Bepannaah 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya is not allowed inside cemetery

Bepannaah 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya hesitantly takes the window seat. A guy is sleeping in the middle and his face is covered with a She panics as the flight begins to take off. Zoya holds that guy’s hand hand absentmindedly and prays to God to help her. Aditya removes his jacket and looks at her. He gets angry. You? She looks at him in shock. He asks her if she has gone mad. He pulls his hand away. She holds his hand again in panic. Aditya looks upset.

Mr. Huda asks his wife if Aditya will come. She nods. he promised. There are still some people in world like Aditya who mean what they say. Aditya’s brother shares that Aditya’s phone is not reachable. I am sure he has boarded the flight. Many people have gathered in Huda House to bid farewell to Pooja.

Aditya requests air hostess to change his seat. I cannot travel

with her. she politely refuses as the flight is full. He refuses to sit next to Zoya. I can sit with cabin crew but not her. There is turbulence and he falls in Zoya’s lap. She asks him if he isn’t ashamed. He sarcastically replies that he was going to settle down here itself. Air hostess asks him to sit on his seat. He complies. She points out that he is very rude. He instead asks her if she isn’t too polite. Do you realise what our partners were doing? After all this, you are cursing me first of all. I am sure you can do it again. try once. She tells him she is going to Mumbai for Yash’s sake. You too are going for your wife. Can we for some time… He adds that they should celebrate that they are free from both the cheaters. Pooja would have said it is a sign from the universe. First our spouses were found together and then we met on the same flight. I even fell in your lap! I think w should have an affair! Zoya looks at him in shock. Aditya says we should show them we are not behind them. She calls him impossible and looks out of the window. He tells her he is also not interested in her. He calls Air Hostess to make Zoya understand she shouldn’t touch him. zoya apologizes to both of them. They both look in the opposite directions.

Everyone pays their respect to Pooja. Aditya enters just then wearing a red jacket and goggles. His parents look at him. People offer their condolences to Aditya. We know what you must be going through. Aditya only smiles sarcastically. You don’t even know what I am going through. They ask him to say a final bye to his Pooja. Aditya walks up to her dead body and thinks of his last convo with Pooja, seeing Pooja and Yash dead while they were holding hands! He gets up abruptly. It is so strange. A cheater is being bid adieu as a bride! He walks away from there with incense sticks. He lights them in the corridor and makes a false smoke alarm. He shouts at everyone to run outside or they will be burnt. He uses fire extinguisher to blow out all the candles lit before Pooja’s photo. A guy tells Mr. Huda that it was a false alarm. Aditya says it was lit long ago. It was only the smoke that you saw just now. You guys don’t have to come back inside. This fire will burn everyone and everything. There is only smoke left now which only hurts the eyes! He asks everyone to run away. Mr. Huda fails in stopping him. Aditya asks people if they knew Pooja. I thought I knew her but no one did! Aditya’s brother tries to calm Aditya. Aditya says they are so well decked up. They have come for entertainment. I will do it. Aditya’s brother takes him inside. Everyone turns to go but Mr. Huda apologizes on Aditya’s behalf. He is badly hurt as Pooja was his childhood friend. He is in a state of shock. I request you all not to leave before the rituals are complete. Everyone takes a seat.

Mr. Huda’s wife remarks that she should have known that he can handle such situations very nicely too. He asks her if she too needs to create a drama now. ask Arjun to get Aditya ready. It is time for the final rituals.

People have come to offer their respects to Yash in his Mumbai house. People gossip about Zoya. Zoya comes just then. She reminisces the old moments spent with Yash. She breaks down. Yash’s mother and Mahi see Zoya. Zoya is about to hold Yash but Mahi holds her hands. Don’t you dare touch him! She pulls Zoya outside. I warned you not to come here. You want to create a drama before everyone? Please leave! Pundit ji announces that it is time to go to cemetery. Yash’s mother says I got to know that this girl will snatch my son from me one day. She loves mountains very much. They killed my son today! Zoya requests them to let her stay with Yash in his final moments. Please don’t separate me from him. Mahi says the one who died in Mussorie was your husband. This guy here is my brother. You have nothing to do with him. Zoya begs her to let her stay with Yash for some more time. I am his wife. Mahi says no one knows you. Everyone is talking about you in front of you as they don’t know you are Yash’s wife. Stop this dram as you aren’t his wife! She pulls Zoya’s mangalsutra. Why would you need it now? Zoya asks her to return it but their attention is diverted to people taking Yash’s dead body outside. Mahi blocks Zoya’s way and leaves with everyone else.

Noor is unable to get in touch with Zoya. Zoya’s mother says she has gone there for the first time. She hasn’t spoken to anyone in a high tone. Everyone there must be eating her. Wasim says she has gotten used to making her own decisions now. This was what I was trying to save her from. She will have to follow the path that fate has chosen for her. She tells him not to taunt her. I know you are as concerned for her as I am. Driver tells Wasim that his car has been fixed. Wasim pays him. He later lies to his wife that there was a dent in the car. He does not tell her how it came.

