Bepannaah 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya’s condition before his father

Bepannaah 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prosecution lawyer now calls Rajvir in the witness box. He asks Rajvir when he found out that Aditya and Zoya have killed Pooja and Yash. He says I had a doubt the day they said they don’t know each other. Defence lawyer Harsh just asked for the proof which confirms that Aditya and Zoya were in Mussorie on 19th March. He shows the CCTV footage where they both were shopping (when they were actually buying gifts for their partners). The voice is off. Rajvir says one is buying the gift while the other one is making payment. Two strangers don’t behave like this. Harsh asks his son. Aditya tells him and judge that that was when they met for the first time. Harsh apologizes on his behalf in the court.

Prosecution lawyer says Aditya finally accepted that they did meet before the incident. Zoya

and Aditya think of their first meeting. Rajvir adds that he has never handled a controversial case like this. Yash and Pooja were having an affair while Aditya and Zoya were planning as to how to punish them. They had an affair when they died. Zoya requests them not to make a drama / mockery of her personal life like this. I wont be able to bear it. Harsh apologizes on her behalf as well. I would remind her that it isn’t right to be emotional in court. She should get a grip on her emotions. Aditya looks at Zoya as she wipes her tears.

Prosecution lawyer says Aditya’s flight was heading to Kathmandu on March 19th and he diverted it to Dehradun. He calls a guy named Dheeraj Pandey in witness box. Aditya recalls that he is the same guy who experienced chest pain during the flight. Prosecution lawyer asks him about that and Dheeraj affirms that Aditya got an emergency landing in Dehradun. Harsh objects. He had a heart attack that day. Dheeraj adds that airport medicare checked me and affirmed it to be gas problem. Harsh justifies Aditya’s actions. He dint want to take any chances so he took an emergency landing in Dehradun. Rohit (Aditya’s co-pilot) comes up next. He shares that air hostess informed Aditya that a patient is having chest pain. Aditya assumed it to be a heart attack on his own. Rohit nods. Aditya thinks of that day. It was Aditya’s personal decision to land the flight in Dehradun. Prosecution lawyer says Aditya took such a big risk by ignoring what ATC said. He turns to judge. He risked the lives of so many people so he could reach Dehradun. Aditya and Zoya had decided to get Pooja and Yash out of their way at any cost. They got them out of their way, took over their company, their lives and started living a Happily Ever After! He rests his case.

Harsh and Arjun are relieved that the court is adjourned for the day. Judge asks Harsh to present his side of the story tomorrow. Harsh nods.

Harsh asks Aditya to listen to him. No Public Prosecutor can do any harm to you. I will win this case at any cost. Do you trust me? Aditya nods. Aditya and Zoya are being taken back to jail when rajvir remarks that they cannot afford to have anything else. Zoya’s mother hopes tomorrow is a better day. Wasim thinks I feel Zoya might be safe but Aditya will be in real trouble. All the evidences are against him. Hope he is saved somehow.

Harsh vows to leave no stone unturned to get his son out of jail. I will go to any extent to make it happen!

Aditya says I was telling you to speak up in court. You were spoken to so badly but you kept mum. She tells him that she isn’t worried about herself but him. Everything was pointing so wrongly at you today. He assures her that Pa will handle everything. She prays that it happens. Contable asks them to come out. Someone came to meet you.

Harsh tells Aditya that the ball is in his court now. Rajvir has opened all his cards. Aditya says that’s what I was telling Zoya. We aren’t at fault and you will save us, right Pa? Harsh thinks of little Aditya doing the same in his childhood and nods reassuringly at him.

Arjun gives Pooja’s diary to Harsh. Maybe it will help you. I know you know that I stole it from Mussorie. Harsh tells him that it does not matter anymore. Arjun says this proves that Bhaiya knew nothing about Pooja and Yash’s affair. Harsh nods. Meet Zoya and Aditya and ask them what all happened when Rajvir was following them. Arjun leaves.

