My Beloved Moon #CHANNA_MEREYA (Part 2)

She closed her eyes n felt that now she would just land up on ground. But to her surprise, somebody was holding her…. by her waist. As she opened her eyes, she found it to be one of the creepy ghosts. She again started shouting ,”Leave me! Plz let me go!!” The other ghost hurriedly took of its mask and it was revealed to be sweet Ragini Arora. She said,” bhabhi, calm down!” But Shivanya was ruthlessly crying,”No Ragu, ask this ghost to leave me or else he would kill me, drink my blood n eat my flesh..plz..let me go..plz ??? Ragini hitted her own head n then quickly took of the mask from the other ghost’s face. N lo!!! Ut was revealed to be Ritik Agnihotri ? who was staring Shivanya while she was crying like a baby!!!
Ritik lightly pecked on Shivanya’s cheek to bring her to sense. Shuvanya was shocked to see Ritik! In the same position they had an eyelock! ??

Suddenly they heard someone’s fake coughing sound,” Ahem! Ahem! I think, beside u both, I m in the house too or I hv really turned into an invisible ghost!??
Ritik helped Shivanya to stand up. They both were blushing ?. Ragini playfully pulled Shivanya’s cheek and said,” Oh bhabhi, now don’t blush! Someone is already flat on uh!!! ?

Saying so, she quickly ran away. Ritik tried to catch her following her in the hall. Shivanya smiled seeing both of them. She too came down. Then saw Ragini n Ritik circling the dinning table, as Ritik tried to catch hold Ragini.
“Ragu, don’t worry.. I m nt going to leave uh today??,” Ritik said.
“ Bhai 1st catch me n then say anything” saying so she ran towards sofa.
Shivanya who was now setting the plates for breakfast prayed to God,” Hey bhagwaan, plz keep my sweet family happy like this forever!”

And after a lot of rush, Ritik caught hold of Ragini and was tickling her badly ?. Then Shivanya came to them and separated both of them, caressed Ragini’s hairs n said,” Ragu, come on today is ur holiday so I m taking all of u for now quickly finish ur breakfast!”
Ragini started jumping like kid. Ritik said,” OMG..for the 1st tym my kanjoos..i mean my wifey is going to take me out for shopping!”
But Ragini meddled in,”Oh mr. Not u…bt I n Swaru n Ishu di are going wid bhabhi….crrct na bhabhi??..?”

Shivanya enfolded her Ragu n kissed on her forehead n said,” Ragu babe is soo smart… n uh Ritik, learn sme thing from her??. Now hv ur breakfast n get ready for ur office..uh r already late!!! ??

Ritik pouted cutely n smiled at her sis n wifey’s bonding. After 45 mins, they all were ready n had their breakfast. Just as Ritik had gone out of the house, the door opened again. And their was a new entry. A pretty girl in her 20s entered the house. She was wearing a jeans n long kurti n her hairs tied up in messy bun. She entered the house in lightening speed n throwed her bag on sofa n sat down there itself. She stared removing all her accessories n throwing them on table angrily….???

Now guyzz, guess who is the new entry n plzz do cmnt… until the next part byee n take care ??…n ypu i hv posted up after a long tym… sry 4 that…I had a slight fracture in my hand due to which It wasnt possible for me to I now promise to be regular… ??

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  1. Nandana

    Nice one dear and waiting for ishveer scenes dear.

  2. superb

  3. Asra

    superbbb dear…

  4. IQRA222

    loved the family bonding
    i think the girl is swara
    anyways continue

  5. A.xx

    Amazing so post soon xx

  6. Very nice dear

  7. Vast. I hate it.i does not like your ff

    1. Kishhgautam

      Then who asked u 2 read it? Get lostt from my ff ms. Aditi

  8. Malika

    ragini and ritik scene was sooo funny and loving !!! shivanya is soooo cute !!! i really like your storyy!! update soonn !! keep smiling and stay blessed!!

  9. Kishhgautam

    Tysm all of u for commenting ???

  10. Niz update dr
    Keep going
    Take care

  11. Rookey rookers

    Hai kish . its soo nice actually . and that girl might be ishu . eating 4 my ranvi …..

    And dear kish , be cool headed . and adti dear , pls mind ur words as it may hurt others dear … And kish don’t throw angrey flames at once … Waiting 4 the next eargerly …

    1. Kishhgautam

      Yup #Rookey rookers…. i need to follow ur advice…n thnxx 4 commenting??

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