Mr. Huda is waiting for Aditya. Yash’s dead body is brought to the same cemetery. Arjun and Aditya come just then. Aditya is drunk. He notices Yash’s dead body next to Pooja’s and says this is destiny. they dint get another cemetery in the city. They are together in the same cemetery! Arjun advises him not to drink here atleast. You will lose your senses. Aditya replies that he just gained his senses.

Mr. Huda stops Aditya. Could you not control your madness for a little more time? Aditya laughs sarcastically. Zoya reaches the cemetery in an auto. Mahi does not even let her enter inside. Zoya cries watching them from a distance. Title song plays in the background as Aditya starts the rituals. Another Pundit ji is following the same rituals for Yash. Aditya thinks of his past happy moments with Pooja. Pundit ji asks him to hold the lit stick. Everyone asks Aditya to take it. Zoya cries her heart out as she stands outside. She too thinks of Yash and the times they had spent together. Aditya throws the stick away angrily and simply walks out of there. He starts drinking as soon as he steps out of the cemetery. Both the pyres are lit finally.

Aditya finds Zoya crying in a corner. You here? She looks at him. He asks her if she is crying. Why don’t you go inside and cry? It will be fun then. You wouldn’t have been allowed inside. You missed it. You should have seen my wife and your husband leaving for heaven together. She requests him to stop. What is your problem? Why do you say such things to me again and again? He asks her if she felt bad. Your husband was a poor guy. It must be Pooja who was at fault. He got stuck right? Why does your poor husband’s family not like you? He would have married you after seeing your beauty. He would have later realised you don’t have brains. He would have later found out that you are not that hot and had to look out for options right? Defend yourself. Are you against violence? Don’t you have any self-respect? Who are you waiting for? The one who cheated you? Ashes? Do you think you will get the ashes of the one you weren’t allowed to even meet? Respect yourself. There is still time. Save yourself and leave. No one wants you here. Everything is finished here. No one present here wants you around. He offers her liquor. This also helps. She cries.

Yash’s mother is angry seeing Zoya still there. Mahi comforts her. Aditya greets them. You don’t know me but my wife certainly knew your son. He was with her when they both died. Mahi questions Zoya as to what this drama is. Aditya says I came to share your pain. Let’s celebrate. Mahi leaves with his mother. Aditya asks his family who lit the pyre. His mother says your father did it. Aditya smiles. A cheater bid goodbye to another cheater. There wont be any immigration problem anymore! They too leave from there.

Mr. Huda asks Aditya what’s wrong with him. Why did you have to do so much drama? Couldn’t you forget your ego for 2 minutes and complete the ritual? Till when will you behave like a kid? When will you grow up? Aditya remembers that Pooja had said the same thing to him before leaving. He gets up. I will just do it and come. Mr. Huda asks him to stop but Aditya comes back with Pooja’s clothes and stuff. He pours liquor over it calling it ghee. He lights a match and throws it over it. Title tracks plays in the background. Pooja’s mother watches them thus. Aditya walks around the fire holding his flask. His eyes well up as he falls on his knees.

Zoya too looks at Yash’s pyre teary eyed. It begins to rain.

Precap: Aditya asks Zoya why she dint retort to Yash’s family. they said a lot to you but you are just running away. She tells it to him instead. Aditya takes off but realises he cannot fly. Aditya and Zoya’s paths keep crossing. Zoya tells Aditya that they may like it or not but their lives are connected.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Really waiting for next episode ????? hi every one I am new here. I’m biggest fan of Jenny after watching beyadh.

    1. Medha

      Hey Sri….
      Welcome to Bepannaah family…..
      Me too Jenny fan since Saraswati Chandra! ?

      1. P_lata

        Me too fan of Jenny from SC

  2. Emotion emotion aur emotion………
    Dono ka acting amazing….rock….
    Questions each other………zoya thk khah ……dono saath connected……

    1. Medha

      Hahahahaha Arfa Darling!
      Emotion se aage bhi badho….
      Kab tak yhi chipkaogi! ?

  3. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah Family.
    Start with Tom&Jerry fight, Zoya is so innocent he takes his hand but she again held his hand. Aditya has good sense of humour seriously.Unbelievable humara bhi affair hona chahiye so cute…she get shock of the Pickachu.He is so broken from inside,Anjana Hooda taunts Mr.Hooda smirks.Zoya also break down her pain brutally ignore by Mahi Arora and Mrs..Arora…..can’t watch AdiYa like this.Siddaqi family is tensed for innocent zoya who never spokes in high tone.
    Mr.Siddaqi’s car first suspect.Aditya’s confrontation to Zoya superb scene.Cheater bids good bye to another cheater fabulous dialogue.Who is scolding Adi who itself mystery kam se kam Aditya open hai.silent Mother of pooja big ? Mark.waiting for next episode.

    1. Medha

      Oh ho… bhar bhar k taarif ki hain aaj to…
      May be Pooja’s mother is in the shock! ?

      1. Lokesh

        Whr is Aastha di , how is she.?

