Bepannaah 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya finds out Aditya’s plan

Bepannaah 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya and Arjun try Sakshi’s number. Arjun asks him if he is upset by the flight test. Aditya denies. It was my past and I am over it. Arjun says you are saying as if you wont fly again. Sakshi picks Aditya’s call this time. Aditya wipes his tears. Sakshi tells them she is missing both of them. Aditya says you are lying. You would have been here otherwise. They ask her if she got her tickets for Ma Pa’s anniversary. I will book it if you haven’t. Sakshi looks at Anjana who is holding a gun in her direction. She lies that she cannot come. Aditya asks her to show her hand. Are you hurt? Anjana glares at Sakshi. Sakshi covers it up saying that she has to do everything on her own in US. Had a small accident with Lawnmower. Don’t worry. Aditya knows she is upset with Ma. Forget everything and

come for my sake atleast. We are missing you very much. Arjun promises her they wont ask her to stay if she isn’t willing to. Come once atleast. Lightning strikes. Anjana shuts the screen just then. Arjun closes the windows. Aditya is upset that he cannot connect with her again.

Anjana mimics Sakshi as she bandages her wound. Sakshi tells her that God is watching everything. You will be punished for whatever you are doing. Anjana taunts her that right now God is punishing her. We will miss you very much in the party Ma-in-law!

Noor keeps following Zoya while she is busy instructing the team on preps. Noor requests her Appi to let her do internship here. Zoya knows she just wants to chit chat with everyone. I know you are very interested in Huda’s event. Noor denies. Abbu already caught me talking to Arjun. I will work hard. Zoya keeps 2 conditions. One, she wont give her a chance to complain. You will have to work hard. Noor agrees. Zoya keeps the second condition. Tell Ammi and seek her permission. Noor looks confused. First I have to pacify Appi and then Ammi.

Noor comes to Huda House. Arjun smiles seeing her. Other team mates come in just then. Noor tells him that she has joined Zosh events as well. Aditya asks for Zoya. Noor says she is paying the bills. He goes aside to attend a call. Zoya is all drenched and sneezes. Aditya turns and looks at her. She is shivering and her hair is wet. Title track plays in the background. She sneezes again and breaks his reverie. He asks her where her umbrella is. You are completely drenched. She sings Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi si. He smiles. Seems like you have cold and fever at once. He suggests going inside and changing clothes. She suggests going out for a movie on 28th. He says it is too far but she does not give up. He nods his head reluctantly.

Anjana notices water on the floor. She comes near a room. Zoya tells Aditya to let it be. Your Mom wont like it. He tells her to let it be. We will see. She asks Aditya what’s happening. Are you both in shower again? Zoya denies. I got drenched in rain. Aditya asks his mother to give her saree to Zoya. She is completely drenched. Anjana is hesitant. Zoya points at the blood in her fingers. Anjana calls it vermilion. I was doing tika. She gives a saree to Zoya. It is pure satin and would suit you. Zoya is hesitant. It looks new. Anjana tells her it is ok. You seem to like it. Zoya takes it confused. Aditya thanks her. Anjana tells Zoya to keep it as a gift. She leaves from the room.

Anjana thinks she had to lose such a precious saree to hide the truth about the blood. She comes downstairs and hears Arjun and Zosh’s team speaking of getting more pics from the storage cupboard. She stops them. Use the photos that you have already. Noor calls her Shashikala’s aunty. She should have been called Khadus instead. Arjun reminds her she is his mother. She repeats her words though. He says she is rude but has a good heart. She says your would-be wife is good and has a good heart too. Now take me to the storeroom. She pulls at his hand.

Wasim comes home drenched. He calls out to Zoya but gets to know that she has gone to Huda House. He asks about Noor. His wife tells him that she is also there. He wonders what to do about both of them.

Arjun points at the lock on storeroom. She opens it using her hairpin and they both enter inside. They begin to look for the photos when Noor finds Sakshi’s note on the floor. She insists upon reading it but the lights go off. He takes her out with him. She carries the paper with her.

