Bepannaah 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi’s kidnapper is revealed

Bepannaah 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya and her team come to Huda House. She tells them of the flower arrangement. Aditya asks her if everything is sorted. She apologizes on her father’s behalf once again. He asks her how she pacified him. She shares that he kept a condition to which I had to agree to. He asks her about the condition but she does not tell him details and goes about for her work.

Anjana tells Harsh he was right. There is no Zoya and no Zosh. Arjun asks her preference for deserts for party. Zoya sent sample stocks from bakers. I think she is already here. Tell her if you want something to tell her in detail. He leaves.

Zoya is busy with the vendors. Servant keeps the fan in front of the flower petals and switches it on. Aditya comes there to talk to Zoya when the petals fall over both of them. Aditya looks

at Zoya sweetly as she keeps talking / smiling all along. Romantic song plays in the background. Servant switches the fan off. The petals are all over Aditya and Zoya. She smiles seeing him thus but then takes them off him. Aditya looks at her with a smile. Anjana fumes seeing them together. She calls Harsh. Whatever is happening isn’t right. This girl is back again! Aditya and her proximity is getting alarming day by day. Zoya tells Aditya that this is how they will welcome his parents that day. He is lost for a few moments. Very good. Could our parents be friends if they had met in some other place / some other time? She gets the idea for theme – Jab We Met! He loves the idea. It will remind them of their love 35 years ago. She smiles. We have to surprise them. Bring their old photos and memories. He shares that they would be in storeroom. She talks in slangs which he finds surprising. Do you talk in riddles when you are happy? She smiles in response.

Aditya comes inside his mother’s room stealthily when she is busy talking on phone.

Aditya and Zoya get inside the storeroom. They begin looking for the photo albums. Sakshi is tied in an adjoining room and hears their voice. She thinks to make noise to catch their attention. She falls down while shaking the chair. Zoya overhears some noise. She tries to bring Aditya’s attention to it. Aditya leans closer to the door as well but does not hear anything. It might be some rat. Let’s go. Sakshi sits up with some difficulty. She is about to remove the kerchief off her face and shout when someone covers her mouth. Zoya again looks towards the room in confusion but leaves with Aditya. Sakshi passes out.

Aditya goes inside smoothly but Zoya hits Harsh with the boxes. He makes faces. She says sorry and asks about Anjana. He says she would be inside. Do you have some work? She says I will find her.

The hoodie guy, who has kept Sakshi as his captive, is none other than Anjana. She scolds Sakshi for starting her drama all over again. Why do you bother me? Sakshi is about to say something when Anjana covers her mouth again. You start taking Aditya’s name when you see him. You thought he will save you? She laughs evilly. Aditya thought I dint see him stealing the key. I saw him though. I came here immediately.

Zoya compliments Anjana on her photos. She looks so pretty. We should use these photos. He wants to call Sakshi over too. We will also use her photos. She will feel like a part of the family when she will come. I hope she listens to me and agrees to join us.

Anjana says I still take care of you yet you instigate my son against me. My Aditya has only one son! No one can snatch my son from me. Your daughter also tried to get hold of Aditya. Do you realise what happened to her? Think well of the consequences before trying to come between me and my son!

Zoya and Aditya are sitting on the terrace. He offers her tea and keeps looking at her as she talks. Her hair keeps blocking her vision when he raises his hand to tuck them behind her ear. She notices it and does it herself. She asks him what his mother’s hobbies are. He begins to tell her. She says hating Zoya is on the top of her list. He is impressed to see her new side. She smiles that she was joking. What does your Abbu like? He agrees to tell her after asking him. Her phone rings. You are asking as if you know everything about her Abbu. Tell me. She tells him everything one by one. He asks her if his favourite thing is hating Aditya. They both smile. Her phone rings again. Aditya asks Zoya to pick the call. It is some Arshad. She remembers her father’s condition and ignores it. It starts ringing again when they resume their conversation. It is Wasim this time. He asks her to come over asap. She leaves.

