Bepannaah 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya revengous over Yash’s disgrace

Bepannaah 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya apologizes Mummy ji at home and tries to explain her position as she was unaware they would say all this in court. Mahi comes inside and blames Zoya for the disgrace Yash had to bear after his death. She pushes Zoya out of the house. Zoya fell on the floor but Mr. Siddiqui stood outside with the family. He clarifies to Mahi and Zoya that this house belongs to Zoya. Yash borrowed money from him to buy this house but he conditioned this house would be named after Zoya. He tells Madhu and Madhi to get out of this house. Zoya asks why he didn’t share this with her earlier. Mr. Siddiqui says Yash took a promise from him that he won’t tell her, maybe he wanted to show off that he did it all by himself. Zoya says it’s all because of Yash and all of them that turned her so weak, she only lived in fairy

tales. Zoya’s mother tells them both to stop now, she clarifies to Mr. Siddiqui that he has protected Zoya more than needed in life and it turned her weak. Her mother now tells Zoya that she was never a good wife to Yash, he provided every luxury in life but she never cared where Yash arranged the money for all of that. Spouses have to be a support to each other, was it only Yash’s mistake? Zoya hugs her mother. Madhu stared at Yash’s mother and murmurs if this isn’t their house? She feels pain in her heart and fell on the floor.
Aditya returns home to a huge celebration under beating of drums. Anjana does her aarti, Aditya touches her feet. Harsh was shocked to see that, Aditya says since Maa was giving a feeling of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Aditya comes aside and texts Zoya where she is, his mother has kept a party at home. He asks her to come her as soon as possible. Zoya reads the message in hospital and leaves after wiping her tears.
Anjana brings food for Aditya, they eat together. Anjana takes money from Harsh to pay to drummers, Aditya asks the drummers to at least beat for a while. Harsh and Anjana dance together in celebration. Aditya was pleased to see Zoya stand at the door. Zoya pushes Aditya away from her and says they are celebrating the disgrace of Yash. If his father saved them at the cost of Yash’s respect? Aditya questions if she wanted to spend the rest of her life in jail? Zoya questions what if some lawyer had proven that Pooja was a characterless girl to prove him innocent…. Aditya holds a hand to slap her but Harsh shouts to stop him. Zoya questions if their partners were as bad as to deserve this? Their partners didn’t deserve this treatment, they all considered him clinically depressed, suicidal, and even blamed him for Pooja’s murder. Didn’t they consider what Yash’s mother would go through? She stares into Aditya’s eyes and warns she will neither forget this, nor will she let him forget this. Aditya breaks a glass of drink. Zoya breaks two before leaving. Later, Harsh speaks to Aditya what if Zoya reopens the case, their credibility will get a setback.
In the hospital, Zoya sat with Madhu and says she has now decided to get justice for Yash on her own.
Aditya says he has now understood that only family stands beside you in times of utter need.
Zoya decides to reopen the case.
Anjana discuss with Aditya that they have decided to invite Zoya in Eid’s party. Harsh explains that Zoya is an emotional girl, she is ready to sacrifice her freedom for the mother of a man who cheated upon her. They must also try and create a bond with her.

PRECAP: Hooda family invite Siddiqui family for Eid celebrations together. Aditya tries to convince Zoya to come to party and forget everything. In the party, Zoya had arrived. Aditya tries to convince Zoya that he is doing everything for his family like her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Ek tarf zoya ki mom hain, usne sari galti apni hubby and beti ki nikali(jab ki vo sirf 40% galt hai) or ek tarf mahi ki mom hain jise apni nalayak or lalchi beti ki galt baat bhi manti hai or kuch kehti bhi nhi hai..?????????

    2. Zoya should use brain and throw mahi out of house…(which is only my plan, will never happen)??????

    3. Zoya is right on her part…. Jo hua vo bhut galt hua hai, mr. Hooda should have found 3rd way (apne pariwar ki ijjat ijjat, dusre ki ijjat pani)?????????????

