Bepannaah 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddiqui’s come to Hooda House

Bepannaah 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harsh reads the papers. His assistant tells him that the hearing is due tomorrow. Till now I couldn’t find out what evidences Rajvir has gathered against them as he hasn’t submitted the list till now. I think he will do it at the last minute. Arjun and Harsh get thinking. Arjun suggests extending this date. We can use this as an excuse. Harsh agrees. Rajvir will then get a chance to torture my son all the more! Idiot! Arjun apologizes to him. Harsh says I assured Adi Rajvir wont be able to do anything now but how do I reassure myself. Till the time Aditya is in lock up, Rajvir cannot just control Aditya but me too! Once the case reaches court, the ball will be in my court. Its my arena. Even if I lose, I will find 10 more chances for me. Arjun says we have no details, no ideas of evidences. How will

we prepare for it? Harsh is sure Rajvir will try to show him down on the first day itself. He might show all the proofs on Day 1 itself which might be of use to us. I will then tackle him well. Arjun says I think we are making a very big mistake. We have no clue what he will do to trap Bhai. If he manages to convince the judge, we can lose the case. Anjana comes to talk to Harsh about something important. Harsh tries to postpone it but she insists she cannot keep it for later anymore. Harsh goes with her.

Aditya feels bad thinking how Zoya got hurt while running and in the cell. On the other hand, Zoya too is only thinking about his wounds and the pain that he had to go through. They both look at each other.

Sakshi calls Arjun. How is Adi? What is police saying? Did you meet him? Arjun tells her to calm down. I met him and he is fine. He notices his parents talking and wonders what Mom is saying to Dad. What happened? Sakshi asks Arjun to let her know if he needs any help during the case. He agrees and ends the call.

Anjana breaks down. Harsh assures her he will manage everything. It is good that you told me everything. Arjun overhears it. What did Mom tell Dad?

Aditya sits near the door of his cell. I am sorry. Zoya says you are not at fault. Why are you saying sorry? Actually those women dint trouble me a lot. I will bear this pain. He says it is happening because of me. Don’t know what I was thinking. Police could not arrest you in the evening and Pa would have reached by morning. Don’t know what I was thinking. Nothing would have happened to you. I don’t know why I forced you to run away with me. If only I had thought with a cool mind then you would have been atleast at your home right now. She agrees that she too should have thought of it. I told you that I look dumb but I am not. I took that decision in my senses you dint force me to run. I felt it was the right decision for both of us. Aditya asks her where it is paining. She speaks of the sprain. He reminds her of the cricket match when her finger was twisted. She says you did it then. How will it do it on my own? He encourages her calling her brave. You weren’t afraid of the tiger then this ankle is nothing! You can do it. Close your eyes; focus on it and do it! Rajvir claps. You both are really cute. You do everything together. One gets hurt and the other is in pain. You run a fraud company together, kill people and then help each other. I am thinking to bring out your truth in front of everyone tomorrow! I am sending you on a court date tomorrow! All the best!

Arjun is making notes in his room. His pencil breaks. He stumbles upon Pooja’s diary. Rajvir must have built the case on the fact that Zoya knew about Pooja and Yash’s affair. I might find some clue here. He checks the diary. Pooja has written – I die hundred times whenever I see Aditya’s face. He trusts me so much. He cannot even think there is something between me and Yash. Arjun wonders if he can use this in the court tomorrow or not. Servant comes to inform him that Siddiqui family has come to meet him. Arjun keeps the diary back.

Wasim tells Harsh he came to meet him once before the hearing starts. We are new here and don’t know anyone. Your son Arjun came to meet me and he only told us about you. Arjun joins them. They all sit down. Noor and Arjun keep looking at each other on and off. Wasim says we thought no one will be able to speak in a kid’s favour like you can do it for your kid. I am also a helpless father like you. I request you to fight the case just like you will do it for your son. Harsh says I am a lawyer before a father. Now Zoya is my client. I haven’t lost any case till date. I never fail my clients. Wasim says I am well known in Mussorie if not here. Let me know if you need any info. I also don’t care about money. He takes out his cheque book but Harsh tells him against it. Anjana angrily questions them. How dare you show money to us? First, it was Zoya and then Noor! Why don’t you drag entire Mussorie here? My son is suffering because of your family. First it was because of your SIL and then your daughter! My son was sleeping peacefully at his home but your daughter took him with her. She is using my son! So much has happened yet you are showing us how rich you are! Harsh tells her to stop it. Arjun takes his mother inside.

