Bepanah payar (Tanshi) Episode 3

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Episode 3

Tannu blame rishi that he kill her parents and sister

Suddenly ahana enter
Tannu see her and say

Tannu : Aahana are you alive
Ahana is shocked

Ahana : di are you alive how can this happen but i am very happy see you alive after 20 years you know i miss you so much where you go i miss you soo much

Tannu : what are you saying and rishi kill our parents and you i donot i love that man my whole life even after knowing that he kill my faimly but i cant hate him i donot know why but i donot want to face him how can you save bani chachi tell me rishi kill you and our parents after that accident i lost my memory i want to kill myself because noone for me jiske liye mai jiu but i found my daughter tanuja on road someone left her there i took her as my daughter and i live for her then i start my career as an archeitect after some months i shift in America and tanuja come here for holiday she stay in bani house but she send her rishi house i donot know why when i am come to know than i come here

Ahana : this is all lie dii because bani and neha is our enemy not rishi …. rishi love you dii like mad he is waiting for you since 20 year when Neha murder you than rishi left all hope for live

Ahana tell all story to tannu what happen 20 year ago and after that

Tannu is shocked and cry

Tannu : bani why are you do this chachi i trust u you play with me with my daughter and my life you become hell why

Rishi come and hug tannu

Malaika is shocked to know that tannu is rishi tannu

Rishi hug tannu and cry badly and try to remember her all that moment they spent together but all in vain finally tannu hug him and say

Tannu : rishi i love you since childhood and i love you i donot have memory of which we time spent togther but you are here for me you remember all time to me

Rishi : yes tannu i love you so much i know nothing can happen to my tannu since i am alive my tannu is also alive

Manpreet :Yes now everything is perfect

Tanuja come and say mumma

Tanuja hug tannu and cry

Tanuja : Mumma you know i say you i cant live with them i want to saty in hotel but you tell me to stay with them you know what they do with me they used me as her house keep and they sent me i this house as their daughter nidhi vidhi keep they took my credit card and my all money my mobile i cant contact with you they are so bad and they come in this house with wrong intention they want to trap nakuul they are so bad mumma

Malaika : tanuja what you wear all this like your mumma salwar suit my American beauty why you become indian beauty

Tanuja : because they snatch my cloths also but what are you both doing here lets go from here they are also bad they can get out of house anytime we can from here and i donot want to live here we have to go america back

Tannu : now stop you always ask why you have no faimly here is your full family your father Rishi
tanuja is shocked

Rishi ask forgiveness from her and say i thought you are daughter of neha i am sorry tanuja please forgive your dad

Tanuja : No its okk its not your mistake but its mean my mom tannu is your real tannu ohh i cant believe this my dad love my mom so much

Malaika : yes tanuja and now change your cloths i cant see you in this salwar suit like your mom go

Tanuja : yes M and i miss you so much we do so fun

Tanuja meet all faimly member all ask forgiveness from her but she is like her mom great


Rishi tannu go to bani house and confront her

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Tanu had lost her memory n thats y she mu rishi.gud that she came 2 know that rishi is innocent n neha-bani r d real frauds.Loved Tanshi union.waiting 4 tanu 2 regain her memory.So Tanuja is modern.she was dressed in ordinary salwar suits as neha bani took her now onwards v can see her in modern!loved Rishi Tanuja scene too.thx 4 updating this ff on my request.waiting 4 d next part.

    1. Rithik

      Thankyou its really means alot

  2. Nice1 and write next asap

  3. waiting for the next update

  4. i am curiosly waiting for next episode of this

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