Bepannaah 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya decides to auction Zoya’s house

Bepannaah 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya was hurt, he wipes his tears but forces a smile on his face. He asks Zoya if they really deserve a happy ending after their death. He is sorry but he can’t justify someone’s illegitimate relation. He is tired of being stabbed at the back whenever he tries to move on. He will play his cards now, and nothing will be left after he has played his.
Harsh slaps Arjun on face. Anjana questions what happened to him, why he is taking revenge from his own family. Aditya says they must have burnt the diary. Harsh says the diary had nothing that can be used as proof. Arjun says Harsh read the diary stealing it from him. Harsh questions if he got it as a gift from Pooja. Harsh was harsh and says he doesn’t need to explain anything to him. Arjun says their priorities doesn’t match his at all. He

can’t stay in the house and compromise with them anymore. Anjana was upset as she watch Arjun head to his room and leave with the suitcase. Arjun confronts Harsh that anyone who go against the will of Harsh has to leave the house, first Sakshi had to leave. Pooja found a support outside the house; he will also find his path. Aditya asks Arjun why he is doing so. Arjun says if Aditya thinks calmly for a while, not blind folded by Harsh then he would also accept he is right. Aditya convinces Arjun as how they would live without him? Arjun says he would never be able to live as per his wish being in the house. He leaves. Aditya tells Harsh they couldn’t stop Arjun but they must stop Zoya.
In the hospital, Madhu ji asks Zoya why she is going behind the case. Zoya says she wants to get herself freed from the burden of this relation after she has cleared Yash’s name. Zoya gets a call and leaves. Madhu ji holds Mahi’s hand and forbids her harm Zoya anymore. Mahi says she has no interests with Zoya anymore. Madhu ji asks why she was staring at Zoya then. Mahi says she was only thinking Zoya isn’t as weak as she seems, she hasn’t broken after all what happened.
Zoya comes to meet Sakshi and Arjun. She assures Sakshi that nothing was her mistake, and she has no complains with Sakshi. She notices the bags and asks if Sakshi is going somewhere? Arjun tells Zoya he left the house after Harsh knew about the diary and dared him leave the house. He takes Zoya’s attention to Sakshi, they wanted to ask Sakshi what happened between Pooja and Yash. He says some of the leafs from diary are missing, it seems Pooja was about to return to Aditya then what happened that she went to meet Yash. Zoya gets a call before any answers, she hurries.
A team for bank was noting the worth of the house, Noor resisted and insisted on them to wait until her parents return. Zoya and Arjun come home, Aditya speaks from a couch that he has finally taken the decision to sale this house. Zoya questions why Aditya is doing this. Aditya says when Zoya is inconsiderate about him, why should he care about her problems. He spots a photo of Yash and Zoya in a frame and asks Zoya what’s the cost of someone’s cheating for her? He was about to break the frame, Zoya resists but he pushes her backward. Waseem holds Zoya and warns Aditya to ever consider him weak, he dare not misbehave with Zoya again. Harsh comes downstairs and forbids Waseem to consider them weak as well. Aditya has always saved Zoya and can’t think about hurting her, how he thought Aditya can hurt Zoya? Waseem says he always thought when their true faces would get revealed, it’s good to know them sooner. He questions if they would snatch the roof from females residing in this house. Hooda’s must be rich by money, but aren’t rich at heart and ethics. He was ready to give them 5 crores for the house, Hooda’s must buy ethics through the money they get, it will help them in life ahead. Zoya looked upset. Waseem brings a cheque for Hooda family and says its 5 crores and 50 lacs, interest included and hands it to Aditya. He tells them to leave this place now. Harsh holds Aditya hand and turn to leave. Aditya stops to look at Zoya for a while.

PRECAP: A doctor asks Zoya who is in photo with her. Zoya says its her husband. The doctor wonders who was with Pooja that day then. Zoya comes to hospital and requests the doctor to tell her what was link of Pooja and Yash. The doctor says Pooja was expecting and Yash was the father to her child.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think both fathers conspired to kill Poosh to save their own kids… remember Warren had an accident the night before and Harsh is doing all he can to hide evidences… it was not an accident but a murder…

  2. i think pooja is preagnent with adi ‘s baby that’s why she did not sign those papers.And maybe she wouldn’t have told yash about it also.

    1. Yes Pooja was indeed pregnant with Adi’s baby but due to some complications she was unable to abort it. So yash was ready to accept her with Adi’s baby n give his name to the kid…She was in a dilemma over her pregnancy n hence didn’t sign the divorce papers…Check out the spoiler link i posted yesterday..

      1. This is just so sad… Pooja if after being pregnant also wanted to go back to yash… And she was about to abort it also.. Without even asking adi or telling him… Its his right to Atleast know that she was pregnant… It was his child as well… I can’t believe she thought of aborting adi’s child without even consulting him…and why should yash give him his name…it was adi’s child… He could have given his name to his child.

      2. Ooshi

        Totally agreed Hardika

  3. Yes actually both Adi and Zoya were unfortunate… Pooja was going to abort his baby without even telling him..n yash on the other hand was ready to give his name to Adi’s kid but was least bothered about Zoya…Actually pooja being pregnant with yash’s child was a better twist than pooja carrying Aditya’s child…The latter is a very unfortunate situation than the former..n frankly speaking I only want zoya to bear Aditya’s kids so when I read that pooja was pregnant with Adi’s child it didn’t go down well with me…?

    1. Ooshi

      But this is better than pooja being pregnant with yash child as in that case all limits had been crossed and that’s not good(ethically) as here’s much is already bad(ethically)

  4. Ooshi

    Friends I have a question if someone watches/checks it plz reply if don’t have answer even in that case reply that u have no answer of it
    This question is making me restless so asking
    What is the difference between being in relationship/affair and marriage if u can break the relationship/affair and marriage whenever and because of whatever the reason u want
    If being a wife a women can have affair then isn’t it better to have more than one affair at same time as in that case neither u committed nor ur partner have the right to have believe on the affair
    What is marriage/commitment/value of promises if it’s reality is the one in the story of this serial

    1. Well in the concept of open marriage both husband and wife allow their each other to have polyamary ( with preventives of course).The biggest shock is that even in India people are practising it.Few days back there was a news of how in some parties they even play the game of spouse swapping.So they are doing it by their own choice so I cannot say if it is right or wrong but in these cases they are definitely not cheating each other because both of them are aware of each other’s state.
      Again if your spouse is torturing you mentally,emotionally and most importantly physically ,then such a person does not deserve your explanation ,justification ,he deserves to be kicked out of your life.But if you know that your spouse is a good person and most importantly loves you,then if you cheat it’s wrong.If you cannot love them back then at least they deserve your honesty in return of their love.In case of marriage when a commitment is attached ,then both the partners should know that it is not working.It is their right.By hiding your problem from your spouse and getting involved in EMA you are depriving your spouse from their right.So betrayal is the worst form of pain you can induce on anyone.

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