Next day…..
Swara is shown sleeping under many folds of blanket having a peaceful and contented smile.A lady of mid age enters the room hurriedly and sees her sleeping.She lets out an indignant sigh and goes inside to wake up swara
Lady:shona wake up u need to go to college
S:mom I am dead tired I want to sleep
Mishti:no its already late.Get up
S:just 5 minutes maa I will wake up naa
M:if u are not getting up then I will pour a bucket of water on u……
Swara gets up from the bed and goes in the washroom to get ready
Sometime later………at the bf table
Shekhar:mishti…where’s swara?

M:she must be coming any minute now
Swara comes downstairs
S:GM papa….
Sh:GM beta come have bf..
Swara:dad I am getting late
M:shone have ur breakfast…I will not let u leave the house if u will not have breakfast..
S:ok my dearest mom
After having breakfast
S:dad I am leaving
Shemish:bye beta take care and don’t drive too fast
At the mandir
Everyone is doing puja by closing their eyes .A Boy comes running and stands beside another boy pretending as if he was praying..,,
B1:U are again late
B2:sorry bhai actually I reached home late yesterday so I got up late
B1:mom was asking about u..
B2:and I know that u must have saved me as always….
B1:do I have any choice???
B2:kya sanky bhai even u are speaking to me like that..
Sanky:no kunj I was just teasing u….
A lady in proper marwadi attire turns just then and sees her two sons indulged in a verbal fight
L:again started u both

K:see na maa bhai is again fighting with me…..
L:I know who was fighting……..
S:leave it maa…..we were just fighting in a friendly way
Ap:sanskar stop saving your brother I know he started it and I also know that again he was late for moening prayer.
Kunj bites his tongue
K:mom from tomorrow I will not be late I promise
Ap:I know that u never keep your promise
S:maa from tmrw I will make sure that he comes on time for the puja
Ap:ok its your responsibility now…….come all of us will have breakfast
After the breakfast
s/k:maa/mom we are leaving for the college
AP: yes beta go……kunj I need to talk to u for a moment…
Sanskar goes away ..

K:yes mom
Ap:beta u are going to take admission in xyz college.I need to tell u something swara gadodia also studies over there
Ap:yes,swara daughter of shekhar gadodia .Your father’s biggest enemy….
K:why are u telling this to me and not bhai?
Ap:because your bhai hates the gadodias. He is impulsive and short tempered.When he will get to know that gadodia’s daughter also studies over there he will not leave her.
K:but bhai has never seen her….how will he know that it’s her?
Ap:I don’t know about that. All I know is that they both should stay away from each other..
K:mom even I don’t know anything about her?how will I do that
Ap: u are my intelligent son I don’t want the enemity to deepen between the two families esp between u children……u will definitely figure something out
K:ok mom bless me.
Ap:bye beta and remember what I said .
Kunj leaves from there and sits in the car….
S:what took u so long?
K:bhai mom called naa she wanted to say something
K:arre bhai nthng much its just that she wanted me to behave myself in front of girls
S:that u need to do

K:let’s go bhai we are really getting late….
Sanskar and kunj goes towards the college

SO the most awaited part swasan’s meeting is on the way keep your fingers crossed.What has destiny in store for swara and sanskar. How will their first meeting go?Will they realize their love or not?
To know more keep reading bepanah pyaar ki dastaan

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