Bepannaah 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya decides to seek his revenge from Zoya

Bepannaah 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya picks a stone, breaks in the window of Zosh and gets inside. He looks around.t his is where you spent my 5 crores? I must get it back.

Wasim looks at the papers. Noor is going out for some party wearing jeans and short top. She is talking to someone when Wasim asks her where she is off to. He looks at her from top to toe. She ends the call. She tells her father there is a house party at her friend’s place. He asks about her dress. She calls it fashion. I wont go in party wearing salwar-kameez. He points at the odd time. She reminds him that he only said no one should take Yash or Zoya’s name in the house. What are you hinting at then? She turns to go but Wasim does not allow her. He ends up shouting at her, asking her questions and ends up addressing her as Zoya. Noor emotionally reminds

him she is Noor. Wasim looks away. Let’s have dinner together. Noor’s mother knows Noor was acting. Was this the only way to bring him here? Noor nods. They share an emotional hug.

Harsh returns home and finds Arjun waiting for him. You closed the case? Harsh nods. Why keep such cases pending for Harshwardhan’s son? Arjun points out that he is talking about Pooja’s case. I heard you talking to someone about closing the case. Harsh asks him if he is spying on his father. Forget what you heard and don’t tell anyone about this. Arjun asks him again. Harsh replies that he is about to become chief justice. Such scandals aren’t good for my image. Arjun is upset that he is still thinking only about himself. Harsh reasons that he spent 30 years to reach here. You will understand it the day you will have toiled so much in your life. Arjun refuses to understand anything anymore. Harsh walks away thinking it is better if he wont understand. I don’t want anyone else to know what happened that night. Arjun too wonders what his father is trying to hide. I listen to you every time but not today. I will surely find out what happened with Pooja Bhabhi that day.

Aditya walks inside Yash’s cabin.

Zoya is talking to Noor. Noor is afraid that father can overhear. Zoya says he has a right to be upset. I hurt him twice. First, I married Yash against his wish and then I refused to come back to Mussorie with him. I decided to handle Yash’s company in the end. Tell me honestly if you are taking care of him. Noor assures her she is making up for both of them. I will trouble him so much that he will not need to go to gym at all. Zoya laughs. Noor is happy to hear her laughter. I was so waiting to hear it. Yash Jiju also wanted to see you like that always.

Aditya looks at Yash’s portrait hung on the wall. The signatures are of P.H. Initials.

Pooja is making Aditya’s portrait. He is tired of sitting in one place and gets up. He looks at her portrait and appreciates it. You will become a very famous painter one day. She jokes that she will get good models then. He asks her if she wants that. She denies. I don’t make painting for the world. I only make it for you. She adds her initials under it.

Aditya drops his phone in shock.

Noor encourages Zoya to do what she has decided to. You are doing it for yourself too. They end the call. Zoya holds Yash’s photo.

Aditya is in tears. This was only mine, right? You gave him my money, my moments, my memories, everything! This is where you painted him right? I will destroy the Taj Mahal of cheating right away. He breaks the photo.

Zoya agrees to piece all the pieces together. I hope I am able to convince everyone tomorrow and we are able to bring the company at the right place soon. She recalls Yash telling her once that this company is like his baby and is close to him just like she is. I know what this company means to you. I will make sure it reaches the heights it deserves!

Aditya looks at Zoya’s photo. You are so innocent. This place has mementos of my wife in every corner yet you are overlooking it. No problem, there will be punishment now that the mistake has been committed! You will be punished for your blind trust and blind love!

Next morning, Zoya gets up hurriedly. She thinks of her father’s advice and picks at Yash’s photo. What was about to go wrong has already happened. Now I have your memories. Whatever happens now will be good only!

Aditya is exercising. His thoughts keep going back to what he had found yesterday. My darling wife Pooja and her darling boyfriend Yash, his darling wife Zoya, you guys have messed up as much as you wanted to. It is time to clean up the mess!

Zoya greets Yash’s mother. It is my first day in Ysh’s office. I need your blessings. She touches her feet but Yash’s mother walks away. I have told you not to call my Mummy ji many times. Don’t act to be a nice DIL. Mahi also reminds her to talk nicely to Bhabhi. She tells Zoya not to take it to her heart and gives sweetened curd to Zoya. She offers car keys to Zoya to drive but Zoya does not know how to drive. Mahi agrees to drive and goes out. Zoya tells Yash’s mother she is sure she will bless her one day if not today. This is my promise to myself too. Yash’s mother asks her if she dint make it too late. You could have tried all this earlier also. You never tried to talk to me after your marriage. You dint realise we were one family? Zoya stops her. I wanted to talk to you, explain to you how much I love Yash but you dint even want to hear my voice then. Time has changed now. We are a family and will stay like that only. I cannot disappoint my Yash anymore. I did come late but I have come finally! Mahi finds it too melodramatic and boring. I get so tired! She takes Zoya with her.