Harsh apologizes to Siddiqui’s on his wife’s behalf. She is really worried about Aditya. A lot has happened in the past because of which Anjana’s anger is justified. Wasim nods. Harsh tells him not to give him any money. We should only pray that our kids come home safely. He takes their leave.

Noor goes aside to book a cab. Mrs. Siddiqui tells her husband that Anjana is very much against Zoya. Do you still think we should still let Harsh fight Zoya’s case? Wasim reasons that they do not have time to find another lawyer.

Harsh meets Aditya and Zoya. He holds his son’s hand. I will try my best to make sure you aren’t called in the witness box tomorrow. Make sure you wont lose your cool at any cost, even when the questions turn vulgar or cheap. Prosecution lawyer will try to make sure you lose your control. That will leave a lasting impression in Judge’s mind. He will think you can do anything when you are angry. Aditya nods. You dint even ask me once if I actually killed Pooja or not!

Precap: Prosecution Lawyer asks Mahi if she is sure that Zoya and Aditya share an illicit relationship. Mahi says they have spent few nights together. I once saw Aditya getting out of Zoya’s room early morning. Prosecution Lawyer says they planned to get Pooja and Yash to out of their way. After doing so, they took over their lives, their company and started their own Happily Ever after!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Now its clear, its personal enimity of rajvir….????

    2. I am missing arjun and noor ki spark wali smile, though I know that its due to family problems, but their smile bring life to show…???

    3. Its so natural na, every bro sis has one thing common even in reality… If one is too calm other one is too naughty… Like arjun is calm?, aditya is naughty? and zoya is calm? and noor is naughty ?(not to take wrong way)??

    4. Awwwww zoya and aditya were thinking about each other’s pain…???????

    5. Sakshi is sooo sweet and this anjana is so impateint, i hope she didn’t say about sakshi’s blackmail problem…????

    6. Generally following things happens in serial always:
    (a) where the hell is jail doctor to treat aditya and zoya???
    (b) how did they arrest zoya after 6pm, its against law???
    (c) why can’t they take bail due to injuries, its written in law after all???

    7. I worry about judge, who may be in hands of rajvir may be???????

    8. Pooja’s words make me doubt ???more now about affair b/w pooja and yash, but I doubt that it can’t be possible.. As it will be not affair, it can be anything..???

    9. I know Anjana is in pain, but why she forget every time, that zoya’s family is also in pain, its not their fault.. Fault is in situation, but she is acting as mad woman…??????

    10. Arjun can see annoyance on Noor face, but he is soo helpless as situation is such he can’t explain anything right now..????

    11. In future zoya-aditya and noor-arjun will be paired, but anjana will never accept them both easily… Its for sure..

    12. Mahi is soooooo cheap, backstabber???…????

    13. Mahi and Rajvir deserve this only???????

    14. Aditya question is sooo confusing…??

    1. Pinku

      Hey shraddha super commentvyaar sachi all these points speak so much logic n congo on your first comment

    2. Neha1

      Shraddha Yeh “TV i Duniya” hai…..Yaha unexpected kuch bhi ho sakta hai…
      You’re right Siblings me ek naughty hota hai toh dusra Seedha, Calm…??
      And Yes, you’re absolutely right that Anjana will always be against Zoya and Noor and coz of this both Love story may suffer but Really waiting for “AdiYa and ArNoor” pairing…❤❤

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thank u pinku
      Yes neha1 waiting eagarly

    4. P_lata

      Good Shradhha…you have listed all the main points of the episode very well….

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Thank u p_lata

  2. Neha1

    Now, it’s pretty sure that Anjana is very much against Zoya and If I’m not wrong then she was explaining the whole scenario that how Zoya made Adi to go out of the house that fake wedding day….and that’s why she will not come in court coz in Yesterday’s Precap Adi was asking about his Mom…???
    And glad that Atleast Mr.Hooda will doing his best to save Adi-Zoya…Just hope that he will fight for Zoya too with the same dedication that he’s gonna fight for his own Son-Aditya…
    Sakshi called Arjun and asking about Aditya..?? But, I strongly feel that Sakshi will gonna help Aditya and Zoya, coz she knew something about Yash-Pooja definitely… which no one knows…
    Lastly, Adi and Zoya’s concerned for each other was Awww… Both are worried about their wounds and pain they got during running and tortured in jail…
    And Precap, was like I really wanna kill that “BURI-DUKHI AATMA MAHI”…. Just hoping that some how judge will grant a bail to AdiYa….and Rajveer got Suspend…!

