Bepannaah 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Noor finds out Arjun’s truth

Bepannaah 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harsh impatiently asks Inspector how much more time will it take. Where is my son? He tells him to have patience. Anjana asks Arjun to check once. Don’t know how Aditya will be. I am really worried. Arjun politely requests Inspector to let him meet his brother once. Harsh advises him not to beg anyone. You know it is our right. They will trouble you all the more if you will beg them. Arjun nods.

Wasim also asks Inspector about Zoya. Will you say something? Hooda’s look at Siddiqui’s. Rajvir welcomes both the families. How much I love family reunions! Meet each other first before meeting your kids. I thought you all would know each other. Wasim looks away so Rajvir reminds them of Yash and Pooja’s death. You dint know that the relation will deepen so much. He introduces Harsh to Wasim

as Zoya’s new lover’s father. Arjun also enters. Rajvir introduces him to Siddiqui’s as well. Noor looks at him in shock. She thinks of their first meeting and all the meetings thereafter. Rajvir smirks seeing them all so quiet.

Aditya and Zoya are waiting in their cells. They both keep looking at each other reassuringly.

Mahi taunts the staff members. I am feeling really bad for you guys as you are in this condition because of Aditya and Zoya only. I care for you guys. I am giving you a friendly advice. If police comes to ask you anything about them then do not try to save them. You just got thrown out of the work because of them. You will have to visit court again and again otherwise. You guys have to be very careful. Don’t save yourselves. Mona says Zoya and Aditya’s parents are really rich. They don’t mind if the company works or not yet they toiled hard for us only. We wont go against them ever and wont cheat them! They leave. Mahi wonders if Zoya has hypnotised them. They don’t understand anything!

Harsh and his family are stunned to see Aditya’s condition. Anjana cries hugging him. She angrily questions Rajvir as to how he could. Harsh also asks him the same thing. This is custodial violence. Rajvir tells him to calm down. I dint even touch him. He confirms it with Aditya. He was locked in a cell with goons. You know how they are! They must have had a fight and he got beaten. You should thank me that he is still alive! It is your family time. Excuse me.

Zoya’s family is equally shocked to see her condition. Zoya hugs her mother tightly and cries. Noor also hugs her sister. Zoya asks about her Abbu who comes in just then. She apologizes to him. I know you are very upset with me. He hugs her without a word. Zoya again says sorry to him. It was my fault. He denies. I left you alone in this big city. I left you alone when you needed me the most. I wasn’t around. You faced everything on your own. You have grown this much that you bore everything all by yourself? Forgive me please. She requests him not to say so. They hug again. Wasim hugs his family. Their lawyer (appointed by court) greets them.

Harsh takes out his phone to arrange for a doctor. Aditya calls him Pa. Harsh stops in his tracks in shock. Aditya again calls him Pa. I am perfectly fine. You will save us right Pa? Harsh asks him what he said. Aditya says Zoya and I! Harsh asks him what he said before that. Aditya says Pa. Harsh hugs him teary eyed. Cheeku (Aditya)! Anjana and Arjun are also overwhelmed to see them together. Harsh asks Aditya if he thinks he will let his son rot in jail. Never! Don’t worry Cheeku. Let this case reach court once. I will then show everyone their place! I wont let you stay here. Aditya takes Zoya’s name again but Harsh keeps focusing on him only. Aditya insists that she was never at fault. She only did what I asked her to. All decisions were mine. She dint do anything wrong. You will save her for my sake atleast? Harsh agrees to do whatever he will ask him to. Don’t worry. Aditya thanks him. They make him sit down and feed him water. Arjun is happy that Bhai called Dad Pa finally because of Zoya. Maybe their destinies are indeed joined together.

Wasim tells his lawyer that they are new to this place. We can only rely on you now. Just get Zoya free from this fake case. Arjun comes there. He gives his introduction to Siddiqui’s. Zoya knows me as well. I know you already have a lawyer but I have a suggestion. Wasim asks him to say it. Arjun speaks of his father. he is representing my brother as defence lawyer. Zoya and Bhai got stuck in this together so I was thinking it would be better if he represents both of them together. Even Wasim’s lawyer advises Wasim to let Harsh handle the case. No one can beat him. he takes their leave. Arjun leaves.

Rajvir is at Mahi’s place. I know how smart Harsh is. He can get them both out easily so we need strong case against them. Harsh should not be able to get them out. Madhu ji agrees to help him. Rajvir asks Madhu ji to prove it in court that Zoya was a characterless girl since beginning and that you doubt it that Aditya and Zoya only killed Yash and Pooja. Mahi asks her mother why she is feeling bad to hear it. Madhu ji refuses to do it to which Mahi asks her why she isn’t ready to believe them. Till now we used to feel bad for Zoya that Bhaiya did wrong with her whereas she was in a relation with Aditya while living under the same roof with us! I dint tell you one thing. I saw Aditya getting out of Zoya’s room one morning. Everyone has seen whatever used to happen in office. Rajvir asks Madhu ji if she is with them. Madhu ji nods. Rajvir is happy that no one would be able to save Aditya and Zoya now.

