Bepanhah Mohabbat Yah Intehkaam – Naagin ff (Character Sketch)



YAMINI SINGH RAHEJA – YUVRAG RITIK SINGH’s Bua. A very money minded person and the main antagonist who is hell bent to capture the divine naagmani. She has killed her bhabhi & ichadhaari nag naagin and faked a story blaming naagins the protectors of naagmani as traitors.

YUVRAAJ RITIK SINGH – The ultimate protector of Naagmani (Soortavanshi’s) whose forefathers have saved Naagmani from the rest of world’s evils with the help of Ichadhaari Naagins.

SHIVANYA – A 24 year old young charming lady with a mystic aura and a dark hidden past. Does she know what’s the aim of her life?

ANKUSH RAHEJA – Ritik’s uncle who is the biggest sidekick and partner in crime of Yamini.

SAILESH MATHUR – Tanvi (Ritik’s besties father) who too dreams of getting the Naagmani.

ANGAAD, DIVYA and AMRITADI – They are Ritik’s cousins and their biggest support.

SANGRAM SINGH – The Maharaja of Panchneir Haveli and father of Ritik.

MAHESMATI RANI AVANTIKA – Queen Bee she dreams of acquiring the naagmani to destroy the world and to gain immorality.

SHESHA – an ichadhaari naagin who has completed 100 years of her life and gained immense power from Shivji and now dreams of getting the Naagmani to stay youthful and queen of all Naagins.

GURUDEV GORAKHNATHJI – Special appreance in few scenes.

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