    4. Aditya ka dialogue ussi par….well done zoya..????????

    5. For first time zoya ki eyes? me stupidity ya dumbness nhi, balki hoshiyari or smartness thi…??

    6. Zoya don’t do stupidity right now by reopening case rather girst gather proofs…????

    7. Aditya brain and heart can be manipulated much more easily than zoya..????????????

    8. Hooda family plan: doston ko kareeb rakho or dushmanon(zoya and her family) ko or kareeb

    1. Neha1

      Exactly Shraddha, completely agree with you…You echoed my words…
      Mr.Hooda ko “Apni Ijjat bht pyari hai”… “Dusre ki Ijjat hi nhi hai”
      Meri dadi kehti hai…”Apne chot lagi to shareer (body) mein, Dusre ke lagi to Deewar (wall) mein”…
      8th point se bhi agree hu… Mr.Hooda was doing this coz he wants to stop Zoya by taking her family support…specially Wassemji…but I really hope/wish that Mr.Hooda and Mr.Siddiqui genuinely befriend…
      6th point se bhi agree…that If Zoya wants to Reopen the case then first they should know the truth of Yash-Pooja’s death and gathers all the proof but I guess, as of now..,makers are in no mood to reveal Yash-Pooja’s death mystery
      Agreed with 7th point too…..Even Adi gets easily manipulated than Zoya…and it’s bcoz After Sakshi’s betrayal, Adi thought that only his family cares for him…I just hope that he will not becomes a “Mumma’s boy or Dad’s too obedient Son”…
      I find Sakshi quite positive than Anjana… and Harsh is only cares for his family…. “Baki log Bhaad mein jaaye”…

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Agreed… Sakshi is more patient and down to earth and anjana is agressive…

      2. Ooshi

        Agreed about Sakshi Anjana point

    2. Ooshi

      Totally agreed to first point

    3. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Shraddha

  2. Neha1

    Finally, Rajveer Suspended.. But today Zoya was too much….She’s thinking to Reopen the case…she’s gone mad…
    Roshna was absolutely right…Both Father and Daughter did mistake…
    Mr. Hooda was worried about his credibility…???
    I hate Mahi…but thanks to Waseem ji that he revealed Zoya that house was on her name…first, I thought that Madhuji’s doing drama but she’s got heart attack… still in doubt….agree Waseem ji Point that their both child are cheaters
    Precap was good and interesting, I just hope that Adi-Zoya will patchup again and befriend… and also wish that Hooda’s and Siddiqui’s too became friends…

    1. Ooshi

      Wishing the same Neha

  3. When I saw the precap last Friday…I thought Zoya was a fool..But today the way they justified her stand was amazing…I felt zoya is right n Adi selfish…n Adi was totally wrong in feeling that zoya treated him the same way as pooja n is good to choose ur family but Zoya was right..Pooja was wrong but she had her own reasons for cheating on him n Zoya also rightly pointed out that Poosh need not be insulted to this extent for their cheat…n Sakshi did love both Adi n Pooja n she did try to explain to Pooja to do the right thing….
    Adi is still not understanding his flaws whereas Zoya has started realising the same…thanks to Zoya’s mom..
    Anyways lots of drama ahead…Eid party, Adiya romantic dance, Zoya kidnapping, Rajveer locking her in a septic tank n planting bomb in the party…wow amazing week to look forward to…:)

    1. hey arch. U said very rightly. in the precap it was just looking she ws being dumb and yelling without understanding anything. But today when she kept her stand we were able to feel what she was saying was right.

      1. Specially Jenifer rocked it with her performance,absolute power-packed.For the first time I saw the confidence,flamboyance,anger and strength and courage in Zoya.I don’t know why but I just saw glimpse of Maya.

