Bepannaah 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya saves Zoya

Bepannaah 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun and Aditya make Harsh and Anjana to pose for photographs. Arjun says everyone’s heart will fail today. Aditya reminds him that she is their mother. she looks really happy today. Arjun suggests him not to tell the truth about Zosh events. Aditya says we must do it. Reporters questions Huda’s on celebrating Aditya’s return. Arjun says it will happen. You will remember it for years. Aditya adds that the one who spread the rumour will organize the event. Reporter remarks that this is why people call Huda’s different. He asks for a family photo. Aditya and Arjun high five as they all pose for the photo.

Anjana refuses to let it happen. Aditya tries to make her understand. She isn’t our enemy. She did all that to bring me home and Arjun was also involved in the plan. Anjana does not

mind sending her a thank you note with some flowers. I cannot bear to see her in my house for the next 7 days! Arjun says she will just focus on her work. She is the best event manager of Mumbai. I promise you. She will be the best. She refuses to have a party then. Let’s cancel it. Arjun and Aditya reason that they have already released it in the press. It would be a big issue if we cancel the party now. Aditya nods. Just let her do it. She will only come here to organise the event and nothing else. Arjun seconds Aditya. She isn’t coming in the house as an event manager. Aditya and Anjana glare at him. He tells them to focus on the main thing and not on the words. Aditya says you are ruining it. He convinces Anjana that Zoya is best. Noticing his mother’s stare, he covers up saying that Zosh is best. Do it for my sake. She gives in. Aditya and Arjun go to make preps. Harsh tells her it isn’t right to fight with their kids right now. There are other ways to make things go your way. She asks him about it. Harsh tells Anjana that Zoya will come in this home on her own but she will go as per Anjana’s wish. She tells him she cannot bear her at all. Something has gone wrong whenever she has stepped foot inside the house.

Zoya comes to Huda House with Akansha, Shawn and few other crew members. Akansha is impressed with the location. Aditya welcomes her. She shares that she always comes on time. We have come to just check out the venue. Shall I talk to aunty if there is any doubt in her mind? He denies. She starts her work. Aditya thinks of Anjana’s words. Good idea.

Zoya and her team speak of the setup. Harsh comes downstairs and notices Zoya. You came here because of Adi but I wont let you do this event. Zoya asks the servant about electricity room. He tells her. She goes to check it herself.

A hoodie man cuts one of the cable and leaves it hanging. Zoya is headed towards the room and is about to touch the handle. The current is passing through it. Upstairs, Shawn and Akansha are arguing about something when Anjana scolds them. How dare you take measurements without consulting me? This is my house and my party. You wont do anything without asking me! Harsh takes her with him. She asks him why he looks pale. He just says downstairs and takes her with him.

Zoya’s phone rings. Akansha tells her that Anjana was very angry. I cannot handle her. Please take care of her. Zoya agrees to come in 2 minutes. Zoya extends her hand towards the handle when Aditya pushes her away. He gets shock and falls on top of her. She realises that his back is burnt. Anjana and Harsh panic seeing Aditya’s state. Anjana looks at the loose cable. This was bound to happen as this inauspicious girl is here! Anjana and Harsh take Aditya. Zoya is still shaken.

Wasim and his wife come to Zosh. His wife suggests speaking at reception first but he wants to see his daughter’s office. I feel proud to see what my daughter has made. She reminds him that it is their daughter. He smiles. It was a slip of tongue. She understands that he is happy to see their daughter settled in life. He is happy at Zoya’s progress. I hope she makes us proud like this always. A staff member greets them. They ask for Zoya. She shares that Zoya is in Huda House. Wasim and his wife are taken aback to know that Zoya is organizing Anjana and Harsh’s anniversary party. Wasim walks out of the office angrily. His wife tells the girl to call and inform Zoya right away.