Huda’s are eating dinner. Harsh and Anjana discuss who is loved more by kids – father or mother. Harsh tells Aditya it is his flying test tomorrow. Aditya reads it. He pretends to be happy. Anjana asks him how he managed to get it. Harsh shares that he knows someone in Ministry and got it worked out. Aditya heads for his room. Anjana asks Aditya if he will join Airlines once again if he passes the test. He thinks how to tell you that I am here only till your anniversary. I am sorry but I will leave after that.

Precap: Aditya burns the letter. I will leave right after the anniversary. It is my last decision.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. can a mother be this much possessive about her own son? she is jealous of her son’s wife and i have heard that this pretty common. but she is also jealous of her son’s wife’s mother?? and Sakshi is still in Hooda mansion only? someone please correct me if i am wrong, but if someone calls another person in USA, shouldnt it be an international call? by seeing your call cost you will know if they call is coming from international lines or your own country… anyways, something will happen that will stop Aditya from leaving again i am sure. Maybe Zoya will discover about Sakshi while organizing the anniversary…

  2. OMG!!!Anjana is Poosh murderer!!!…Obsessive mother…Different vamp character…Adi completely falling for Zoya..But this stupid Arshad will break his heart again …?

    1. Ooshi

      No he will be a spice in AdiYa love story to make feel him jealous

  3. Anjana ?

  4. Anjana is psycho mother….Behyadh returns
    Maybe she killed pooja

    1. But I loved the psycho Maya and I hate psycho Anjana here

  5. Lokesh

    OOO to Anjana is the main psycho here, obsessed of Aditya like Maya to arjun.this show OOO god!… Kya story h, but I m missing Mahi too.

  6. Adi ke dil ko Zoya ke dil ki zaroorat hai♥
    Beautiful flower scene and Adi’s smile was heart melting♥ Usually the person who is more mature realises his feelings first and Adi is going to realise his feelings first. No doubt in that. These six months have turned Zoya bubbly and Adi mature. Personality kinda reversed after the leap. But what will happen when Adi will get to know about Arshad, his male sautan??
    But no his cute smile will disappear and I don’t want that.
    That’s the problem you know. Some parents think that marriage is the solution to every problem. Huh?
    And finally the biggest mystery solved
    Anjana has kidnapped Sakshi and apparently she has killed Poosh as well. This lady is mad. She is over drooling for her son’s attention. No, I won’t call it Anjana’s love for her son. If it were love, the Anjana would have notkilled Pooja. She just wants to be the centre of attention for her sons. Hate her?
    Let’s see if Adi will really leave or not. Maybe no. But let’s wait and watch.
    Another disaster. Not related to Bepannah.
    Ekta Kapoor is relaunching Kasautii Zindagii kay. Why? Why? Why? Whay such a torture. On one hand where the Indian small screen is trying to move forward with shows like KRPKAB, Beyhadh, Bepannah, our very hon’ble Ms. Ekta Kapoor with all her might is trying to pull it backwards in the crappy saas bahu tv serials. I hope this time KZK doesn’t run for more than 4 months. But maybe it will bcoz good shows never run and bad shows stretch for years due to the audience.
    I feel pity for Indian television and wish it speedy recovery and my best wishes with it.
    Leaving stupidity like this aside and moving ahead, waiting for next episode. Love you Bepannah♥
    Btw, where has everyone gone? Ooshi, Neha, Shraddha and others? Guys you used to ask everyone to keep commenting but where are you? Pls come back! Hoping to see you guys soon?

    1. Mona146

      i agree with u regarding Kasauti…………..oncoming panauti. I never liked original and hate its story line with multiple marriages and pakao politics. Original is itself a crap and there is no need to remake it and erica is a damn horrible choice for the same esp after she has done modern role like KRPKAB. we need better shows like nisha aur uske cousins, warrior high etc TVs are obsessed with either saas bahu or usage of kids in the shows like mariam khan or kulfi etc.