    1. Ooshi

      Dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak dhak
      Very very very very very much thank you Neha

  4. Zoya..this is not fair..” Its better to say..yash is depressed he commit suicide..than he had affair with some else’s wife…

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I agree but all blames went on yash… Mr. Hooda smartly saved pooja’s name, thats not fair… Its better to prove extra-martial affait than putting blame on only one.. Was only yash was at fault?? Clap is clapped with both hands not single hand… And hooda did to save aditya only, as aditya blackmailed him for taking blame on himself, otherwise mr. Hooda have put all blames on zoya only…

  5. zoya and adi confrontation was too good. Especially they nailed in their acting skills. Now i get the whole aditya offering friendship to zoya. He just wants her to keep from re opening the case. But i guess both will find some clue that leads to them understanding that they were murdered and thus will join hands .
    But yah mr hooda should have asked zoya once before using yash’s name lie this. But this was the easiest way to save both of them by proving there was no affair between yash and pooja.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Agreed, aditya face showed that.. He want to have friendship only to keep zoya away from reopening of case

  6. Zoya is a emotional fool who cares about a cheater husband or his family that has never been on your side drama is drama doesnot touch real life kuch zada ho raha he Zoya you would rot in jail without help from Hoodas waise bhi Yash had signed the divorce papers tujhe kyun itna jagat mata banna he ek blo*dy cheater ke liye

    1. Ooshi

      Agreed ye zyada ho rha hai

  7. I know that Zoya is a very passionate lover. She loved Yash and is still supporting him where he was right. Think what will happen once Zoya starts loving Adi?
    Passionate love♥
    Zoya is stupidly going to reopen the case but I think maybe this will not happen because Rajveer will kidnap her. And then bpth Zoya and Adi will start investigating Rajveer rather than reopening the case. Hope when Adi saves Zoya, she will forgive him and this may also help in patch up between Noor and Arjun. The show is at a very sensitive point right now and we have to wait and watch what will happen next.
    Rajveer is unintentionally playing cupid between Zoya and Adi and I love it?
    And please tell me is Rajveer suspended?
    Love Bepannah?

    1. Neha1

      Yes Evelyn, Rajveer got Suspension order infront of Hooda’s….when Rajveer raise hands on Mr.Hooda Aditya holds Rajveer hand after that a man came and gave suspension order to Rajveer… And that’s why he planned to put bomb in Hooda’s Mansion and kidnapped Zoya…! He just can’t bear his defeated by Mr.Hooda..!

      1. Is this scene telecasted yet? And if yes then in which episode?

      2. Ooshi

        No will telecast

      3. Ooshi

        Don’t know Evelyn may be not sure

    2. Ooshi

      Keep it up
      Nice analysis

      1. Thank You Ooshi?

  8. Realisation phase has started for Zoya.Though nothing gives Yash the right to cheat on her but once you start learning from your bad experiences,then it will be easy for you to move on.It is required for your own peace of mind.So hope that Zoya will make Aditya realise this too.

  9. I don’t understand Zoya’s penchant for self-destruction. If she wanted to be imprisoned, she should have admitted to killing the cheating spouses alone and let Aditya have his freedom. Yeh bohot irritating that they are acquitted of false charges only for her to reopen the case!

    The mother-in-law clearly doesn’t care about her, only showing love when it’s beneficial and Mahi’s true colours have long since been known. Madhu ji was content to do nothing to help Zoya’s case and looked annoyed that she was set free, but Zoya is hell bent on sacrificing herself. She has family that love and have supported her, yet she takes them for granted and disregards their happiness in favour of self-gratification.

    Yash deserves this “infamy” and so much more. He wasn’t a good husband, brother, or son and had multiple debts with lenders around the country. His affair ruined the business’s name and credibility. Yes, Zoya was oblivious, but only because he let her be. If he wasn’t happy, the normal thing would be to leave/get a divorced if you’re unhappy or feel overwhelmed, NOT cheat or take exorbitant loans, leaving other people to clean the mess.

