Bepannaah 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya moves on in life

Bepannaah 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya walks towards the rocket cracker and lights a match stick saying she promised there would be light everywhere when the groom arrives, and Zoya Siddiqui never breaks her promise. A fire work commence as she lights the cracker. She instructs her team to start the rest of fire work.
Later, the team complements Zoya’s efforts as everyone appreciated them. Sometimes it feels there is Adi’s soul in her. Zoya gets a call from Noor who complains that Zoya isn’t home and their mother is angry as there is function tomorrow. Zoya promises to be there in ten minutes as she had been busy in work. Noor was afraid that their mother would scold her otherwise.
Arjun brings a surprise to Anjana and insists on her to open it. Anjana finds an invitation card for their 35th wedding anniversary. Anjana

wasn’t ready but Harsh insists on her to celebrate. Anjana asks what’s wrong with her, her son isn’t home since last six months and she longs to even hear his voice. She walks into the room. Harsh stops Arjun from following her, their efforts have again failed. Arjun tells Harsh that Aditya took a promise from him to take care of everyone at home, their mom might get clinically depressed if it continues to do. Arjun was upset that everything changed, Aditya left and Sakshi went to US.
Zoya was clearing bills after the event. Zoya gets a call from home and promises reaching in a few minutes and is stuck in traffic. An employer Shaun was shocked to hear her lie and warns she might get caught. Zoya says Mumbai’s traffic and rain are always unpredictable. Soon, their team member comes with Noor on a video call. Zoya tries to hide herself but fails.
Arjun writes an email for Aditya. It’s been six months Aditya hasn’t made any contact with them, Anjana specially is very upset because of him and isn’t even ready to celebrate their anniversary.
Zoya was scolded by her mother for still being at work. Zoya apologizes and promises to reach in time.
Arjun was trying Sakshi’s cell number and was frustrated that she never attends the call in first time. She and Aditya are similar and didn’t even shared their addresses. He wish Sakshi picks up the call, he needs her direly. Sakshi was tied to a chair, her face covered with a cloth piece. Her phone bell rings nearby. She wish she could take the call and tell Arjun what problem she has stuck into.
Zoya returns home and heads towards dinner table. Her mother tells her she has cooked Biryani because Noor wanted. Zoya mentions Waseem’s raised cholesterol and her mother’s high blood pressure. She says she will now cook vegetable for them. Waseem comes with a gift for Zoya and blesses Zoya as it’s a new beginning for her tomorrow. May she get all the love and blessings in life? Noor and Roshaan interfere with the emotional drama and tells them not to cry, else Zoya might get eye bags.
Zoya selects a dress in the room. Noor comes in and finds a fallen eyelash on her face. She insists on Zoya to wish for something. Zoya silently makes a wish and blow the lash hair. Noor insists on her to share what she asked for, Zoya says her wish wouldn’t accomplish. They lay to sleep.
Zoya wakes up due to heavy winds during the night. She thinks its her life’s big day and wish her friend was also here. In the quest to achieve a lot she forgot how and where Aditya might be.

PRECAP: Zoya gets ready for wedding. Aditya was drinking while checking his laptop.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Plz move story fast.Not like aditya entry in 5-8 ep

    1. Fenil

      Adi is coming in next episode !!

  2. Neha1

    Gr8 episode…. but Shocked that Sakshi was tied with chair, Was she kidnapped…. I don’t know why but it seems that was a lady who hit on Sakshi’s head…May be I was wrong…
    Where’s Madhuji and Mahi.???
    Waiting for 2mrrow episode

    1. Fenil

      yaa kidnapper is lady !! Me too thinking where is Madhuji and Mahi ?
      My doubt is for Anjana and Mahi !!

  3. God….So many twists…so many unrevealed secrets…so many mysteries…and now whats up with Sakshi???
    And wait, so the leap was only for 6 months…wow!
    Cant wait for tomorrow! I just want them to meet! busss!!

  4. Lokesh

    Thanx Sona was waiting.

  5. Ruby_MarNy

    Who tied Sakshi on the chair?? Waiting for Aditya’s entry…

    1. Fenil

      Oh My God Oh My God Someone pinch me …see who is here ?