Sakshi asks Mrs. Huda if Arjun is going somewhere. Arjun’s mother is clueless about it. Both the sons do whatever they like nowadays. Aditya greets them. They are surprised to see him all dressed up. Aditya seeks Sakshi’s blessing. It is a very important day for me today. Sakshi takes Pooja’s name by mistake. Aditya tells her she can take her name now. I don’t have a problem with it anymore. He turns to go when Sakshi asks him what important work he is referring to. Aditya replies that he has decided to not punish himself or anyone after today. She is anyways no more so what the point is. I will direct it to my motivation. We must find our destinations as per the changes brought in life. I have found it now. He leaves.

Mahi drops Zoya outside and goes to park the car. She gets on the lift hesitantly. It is about to close when Aditya keeps his hand between the doors. Zoya is taken aback to see him.

Precap: Zoya requests everyone to give her a chance. no one will lose their money. Aditya supports Zoya before everyone. He introduces himself as the co-owner of the company. When in private, he tells Zoya he is exaggerating the truth by calling himself the co-owner. In reality, I am the owner and I will not be at peace till I destroy you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Pinku

    Did not c the serial just read the update…. interesting na…. riana I saw your name suggestion they t nice I liked bprockies… let’s c what others say… papia finally I read your msg so happy to have you at last ee made it 126…

    1. Medha

      Congo for the first comment Darling!!
      But I like Bepanians name…. ?

      1. Pinku

        Yea yes I just realised hehhe yea Bosnians is also good but it’s just like rabbavians so thought we should have some other name

    2. Fenil

      Congo for first comments !!
      Bepannah Rocks !!

    3. Lokesh

      Hey I also love bp rockies.

      1. Loku bro … always short word dhoonte ho

    4. P_lata

      Hey Pinku BPRockies……I too agree for the same…. Congrats for the first comment too

  2. Pinku

    Hi medha aqsa fenil latha sangita anee anjali sri Riya uf3355 n all others… iss family ko Kya naam dun….

    1. Hi pinku are you big fan of ishqbaaz?

      1. Pinku

        Hi sri 16 yes I am a die hard fan of ishqbaaz

    2. Pinku mujhe kuch names nahi mil raha so baaki members jo names bolenga uss main best name dengi iss family ko?

    3. Riana

      @Pinks… I had suggested some names in the previous episode…#Bepanahrocstas #Bepanians #BProckies ???

      1. P_lata

        Riana… Ur suggestions are fabulous yaar…

    4. Fenil

      Bepannah Rocks !!

  3. Aree yaar still have to wait for lift scene ???????? .pls telecast on Saturdays also. weekend days without bepenah are like hell to me now ?????????. I feel today episode is little bit slow.

    1. Medha

      you become so attached to the show, This is just second weekend and you are feeling this… so lovely!! ?

    2. Fenil

      same here can’t wait for monday yaar !!

    3. Aqsa.M

      My exams are coming and I am so worried that how will I study at the time of Bellman’s telecast time because my sister watches it too..

      1. Aqsa.M


    4. P_lata

      Me too waiting for lift scenes…. These clashes are awesome…

    5. Sri 16…. Itna crazy… Sunday bi chaiye….

  4. Loving the acting of harshard ???????????????

  5. Lokesh

    Thanx Pooja for such a nice written update and quick too, ur update have all the emotions, which I can imagine. Now to epi, so mr. Hooda knows smthng, Noor is a gud girl, trying to balance all things, same precap on both Friday’s, that is bad, and agree to Sri , this show should be Monday to Sunday, wat will do for next 2 days.

    1. Fenil

      Hello Bro, yaa Noor will handle @!!

  6. Thunder

    Hello bepannah family!?
    I am new here and I am a fan of Harshad’s tere liye and Maya?
    I am feeling sad since Adhitya wants revenge from Zoya..I mean she didn’t do anything right? But I am excited since they will be meeting more and come closer ???
    Waiting for Monday ?

    1. Medha

      Hello Thunder
      Welcome to Bepannaah Family…
      These meetings will bring them together!! ?

    2. Dear thunder
      Welcome to our bepannaah family ??????
      Keep watch bepannaah on TV keep comment

    3. Fenil

      Welcome to Bepannah Family !!
      Revenge motive will clear many hidden secrets !!

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      Welcome to Bepanaah family??
      The revenge scenes are always thrilling to watch..

