Benaam Rishta – Taqdeer Ki Dor Se Bandhne Jaa Rahe Hai Naye Rishte. (Episode 2)


Benaam Rishta – Taqdeer Ki Dor Se Bandhne Jaa Rahe Hai Naye Rishte.
Episode 2:

Recap: Swara’s marriage day… A glimpse of the past…

The episode starts with Swara taking Pehres.

“You can’t do this… I would die…” The woman cries.

All look on and are sad, the pehres are over,

“Sanskaar please…” The woman cries.

Swara feels bad and looks down, the groom is revealed to be Sanskaar. Sanskaar doesn’t look at the woman and is also sad.

The woman looks on, she then sees the glass piece that she had broken earlier. She picks the glass piece up.

“Beta… Please fill her Maang.” The pandit says while forwarding the tray.

The woman chuckles and looks at her wrist.

Sanskaar then picks the Sindoor up with his finger tips and moves it forward near Swara’s Maang, Swara looks on sad.

The woman says “I love you and will always love you…” And then slits her wrist.

All are shocked.

“Kavita!” AP shouts and rushes to her.

Sanskaar looks there and drops the Sindoor on Swara’s Maang.

The woman is revealed to be Kavita.

“Rukh Jao!” A new manly voice is heard.

All look up and crowd around Kavita. Sanskaar stands up.

“Devar Ji… You already filled her Maang, you might as well adorn her with the Mangalsutra.” Parineeta says while helping Swara stand up.

Sanskaar looks at an unconscious Kavita sadly and then glances at her wrist which has blood coming out.

“She’s right…” Pandit says and stands up.

Sanskaar takes the Mangalsutra and puts it on Swara without looking at her. Tears fall out of Swara’s eyes while looking at Kavita.

“Wait… Who got married?” The new manly voice utters.

“Bride is the same but the groom…?” The man thinks and is revealed to be Kunj, Kunj Sarna.

Tashan-e-Ishq title tune plays…

The ambulance arrived and 2 ward boys walk past Kunj and make Kavita lie on the stretcher and take her, AP goes with her.

“What happened here?” Kunj thinks.

Just then Ragini runs in with Laksh and is shocked to see Swara’s Maang filled and the Mangalsutra. Laksh is stunned too.
The clouds striking/thundering are heard and their shocked faces are shown as it turns black and freezes for a while.

Kunj turns around and sees Laksh and looks on.

“What’s going on? Lucky is here and she married someone else?” Kunj thinks and looks on.

Ragini walks forward.

“Kavita… She cut her wrist…” Sujata tells Ragini while in tears.

Ragini is shocked and looks at Swara and shakes her head in a disagreement while giving her the disgusted look.

She approaches her and Swara looks at her with tears in her eyes. Laksh comes forward and stands near Kunj.

“Bhai… You said you were getting married and they’re forcing you but here…?” Kunj whispers.

Laksh just nods yes.

“Kya Sar hila raha hai? I came running all the way from my hometown!” Kunj tellls.

“Sshhh… Tamasha dekh.” Laksh whispers while concentrating and pointing at Swaragini.

“Why did you do this Swara?” Ragini asks.

Swara doesn’t say anything and Swaragini sad tune plays.

“You used to be my role model but I don’t know what happened to you!” Ragini shouts.

“I didn’t do anything Ragini!” Swara says.

“You didn’t do anything? You separated Kavita and Sanskaar… You tried to break my alliance off with Laksh… Why? For money? For status? For power? For what?!” Ragini asks and tells.

“I told you once Ragini and I’m telling you again… Laksh isn’t the right guy for you! I didn’t marry for money, power and status!” Swara sad and gives Laksh the dirty looks and touches her stomach.

Ragini notices Swara’s hand on her stomach.

“Oh… So you did all this for your child? You even alleged…” Ragini stops and realises everyone are here.

