bepanah mohabboat ki shuruwaat (Intro)


Hey friends , i am jazz and a huge fan of manan.. today i am giving the intro of all the characters please tell me how it is . and if you like it i will continue.. so here it is…

Manik malhotra – a rich , handsome hunk, spoilt , loves his mother nyonika, best friend dhruv and brother cabir. But his father, neeraj is most important for him.
Nyonika malhotra – a rich , political lady. Loves her son manik and husband neeraj. Hates cabir but bears him as the rest of family loves him.
Cabir malhotra – adopted son of neeraj and nyonika. His father and neeraj were great friends , cabir’s dad dies in an accident so neeraj adopts him as he has no mother much to the annoyance of nyonika .
Dhruv Sharma – a cute, poor boy who lives alone in a small house . loves his best friend manik .
Nandini murthy – a cute , middle classed , sensitive girl. Loves her sister navya , best friend alya and parents ravi and nishtha . kind hearted and lovable, she believes in true love .
Navya murthy – a pretty , drama queen sort of girl . loves nandini and parents . crazy after jalebis and samosas . bit tom boyish .
Ravi murthy – a middle –class business man. Loves his family a lot. He even had a son, harshad , whom he disowned after he left home to pursue his career as a photographer. [ this is a secret yet to be revealed to nandu and navya] Alya saxena – a rich, beautiful girl, loves nandini and navya . hates mother as she does’nt have time for her. Loves her sister mukti .
Mukti saxena – hot girl who loves mom and sis alya . she works in an photography institute, has a secret crush on harshad her boss .

So, this is it. Guys, plz plz plz do comment and thnx for reading….

Credit to: JAZZ

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  1. woww
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  2. It was unique n nyc… Character changes BT I think u r gr8
    Do continue..

  3. It amazing….. Plzz continue

  4. Seems interesting…
    Pls continue

  5. nice continue

  6. Sindhu_Varma

    Awesome ?

  7. […] episode . Please do comment . Here is the intro link ( in case you forgot the story ?? ) intro And, N: Nandini M: manik D: Dhruv A: alya *** The episode starts with a fresh, beautiful morning in […]

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