Zoya is getting ready when Aditya comes in. He says sorry but she tells him she is ready. How do I look? He is taken aback by surprise to see her wearing a saree. You look really nice. You should wear saree often. You look really nice. She teases him saying that Aditya Huda is praising someone. How did it happen? They both smile. She agrees to wear it on 28th. She gets her Abbu’s call. Wasim asks her if she is fine. we have been trying your number. She assures him they are fine. We are at Huda House. He asks her to come home asap. The situation isn’t right. Warning has been declared by Weather Department. She agrees to come right away. Aditya asks her if everything is fine. She tells him about the alert. I will drop everyone on my way home.

Zoya asks the staff members to go home. I will take another taxi. Akansha asks about Noor. Zoya says I sent her to a vendor. I am worried though. Arjun goes to check on her. I will drop her home then. She agrees. Everyone leaves. Aditya offers to drop Zoya home. She agrees to book a taxi. Her phone’s battery is dead so she takes Aditya’s phone. Her taxi is booked. She recalls that she told Noor she will tell what she thinks about Aditya. I will tell him now. She picks an incoming call thinking it would be the driver but it’s Aditya’s agent. He does not wait to hear anything from the other end and tells that he has booked Aditya’s one way direct ticket for Paris like he wanted. You have a 10 year long Visa. There is nothing to worry.

Precap: Zoya confronts Aditya. I made an only friend in life – you. You dint think even once what I will go through when you wont be here! He tells her it isn’t easy for him to go away from her. She refuses to believe it. He asks her to leave in that case. Zoya is stuck in the cab in the rain. She says goodbye to Aditya mentally. Aditya is looking for her everywhere and shouts her name.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    Not able to watch the episode today ????

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    Not able to watch the episode today ????
    This is my last week in India and won’t be able to watch the show again after I left… I will miss this show terribly… AdiYa rocks forever ???

    1. Download the voot app and you won’t be missing a single second on bepannah…..

    2. But you can watch this show in voot are in youtube also

    3. Dawn


    4. I watch every day and I stay somalia

  3. What ????Now we will have to wait for Monday?But how??The confrontation is going to be emotional,intense and heartbreaking.But at least they will understand what they mean to each other.Hopefully Adi will be the first person who will find Zoya and save him.
    But my question is still there,how can I wait for almost three days?

  4. you can watch it in the voot’s official site –

  5. Omggg I hope adi find her not arshad. I just scared maybe arshad will gv his entry by save zoya .I don’t want . I want adi to save zoya. And hope after this adi will forget about return back n hope noor soon see the paper n then inform zoya.

  6. You can see it on voot [email protected] many

  7. And now its Zoya’s turn to hold Adi and not to let him go..Adi made Zoya to stay at Mumbai after her suicide attempt..And now Zoya has to make Adi stay..
    Interesting thing is that they are totally in need of each other..loved Arnoor conversation about Anjana..hahaha..Noor is defenitely Tit-for-tat??
    Anjana is a psycho for sure..she is going to face her children against her one day !
    Adiii will save Zoya?
    Waiting for monday..

  8. Neha1

    Anjana is becoming dangerous day by day….She put Sakshi at gunpoint…!
    Noor to joined Zosh, but specially for Arjun.??? Anyways, but finally Zoya gets to know Adi’s planof leaving Mumbai once again… Waiting 4 Monday episode..

  9. Did adi know about Arnoor?? Eagerly waiting for his reaction!!!

  10. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I want to see zoya and Aditya love-story! Not interested in Arshad entry.

  11. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Arjun and Noor are really cute. But what happened when both families get to know about zoya-Aditya and Arjun-Noor. Wasim and Anjana definetaly get a heart-Attack.

  12. Hahaha haha haha…… I’m loving thiz drama

  13. Wow#####? I love India????? bt I pray the end the movie well this tym

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