      1. Can’t agree more

    2. Neha1

      Hiii?? Evelyn…. I’m regular on this page, but other’s disappeared….!
      And…Male Sautan…lol…Funny..????
      But that flower scenes were Suerb yaar….the way Adi’s staring at Zoya…can’t describe..?????
      Anjana is really too much….This is unexpected twist, we all were thining that Mr.Hooda behind Poosh’s death, but This is really Shocking.. Anjana…????
      And I also think that Adi won’t go away. this time….either Zoya will stop or May be Sakshi’s kidnapped news came out infront of AdiYa…! So, upcoming episodes will going to be very interesting… let’s see.

      1. Yup, it was a shock?
        Bepannah makers have won my heart yet again?
        And yes let’s see Adi’s reaction to his ‘male sautan’. I’m thinking, maybe because of Arshad’s and Zoya’s wedding thing, Adi will stop. Maybe he will be jealous and will stop forever to win his lady love back?
        Can’t wait!!!

    3. Ooshi

      Dear was having no pkg
      Was missing you on previous page and also today is the last day of father’s pkg don’t know when will I come next
      Missed u all a lot
      And also our BP
      Without TU life is colourless so as with whatsapp

  7. Riana

    Maya kaa bhoot aagaya anjana ke upar….ab ye maa kaa bhoot sab khaa jayegi ???????….I wasnttt shocked at all…okkk i was shocked at first ??….but now its getting interesting…I mean did Anjana killed pooja n yash ??…sawal pe sawal, sawal pe sawal, sawal pe sawal !!!! ??

  8. Omggg so Ankara is a part of poosh murder. Anjana so mean. But did harsh also part of this . Anyhow I like my adiya so much. And adi look so handsome in his uniform . And so excited now to see the coming episode

  9. Riana

    AdiYa scenes are as usual ???….CUTE !!! ???????????????

  10. Adi in the promo….oh my god. my baby ?

  11. I think Anjana lost her mind when Harsh had his affair, he probably knows what Anjana is… Anjana and Harsh are what Maya and Arjun would have become if they stayed together… i dont think Arjun is Anjana’s son…

  12. Have you guys watched the new promo? Goosebumps!!!Harshad chopda and Jenifer Winget are the best on-screen couple with the best chemistry.

    1. Ooshi

      Thanks for the link Arch

  13. Neha1

    Thank God…Bepanaah Fan’s are back….otherwise “Soona-Soona” lag rha tha….Thank you friends for coming back here…!

    And now coming to the episode… Yesterday’s episode was AMAZING????? with Adi falling in love? with Zoya and SHOCKING that Anjana is behind Poosh’s murder…. but Is Anjana only responsible for this or someone is helping her, like we earlier thought Mr.Hooda…??? Well this will surely clear in upcoming episodes…
    And Now this guy Arshad, Don’t know who will play that role…..but surely this is gonna be interesting and I think that when Adi gets to know about Zoya-Arshad alliance, He definitely will realise his feelings for Zoya and will stop her….
    Anjana is a big SHOCKED for me, coz never expected that she’s became a Psycho mother in Adi’s love…and We had already doubted her in Sakshi’s kidnapping, that comes true…! Precap interesting… waiting for 2day’s episode…!

    @Arch, Thank you for sharing the New Promo of Bepanaah…?

    1. @ Neha…Welcome!!!☺️
      About new promo…Zoya is upset with Adi as she gets to know that he will leave for Paris immediately after the anniversary party…So she goes out in the heavy rain n gets trapped inside the car!!!!
      Spoilers about Arshad : don’t think any mainstream actor is going to play this role..Adi will tell zoya to meet arshad n give a second chance to life..In the process Adi will burn from inside as he has already fallen for Zoys..But this Arshad will turn out to be a greedy person wanting to marry Zoya to usurp Zosh n all her wealth…Adi will get to know about it n protect Zoya from Arshad..In the process Zoya will also realise her unspoken love for Adi…☺️…Spoiler seems true n logical to me!!!

      1. Neha1

        Oh Really.! This is gr8 News…Just wanting AdiYa Romance to start soon…
        Again Thanks for the spoiler…let’s see if it comes true…..!

  14. Thank you

  15. Ooshi

    Pooja update?
    Eagerly waiting

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