Harsh’s assistant recognizes the diary. He reads the write-ups and realises something. Harsh tells him to make sure no one finds out anything. His assistant takes Zoya’s name but Harsh is not at all keen to help her. I called you here as we have to do everything asap.

Arjun calls his father asking him to come to police station asap. Harsh agrees.

Harsh meets Aditya and Arjun. Harsh tells Aditya not to worry. I have worked out everything. Aditya says I know what you have worked out. Arjun points out that he is withdrawing from Zoya’s case. You plan to put entire blame on Zoya. Flashback is shown where Arjun is shown confronting Harsh’s assistant. Harsh asks Aditya to understand. I want to save you. I am your father! Aditya says you fail to see that Zoya is also someone else’s daughter. She has been through so much because of me. How is this justice? I know you well. You can do anything that you wish to but the problem is that you don’t wish to think of anyone apart from me. I wont let my Pa commit such a big sin. I wont let him put the blame on an innocent girl. Harsh tells Aditya to stop. Who is this girl for whom you are ready to risk your life? This is your problem. When you start trusting someone, you do it blindly. You keep hurting yourself all along but you still don’t stop! First it was Pooja, then Sakshi and now Zoya. Pooja was your wife and Sakshi was her mother but what is Zoya to you?

A flashback is shown. Aditya asks Zoya to let him know if she wants to hire another lawyer. I will speak to Pa. She tells him not to say so. I told you that we are in this together. I trust you and your father too. He will get us out for sure. Flashback ends.

Aditya says nothing special. I just cannot see anything wrong happening with any woman. You have two choices – either save both of us or tomorrow I will accept it in court that I only killed both the cheaters! Harsh is taken aback by his condition. Arjun asks his brother to calm down. This isn’t any option but Aditya insists that this is the only option – either both of us will be safe or only Zoya will be safe in the end! He looks challengingly at his Pa.

Precap: Harsh proves Yash as clinically depressed in the court. His financial problems increased so much that he committed suicide. On 19th March, Pooja Hooda went to ask for her 5 crores but he dint have the money. He ended up committed suicide and took Pooja with him. Aditya and Zoya are stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. This rajvir deserve ???????????????? shoot at sight

    2. Aditya is blackmailing his father for zoya, its not good way…

    3. Hadddd hai, rajvir ne sabhi gavohon ko iss tarha se ghumaya hai ki har cheez ko zoya and aditya khilaf kr diya… Now I doubt ki vo shopkeeper bhi zoya and aditya ke pakash me gavahi nhi dega????????????????????????

    4. Awwwww…… Zoya ko aditya ki or aditya ko zoya ki… Fikar hai…????????

    5. Hadd hai Harsh is planning to make everything against zoya, just going to blame zoya for everything…??????

    6. Arjun is much smarter, he realised his father’s plotting…????

    7. Zoya is tooo emotional, and this much emotional land you in pain always (in real or reel life)

    8. I hope Harsh ki baatein sunn kar zoya kuch bol na de.. Jitna aditya smile kr rakha tha (as he knows he blackmailed harsh, so he is saying all this) but zoya kuch nhi jaanti hai… Kahin kuch bol na de… Nail biting episode??????????????

    1. Neha1

      Exactly Shraddha, I’m also worried for 8 point last part….Zoya was so emotional that I doubtif she spoke anything it will be harmfull for both Adi-Zoya….

      And 3point, Rajveer is very clever….but I think that Passenger and Co-Pilot had given true statement coz Adi was reminiscing that he had thoght that passenger got heat attack but Air Hostess said that passenger having chest pain…Atleast Co-pilot was right but quite Unsure about the passenger…

      And that shopkeeper… if he comes then he surely recognise Zoya coz Zoya knew that shopkeeper but can’t sure coz Rajveer had turn every witness to his side…

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Hi neha1.. How are u???
        I know both said almost truth, but it all against aditya and zoya.. And more over, court must have took doctor statement too about passenager, as his condition was of heart attack only…
        Actually rajvir and his lawyer is presenting everything according to his wish, otherwise, evidence should be handed before hand in court..