    This show has good storylines, but I won’t bear her acting too stupidly. Her actions have consequences, this is going to negatively affect all the people who love her. If Zoya wants to die she should die alone.

    1. Ooshi

      Don’t conclude about yash but agree whatever you said about Zoya

    2. Exactly and if you don’t have money u tell ur partner that u don’t have money and not take loans from everywhere possible. Zoya was over reacting a bit too much… She should understand that was necessary and then can try and collect proofs and then re open the case. Not like this… And at this time kidnapping drama was unnecessary… I hope Atleast they clear their differences in this kidnapping drama

    3. 100% agree with you. It’s so weird that for 5 years of their marriage Zoya never tried to communicate with Madhu and Mahi, and now suddenly in 5 weeks she feels so much love for them that she is willing to risk being sentenced for the rest of her life. Strange and doesn’t really go with the arc of her character.

      1. Zoya doing extra fr her MIL..what abt mahi ?shameless bi..h..pls avoid melodrama n be happy/thankful to hoodas ur not jailed..

  10. Today i saw maya ????

  11. Actualy i am not satisfied…. zoya is right on yashs decision. But her behaviour towards her own parents and inlaws are defferent.. she is more concerned abt mil and maahi… when she got a chance to fire her parents noor or adi she did well… but on maahi and mil she is abig zero… maahi desrved more slaps… but no one didnt slap her why??? These a days we saw more brainless zoya now it is adis turn… he didnt use his brain for his father mother attitude and he even not tried to understand zoya… and this cbi who is he??? He cooked up a story and made false proof then he opposed adis father… his father also made a cooked story… when the truth out???? Zoya adi plz use brain and do something….. first time a serial shows us short tempered brain less male lead and female lead…. pls writer give some brain to them… hope bepnah get well soon

    1. Thanks for pointing this out – it is so hard to like the lead characters when they don’t have intelligence (or basic common sense) – Aditya seems super immature at times and Zoya is mostly a bel buddhi sadly, which makes it hard to feel bad for them when bad things happen with them. I also hope the writer gives them some brains.

  12. Zoya is mad to reopen d case..dont understand Y the hell she is dying fr yash n his mom..wud hv been better if hoodas didnt save her. thankless drama she wl allow mahi to stay in her house also aftr what all she did with her…aarrgghh..good rajveer is suspended..

  13. Hai bepannaah family?..I am back after ramzan and eid after so looong..hope all are doing good..?
    Lots of dramas and twists have happened so far.Read all the updates, watched some episodes recently.all the way long, it’s getting complicated.marriage , their hideout, jail, coutroom…
    Today we have got a bold and courageous Zoya . Somewhere we got to see that Maya version!! Lol, I know comparing these two characters is an utter stupidity!!. anyhow just as it..
    Mr hooda is clever, he is using her emotional character to putover his plans..but I bet that the same emotions are also her strength .I think today we got to see that Adithya’s selfish and a senseless version..but I know he is the ultimate one for Zoya ,all the time..?
    Waiting ………!

  14. Ooshi

    Will these circumstances lead them to find the truth of that night didn’t watched today’s epi although loved Adi’s part but waiting for AdiYa to be frnds again can’t see their fight

  15. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona
    Pooja where r u we r used to thank U so plz come back although we can thank anyone but still we r used to U

  16. Ooshi

    Can’t Zoya’s mum correct her in Yash’s life so as Sakshi

  17. Hi everyone!! I have been a silent reader of your comments but now can’t stop my self from commenting!!
    In some way Zoya is absolutely right..Mr Hooda has no right to disfame Yash alone…
    But reopening the case without proofs just to support Yash’s Family is such a stupidity..
    Also Mr Hooda is too smart…He never wanted that yash-pooja case to be investigated…So he smartly showed it as a suicide of Yash…He put the blame on Yash in murdering Pooja…I think Mr.Hooda is involved somehow in that accident…A flashback was shown that Pooja knows some secret of Mr.Hooda…So might be he planned to kill Pooja so that she won’t be able to tell his secret to his family

    1. Neha1

      Even I thought so….That Mr.Hooda has some connection with Yash-Pooja’s death…
      and as we had seen the flashback, he’s hiding something which will surely effect the whole Hooda family…that is why Mr.Hooda tried to closed that case in initial episode.. Infact Pooja had some proof also, which left Mr.Hooda in shock…!
      But let’s see when will maker’s revealed the mystery of Yash-Pooja’s death.