    2. P_lata

      Yeah Fenu, agree with you in every point…. Pooja mother is related to Adi father’s cheat…. Looks so

    3. Cryptic review Chotu!!! ? And nice to read again the comments of our family ?❤

      1. P_lata

        Nice to see you here…..Come on ….Lets rock…..Have bepannah love for “Bepannah “

      2. Medha

        Chitti, Welcome to Bepannaah family……
        Now come here daily for Mr Chopra! ❤

  4. Lokesh

    Interesting , Zoya father knows something, Pooja mother have nothing to do upto , bt will get to know her soon, Yash sister is aggressive seems battle due to hindu Muslim shadi .

    1. P_lata

      Yeah….Lokesh..they had not accepted their marriage as if….


    Butterfly flying in stomach, waiting for next episode…

  6. Medha

    Hello Bepannaah family…..
    What an episode yaar! Marvellous acting by AdiYa….
    And Mahi how much cruel she is.. she did not let enter a wife to her husband’s last ritual!! ?
    And thanks 4 the quick update Pooja… ?

    1. P_lata

      Mahi is cruel girl….?????

  7. OMG………
    Itna baada comment bhiyaa………..

    Perfect line likha hui hain…….

  8. Aafiya

    Zoyas father is up-to something.. It is getting interesting day by day…Waiting for the next episode..

  9. I am new here,a request to all who are reading the comments,kindly watch the show regularly on tv and let it procure trpss,if at all someone is waiting for the emotional part to get over and proper Adiya track to start,don’t do that pls,keep watching,many waste shows are running cos of trps,and many good shows are being wound up in a haste,don’t let it happen,there is scope for a beautiful love hate track and love story here.

  10. Zoya is so innocent… nd Maya was so bold, nobody even dare to talk in front of her… Both r completely opposite characters, very beautifully displayed,
    So I felt bad, mahi didn’t let her in, nd she was crying in a corner,,,
    OMG!! How can someone stop a wife not to be a part of her husband’s last rituals…
    nd aditya has a good sense of humor… Nd his dialogues r amazing….

  11. I think Zoya’s father is behind the accident!
    It was yesterday’s episode I believe when Zoya’s mother was saying to him to call Yash to come to their house for daawat and he said ‘He won’t pick up my phone’ or something along those lines, and the way he said it made it sound final, meaning he would never pick his phone up again because even if they don’t like each other, I’m sure Yash would have picked up his phone if Zoya’s father called.
    And then today there was a dent in his car and he was acting fishy about it!
    So there is defo something up with Zoya’s father, maybe he saw Yash and Pooja together and chased after them and Zoya’s father ran into them, ending up with them going over a cliff or something along those lines.

  12. Rithu17

    Hey Bepannaah fam!!!
    Loved 2days epi.. Harshad and Jenny are slayin’ it!!!!

  13. I think zoyas dad caught yash with pooja and then they were driving fast n caught into an accident. Or he might’ve got angry n sped to Yashs car out of anger.. n thats why he repaired a car dent. Plus Mr hooda is looking for poojas diary, did he know about the affair? So many questions, I love this show. So refreshing. I dont get why zoya is in denial n her in laws blaming her for his death when yash was the one that betrayed her..!

  14. I think zoyas dad caught yash with pooja and then they were driving fast n caught into an accident. Or he might’ve got angry n sped to Yashs car out of anger.. n thats why he repaired a car dent. Plus Mr hooda is looking for poojas diary, did he know about the affair? So many questions, I love this show. So refreshing. I dont get why zoya is in denial n her in laws blaming her for his death when yash was the one that betrayed her..!

  15. Jab thak emotion on the way thb thak chipkyegyi ………..diu

    1. P_lata

      Haan Arfa… Chipkaye jaao…… Dekhte hain kaun aata hai… Tumhare aur emotions ke beech me…..

  16. P_lata

    OMG………. What a fantastic episode…….. Dialogues, expression, story…….. Everything on the peak…….. Above all ……….our leads are rocking fabulously ………Jennifer is wonderful in acting and the same is Harshad…..

  17. Naina0411

    Extremely emotional episode! ?
    Aditya’s dialogue, “Dekho dekho, meri patni aur tumhara pati, ek saath honeymoon ke liye swarg jaa rahe hai!” was amazing!
    Zoya in denial of Yash’s betrayal, Aditya’s trust over relations gone, Mahi throwing Zoya out, extremely heartbreaking! ?
    Bepanah’s title song and dialogues are amazing! ?

  18. Ansa

    Hello ???

    1. P_lata

      Hey Zoya…… Where is your comment……

      1. Ansa

        Yeh hi comment hai di ??

    2. Medha

      Hello Zoi Madam…. Welcome to Bepannaah family!!

      1. Ansa

        Yahan bhe neelu ?

    3. Medha

      Ha Mohtarma….
      yha bhi Neelu ❤

  19. I think there will be a twist such that – may be there is no affair b/w yash and pooja , something else – it may be revealed after adya (adirya and zoya) are in love

  20. I think there will be a twist such that – may be there is no affair b/w yash and pooja , something else – it may be revealed after adya (aditya and zoya) are in love

  21. Svns

    I think adya (aditya and zoya) will be knowing the real reason of the accidents of their partne rs after they fall in love

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