  6. I wonder who is she getting married to her and also sakshi is kidnapped

    1. Fenil

      No one is getting married !!
      ZoSh Events ka naam change kar ke QUBOOL HAI kar diya hain !!

  7. I have a doubt she isnt getting married donno why
    I think mahi kidnapped sakshi but why?

    1. Fenil

      Me too thinking that person is mahi !!

      1. Itz Anjana I guess!!

  8. Amazing I’m very much curious to know wht will happen next

    Hiii frnds how r u all

    1. Fenil

      hello dear Alina !!
      I m fine !! do come everyday !!

  9. Neha1

    Everyone here, Plz?? Look at this pic….You will get a clue who KIDNAPPED Sakshi…?? I think it’s Anjana…! What you guys think..??

    1. I also think the same

      1. I also feel the same that it is Anjana Hooda only. There are some instances which I observed.

        1) She doesn’t like both Sakshi & Pooja from initial stage as she thinks that because of them, Aditya is not close to her.

        2) There is one episode during the Court drama, Anjana told some thing to Mr. Hooda which was hidden from us. I think that she may be get to know about Pooja’s Extra marital affair & She may be the one who killed them. She don’t want to be aware of the Extra marital affair of Pooja by Aditya. Because of Mr. Hooda’s previous history, Aditya started to hate his parents & She don’t want to be continue like this. On that day, she told the same to Mr. Hooda and Mr. Hooda has proved in the court that there is no Extra marital affairs between Yash & Pooja and it was the case of money & Yash character.

    2. Fenil

      May BE Mahi or Anjana !!

  10. Lokesh

    Thanx Sona was waiting. Gud episode a fresh start, but Sakshi.

  11. it definitely sure that sakhshi is kidnapped nd that kidnapper would be anyone mahi?, Rajveer?,Anjana?, Mr hooda? Or blackmailers who used to blackmail her before or real muderer? anyone……

    1. Fenil

      yaa agree but its lady so Mahi or Anjana !!

  12. I think Anjana has kidnapped Sakshi as the one who hit her on the head looked like a lady…
    Wow only 6 months leap…no business rivalry..Arjun n Zoya together will now try to bring back Adi..Adi still seems heartbroken..
    I love the new ‘ bepannaah’ music n the way Zoya is missing Adi…awesome:)

    1. Neha1

      You’re right, I too think it’s Anjana but why she Kidnapped Sakshi… really don’t know… just bcoz Adi loves Sakshi and bring her back in Hooda Mansion or there’s another reason, that Anjana kidnapped Sakshi..????

    2. Fenil

      you are right ….but why she will do it ?

  13. Neha1

    Upcoming Spoiler :- Noor calls Zoya and give her the details about the big event they have to organise. Arjun tells Zoya that he does not know anything about Aditya’s plan of coming back.
    Zoya gets the Women Entrepreneur of the year Award and Thanks Aditya for her Success. Aditya and Zoya light candles at different places and start missing each other.
    Arjun tells Zoya that his parents are not will to Celebrate their 35th Wedding Anniversary untill Aditya comes, Zoya and Arjun spread the fake News that the Hooda Family is missing…!

    1. Anyway it’s good to read.. addicted to dis bepanaah pyaar… ?

    2. Fenil

      wow interesting !!Thanks for sharing !!

  14. Riana

    So glad to see the 6 months leap…Zoya was fantastic today…Noor was too adorable…Loved Siddhiqui’s ????…Hooda are trying to be happy but anjana is still not happy bcoz of adi’s absense…Now what the hell is wrong with this sakshi !!!…How did she got kidnapped and whats all this !! ???…Pura dimaag ghumgaya ???…Precap – Noooooo zoya is not getting married ????? but awarded ????….Pretty red zoya in precap ?

    1. Fenil

      Agree wow good to see you here again Emoji Queen !!

      1. Riana

        @Bhaiyooo… ☺️☺️☺️

  15. Is zoya really marrying?What happend to sakshi and where is this adi?Can someone give a hint about what is really going to happen?

    1. Zoya is not marrying…she is going to receive an award n probably rebrand Zosh…Adi is supposedly in Paris still unable to move on..Sakshi is kidnapped may be by Anjana..not sure though..