    2. Neha1

      Hey, I’m good Shraddha… but yeah agreed that this will work against both but I really hope that Mr.Hooda will manage to save Adi-Zoya or else Sakshi is the last option we have..

    3. Ooshi

      Point 1 totally agreed
      Point 2 agreed
      Point 3 directly Adi k khilaf kiya hai
      Isi liye shopkeeper ka na aana hi behtr hai
      Point 4 so sweet lovely
      Point 5 dono baap beta 1 jaise hain bs 1 apne mksd k liye Zoya ko phasa raha hai aur doosra apne mksd k liye apne naam pe baap ko blackmail kr rha ha I
      Point 6 right but smarter than whom
      Point 7 totally agreed
      Point 8 kuch nahi ho ga tension na lain
      Maine episode nahi dekha pr agr dekha hota to?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    4. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Shraddha

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Thank u..
        How are u?

        Point 6 Mr. Hooda thinks that to put all accusitions on zoya and his helper works on it but arjun find out and tell everything to aditya.. On other side mr. Hooda thinks arjun will never figure out about his move… So i said arjun is smarter

        Point 8 as mr hooda will try to save zoya and aditya by saying negative about yash and pooja, zoya’s face expression was clear that if she is not stopped she will burst out whole truth about mr. Hooda wrong sayings…

      2. Ooshi

        Expecting good

  2. Wow smart move hood… u have great brain… please judge accept this as valid statement and slap this rajveer guy out of court… now I love this mr hood.. I thought they get pooja mom to clear the misunderstaing but its great…
    These rajiveer guy is soo fishy… I hope pls found some way to make this devil out from our zoya and aditya life…
    Cant wait for court judgement tommorow.. great preview

  3. Neha1

    OMG…??? SHOCKING Episode…
    Rajveer completely mold the story very conveniently…. CCTV footage voice was off and he took the advantage of this….
    Very Angry When that passenger came….but I guess that Adi was very much concerned for him that he thought that may be that guy gets an heart attack…
    And that Co-pilot Rohit.. he to came in court…how Rajveer found these guys..???

    And Mst Importantly,

    1. Neha1

      And most importantly, Mr.Hooda was withdrawn from Zoya’s case…Sooooo Mean. but I think when Mr.Hooda overheard Waseem-Roshna’s convo he changed his mind and just focusing on Adi’s case….
      But Thankfull to Arjun and Aditya that they both has now forced to fight for both Zoya-Adi or else Adi’s ultimatum-he will accept that he killed both Yash-Pooja…

      And Precap was too Shocking, Mr.Hooda changed the story that Yash had been through in Depression coz his financially weak that he committed suicide and took pooja with him…I
      I don’t know why But I can’t believe whatever Harsh Hooda stating in precap…

      1. Ooshi

        He is an intelligent lawyer as his intentions are good (in precap)

  4. Adi’s concern for zoya..uff mashallah..?

    1. Ooshi

      1 to concern oopr se Zoya ka trust aur Pa ko ye sin na krne dena

  5. Lokesh

    So true and false is going on , waiting for other sequence but diary too.thanx Pooja


    I just wish aditya and zoya to get out from jail as soon as possible.. I am just waiting for tomorrow’s episode…when harsh drafts a story to make it look like a suicide on the part of yash…

  7. I just wish aditya and zoya to get out from this tough phase asap….Waiting for tomorrow’s episode as its going to be power packed… especially the precap part when harsh drafts a story of yash’s suicide…. it will be an interesting watch to see cooked story of harsh in court.

  8. Siyuu

    precapp ??

  9. This is the first time I am commenting here. I love Bepannaah very much. What is the trp of the show this week? Is it in top 20? And thank you Pooja Di for the wonderful updates. I love reading all the comments here.
    Love Bepannaah ??
    Love Adiya ??

    1. Neha1

      Welcome Sona on TU of Bepanaah and keep commenting…

    2. Ooshi

      Welcome to BePannah family Sona
      Keep commenting

  10. OMG! The precap. Truly, even I thought that Yash committed suicide along with Pooja for some or other reason. I did not comment it here as I never wanted to make a spoiler for anyone.
    Lovely episode??