Precap: Aditya tells Zoya she can do it. Close your eyes; focus on it and do it! Rajvir claps. It is only about tonight. Tomorrow it will your hearing and the truth of Yash and Pooja’s death will be out in open. Zoya and Aditya come in the court. Aditya asks his father about Anjana.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Awwwww wala episode… ?????

    2. Both father’s united with their son and daughter respectively…????

    3. Best secene 1, mr huda saying to save aditya and aditya added zoya, all time… Awwwwwww??????

    4. Best secene 2, mahi provoking team and they answered her…?????

    5. New dp of tv was soooooooo cute ?????

    6. Finally noor now knows that his coffeeman is arjun or radio rj and she is angry on him, as anger was shown on her face???????

    7. Mahi ki mom to zoya se bhi jayda dumb hai, she can be manupliated very easily…?????

    8. This is for rajvir ?????????????? and for mahi ??????????????

    9. After seeing this court secene and after rajvir drama, I 100% doubt on court decision… ??????

    10. Lastly, why they can’t call that shop man, infront of whom zoya and aditya were fighting for gift as witness.. Or no-one remember this??????

    1. Neha1

      I think that shop man will only called when the lawyer asked where were they(Adi-Zoya) when Yash-Pooja died….then only Adi-Zoya tell them they’re shopping for gift for their respective partners…
      Don’t know if Mahi’s mom is dumb or not but Mahi is instigating her by saying that Adi was with Zoya that whole night in her(Zoya’s) room…that is when she changed her mind and agree with Mahi…

    2. Ooshi

      Except us(for last point)
      Congrats for being first to comment Sharaddha

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      I can’t say neha1 as this is serial court, where victim is the one who find proves for their innocence and i doubt that if judge call that person than he will change statement due to rajvir threat…

      And ooshi i didn’t undersatand what u said expect us(for last point) and thanks…

      1. Ooshi

        No one remember this except us

  2. Neha1

    Adi-Zoya gets emotional when they met their family members… Finally Mr.Hooda took both Adi-Zoya’s case…. Arjun’s true identity revealed infront of Noor…
    Hate Rajveer and Mahi, they can do anything to rove Adi-Zya as a murderer… but “Mr.Hooda is here then No Fear”…. I hope Mr.Hooda will save both Adi-Zoya…
    Very glad that Zosh Employees are with Adi-Zoya..?
    Thank God, woh deal wala twist nhi hua… Waiting 4 2mrrow episode…. Court room drama will start tomorrow…

    1. Ooshi

      Dhak dhak dhak heart beat

  3. Today’s episode was sad. And madhu ji please open your eyes your daughter is not as innocent as she looks. The family reunion was emotional

  4. thanks for the update Pooja

  5. Ooshi

    I m overwhelmed just by reading what will happen when I will watch the episode loved loved loved it Cheku…….
    I can’t believe that harsh will not save Zoya otherwise this Cheku can also change back to Aditya Hooda which harsh will not like
    Expecting good

  6. Neha1

    Rajveer turns out to be Aditya’s Half-Brother… Let’s see if this twist will be true or no…!

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      If its true, we all were right, he is behind aditya just for taking revenge of mr. Huda deeds.. He is taking out personal enemity as no CBI (LEAVE CBI, EVEN POLICE) don’t do this type if investigation

      1. but y is he hell bent on torturing zoya too ?

  7. Siyuu

    emotional epi

  8. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja
    Indeed very thankful for this update

  9. Ooshi

    Good Noor came to know Arjun’s truth

  10. i think Mr.Hooda is to blame everything on Zoya to save Adithya..

  11. Pls mr hooda save adi and zoya. I read somewhere that Rajvir got suspend make it that true and I hope this jail track end soon.

  12. Very exciting episode today
    Nice emotional scene between parents and children
    Rajvir wearin same clothes since many days lol
    Great work by Apoorva though and all

  13. Nice emotional scenes between Father and children
    Apoorva wearing same clothes since many days but his hairstyles change.

  14. Very Good. Beautiful family reunion. Very happy. Now I am sure Hoodas and Siddiquis will fight together to save their children. Hope Noor forgives Arjun, but maybe this will happen only after AdiYa’s win in court.
    All the Aroras are defected material, Made in China (except Zoya because she is not Arora, not anymore, now she is Adi’s and vice versa) 🙂
    Loved how Harsh was talking to his Cheeku and Cheeku kept on talking about Zoya:)
    Arjun seems to be the most mature person, atleast he understood that Zoya and Adi’s destiny are joined together. Why is Noor angry? Please Noor, forgive Arjun.
    Maybe they will stretch this court room drama because a lot of secrets have to be revealed about Yash and Pooja’s death. Afterall, the whole show is mainly based on this mystery only.
    Waiting desperately, hope the writers have some real shock store in for us 😉
    Love you AdiYa :*

  15. Beautiful family reunion heart touching moments to watch. Awww Adi addressing Mr Hooda as Pa after long time very cute Harsh was overwhelmed hearing those words from his cheeku ? Siddiqui zoya beautiful dad daughter bonding sharing hug ?Adi requesting his dad to help zoya. Mahi Rajvir deadly combination ?? Instigating yash mom. Noor Arjun face off ??Zosh family supporting AdiYa awesome.