    1. Pinku

      Hey medha really yaar adi zoya ko bhar lao bas bhahut hogaya

      1. Medha

        Hehehehe…. awesome tumko ham hi ham dikhate hain har jagah ??
        Lovely lovelier loveliest !! ❤?

    2. Mahi is definitely ‘BURI-AATMA’ but not ‘DUKHI-AATMA’. She is Soorpnakha. Soorpnakha had feelings for Ram just the Mahi has feelings for Adi. Soorpnakha was rejected by Ram just like Mahi was rejected by Adi. Soorpnakha hated Sita just the way Mahi hates Zoya. Soorpnakha wanted revenge and joined her brother just like Mahi wants revenge and joined Rajveer.
      Whoaaaa… actually I did not realize this similarity between both of them until now. I wonder if the makers have actually based Mahi’s character on Soorpnakha…LOL…

      1. Neha1

        Wow Evelyn, Superb reply yaar….
        “MAHI in and as SOORPANKHA” in BEPANAAH… Lol..???????
        Can’t stop my laughter…???

      2. Medha

        Hehehe Evelyn… Sooparnkha and Mahi are Chudails that’s the little similarity between both of them… but nah Sooparnkha did not have feeling for Bhagwan Ram… Ravan killed Sooparnkha’s husband and she wanted to take the revenge from her own brother Ravan…. and she knows well only Bhagwan Ram can destroy the empire of Ravan… rest you know I think !! ??

  3. Nice episode. I think Mr hooda will get both of them out after all Zoya is now his bahu. Mahi is so disgusting just because adi reject her she will talk non sense.

    1. Pinku

      Yes order a really disgusting mahi

  4. I don’t know how to react.
    Seeing Siddiquis and Hoodas comfort towards each other, I reassure myself that everything is going to be alright. ?
    Waiting for the mystery to unfold?
    As usual, both Mahi and Rajveer are cheap and disgusting????

    1. Pinku

      But there is somewhere which both share na Evelyn I mean one secret booth siddiqui n hooda

      1. Yes, I don’t understand what they both are hiding. Everyone has their own secret to hide in this story. Whatever their secret is I hope this doesn’t effect AdiYa 🙂

    2. Ooshi

      But not sure about Sakshi(about ur point of Hoodas and Siddiques

      1. Yep she is still a closed book, but we have to wait patiently for the secrets to unfold. I hope the writers have some real shock store in for us 😉

  5. I am new here, I am silent reader but the show is just amazing to comment. Thanks for the update it was good. I like the adiya care for each other ??. Want to get everything fine between Noor and Arjun.
    Don’t know what is new twist mrs. Hooda is sharing hope everything goes well.
    Precps is scaring , Rajvir just want to punish them I hate him ??

    1. Pinku

      I also hate rajvir pooja welcome yaar

      1. Ooshi

        Happy to see u here back

    2. Ooshi

      Welcome here
      Happy the serial convince you to break ur silence
      Happy u commented
      Keep commenting Pooja

    3. Ooshi

      Totally agreed hoping the same

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      Welcome pooja in bepannaha family…
      And if u want u can become registered member also

  6. I read somewhere adi will accept Zoya as his wife

    1. Pinku

      Kya preeta aap bhi aisahey believe karli rumours ko… Abhi tak dono ki shadi kahan hui hai jo accept karey hehehe… waise thank u for the news haan…

    2. Ooshi

      For that first they need to be out of jail

      1. True…LOL… :))

  7. Do u guys think Pooja and Yash death was accident or murder

    1. Ooshi

      Don’t know can’t say surely

  8. Silent reader

    Rajvir is so damn amnoying ufff. He and Mahi would make such a wonderful couple ? the scene btwn Adi and Zoya was so nice ?? even the scene btwn Zoya’s dad n Adi’s dad was good ?

  9. Ooshi

    I will kill this mahi and rajveer
    Love AdiYa
    Epi was nice
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

    1. No…Please don’t kill Mahi and Rajveer. Or else you will be sitting in place of Zoya and Adi. Besides, Harsh won’t even fight for your case…LOL… :))

      1. Ooshi

        I have no problem in being there

  10. Ritisha Senapati

    Oh my god, Adi and Zoya are getting closer, but Arjun and Noor not getting along. I actually liked Arjun and Noor better then Adi and Zoya because of Arjun silent crush on Noor and Noor not being able to sense it. Also Arjun even lies about his higher profession to get closer to Noor. I loved them, but I also get why Noor is mad. Hope they get together soo!