    1. Ooshi

      Keep it up Evelyn

      1. Thank You Ooshi?

      2. Ooshi

        No need of thank you

  11. This is thee first time I am commenting here. I love Bepannaah very much. What is the trp of the show this week? Is it in top 20? And thank you Pooja Di for the wonderful updates. I love reading all the comments here.
    Love Bepannaah ??
    Love Adiya ??

  12. Jisha

    Awesome… I love to see the bond btn adi and harsh… Complex yet concerned and caring…
    Precap is ????
    I must say they have given each character a part in the story… I mean no one is standing in a group for the sake of it… Which is the general phenomenon in most of the serials…
    Harsh, arjun, sakshi, Zoya mother in law, Zoya parents, anjana, Mahi..they are not a sidelined character…

  13. Nana

    I don’t know the kind of enmity between rajvee and adi. He is really good in making up stories in other to proof adi and zoya as murderers if their partners.

    1. Ooshi

      So as Harsh for his son

  14. Yash did not commit suicide…Harsh made this statement just to save Adi-Zoya…But this lie probably will bring Zoya Adi out of jail…bcos on YouTube I saw upcoming Eid special episode where Zoya Adi are dancing…

    1. Ooshi

      Happy to see u back Arch
      Keep commenting
      U r right

    2. Ooshi

      Eid special mtlb Saturday ko b lge ga?
      Reply zroor krna

  15. Amazing episode and precap is super amazing

  16. Adi is falling for Zoya madly. He agreed to stay in jail forever and get punished for a crime he didn’t commit but doesn’t want anything to happen to Zoya. And his condition before his father, whatever happens he wants to save Zoya in every way.
    Good Mr. Hooda. Maybe my assumption wasn’t right but what I assumed has actually been used to save Zoya and Adi.
    Hope they get out of this mess and solve Pooja and Yash’s murder mystery.

  17. I think Harshvardhan Hooda is definitely involved in the murder in some way…before when Adi asked him why he didn’t ask him if he actually murdered Yash and Pooja, Harsh’s reaction seemed like he knew Adi didn’t do it because he knows who actually did it (maybe he got it done or did it himself since a long time ago they showed flashbacks of Pooja knowing some secret about him).

    I also think the Viranis and Zosh employees should have been there in the court hearings because even they know the truth about Zoya/Adi’s fake wedding, and how Mahi wanted to act as his wife first. So far I’m sort of unimpressed with Mr Hooda’s court skills – he doesn’t seem interested in finding out the truth and collecting evidence…instead he is fabricating and twisting stories just like Rajveer. Anyway let’s see what happens.

    1. Ooshi

      At least Zosh employee should be there and for Harsh the priority is his son so he is fulfilling his aim by hook or crook

  18. Pratina

    Dono wen will the truth unfold behind Pooja n Yash murder and what is mr. Hooda’s connection….still not able to understand…any guesses dears

    1. Ooshi

      For that we have to wait u didn’t u choose any dp till now

      1. Pratina

        Changed my dp..howz it?

  19. I have never seen a Police officer so stupid. How can you show CD without admitting as evidence and then not letting the audio play? Whoever is writing this story is thinking the audience is stupid.
    Please change your story it is getting to be a childish. To get the audience to watch the serial make it realistic not far fetched story.
    Plane’semergency landing air traffic control would know why the plane landed. So why bring concocted witnesses.
    The whole court case full of nonsense.

  20. I so in a segment today that zoya will be upset on aditya for blaming yash…both is out of jail and will celebrate eid together.. noor and arjun too will come closer in the process..

    1. Ooshi

      Hoping same

  21. Mr. Hooda is great.. no affair with yash and pooja means no motive to kill them. This way he will NOT only save zoya and aadi but the family honor as well.. Good job

  22. yuktanjali singh_24

    can someone tell me what exactly is in that diary??? i mean do we only know that it belongs to pooja and she has written everything in it or do we also know what all she has written in it ???

    1. Ooshi

      We know half of the things she wrote in the diary that she was falling for yash

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