Bepannaah 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya look around for kidnapped Zoya

Bepannaah 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya gets into the car and was still haunted by flashes of Yash and Pooja together. He overcomes his phobia thinking about Zoya calling him for help. Noor asks where he is going. Aditya tells her to go inside and inform Arjun what happened here.
Inside Hooda house, Harsh asks Arjun if he has seen Aditya. Arjun complains they never share anything with him and now he turned Aditya like himself as well.
Noor comes to Mr. and Mrs. Siddique and inform them about Zoya’s kidnap. Waseem didn’t trust Hooda family and decides to go and file a complaint in police personally.
Harsh invites Chakor and Sooraj for a dance performance in the party.
Aditya punches Rajvir and asks where Zoya is. Rajvir’s goons hold Aditya back. Rajvir laughs that he is going crazy lover; he should now save

any one among his family or Zoya. They don’t have hours but minutes, afterwards there will be a Boom! Aditya asks what that means. Rajvir tells Aditya that his family would only survive until they dance, afterwards there would only be torn pieces of each of them. And Zoya will die bathed in her own tears. He gets into his van and before leaving a shocked Aditya he says ‘Aditya Hooda must always remember this celebration’. Aditya wonders where Zoya must be.
Zoya was tied with ropes and lay in a water tank. All at once, water begins to enter the tank.
Arjun gets a call from Aditya. He forbids Arjun to react and tells him that Rajvir has kidnapped Zoya; he has also placed a bomb somewhere at home. There was only one clue, till the music continue everyone would be fine. He requests Arjun to make sure no one turns off the music until he returns. Arjun turns to see Noor behind. He assures Aditya called him and takes her towards the stage where they forbid the DJ to turn the music off at any cost. Anjana dislike watching Noor and Arjun together but Mr. Hooda doesn’t let her react.
At Hooda house, Harsh thanks Chakor and Sooraj. He tells them not to leave without dinner; they have invited special cook from Lucknow.
Aditya reaches an old factory and thinks Zoya must be here. He goes inside.
There at Hooda house, Anjana decides she must turn the music off and get the food served. She comes to music system but Arjun stops her and says he wants a last performance with Noor. Anjana stares towards Noor in a disgusted manner. Noor can notice the intriguing stare, still decides she must dance right now in order to save everyone.
Aditya comes upstairs to the roof and looks for Zoya. Zoya calls him for help from within the water tank. He couldn’t hear her voice. The water in the tank was about to fill. Aditya looks around, then decides he is wasting his time as Zoya isn’t here. He runs downstairs.
Waseem and wife were at police station to file an FIR. The inspector was a Paan addict and calmly noting the complaint. Waseem was getting restless. The inspector asks them about the details of the car; someone else and not he has seen it then how can police help them hurriedly.
Rajvir watched the CCTV coverage of the party and thinks one day Hooda’s had to pay for their sins. Only Zoya will have to leave her life in this fight of giants.
Mr. Hooda comes to Arjun and asks him to stop the music and get the food served. Arjun insists they must wait for little more time. Noor and Arjun were worried and goes out to call Aditya. Aditya tells Arjun he couldn’t find anything, he followed the tyre map but Zoya is nowhere here. Noor takes the phone and says Aditya must bring Zoya back, she doesn’t know what enmity Rajvir has with their family but Zoya is being trapped in all that.
Downstairs, Aditya discovers he had forgotten car keys somewhere upstairs. He goes back to the roof and instead of keys find Zoya’s pendant on the floor. The water tank was almost full by now.

PRECAP: Aditya and Zoya reach Hooda house. Aditya shouts at everyone to get aside and holds the amplifier outside. Harsh shouts what’s happening. Soon there is a blast outside, everyone was worried shouting Adi!

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Neha1

    OMG..??Worried for Zoya…..In Water tank…
    Loved Arnoor Performance…! Arnoor together for this..!
    Rajveer is criminal….how insane he is..??
    Precap was relieved me….Zoya is back….hope that Adi to be safe…

    1. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Neha

  2. Dragging episode

  3. Oh’s going like a super thriller series..Hope Adi will be fine…
    Super excited for tomorrow…
    Bepannaah … intezar hai✌

  4. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  5. Ooshi

    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  6. Neha1

    So Friends, We will soon going to witness some Poosh’s Scenes in Bepanaah..