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      1. Thunder

        Thank you to all dear family! It’s great to share the fun of watching aap sab ke Saath! Latest promo was thrilling?!! Have fun ????

  7. I was wondering if pooja were to have an affair with yash why would she mention her sign as P.H. Pooja Hooda with her husband’s last name just think that over. wouldn’t that be irritating to yash or for khud herself

    1. Fenil

      Agree with your point but it’s painter’s habit to put initial…. and i don’t think they had affair !!

  8. Medha

    Hello Hii my dear Bepannaah Family……
    Wow wow wow…..
    Episode was too good….
    Oh ho.. Ye Banda kitne glass todega ?
    Aditya was looking so dashing yesterday when he was exercising… meri “Bholi Dii” to lattu ho gyi un par!! ?
    Mahi’s acting was superb as usual.. she said right one day Yash’s mother will definitely bless Zoya…. loved her when she stated that… ?
    I am pretty sure Arjun will definitely find the conspiracy about Pooja’s death… He is daam so caring!!
    Poor Anjana… isko to kuch pta hi nhi rhta apne beto k bare mein….?
    And the perfect plan Mr Siddiqui ko room se bahar nikalne ka… Banda jab se aaya hain Mumbai se wapis same costume mein hi dikh rha hain.. looks like he even not took bath!! Chhi… ???
    & Noor was looking little weird in that lipstick… ?

    1. Your comment is???
      Noor ka look mujhe bhi weird laga

    2. Fenil

      Superb Comment Medha !!
      U rocked it !!

    3. Aayushi_kul

      Heyy medha…Aditya pr to m bhi lattu hu?banda itna dashing jo h

      1. Medha

        O teri Aayu!!

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      Nice comments Medhu…. Lipstick ki kasam Raizada jee… Noor to smart wali sunder lag rahi thi

  9. Diu……last line…ha ha ha ha ha

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      1. Hwww Arfa
        Bhiyaa bolo

  10. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah Family !!

    Tag Line : “Toh Yeh Hain Woh Doobta Hua Jahaj Jahan Mere 5 Crores Dubaye Hain Tumne, Wasool toh karna padega”

    Daku Aditya Hooda ne entry maari badi dhamakedaar with Hoodie hihihi ” “Toh Yeh Hain Woh Doobta Hua Jahaj Jahan Mere 5 Crores Dubaye Hain Tumne, Wasool toh karna padega” superb dialogue Adi !! Mr.Sidaqii is really big mystery -“Kya Hum Pooch Sakte Hain Mohtarma jaa kaha rahi hain” finally Protective Father came out from Study -dramebaaz Noor -“Koi Ahemiiyat hain ya nahi aapke dil me hamare liya ZOYA ” He blurt out with emotions , choti si khushi toh mili Noor tries to handle family !! “I am talking about Pooja Bhabhi’s case” Arjun VS harshvardhan Hooda !! Sister’s conversation was emotional their bonding superb !! That Hoodie man in ZoSh Events Office making atmosphere so hot , Painting memories of Pooja and Adi was so beautiful He is lil cute baby bachha awww in Red White Combo back to present he is shocked to realised Pooja made painting for yash also he destroyed each pictures and painting of Yash and takes vow to to take revenge on Zoya !!

    1. Very nice comment ???

      1. Fenil

        Thanks !!

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Hey fenil bhai..pura epi bade sahi se explain kia h…nyc comment??

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        yahi toh humara kaam hain Aayu !!
        Thank you so much !!
        AdiYa Love !!

    3. Medha

      Waah Bhaiya…..
      Saandar Damdar and Jabrdast review….
      Loved your review to the core… ?

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        Thank you so much Medha !!
        AdiYa Love !!

    4. Comments ka Last line r last name Zoya… that’s means Jenny

      1. Fenil

        Yaa Aarfa !!
        Jennifer Love !!
        AdiYa Love !!

  11. Fenil

    Zoya’s morning brings some fears and some confident !! Hotness ki dukkan Aditya Hooda ne thaan liya hain aaj toh Female Viewers ko khush kar dun lolz “Meri Darling Wife Pooja uska Darling Boyfriend Yash Uski Darling Wife Zoya …” superb Boss !! Mahi is very cute Vamp ….Zoya and Mrs.Arora’s saas bahu ka aur ek episode superb tha nahi Mahi ji !! Maa In Law Awww so sweet Both Mothers surprised to see Aditya …”Uspe Gussa kar ke kya woh bechari toh hain bhi nahi hidden pain in Sakshi and Adi’s eyes Oh God and lil happiness in Anjana’s eyes good to see. Zoya is so scared of ppls yaar how she will handle Adi, Adi ko dekh ke hi uske undar ek alag sa dar baith jata hain !!