“Don’t you feel ashamed Swara? God knows who’s Najayaz child you’re carrying! You’re just selfish Swara, you only care about your self! This child might not even be…” Ragini says but stops as she feels a slap across her face.

Swara had slapped Ragini, all look on. Laksh is shocked.

“Bas Ragini!” Swara shouts.

“I can’t believe you Ragini… You’re alleging and doubting your Shona? Your Swara? Your sister?!” A new voice is heard.

Ragini touches her cheek and looks at Swara. Someone comes from behind Swara and stands near her.

“The decision wasn’t hers!” That someone adds.

“Vani, she’s not going to listen to you… She changed, she’s not the same Ragini we used to know… Understand one thing clearly Ragini… Don’t ever question or bring my child in between me and you!” Swara warns and looks at Laksh too.

That someone is revealed to be Thapki/Vani, Vani Chaturvedi.

Swaragini sad title tune plays…

“And you have no rights to slap her!” Laksh takes a stand for Ragini.

“And you have no rights to speak to your Bhabhi with that tone…” Sanskaar finally speaks and takes a stand for Swara.

Ragini then leaves and Laksh follows her and Kunj also follows on.

Vani/Thapki then hugs Swara and Swara hugs her back.

“Don’t worry Swara… I’m always here for you.” Vani/Thapki says.

“Thank you Vani…” Swara says.

“If you ever need me then call me… I know I can’t take Ragini’s place and I’m not your real sister but…” Thapki says and breaks the hug.

“You have been more than a real sister to me… And it’s true that you can’t take Ragini’s place but you already made yours…” Swara says.

Both smile at each other, Swara then looks around.

“Naani isn’t here… She didn’t come… Shomi Maa wanted to come but couldn’t because of Daadi and Maamu went out of town.” Thapki says.

Swara feels sad.

“But there’s one person that’s here, in fact two people that are here to bless you.” Thapki says.

Swara then looks at her.

Vani moves out of the way and Swara sees Dida and DaadaJi.

“Naanu and Dida Maa…” Thapki/Vani says.

“Shona…” Dida says with teary eyes.

Swara runs to her and hugs her.

“Dida…” Swara says and cries.

“Shona… Where were you? Didn’t you miss your Dida? Where did you go?” Dida says.

“Sorry Dida…” Swara says.

“Swara…” Daadaji says.

Swara breaks the hug and hugs Daadaji.

“I’m sorry Daadaji… So much happened because of me…” Swara cries.

“No beta… It’s not your fault… it’s the circumstances…” Daadaji says.

Swara then breaks the hug and looks at him.

“Jeeti Raho beta…” Daadaji blesses.

“Homesho khush roho…” Dida blesses.

Swara wipes her tears and smiles at them. Dida and DaadaJi bless Sanskaar too.

“Keep my Shona happy…” Dida tells.

Sanskaar nods okay but is thinking about Kavita.

“Shall we leave?” DP asks sounding shocked.

Swara and Sanskaar then start leaving. Pari walks besides Swara.
Sujata then receives a call and immediately picks it up.

“Haa JiJi… Is Kavita okay?” Sujata asks worriedly.

Sanskaar holds his head up to hear while looking forward.

“Ke?” Sujata says.

Sanskaar gets worried.

“I’m sorry Kavita… I have to get Laksh’s truth out in front of Ragini before they tie a knot…” Swara thinks and touches her baby bump.

“Okay JiJi…” Sujata says and disconnects the calls.

“What did Bhabhisa say?” A concerned RP says.

They reach outside and near the cars.

RP, DP, Swara, Parineeta and Sanskaar look at Sujata.

Episode ends on Sujatas face.

Precap: AP and Sujata refuse to do Swara’s Ghar Pravesh… Laksh and Swara to argue…
Hello everyone… It’s me Halima back with another FF…

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I have decided to add Kunj and Twinkle along with Bihaan and Thapki/Vani…

So Tashan-e-Ishq and Thapki Pyaar Ki…

I might be irregular…

Thank you for reading?

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