 Akansha Bhookh lagti hain toh kam idea aate hain…lolz kya Packets hain.
    Strawberries moments between Zoya and Aditya so painful !!

    1. Shrilatha

      Bhai .. from we meet again…kaise ho…well exams ke wajah se i couldn’t comment from first day..nice meet u again..i.miseed u..

      1. Fenil

        i missed u too.
        i am fine.
        how r u ?

    2. Aqsa.M

      Nice review???
      Sub kuch kitna acha explain kiya…wow???
      Adi ne saare employers ko aapne side kar liya aur bechari zoya k pass sirf teen log aur won bhi…
      Adi pehla hi koi boss hoga jo apni company ka loss chahta hai???

      1. Fenil

        yaa He is first who wants company’s loss !!
        Thank you !!

    3. P_lata

      Nice review Fenu…. Specially that Hashtag # Bella Kapoor vs Rohan Chopra … Ha ha ha

      1. Fenil

        Thank you Prem Ji !~!

    4. @ bhiyaa……..
      Your reviewing was amazing!!!!! Everything is there… when was zoya meeting with clients first time and her fears….. what say pandit about you are remembered and same thing write…Boss vs BOSS this line always remind you!!!! One more thing,you say about Mshi….she is perfectly handle her vamp charterer…….
      60 vs 60………

      1. Fenil

        Thank you Aarfa !!
        Good to know u like my comment !!

  12. Aqsa.M

    Hello Bepanaah family!!
    The episode was great ???
    Poor Zoya how will she manage all the things by herself…
    Good to see that Arjun has set out to find the truth behind the accident and it seems like Arjun has a doubt on Mr. Siddiqui when he said to stay alert as one can lost his life in order to find the truth and that’s why he stayed back. In a promo in which Arjun has found the diary ….
    I really loved the end it was very emotional ??so both Adi and Zoya is allergic to strawberries …
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode I think Adi will drop her home .

    1. Fenil

      Yaa Aqsa , Arjun will find out what Wassim and Harsh are trying to hide !!

    2. Pinku

      Hi aqsa

  13. Aqsa.M

    The new promo…
    The promo …

    1. Fenil

      Thanks for the link !!

    2. Pinku

      Amazing promo noe day by day it’s becoming more interesting hai na aqsa thank u yaar for the link

  14. Fenil
    New Promo Link !!
    Zoya was standing at terrace and determines to know about Yash & Pooja’s accident, Person (I think Manager) informes Zoya that Yash and Pooja knows each other since One Year, Hawaldaar Patil informes Senior Inspector about Pooja Hooda’s investment in ZoSh Events Yash’s company and Yash and Aditya had met somewhere before ,Arjun was seen holding Pooja’s diary and thinks hope Diary reveals about Pooja’s heart talks, Aditya pushes Zoya from Terrace and holds her before she could fall, Aditya : Itna Bura Nahi Ki Jaan Le Lu, Itna Achha bhi nahi Ki Jaan Baksh Du and he pulled her and Zoya fell on his chest.

  15. Riana

    Once if zoya turns maya then………. ????

    1. Pinku

      Yea I am waiting for that riana I have my own doubts about that u know

  16. Thunder

    Hello bepannah family! The latest promo is out!
    Adhitya is trying to get revenge but it won’t change the man he is..he is good man by heart which will never change…this was proved when he saved Zoya eventhough he said he hates her??

    1. Fenil

      yaa u r true !!

  17. P_lata

    Loved conversations between Bella, Rohan, Adi and Zoya…….great……
    This Adi is giving tough times to Zoya…. Poor Zoya and her poor fresh team…
    Ha ha ha Mahi..She think u r smart…no way girl…..but she is acting good as a vamp
    Arjun between the scenes is good……man at work of digging secrets…carry on
    Strawberries….Pooja Adi….Zoya Yash……Allergy and memories….painful thrust either of Zoya or Aditya!!!!!
    One side is Bepannaah love …..and second side is Bepannah hatred ….and the Bepannaah song…the trio is rocking …..

    1. Pinku

      Hi latha yes adotya is nice hope he will not hide that diary and support his dad

    2. Fenil

      super comments dear !!

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