Bepannaah 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya plans to bring Aditya back home

Bepannaah 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya comes to a church to light candles there.
Zoya makes her family stop the car near a church on the way and brings her award there. She also lights candles.
Aditya sits and says he wonders how he thought about God. Whenever he is hopeless that there is no reason to smile anymore, he gets a reason in life.
Zoya thanks God for giving her the reason to live and smile, and saving her from drowning.
Aditya says God saved him from losing the right path, he is away from everyone but prays for everyone’s safety.
Zoya says He never let her astray from the right path.
Aditya turns to leave the church when he finds wind blow a candle and stays to light it again.
Zoya also saves a candle from going out and says she won’t let it blow.
In the car, Waseem says their

daughter has changed a lot. Roshan was proud of their daughter, Zoya was a shy girl but is really confident now. Sometimes she feels afraid what if this happiness is snatched from them. Waseem says only Hooda’s could have ruined their happiness and thankfully they aren’t in contact with them for last six months.
Zoya and Noor enter their room. Noor wanted to hold the trophy but Zoya runs across the room and doesn’t let Noor hold her trophy. Zoya gives the trophy to Zoya for minutes. Noor says it seems Zoya is getting younger with time, and is going to childhood now where they got the trophies. Zoya teases that Noor seems to be getting older, why she pants so badly? She takes her trophy and runs from Noor again, locking herself in the trophy. Noor calls her to come outside but was soon grabbed by someone from the back and dragged outside. Zoya notices Noor’s voice had vanished at once.
There, Aditya was packing his bag. A sikh fellow, Kardar asks if he is returning? Its been long, if he doesn’t miss his family? Aditya replies she was a passenger, is going on another travel. Kardar asks if he won’t return home. Kardar’s phone bell rings, it was ‘Abhi na jao chor k’. Aditya says it was once his favorite song and listens to it intently.
Zoya comes out of the bath after changing in sleep clothes. She listens to Abhi Na Jao Chor K, and watches the same photo as Aditya held there about the cricket match. She comes to shut the window and notices Noor was hugging the guy who dragged her outside. It was Arjun. Zoya was shocked to see them and comes downstairs. Noor and Arjun were terrified to see her there. Zoya asks if they didn’t get any other place for romance but right outside their house gate. Arjun and Noor appears shocked. Zoya sings, ‘Jabb Pyaar kiya tou darna kya’. She asks what if their father spots them here and tells them to come inside.
Sakshi’s kidnapper brings food for her.
Zoya dries Noor’s hair up. She was annoyed what if Noor got a cold. Zoya then hands coffee to Noor and Arjun and asks till when they will hide their love. Though its not easy to convince their families after all the tensions, but love is never easy. Arjun explains to Zoya that the conditions at their house have worsened. Anjana and Harsh fight all day long, Sakshi has also left and he has no one to speak to. Zoya apologizes and wonders what she can do? Arjun says it seems he must await death to bring Aditya back. Zoya thinks for a while and says that’s correct, death is the only chance to bring Aditya back. She suggests if something happens to Hooda family Aditya would hurry back to home. Arjun was happy and asks since when Zoya began to think like Aditya?

PRECAP: The police brings Zoya Siddiqui as the culprit to Hooda house. Zoya explains she did this to bring Aditya back but Anjana pushes her outside the house. Zoya fells over the shoulder of Aditya. He was shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Neha1

    Wow, ??????Arno was in love….??????
    Zoya’s supports both Arnoor…. The trio convo was Superb..???
    And Zoya think like Adi….Khurafati Dimaag…
    Finally, in Precap, Adi will return to Mumbai…. Yessss.??????????????? waiting 4 2mrrow’s episode.

    1. next episode on monday.

      1. Neha1

        Oh yeah, got so excited for next episode, but thanks for reminding me..
        But this is surely a long weekend for Bepanaah fan’s…

    2. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Neha

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  3. Ooshi

    Loving this Zoya
    Love AdiYa

  4. Ooshi

    Y Monday is soo far
    Eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode

  5. uffff ????????

  6. Wow nice episode.. Love adiya❤❤. Nice precap. But hate this Anjana.
    Anyway waiting for Monday.

  7. Wow nice episode.. Love adiya❤❤. Nice precap. But hate this Anjana.
    Anyway waiting for Monday.

  8. Wow nice episode…now the boring tracks of this serial are finally gone n we are moving towards the crux of the story – our Adiya love story…Jenny was looking beautiful in precap..guys don’t watch the serial on digital platform …watch it at 9.30pm on TV…our cute show was even behind ‘silsila’ last week as per barc ratings…:)

    1. Neha1

      Yeah, but I think this or next week Bepanaah-Trp rating will surely increased..Coz finally Poosh chapter is over and upcoming twists will be interesting and fan’s are eagerly waiting for Adiya’s love story and Arnoor love story already started..

  9. What a timing adi:)

  10. Can’t wait for monday….Adi is back…waiting to see adiya scenes..I think zoya fall in love with aditya without knowingly..