  16. And what a great slap on Mahi’s face, given by Zosh employees. I wonder how perfectly Mahi’s mom finds false defects in every one but her own daughter. Truly, she is the most dumb character. Now, if Mahi’s mother will change her opinion about Zoya in court, only then will I believe that she has some sense in her brain. But the chances seem low, still hoping for the best 🙂

  17. Ooshi

    Cheku Pa hug??

  18. Ooshi

    Zoya meet with parents?

  19. Ooshi

    Sirf mujhe nahi Zoya ko b (twice)
    Aap Zoya ko batchaen ge na MERE LIYE
    And Arjun’s thoughts

  20. Lokesh

    Just beautiful , pa and cheeku, my raaba ve family again a cheeku, whr r u all?

  21. Many thanks for the update. and it was a very emotional part.??? meet with their father, aditya to say and defend Zoya’s innocence. wonderful episode wonderful act.two evil Mahi and Rajver’s bad plans. I hate both of them and I want to see them lose.?? tomorrow we have a court and we are still waiting for a very exciting episode.

  22. Rithu17

    One of the best episodes of the show to date…
    Pa and Cheeku moment?..
    Arjun’s happiness on that?..
    Noor finds out who Arjun is?!!..

  23. i hope court scenes are interesting. Cant wait to see how the story folds . I want mr. hooda to fight fairly for zoya too. After all she saved aditya’s lives too many times. Guys does any of u think will both the families get along well with each other ? Like would they be friendly to each ither?

  24. Ooshi

    According to the latest reports, Aditya will have a grand grihapravesh with Zoya and Rajveer will be suspended. Rumours are rife that the latter has some connection with the Hooda family
    According to the reports of India Forums, some close sources have been suggesting that Rajveer is the illegitimate child of Harshvardhan Hooda and half-brother of Aditya. There were many instances that highlighted the fact that Harsh had an extra marital affair and after facing some trouble with the other lady, he returned and Anjana (Parineeta Borthakur) accepted him. Thus are high chances that Rajveer is Harsh’s son and his hate for the family is also justified. The way he keeps on highlighting Harshvardhan’s powers also hints about his hatred for him. On the other hand, rumour mills are also abuzz that Rajveer may be the heartbroken lover of Pooja (Namita Dubey). Some theories suggest that he has come to avenge Aditya for first snatching her from him and now killing her. But only time will tell why Rajveer is so hell bent to prove Aditya and Zoya guilty for the crime they never committed.

    1. Yup! The first rumor makes sense.. he always talks hatefully of adi and harsh.. Zoya just happens to strengthen his case of imprisoning adi. He’s definitely harsh’s illegitimate son

  25. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Amazing episode! I love family reunion! Wasim hugs zoya and Aditya hugs Harsh!

  26. Arfatun nessa

    Yeah loku…
    One more cheku….
    Pa nd cheku how cute they are…

    Emotional episode but both families together…..
    Madhu ji haar bar team change karti he khbi yha khbi woha…pata court jakr kiya bole g….

  27. i dont understand how arrest warrant was issued against Zoya and Aditya…. lets say they are lovers now, where is the proof they had an affair before their spouse’s death? where is the proof they even knew each other? marrying someone after your husband/wife’s death is not a crime. Rajvir is sure their case is strong now…. but what if Pooja’s mother comes forward and says that Pooja was indeed having an affair and Aditya had no hand in it? she even has a photo of herself with Yash and Pooja right? all the company workers will vouch that Aditya and Zoya had no such relation (although it might open up a fraud case that Zosh did on the Virani’s to get project) if Mr. Hooda is really as competent as everyone says he is, then i am sure he will win this case in no time….

  28. so Rajvir is the guy who steal the diary pages of pooja and also he is the one who stops Zoya to reach yash friend to know about yash and pooja relationship.. freak crazy yar

  29. Such a emotional episode. Paa.. Cheeku.. Loved that scene. Aditya mentioning Zoya every time. Arjun found that Zoya aur adi ki life ek saath Judi hui hai. Noor found about arjun. Emotional reunion of families. Guys iss Wednesday colors ki grand budhvaar hai. From 8:00 to 10:00pm. Har show mein kuch nahi twist aane wala hai. Bepanah mein kya aane wala hai Pata nahi. Waiting for Wednesday.

    1. Ooshi

      Same here
      Happy to see u again

  30. Ooshi

    Siyuu,Rithu,Silvano,Evelyn,Sharaddha,Lokesh, Sanofar,Preeta,Polishni,Neha and all try to be here always
    And my Dear Aayush and ShrutiPandey where r u missing you be here whenever you get time
    Our initial AdiYa and BePannah’s lovers be here whenever you get time l m taking about Priyu/Pinku,PLS,Fenil and many

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