  7. dis noor nd her family y they r behaving lyk as if they r saint
    Nd noor s saying adi to help zoya nd saying bcz of them zoya s tolerating as if she s so gud
    Bfr saying anyone nd gettn angry at anyone she has to look at herself first she was d one who started cheating nd accused arjun
    Nd zoya s another dumb
    Both sisters r mad nd hasd no brain they just knw to blame others bt cant see their own mistake
    Nd evn if adi save zoya after dis she s going to open d case anyways nd adi s going to gt trapped
    Nd it should b zoya to gt trapped again n jail so dat she can gt her brain back
    She stays silent with mahi bt shows her unecessary attitude to adithya

    1. 100% agree with you ..Adi helped so many times…. Previously also he saved her life .. not also know that …

    2. Exactly… U are so right…. She shows all her smartness only to adi… Idk why adi listens to so much of her tantrums… Adi has done way more for zoya than she even knows… This is the second time he is saving her life… And she is not in problem coz of hoodas.. She is in this problem coz of her yash and his family.. Adi was the person who helped her to come out of depression…still no gratitude she has… Cv’s pls don’t spoil Zoya’s character… Make her more kind and genuine towards adi.

    3. Ooshi

      Totally right

    4. Right priya … now they r showing adi as he is heartless .. but he is trying to save himself…he is not dumb like zoya to take chance of again going to jail … n again i see no fault in hooda ..harsh saved zoya .. it was his lookout how he did it… n yeah ur sooo right about zoya mahi and adi too… if i were zoya i would have slapped mahi and tell her to get out from my home …. n yeah she will still show no gratitude and ooen the case …and siddiqui doesnt trust hooda…. wow they actually saved her many times….

  8. Lokesh

    Wow , thrill and adventure continued, waiting for tomorrow, happy international yoga day guys.

    1. Ooshi

      Same to you

  9. Hair-Rising episode ? Rajveer is Pakka criminal OMG zoya is trapped in water tank?
    Bomb will explode if music stops ??ArNoor dance was nice So it’s very clear personal enemity between Harsh and Rajveer maybe Rajveer is step brother of Adhi Precap is too scary but we know hero will save everyone hope atleast after this zoya will reconsider her decision of reopening the case

    1. Ooshi

      Hoping the same

  10. Nice episode I like how adi was worried about Zoya . Noor and Arjun scene was nice. Can’t wait for tomorrow episode

  11. If zoya going to reopen the case.. then I will breakup with bepaanah

    1. Ooshi

      Don’t worry it will hopefully not happen

  12. Neha1

    Completely agree, that Zoya and her family aren’t saint but Noor was saying so bcoz Rajveer had enemity with Hooda’s but she’s with Aditya…so Rajveer involved Zoya in this…that’s why Noor blaming Aditya…
    As Rajveer said in 2day’s episode : “Creatures infesting the wheats are ground along with it.”
    Secondly, I know by reopen the case, Zoya-Adi will be in trouble but I think it will take time as we seen how Rajveer creating trouble for both…
    In short Zoya-Adi to be together and before Zoya reopens the case, she should gathers all the proof of Poosh death mystery…

  13. OMG!! Double Dhamaka!!
    Zoya will be rescued, let’s see what happens to Adi. At least I know that he won’t die.
    Because of Zoya, Adi overcame his fear of driving and that too full farrate mein. Somewher in between it seemed too filmy and a bit like other serials but hope that this thing will not repeat tomorrow. ArNoor dance so well! Specially Arjun.
    According to sources, Poosh scenes to come and a passionate hug between AdiYa. Not sure but hope so.
    Rajveer is a total psycho. I don’t know why but Apoorv’s acting as a psycho seems to irritate me. Why doesn’t he learn psycho acting form the best psycho Maya i.e Jennifer herself. Afterall he is working with her so he can take some psycho acting classes from Jenny. Everything else is ok 🙂
    I hope this incident helps to patch up between AdiYa and ArNoor.
    Love you Bepannah

    1. Ooshi

      Hoping the same about 2nd paragraph
      And hoping the same about the end
      In between suggestion to Apoorva was…..

      1. Was?
        OK I agree some people may not agree with my opinion. I am just saying that Apoorv can improve, otherwise his acting is great?

      2. Ooshi

        Dear i was just saying that the suggestion was good and nice and I really liked it I wasn’t disagreed with you

      3. Well, I didn’t misunderstand you Ooshi 🙂

  14. Awesome episode!!! I liked Anjana’s expression when Arjun told her that he and Noor wants to dance…Poor Anjana??She is already irritated with Zoya and thinking that Zoya doesn’t let Adi to live with peace and now Zoya’s younger sis is doing same with her younger son…But seriously Noor is irritating now…She is so much angry with Arjun when she came to know that he is Aditya’s brother…then what will happen when she will get to know he is Rj AJ…
    Poor Zoya!!! Felt sad to see her struggling for life…I think she will reconsider her decision of reopening the case but then madhu ji will again blackmail her emotionally…
    Arjun should have given Pooja’s diary to Aditya…

  15. Rajveer is the illegitimate son for sure cuz he calls Adi jashn Mubarak BHAI in the end and Noor is right.. zoyas getting trapped in the enmity between rajveer and hoodas.. thrilling episode today

  16. As per precap, Zoya is safe…But I saw a video on YouTube with a hospital background..So guess Adi will get injured n hospitalised…Well in this serial every month either Zoya or Adi will land up in hospital I guess!!!!???
    I guess the Adiya ‘passionate hug’ spoiler is fake…The precap gives no such indication…Poosh scenes have to come up…They have been missing in action since a long time..!!!