  11. Lokesh


  12. Neha1

    As we see in today’s episode that Arjun informed Zoya that his parents won’t Celebrate their 35th Anniversary untill Aditya returns home.
    Up Next, Arjun will emotionally blackmail Mr.Hooda and Anjana and would ask them to leave for Lonavala for peace of mind. Meanwhile, Zoya and Arjun spread fake News about Hooda family being missing. Mr.Hooda will get Angry when he get to know this news and cops will arrest Zoya and get her to Hoda house. Anjana will be angry when she will get to know it was Arjun, who was along with Zoya in this plan. Soon someone will come and hold her hand, it was Aditya. The family will be Happy.

  13. Rithu17

    Aaaaaaahhhh!!!!!! Arnoor are a pair!!!!!…OMG I can’t tell how happy I’m seeing the trio!!!…gosh..i wasn’t expecting this!!! But I really wanted to see their love story too tho…i guess they might reveal bits n pieces when they tell Adi abt it!!…sooo excited???

  14. Loved arnoor!! ?But i felt they just make it simple.. Just need some more drama in arnoor.. And missing their nokjhok..Finally adi is back!

  15. Noor arjun hooda

    Loved arnoor!! ?But i felt they just make it simple.. Just need some more drama in arnoor.. And missing their nokjhok..Finally adi is back!

  16. Neha1

    Upcoming Scene :- Aditya gives contract to Zoya for Arranging his parents Anniversary Party and also meets Zosh’s employees…!

  17. ShraddhaSharma392

    Awwwww…. Noor and Arjun love story started, but they haven’t shown it much, kam se kam proper proposal, noor forgiveness, their love confession, kuch to dikhana chiye tha…

    1. yeah dear I also felt that… btw nice episode.. waiting for monday.

  18. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah Family !!
    Tag Line : “Sabse Door Hun Me,Pls Sabka khayal rakhiyega aur sab pe apna Noor banaye rakhna”
    Lost and Sad Aditya Hooda? came to church just like when he went when Pooja deceives him , Zoya too came to church INRI (only idol) to share her happiness? and gratitude to Lord…Siddaquis are happy seeing her cheerful daughter? ,AdiYa lits candles at same time following by new track music ?? “Sabse Door Hun Me,Pls Sabka khayal rakhiyega aur sab pe apna Noor banaye rakhna” aaj phir se Adi ke haathon kisi ki prayer save hui last time in dargah he tied dhaga of wishes….too good …Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai????? Jaise Siddaquis happy hai Yeh Badali hui Zoya ko dekh kar itna hi khush hum bhi hain FREE BIRD ??? Now no can break her ☺️☺️ !!
    ??? Hehehe Zoya enters cheering her success ??? she is so happy , kid “Hum Apni Trophy Nahi Denge “??? #ZoNoor #SistersGoals ??? Zoya teased Noor her kohinoor ?? hahaha “Aap Bhi Kya yaad Rakhegi kis se pala pada tha” “logo ko bachpan ke baad jawani ati hain aur aapko appi Jawani ke baad Bachpan aa raha hain” “Aur Aapko bachpan se sidha buddhapa aa raha hain”??? Silly Siddaqui’s Girls ,Yeh trophy hume dede Thakur ???? haye rabba yeh kudiya bhi na ek dum Jhalli hain…aur yeh kya someone kidnapped Noor from Zoya’s room ???? Kardarji senti ho gaye “Tusi Jaa rahe ho Tusi na jao ji ” koi Adi se door nahi rehna chahta ??? Safar ka hi tha main safar ka raha
    ??? Kardarji’s cell ring Bepannah Si Mohabbat that is Adi’s fav song and he remembers his first meeting with Zoya ❣️❣️❣️❣️ i thought may be he will remember pooja but its good for him and us ….Zoya too remembers their first meeting !! Zoya was remembering her best friend Aditya crazily with each memory ??? ArNoor ??????? Zoya O mouth ??? “Kya Chal Raha hain yeh Din Dahade baarish me Chatri ke Nich Raj Kapoor aur Nargis wala Romance chal raha hain”??? Zoya rocked so she know about ArNoor ☺️☺️☺️ Jab pyaar kiya toh karna kya hahahah today Zoya is in all shaitani andaaz ???? Poor Sakshi Aunty . beautiful sequence between ZoyaArNoor !! #Mission_Khurafat hahahah chalo maja anewala hain !!

    1. Ooshi

      Very happy to see ur such comment here again

  19. Bepannah story line becoming just jab we met movie.. in the first series zoya was sclient and aditya was loud.. after six months zoya is full charged.

  20. Bepannah story line becoming just jab we met movie.. in the first series zoya was sclient and aditya was loud.. after six months zoya is full of energy

    1. Exactly…u echoed my words…it is a customised version of ‘jab we met’..n Zoya has become like ‘Geet’ now…

  21. Ooshi

    This new bgm is killing me and for AdiYa it’s like
    Sone pe sohaga

  22. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I wants to see Anjana’s reaction when she get to know Arjun loves Noor.Waiting for Aditya’s come back!

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