    Precap- cool !!

    1. Jab aditya lift door ko open karke zoya ko dekha.sach main zoya ki saath main thoda darr gayi?.zoya darr gayi hai sure nahi.but aditya ka wo hot angry stare se main thodi darr gayi ??

      1. Ha ha ha ha ha
        Even mein bi
        But looking beautiful

      2. Fenil

        Ohh UF u also scared !!
        AdiYa Love !!

    2. Where are u seeing the precap please tell me,,?

    3. P_lata

      Yeah Fenu….. Meri darling wife Pooja, uska darling boy friend Yash aur uski darling wife Zoya ne milkar jo raita failaya hai… Uski safai ab mai karunga….. Aditya is master blaster yaar…. Hats off to the dialogue writter too

      1. Fenil

        Yaa Prem Lataji….Aditya Rocks as always !!
        AdiYa Love !!

  12. Aqsa.M

    Good Afternoon Bepanaah Family!
    I know I am late bcos I am busy these days preparing for exams …
    Coming to the episode ,well there were no Adiza scene but the episode was good as usual.
    So Adiza will be working together and I love the office scenes a lot.
    Adi’s father is very suspicious and as he said that “Uss raat ka raaz kisi ko nahi pata chalna chahiye ” looks like he know something about that accident.
    Adi and Pooja’s scene was very cute….

    1. Fenil

      Good Noon !!
      Good to know ur view !!
      Dear it’s AdiYa not Adiza(Aditi and Zain from Naamkaran are AdiZa)

      1. Thanks Fenil for the correction …..

  13. Aayushi_kul

    Hellloooo bepannah family….i guess many of u know me ryttt…this is aayushi….nd m loving this show a lot lyk u all…my two favourites harshad nd jenny in one show??? this is jst 2nd week nd abhi se ye haal h k monday tk ka wait nhi ho rha???

    1. Hi aayushi
      Welcome to our family ??????
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  14. I like Bepanians and bepannaah rocks.i think bepannaah show and hum bepannaah lovers ke liye bepannaah rocks name perfect hai

    1.bepannaah rocks?
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    3.bepannaah rocks?
    Bepannaah rocks name ki saath emoji is my idea.aap logo ko pasand aa raha hai tho in main se ek select kar sakthe hai.emoji add karna hai ya nahi it’s all your choice ?

    1. Pinku

      Hi sri 16 yes I am a die hard fan of ishqbaazi

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      I love all 3 names uf3355

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      3rd one will be best !!

  15. Guys where are u watching precap I can only watch episodes but bepanah is rocking waiting for lift scene

    1. Fenil

      Are You watching on Voot ?
      precap is with dialogue !!

  16. Please say where are watching precap ???

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      We are watching on TV , On Voot App there is no precap !! U will find it on Youtube also !!

      1. No I cannot find it in YouTubeno I cannot find it in YouTube

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      U must be watching on voot, no precap thr, u can watch it only on TV.

  17. Arrr woha bhiyaa
    Comments ka barshat aur beautiful line….
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      Cutu….inn dialogue ne fansa liya hai yaar…inse bahar niklu tab to aur kuch dekhoon…….

      1. Ha ha ha ha…..
        Aur bhi kuch dekha rhi but aap dekhna nhi chahte …… only dialogue dekha chahte Hain………

  21. Diu…… lipstick ki kasam!!! Kuch yaad Hain…kon bolta tha…
    Aapka reply flashback ke taara hui Hain…..

    1. Medha

      “Lipstick ki kasam” Jijji….
      One of my fav dialouge of IPKKND3….. ?
      Getting flashback of Kajal Mausi ?

      1. Haha power full dimaag aapka???

        Kaise bhul sakati Hain

      2. Pinku

        This just got such a big smile on my face that I cut express u medha n arfa u both rock go on.. love u both

      3. P_lata

        Powerful nahi Its ASR full dimaag…. Aakhir…Advay ka diya hua dimaag hai…khali kaise ho sakta hai…..Saare serial ke handsome character hain iss Medhudi ke useless khopadi me….

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      Kajal Mausi Rocked with this dialogue !!

  22. Riana….ROCking naam diya ….loved it….

  23. Welcome BEPannah Family !!!!!
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  24. Esther

    At first I thought that Pooja and Yash were trapped … but it looks like there were some secret between the two … maybe Pooja’s diary contains all the answers …

    1. Esther…. itna na soch nhi toh baal shafed ho jaaegyi…( Don’t mind yr kidding just)

      1. Esther

        @Arfa hehe … I knw … can’t stop guessing

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