    1. Ooshi

      Yeah right
      Hoping the spoiler to be true
      About landing in hospital???

  17. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Yes, Zoya family is behaving like a they are saint. Waiting for upcoming episodes! Super exited for today’s episode! Rajveer is behaving like a criminal and terrorist.

  18. Neha1

    Why some fan’s think that Only Zoya is wrong….Adi is too wrong….I’m not in support of Zoya’s reopening the case but I agreed why she was doing so…she’s against with Mr.Hooda not Aditya…but angree with Aditya as he supported his father when Mr.Hooda maligned Yash and blamed that Yash killed Pooja….Do you guys really think that Yash killed Pooja…??? Infact, Pooja also cheated on Aditya like Yash cheated on Zoya…. but still Zoya is wrong not Aditya…WHY.???
    Zoya can’t tolerate Yash’s insult, but still Zoya wrong…and Even Aditya can’t tolerate a single word against his cheater wife Pooja, but Aditya was right…WHY and HOW..???
    Let me clear one thing that Mr.Hooda wants to save Only Aditya but he forcefully saved Zoya by Aditya’s condition… Otherwise Mr.Hooda once said-“Maine yahan koi Yateem khana nhi khol rakha”…when he was about to withdraw from Zoya’s case…
    I know very well that if Zoya reopens the case it wil be harmfull for both but she just wants that a person who’s already dead, should not get maligned to this extent… what Mr..Hooda did in court…Mr.Hooda put all the blame on Yash but didn’t even talk about Pooja’s diary….Arjun was too shocked why he’s not using that diary…
    I know Mr.Hooda proved both innocence but still Mr.Hooda saved his cheater DIL-Pooja Hooda…And Aditya didn’t know that his father and Arjun found Pooja’s diray…but I know whenever Aditya get to know about the diary, he himself wants to find the mystery behind Poosh’s death…!
    I agree that Zoya must throw Mahi out of the house…coz I know Mahi can go to any extent to harm Zoya…but I only agree with Zoya’s caring about Yash’s dignity to not spoil more…and I want old Aditya-Zoya to be back and join hands to find the truth behind Poosh’s relationship and death…!

    1. Ooshi

      Wishing the same and we can’t say Adi wrong till we get to know how would be his reaction if pooja was blamed and about slap it was his anger for that time for now his freedom and Zoya matters to him but for Zoya it’s just Yash and his family

      1. Neha1

        Yes, I agree but the point is Zoya was emotional and she should be more practical about such things…But Honestly, I really want AdiYa together and eagerly waiting for the mystery to get revealed… Let’s see what Sehban and Namita shot yesterday..! As we don’t know the story behind Poosh death and want to know what happened to both of them on that day…So many mysteries to get reveals..

    2. Thank you, Neha! You just spoke my mind. I was really confused as to how nobody could see this and always blame Zoya! Firstly, AdiYa are two very different people so naturally their response to situations would be different. Zoya has a childlike mind where she sees everything as black and white, whereas Aditya has slightly become embittered by the bad experiences he faced and tries to look out only for himself/people he cares about. Secondly, as far as saving lives is concerned maybe Aditya has a higher score (though it is quite funny to see people keep track of this in a relationship!). This could be true because he’s more practical (also impulsive!) when compared to Zoya who is facing betrayal and lies and hatred for the first time in her life. In the beginning of the serial Aditya already dislikes his parents which means that he had gone through those emotions early on and lives in a dysfunctional family. Regarding Zoya’s attachment to Yash’s family, we can see how she is still emotionally his wife and sees them as her responsibility. Just like Adi fights for all that is dear to him, she does too. Lastly, like we say never judge others as they’re fighting their own demons and are at different pages in their story, I feel that Zoya’s character needs to the things she’s doing to come out stronger at the end. It would seem fake if a small town girl living in her fairy tale world suddenly turn badass. But that’s just what I think, so feel free to dissect this!? No hate. Peace out.

  19. The case will reopen for sure as Poosh affair and death mystery not solved yet…As of now Zoya hell bent on reopening the case but I have an inkling after watching many Indian soaps that circumstances will change Adi’s mind n he himself will reopen the case…Or to say the least be on Zoya’s side to reopen the case..

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