Bepannaah 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya defends Zoya

Bepannaah 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya comes to Aditya’s room and takes her phone. She reads Arshad’s message – when can you meet me? She mentally refuses to meet him ever. She hears Anjana’s voice and hides in the bathroom. Aditya enters his room. Zoya prays to be saved from Anjana. She drops her bag in fear. Aditya hears the sound of thud. He takes out his cricket bat from under the bed and heads towards the bathroom to check. He opens the door carefully. Zoya is hiding in the bath area. Aditya closes the door from inside. He suddenly notices someone sitting in the bath area and gets alert. Zoya gets up and is about to shout when she switches on the shower tap by mistake. He asks her what she is doing here. She tells him that she was hiding. He asks her who hides in the bathroom. She adds that she was hiding from his mother. I

forgot my phone in your room and heard your mother’s voice. I hid here. He asks her to come but slips on the soap and he holds her. They share an eye lock. She begins to walk away when her hair gets tangled in his shirt. He looks down while she tries to free her hair. He ends up helping her and they are standing so close that their noses touch.

Anjana comes with her friends and notices Aditya and Zoya thus. She questions Aditya. Zoya and Aditya pull away. Anjana’s friend taunts Anjana on what she was saying a while ago. Aditya might not have a place for someone in his lfie but he has a place in shower. Anjana walks away angrily. The ladies gossip about Zoya and Aditya. Anjana tells them not to misunderstand. Zoya and Aditya have nothing. Kuku aunty tells her not to lie. They were standing in the shower together. We saw it ourselves. Thank God my Sweety is saved. What would have happened to her if she had found out this after marriage? Anjana tells her to stop her rubbish. Aditya has nothing to do with Zoya. Kuku aunty taunts her on Harsh’s extra marital affair.

Zoya asks her what she means by that. I respect your age but you too should learn to respect it. It angers Kuku ji but Zoya says you learn from age and experience as to what you should say and when. My late husband had an affair and our wedding had fallen apart. Has it happened for the first time? Kuku aunty taunts her. Zoya says I dint find you but I wont regret / stay put there forever. I wont and cannot do it ever. I have reached new milestones after that but some people are still stuck there. Talk about it if you want to but atleast don’t taunt / misbehave with your friend.

Anjana tells her to stop but Zoya insists that some people are still stuck on the old chapter while Zoya and Aditya’s families have moved on. Who is deprived of tragedies in life? Will you like it if I rub salt to your wounds again and again? Kuku ji says you aren’t embarrassed and are instead lecturing us only. She asks Anjana if she cannot see any feelings in Zoya’s eyes towards Aditya. Why were they in shower together then? Anjana tells her to drop it. She next asks Zoya to leave. Zoya begins to go when Aditya holds her hand firmly. Zoya wont go anywhere. This is my house too. That’s my bedroom, my bathroom and my shower! I can do there whatever I want to! We don’t owe you any explanation. It is you guys who will head home now! He folds his hands sarcastically. Have a good day! Her friends walk out in a huff.

Anjana begins to go. Zoya requests her to listen to her. I dint want to hurt anyone. I dint want to give any explanation to them but you deserve to know. I dint want to mess up your party when I came back to take my phone. Aanjana retorts that she ended the party. Zoya shares that she dint like the way Kuku aunty was talking to her. Anjana says you say anything and then say sorry. Amazing!

Zoya feels she said a little too much but Aditya appreciates her on what she did. These ladies wont forget what you just said. You reminded me of the old Zoya in jungle. You were standing so fearlessly and looking the tiger in his eye directly! She asks him if he is calling Kuku aunty a tiger. He denies (Tauba). I was calling her a cat. She smiles and heads home.

Sakshi wakes up and thinks of a plan. I will do this for Aditya. She takes out a pin from her hair and hurts herself. She writes a message using her blood. She hopes he finds it somehow. She manages to drag her chair till the door and pushes the paper from under the door. The note says Help Me.

