Bepannaah 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya and Zoya’s ice cream date

Bepannaah 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The person hiding Sakshi comes to Huda House. Aditya is coming from another direction and looks at the person. It is Harsh. He lies that he went out for a jog. Aditya excuses himself. Harsh heaves a sigh of relief.

Zoya is looking at the sky. She is sitting atop the car. Aditya looks at his watch in confusion. It’s working. It is midnight! She says it happens daily. You came back after so many days though. I thought to eat ice cream with you. He says where we will find it at this hour. She says we will find it somewhere. I couldn’t talk to you when you returned. I thought to eat ice cream and catch up a little. He suggests going tomorrow. She asks him if he is saying no. You cannot! You cannot say no to me this entire week. You left 6 months back without a bye or anything. This is your punishment!

You will have to fulfil my every wish. He gives in. Where will we get Tuti Frooty ice cream? She agrees to tell.

Zoya brings 3 ice creams, 2 for herself and 1 for him. She tries to tempt him for more but he declines. She watches him eat his ice cream quietly with a cute smile. He asks her if she will eat this as well. She asks for a bite. I only want a bite. He makes faces. She calls him miser. You have turned miser since you went to Paris. I was just asking for a bite. He agrees and lets her take a bite. She talks nonstop again to his surprise. They run to sit inside as rain starts pouring. She tells him that I have understood one thing about Mumbai. It starts raining anytime here. It stops right then. She laughs that it stops anytime as well. He asks her to check if she has temperature. She denies but he says you have changed so much that I fail to recognize you. She says I have changed but our friendship hasn’t changed. He tells her to be like this always. I want to see how you work now. I will get to see you organize Ma Pa’s anniversary. She gets tensed. I said yes to you but I really don’t feel like doing it. I will suggest good event managers to you and will assist them. Your mom does not like it. he asks her if she wants her client to like party or the party manager. She tells him to stop joking but he reasons that clients should like the party and not her. She isn’t your MIL. She laughs at the idea. He asks her to say yes. She agrees. Radio plays in the background. RJ speaks of chasing happiness. He says people say anything. Zoya also tells him not to let life melt away like ice cream. She focuses completely on her ice cream. He notices some ice cream around her lips and tells her. She is holding an ice cream in each of her hands so Aditya wipes it off. There is a knock at the window just then.

Zoya and Aditya see a constable. He asks them both to step out. Aditya steps out to talk to him. Constable asks him if he should send them to jail for obscenity. Zoya steps between them. Speak to me. He wants to speak to Aditya but she does not let him. How can you call my husband obscene and expect me to listen quietly? He is my husband. We are enjoying eating ice cream in this weather. Why are you messing things? He says it does not look like you both are married. She asks him to come to her home to see the marriage certificate. He asks for vermilion and mangalsutra. She says you see too many serials these days. Should I wear it all the time? Do you know DCP Singh? He came at our wedding. He tells her to let it be. She advises him to spend some time with his wife / gf as well. He leaves quietly. Aditya is amazed at the change in Zoya. Husband? She smiles that she saved him.

Noor and Arjun wait for the other person to end the call and decide to disconnect together but neither of them does that. Noor says I feel like talking to you all my life. I love you. He too says I love you to her. Noor finally ends the call. She gets up to go but finds her Abbu staring at her. Who were you missing? She tries to dismiss it but he asks for her phone. She prays to Allah to save her. Wasim asks for her password. She unlocks it for him. Arjun’s name is saved as A. Zoya says A for Appi. She gives ice cream to both of them. Why do you have to butter me so much for an ice cream? I dint realise if she was saying that to me or to ice cream. Wasim smiles. You both have grown up so much but you act like kids. He goes. Noor hugs her sister and thanks her. Abbu would have killed me today. Zoya tells her to come clear with things with Abbu. She says a sher (Ye ishq nahin aasan) but realises that she has to go to Huda House tomorrow.

Arjun too says the same for Zoya before Aditya. You cannot ask her to jump in fire. Ma is not at all happy when it comes to Zoya. Aditya tells him not to repeat that line ever again. I hate that line. Arjun is concerned for his friend (Zoya) but Aditya wants to cheer his mother. MIL is in US. She should come back and explain things to Ma. I spoke to her but she refused to come. Shall we video call her together? She wont be able to say no to us then. Arjun likes the idea.

Aditya returns to his room. He tells Arjun they will try tomorrow once again. He looks in the mirror and recalls Zoya’s speech when she had won the award. She had given him credit for her accomplishments. He also thinks of what happened today. A cute smile spreads on his face. Zoya’s changed avatar is so good. I hope our relation remains like this forever.

Precap: Anjana tells Aditya that Zoya wont come to her home as event manager. I wont see her in my house for the next 7 days. Harsh tells Anjana that Zoya will come in this home on her own but she will go as per Anjana’s wish. Someone cuts the cable and leaves it hanging. Zoya is headed towards the room and is about to touch the cable.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh Yarr amazing.Bepannah is gonna hit

  2. Neha1

    Amazing episode..??? Zoya and Adi scenes were Superb…????
    I don’t like precap… Harsh and anjana was too much…waiting for 2mrrow episode.

  3. Who is cutting the cable in precap?.Love Adiya scene they are very cute.What is the problem of Anjana ……??.and tnx pooja for a quick updates….

  4. I love this changed bubbly Zoya full of life enjoying each second living her life to the fullest sure she will change Adi too?now eagerly waiting to see how their love will bloom? and zoya entering as bahu in hooda family?she will surely bring out real face of Mr.Hooda which pooja tried to do it is my guess ?loved this ice-cream date ??

  5. No doubt now. Its Adi who is gonna fall for Zoya first❤
    And he has already started falling for her♥

    1. Neha1

      Yes Evelyn, Even I thought so….Coz Adi is so mesmerized by Zoya’s changed looK…He slowly falling for her but still didn’t realise it….So, till now, it’s seems like Adi will 1st falls for Zoya…let’s see..!
      Anjana was so irritated and irked from Zoya, what will happen when both his son falls and wish to marry both Siddiqui’s sisters…??

  6. Sarafacebook

    Any Yuvraj & Suhani fan here? ?Suhani si ek Ladki?

  7. Neha1

    Is Harsh Hooda Sakshi’s Kidnapper…??? He lied to Adi…. Don’t know what he’s hiding… yet it’s not confirmed so can’t say who’s the kiddnapper of Sakshi…??

  8. Dawn

    Today’s episode was beautiful.

    I still believe that Anjana is the kidnapper. Harsh went out to meet his mistress 😉 that’s the reason he startled when he saw Adi.

    Best part. Ice cream & Noor caught red handed by Waseem

  9. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice,amazing and very sweet and cute episode! Today zoya rocks! I love this new bubble zoya. Interesting precap! Waiting for upcoming episode!

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