  18. Ooshi

    Good morning to all members of our Bepanah family

  19. Lol!!….like father like son…both rajveer nd mr. Hooda cooked up their own stories to win the case..then kya difference hain dono mein??

    If yash did soo much fir zoya then dont you think he truly loved her ..i think there might be some other reason

  20. hi I am commenting first time
    zoya zoya u r amazing firstly you cared for your MIL really you did not met them in last five years. You never want to go to your in laws and now yash ki mom yash ki mom suberb now only this famliy is your world

    1. Ooshi

      Welcome to this forum and family Gurjeet

  21. I dont know what to say about zoya..she is shown that way and she is following it.. Bt what she does I want AdiYa to be together in any case…. And Adi statement about trust reg Zoya is wrong

  22. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Finally Rajveer got suspended! But zoya is very stupid and foolish! When Mahi is throwing zoya out of house Madhu ji don’t stops Mahi! Mahi also cheated zoya for her selfish motives. Yash cheated on zoya. But still zoya wants revenge from Aditya for Yash disrespected! Typically Hindi daily show heroine. Aditya always saves zoya from danger even saves Zoya from going to jail but zoya is not thankful to Aditya and hoods family at all. Wasim asked Madu and Mahi to leave the home immediately that’s really nice. Wasim also scolds Madhu ji for her behavior towards zoya that’s really amazing.

  23. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    What can, I say about zoya foolish, stupid, unreliable. Zoya is behaving like typical Hindi daily show heroine. When Mahi is throwing zoya out of house Madhu ji don’t stops Mahi! Mahi always used zoya for her selfish motives. Only Aditya always saves zoya from danger even saves zoya from going to jail but she is not thankful to Aditya and hoods family even zoya is seeking revenge from Aditya and hoods family for hash disgrace. Even yash cheated on zoya.

  24. Siddharth

    Hi bepanah family how are you all. Finally Adi&soya released from jail. Rajvir Aur mahi ka moo dekne layak tha ??
    As per my point of view I dont think Mr hooda did any mistake by blaming yash . I agree his way was wrong but if he dint take this step Adi&soya would have got life imprisonment. And rajvir was hell behind Adi&zoya to prove them guilty , the way he tortured both of them in jail he can do anything. So in this situation it was necessary to take this step as even Adi blackmailed hooda to save zoya. Zoya’s angry was justified . But I don’t feel Adi is selfish as he saved zoya many times and he stood with her in difficulty. His stand against pooja &yash is not wrong as they cheated on them so zoya shud stop caring about yash.
    Hope adi &zoya’s misunderstand wl clear soon

  25. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Zoya is behaving like typical Hindi daily show heroine. Madhu ji don’t stops Mahi when Mahi is throwing zoya out of house! Zoya is stupid and foolish. Mahi always used zoya for her selfish motives. Yash cheated on zoya! Aditya always saves zoya from danger even saves zoya from going to jail. But zoya is not thankful to Aditya. Now zoya is seeking revenge from Aditya for yash disgrace! I really like the scene when Wasim asked Madhu ji and Mahi to leave the home immediately. Wasim scolds Madhu ji for her behavior towards zoya that’s really amazing!

  26. stupid idiot retard moron zoya, she is so hell bent to show how good n self sacrifising she is. how many time yash’s mom requested zoya not to disturb her bt zoya disturbed her so much that she got heart attack. Then she went to adis home to disturb them

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