Anjana asks Harsh about the test’s result. It will come today. He is positive Aditya will pass with flying colours. He asks about Aditya. Arjun joins them. Anjana is about to call Aditya who enters just then. They address him as Captain. When is your flight taking off? Aditya tells them that he dint clear the test. His family is shocked. Harsh calls it a joke but Aditya clearly tells him he failed the test. It will happen again in 6 months. It isn’t life. It will come back even if I fail once. Anjana tells him it is ok. We will get our old Cheeku back real soon. What do you feel like eating? He replies that he isn’t hungry. He asks Arjun to come with him. We will call MIL. Anjana says it is late. Aditya reasons it is evening there. He goes with Arjun. Harsh asks Anjana to bring tea. Anjana nods but is worried what if Aditya finds out the truth.

Zoya tells Noor that Aditya has changed since he is back. He isn’t the old Aditya anymore. Noor asks Zoya if she told Aditya what’s in her heart. You ran till the airport 6 months ago to tell him how important he is to you. Zoya calls herself I am a fool. I talked to him about everything but forgot to tell him how important he is for me. He is my best friend. I will tell him today itself.

Precap: Zoya is getting ready when Aditya comes in. He says sorry but she tells him she is ready. He is taken aback by surprise to see her wearing a saree. You look really nice. You should wear it often. You look really good. She agrees to wear it on 28th.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    AdiYa scenes was awesome as usual… Loved when Aditya stands for Zoya in front of the ladies…

  2. Neha1

    Loved Adi-Zoya’s scene…??? Adi defends Zoya. was good…!
    Anjana shocked?? when Adi said he’s gonna video call to Sakshi… Hope Adi gets to know about Sakshi soon…! Precap is interesting…? waiting for 2mrrow episode.

  3. Dawn

    Anjana continues being stupid to impress her so called friends she will let them talk ill of her marriage to Harsh.

    Poor Sakshi, I have to say she is smart.

    Beautiful shower scene.

  4. Adi and Zoya were drenched in cold water but they looked hot? I mean super hot and cute and romantic and so close like they had never been and what not???
    And THAT is the reason I hate gossip aunties and try to stay away from them as much as possible? Thankfully even my mother finds them irritating and she isn’t friends with any such interferring gossip aunty? They just don’t know how to keep their mouths shut!
    Arshad beta, tera patta toh aane se pehle hi kata hua hai. No place for you?
    Loved how Adi held Zoya’s hand and stood for her. For a moment even I thought that he is speaking as if he is Zoya’s husband and that aunty was interfering between husband and wife, specially that ”mera bathroom, mera shower, main apne shower mein jo chahe kar sakta hoon”. Spoke as if actually Adi and Zoya are husband and wife. And I loved that husband-wife feel.?? Not to mention, that when Anjana came it looked as if AdiYa were going to have a liplock? I would have loved that. They looked super cute and romantic♥❤♥
    Zoya looks beautiful in that saree. Btw, I was thinking that when will the latest promo be telecasted? The one where Adi is searching for Zoya. Maybe it will happen after Adi tells Zoya about his decision or any other thing that will cause a tiff b/w them. In the promo it was written that, that scene will be telecasted on friday i.e. tomorrow. Let’s see. Let’s wait and watch.
    Love you bepannah♥

    (waiting for replies :P)

    1. I am just very happy with the way the makers are unfolding the love story of Adiya.They are neither rushing nor dragging it.Fight,tragedy,pain,hatred,understanding, trust everything was there,post leap we are witnessing deep unshakable bond of friendship,only thing left is to fall in love.So it is the journey that is making their story eternal.

      1. Yup so true?

    2. Neha1

      Exactly, I too feel that they’re husband and wife….specially the way Adi took stand for Zoya….. too good???.That line Adi said- Mera bedroom, Mera bathroom, main jo chahe karu…!!

  5. Very happy with the increase in trp,but if we can reach at 1.9,we can also achieve 2+.Keep watching it on tv and give our show what it deserves.Because makers,artists specially Harshad and Jenifer are working so hard.They are showering us with good episodes,we have to shower all our love on them.
    Keep watching it on TV.If you want you can watch it on voot or jio tv and increase online trp but it’s after the telecast.But try to watch it at 9.30 pm on colors.

  6. Today adiya was them and hope adiya will find sakshi soon and end this anjana’s games.

  7. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice, awesome episode! Finally, Aditya stands for zoya!

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