Anjana taunts Zoya for interfering with electrical wires of home. Do event managers have electrical degree? She does not let Zoya say anything. She only wants fireworks like last time in Eid Party. Zoya says I only told where the bomb was and that’s how everyone was safe. I just went to check if the generator will be able to take the load. Sparks were there already. Aditya reached on the right time. Anjana remarks that this is what Aditya has to do now. She asks Victor to bring ice pack. She tells Aditya not to act like some super hero. I don’t want my sons to be in problem because of outsiders. Some people are inauspicious. Wherever they go, they bring sadness. Zoya again insists that she too could have been hurt. The wire was loose already. Anjana argues with her. Aditya says it is going overboard. Anjana says is Zoya not saying too much. He tells her not to make a mountain out of the mole. ZOya dint know about the spark. I went downstairs and saw the sparks. Nothing else was going on. What would have people thought if people had known that someone got electrocuted in our house? We would have to cancel the party then! Shout as much as you guys want. He heads to his room. Zoya looks at his wound as he goes inside.

Precap: Zoya makes Aditya remove his shirt and nurses his wound. He looks at her in the mirror. Title song plays in the background. Zoya notices him looking at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    The way Adi and Arjun convince their parents was quite funny….but who’s that person who deliberately cuts the wires…and Adi gets a shock….!
    Waiting 4 Monday episode.

    1. I think it’s Mr. Hooda.

    2. Mona146

      i think its HARSH. both parents are inhumane

  2. Loving adiya love ❤ track.
    Hating anjana?. Day by day her irritation is increasing. .
    Waiting for monday..
    Nice precap?

  3. Silent reader

    Both Adi and Zoya shares some good chemistry. Anjana’s part is very annoying but one good thing is that both Adi and Arjun are being good in convincing her. Adiya’s scenes are very natural. Had always loved the part where both of them cares for each other. Hopefully it continues and also hoping that Adi will have a second thought about his mysterious trip. Tbh wishing for more of Arnoor scenes and also waiting for the scene where both Adi and Zoya will profess their feelings for each other. Admist of some pending issues it might be a lil late but I guess it will be worth waiting.

  4. waiting for monday episode

  5. Poor Zoya…Earlier Yash’s mom was accusing Zoya for being unlucky for her son n now Anjana is doing the same..!!! But at least Adi stood by next week Waseem too would show up at Hooda house n stop Zoya from organising the event!!!
    But eventually we know ZOYA BABY will successfully organize the event☺️?

  6. I’m happy for one thing only that is adi scold her mom . I thought he will not get angry with her mom like he do previously but no he is same and wen about zoya he ready to scold her mom. And I think anjana deserve this cause she didn’t understand wat happen n scold zoya so stupid. God sake adi show some anger to anjana or otherwise anjana took advantage over this and talk too much to zoya . If adi scold her like this means only she close her mouth.

  7. I dont think mr hooda will cut the wire? or maybe Apurva is back
    nice episode
    one thing strange in d serial is zoya playin a muslim is a christian
    Arjun playin a hindu is a muslim in real life
    Noor also is a hindu

    1. Um.. Why is that strange? They are actors playing certain characters. It’s their job.
      Now Mahavir phogat was played by Aamir Khan in dangal and no one found that strange.. Basically what I’m trying to say is that Zoya,Noor,Aaditya ate all characters.. And Jennifer,harsh etc are mere actors portraying them.
      Anyway,didn’t mean to be rude. So don’t think like I was being so..
      The track these days is quite interesting no? Loving Aadiya scenes!?❤️

      1. I didnt mean to prove anythin just was saying simply

    2. Ya I also think it’s not harsh . Maybe someone else . But I don’t know y sometimes I feel arjun also maybe turn in negative.

  8. she was Anjana mrs Hooda

  9. Loved the part when Arjun said she’s not coming here as a bahu, also Anjana needs to calm down always making a mountain out of a molehill. So glad Zoya pointed out quite calmly she was responsible for saving lives at the Eid party.

  10. Neha1

    “Kasauti Zindagi Kay” Promo is killing me….Can’t wait 4 Erica’s upcoming show…Very much excited… I think the guy opposite Erica is Parth Samathan…but nothing is confirmed yet….???????

      1. No the guy is Sharad Malhotra of ‘kasam’ fame..He will play Anurag…Confirmed on tellychakkar

      2. @Arch Sharad is not in KZK, Ekta confirmed

      3. Neha1

        No, I don’t want Sharad Malhotra, better if Parth Samthaan or Karan Wahi play Anurag…let’s see who will play Anurag’s character..???

      4. Well…As per today’s confirmed news on tellychakkar actor Abhimanyu Singh of Shamitabh fame will play Anurag

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