  16. I think sakshi got kidnapped by rajveer.

  17. No Zoya is not getting married she was talking about the marriage she is handling as a wedding planner and where she says Qabool hai its not her marriage cos if u see in the background it looks like some company event or meeting i think she changed her name.

  18. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  19. Ooshi

    Adi drinking u he didn’t moved on till now it would be better if he didn’t go abroad and be here as here r many people to take care of him and try to keep him happy the loneliness there will be hurting him,killing him u cvs did this to him y not liking it they can work like before then y this with him

  20. Ooshi

    Adi drinking y he didn’t moved on till now it would be better if he didn’t go abroad and be here as here r many people to take care of him and to keep him happy they can work with each other like before then y cvs send him there there his loneliness must be hurting and killing him here his condition could be better than that then y this with him
    Not liking it(his condition) ???

  21. Thank god there is no buisness rivalry and they both still consider each other friends. Please make them meet. And zoya is really a strong girl. More stronger than aditya.. The way she held herself through this is commendable. She moved on by becoming more successful and at the same time a better person. Just like how Jennifer did in her real life. Yash sure taught her a lot. I hope she helps aditya move on too.

  22. Zoya is not getting married…her whole family is gearing up for the award ceremony where she will be felicitated with best Entrepreneur award
    Qubool hai might be the new name for the company…coz Zosh will eventually remind her of Yash…
    New twist…Sakshi’s kidnapping

  23. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice and interesting episode! Hope zoya is not marrying anyone!

  24. Guys i read somewhere that vatsal sheth was going to make an entry into the show, and he was going to be zoya’s new love interest, and maybe in those 6 months they skipped jennifer/ vatsal love story and just went directly to their wedding?? Thoughts?

    1. No Vatsal has clarified he is not part of the show…she isn’t getting married but is gearing up for an award ceremony..all that ‘qabool hai’ stuff is either a rebranding or marketing campaign

  25. My first thought on the precap was Oohh no Adi is drinking!!!! Then i noticed he has a glass of wine, not the same old whiskey bottle as always . And yes, he was sad but was like missing someone not depressed, i felt he was a little dreamy and had the faintest smile. Maybe it is me that i want to see it that way ,but i hope it is true.

  26. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah Family !! ?
    Aflatoon Episode ?
    6 months leap : New Start With Old Mystery
    Tag line : “Humne vada kiya tha jab Dulhe Miyaan Aayenge har taraf noor hi noor hoga, Aur Zoya Siddaqui Apna Vada Kabhi Nahi Todati”

    “Humne vada kiya tha jab Dulhe Miyaan Aayenge har taraf noor hi noor hoga, Aur Zoya Siddaqui Apna Vada Kabhi Nahi Todati” Zoya entry and that confidence on her face reflects her happiness when in last episode she said to Aditya….That ? Spark in her eyes awww Kaatilana ??? Ohhh Akanksha who used to eat today Aaj Kal Ma’am aapke andar Adi sir ki zalak dikhti hain ???? wahi Chulbuli Noor ???????????? Anajana is missing Adi a lot her chiku is not with her ???? Sad Arjun jo kabhi jovial hua karta tha He is trying hard to manage his family but fail ???? Shawn is shocked when Zoya lies ?????? Jo Zoya ek waqt Mumbai se nafarat karti thi woh Zoya aaj Mumbai ki rag rag se waqif hain good ???? Shatir Noor Rocked Masoom Zoya Shocked ?☺️??☺️??☺️? Zoya To Akshu : Shukriya daat padwa di na Ammi se ??? Na Jane Kis Shaitaan Ka Kaam hain Poor Sakshi Aunty ???????????????????? Na jane kitne Mahino se Kidnapped hain if we can see carefullly its Taikhana of someone house may be Hooda Villa Anjana or Mahi ??????? Siddaquies are love today ?????????? aise wishes toh me bhi mangta hun…Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat hain music was playing when Zoya was wishing ?????????? Jennifer Nailed it ?????????? Windchime and Baarish just remind me of Kasauti Zindagi Kay Prerna Rishabh Anurag Sneha ????? KZK 2 is all set to come back ????? Zoya ki last line so touchy All are Missing Aditya Hooda ????? !!

  27. Loved the bold zoya.. bt missed Adi

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