  11. Lokesh

    Gud epi thanx poo.

  12. Neha1

    Hii Friends, recently I heard that Mr.Hooda will save Aditya-Zoya… and proves that they’re innocent….. Rajveer will try hard to convince judge that They both had murdered Yash-Pooja but judge will not satisfied with Rajveer’s proof and Mr.Hooda convinced judge that both Adi-Zoya are innocent and also Mr.Hooda will request to the judge that being innocent, Rajveer gives 3rd degree torture to both Adi-Zoya and demands for Rajveer’s suspension…. and later judge declare Adi-Zoya’s innocence and Rajveer will get suspend…After that Rajveer hatred towards Adi-Zoya will more increased but Aditya-Zoya, both decides to find the real reason behind Yash-Pooja’s death…they start searching for real culprit behind Yash-Pooja’s death.

    1. Neha1

      Let’s see if this is gonna be true or not….but I exactly, want same to happened specially Rajveer’s suspension… let’s wait n watch…!

    2. Neha1

      And For Adi-Zoya, Really wish they fall in love….so that we(Fan’s) will rejoice and Sing….
      Abhi-Abhi bhule bhi na the tumhe
      khayal banke phir tum aa gaye
      Ehsaas jo the dil mein kayi Ankahe
      Lafzo pe woh phir yun aa gaye
      Saanson ki Sarzameen par barsaat laa gaye
      Ek jhapki mein tere sau, khwaab aa gaye
      Bepanaah, Bepanaah, pyaar hai tumse -2❤???

    3. If that is true then this is going to be great 🙂
      Hope the mystery unfolds too.

    4. ShraddhaSharma392

      If this is truth, than rajvir suspension will be fun seeing… And Mahi and rajvir will join hands… Chor chor mousere bhai behan..?????? and it will be more fun, if mahi and rajvir fall in love????

      1. Neha1

        Hehehehehe..????? yeah, jodi bhi kamaal hogi Rajveer-Mahi ki…
        Ek sher toh doosra sava sher…???

  13. Thanku Pooja di and ooshi di ?

  14. why exactly is noor mad ? I dint understand . I mean she lied too right about everything ?

  15. Hope it comes true Neha di, I want Aditya to be proven innocent ? eagerly waiting for Rajveer to get punished

  16. What do you guys think Anjana said to Harsh?
    However, I love the story right now… its not boring like some other tv serials do.
    Also, this is my first comment.?

    1. Ooshi

      Welcome to the family Aishwarya
      Keep commenting

  17. I am sure that Rajveer is illicit brother of Aditya and Arjun

  18. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja

  19. Ooshi

    Thanks for the good news Neha
    Want it to become true asap

  20. P_lata

    Thanks for the nice update Pooja….Silence of Arjun and Noor is looking awkward to my eyes….Iam habituated of their smiles…Oh God ..bless their smiles back….It seems After getting hit by Rajveer …Aditya is now recognizing his father’s love..but loved the scene of father and son …Pa…so emotional scene..Aditya and Zoya …same pain same feeling…both are like two bodies and one soul…..Love AdiYa Bepannaah…

    1. Lokesh

      Cheeku , kch yaad aaya .

      1. P_lata

        Yess… Lokesh …Cheeku & Miku…how I can forget him…He is our Kingdom Owner….

  21. mahi is the main antagonist but no need to hate her and rajveer.In the end the directors r going to show the same stupid milap.There has to be antagonist.They r doing thete job great.Iss zoya ko rone ke siwa kuch aata nahi.LOVE APURVA???????????

  22. I think yush nd pooja death was murder some time i feel they only know each others as frnd some enemy of them want to kill them nd after killing them they want to ruin their respect in front of their family members nd their partners too…. I thinks happened in that day puja nd yush want to save from their enemy like aditya nd zoya want to save from rajvir….like wise puja nd yush want to save from enemy rush in car but enemy has done some things worng with car when they realize its become late then feel it’s last day of their life in afraid puja nd yush hold their hand… I feel this when zoya nd aditya was abut to arrest by rajvir aditya nd zoya hold thier hand then i realized like this something happened in yush nd pooja in that day…

    guys do for bepannah .

    1. Thanks Ananya, I have voted 🙂

  24. Superb episode. Waiting for arnoor’s patch up. Today is grand budhvaar. Har serial mein kuch nahi twist aane wala hai. Pata nahi aaj bepanah mein kya twist aane wala hai. Hoping for the best. Loved the way papa beta ki relationship blossom ho rahi hai.

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