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Part 3

Yes the new girl was Ishaani Agnihotri. Seeing her angry roop??, Shivanya got worried. She sat beside Ishaani n asked her,”What happened Ishu? Y r u sooo angry?”
“Yups Ishu di, what happened to u?”asked concerned Ragini.
Ishaani (In a sad n angry tone)-Bhabhi, I dnt know what these new businessman thinks of themselves? They become very rich, powerful n successful at young age so they climb up on nonth cloud! Along wid it if they are young n handsome…it turns hell! First they would appoint such stupid accountants n when their balance sheets doesn’t tally, they bang it on our heads!!!”
Ragini (consoling her)-First didu u calm done n then we would talk. Kk”
Shivanya came wid a glass of water n gave it to Ishaani-“Ishu, What happened…everything is ok na?” ??
Seeing her bhabhi’s concern, Ishaani calmed down.
Ishaani-Arey bhabhi..nothing soo serious! Anyway listen…

Flashback starts—
Ishaani entering the building named as iDiva Industries. She went to the receptionist n said- Excuse me mam, myself Ishaani Agnihotri. I hv been asked to be new auditor of iDiva Industries.☺
Receptionist- Ohh yes Mam! I have been informed about ur arrival. U please have seat here, I will be back in some minutes.
Ishaani smiled and sat down. After a few minutes…
Receptionist-Mam, Sir  has called u to his cabin…Please follow me.
She said n gestured Ishaani to follow her. After 3 right turns n 2 left ones, Ishaani finally reached to ‘Sir’s’ cabin.
The receptionist left.
Ishaani knocked the cabin’s door.
A manly voice said-Come in.
Ishaani went inside and saw a man sitting on the chair, leaning on the desk, with cords in his ears. Ishaani was a little shocked to see the boss of such a big company in that way.
The man raised his head…?
It was discovered to be the great Ranveer Malhotra, the owner of iDiva Industries.
Ranveer- Ohh, welcome Ms. Ishaani Agnihotri. I think that u know our motive to call u. Yeah its for audting our company’s balance sheets n PnL accounts…and so….
Ranveer continued to do bla-bla, while Ishaani stared at him like innocent kid? ??
After 1 hour of discussion, Ishaani was seated in a cabin next to RV(Ranveer)’s and was checking out the sheets. In an single hour of her arrival, Ishaani had 4th time went to RV to point out the mistakes in the documents??. As she went to RV for the 5th time, RV controlled his anger ??.
RV- Mam if u can’t audit the sheets…plz don’t do? Bt stop eating my head!??. You r jst trying to show that my accounant is foolish n u know everything??.
Ishaani got damn angry. This was enough to trig of her anger!??
She stamped the papers on his desk n started to give him lecture- What do uh think of urself? You 1st kerp such foolish accountants who don’t know anything and when we try to rectify your errors, you start to shout on us! And bla-bla…
They both were shouting like cats and dogs! ?. And that to for the next whole hour!!!
RV-Stop blabbering about my accountant! ?
Ishaani-Ohh..speaking as if ur accountant is ur jaan??…!
RV-Yeah! My accountant is my jaan!??. Any problem with uh?
Ishaani-Nope…But teach ur accountant commerce once again ??????….

And she angrily left the office!

Flashback Ends::
Shivanya-Ohh..thats it…jaane do….bhaad me jaaye wo Ranveer n get his company too go to the hell along with him!??
Little did they both notice that Ragini glared at her bhabhi on her statement.! And as she was gonna object her…she stopped n along with her sister Ishaani n bhabhi Shivanya glanced at the door!
And they all were shocked……?????

Now guyzz, think what they might have seen? ??? Think n tell me too ????
Please drop ur sweet n salty comments n even stay happy, take care n hope to meet uh all soon again???????? …….Until then take care and byeeeee…..

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