She belongs to??? A swasan two shots(shot1)


Haifriends jane…
Thanks to all who supported me. I wanted to write a one shot. And its story based on a film. All thanks to all romantic films ever released.
story starts……..
Shona is praying by closing her eyes. This girls na never change. what is the need of unnecessary tension. After all its a game. I don’t want to participate in all these things. Shona needed to do this. one more adventure. Oh sorry forgot it. Actally what happened is that inaguration of a big jewellery and one who win lot can ingurate the function and the couple will get a diamond set. Jewellery shona will definitely attracted. Right. Girly things..
And the winner is … Chairman is announcing winners… Shona closed her eyes tightly. I put my hands into her to gave her support. I really wanted to win this for her..
Winner is Mr and Mrs Swara Maheswari. What shona jumbed luke a child and hugged me lyk a child. We proceed to the stage and get our prize.

Oh sanskar we will enjoy today. Our friends said while examining our prize. Yaa……. I said thinking what we will do with this set. Nope.. swara said ahile taking the set baxk.. Idea was mine.. pappa and mamma ke samne acting meine kiya…its mine…ok
Then what abt celebration. I grinned at her while asking. We will celebrate with your pocket money dear sanky… Ok I said afetr much hesitation.
Once again we were in same building at the evening. This tym with security. Nope no not security.. He is shonaas Ips uncle.. we wre partying while he came and put us an his van and come here. I was sure about one thing. every one gets to know about the thing.. I know that cos of this swara We are trapped. she or her stupid idea.
when we reached there. Ma, pappa, dad and mom were there. Mera pappa … I can handle every one not Dr Durga prasad Maheswari.. Even if shona is wrong. he will kill me.
shop owner s there with a smile. Actually he is dads friend. when he announced our names he get to know about that and informed dad. son when did you get married, we didn’t know that. dad asked with a smile. it will be her idea.shonas mom commended.. Mishti why u allways finds her problems.. obviously its my mom. I should have understood that in the morning itself when she get my jewellery and saree.. Shona giveathe set back.. Mishti mom grinned at her. Its ok yaar.. Its their gift.. No uncle it’s dont needed this… I give at it back to him. Shona growled at me. Ok then take this rings. He handed over a diamond rings for us. They are lyk this.. Look at aheir dress.ahey wers same colour dress and will give everything to the other one. We smiled at each other and went out to exchange our gifts.. Yaa we were best friends.. We born on same day, studied till in same school college and house opposite each other…We always exchanged whatever we got till date.

Hey Iam here. Udo or pado.. dont u remember we vowed yesterday that we will be study from today.. Ok sanky she said.. I know that she will not get up.. As she dont have any work lyk me in the early morning. Its better that she will slep..that I can concenterate on my work without any interruption..
oh no no Iam not talking about study. The girl next to our door is studying and iam …. you know what I mean…Sanky idiot shona called from terrace. You chwwwaeaater… wWhat ???? I asked without any interest ( concentration on next door girl). you cheated me.. I was sleeping and you was studying. I called you but you ismiled without completing the sentence at the next door girl. Oh god she saw me.Shona will ….

dad mom ma pappa look your son is eyeing Kavya.. Shona screamed … You shut up idiot… I growled at her. She smiled.. Look what will do with younshe give me a glare at went in…
I was talking and having breakfast when she entered our home after for college. I get tensed what this saitan opened her mouth infront of pappa.. Sahe sit opposite of me and asked do you know kavya, .. ha our major uncles granduncles grand daughter. why
what is your opinion about her. She is a nuce girl.. Vow she give me a thumbs up.. Pappa I think we shold get sanku married.. I coughed hard and spit theafood into plate.. Pappa give a look to me and said her ok betta ig you find so. ae will do it. Iam waiting for same. But after you. I laughed hard at her pout face. No not now Look she is little child. Mer ma gave her support. Thank you Ma. swaraa expressed her gratitude.. if mishti ma was here she will surely gave aahelping hands to me to start war with her. Since she is not here, I should change subject.
Shona come fast we are getting late. Always we gies to aollege me in my bike and she in scooty.
Here comes Ragini .. Swara chuckled while mentioning the name… Ya she is my fan. She loves me. she even gifted me a pen. That obviously in Shonas hand. My friends and shona always use her liking towrads me by way of cash or treat. Poor girl. I felt bad about her. But I don’t know why? I don’t have any feelings for her.Why?
Dou you sweat while talking to girls. nope ia answer her. Why?’ we were doing our project in shonas home. Laksk does. Rockstar Laksh.. Yeah him.. It think he lyks me. He was so sweeat towrads me.. wow nyc.. I said without giving any attention.

Come fast, otherwise Im leaving. Five more minutes. This was the fifth five more minutes.. Fine this is the last. Iwas playing football and she was having her chocolate.
For the next fifteen minutes, she doesn’t call me. Oh she was talking to Laksh.. I thought this guy has sime thing to do with her.. Come fast. I’m leaving. She was angry. Oho. noat more. I stopped the game and went to parking lott.. she was there with chocolate. she gave me a bite and continued eating. What happened I asked while starting her scooty. I think he is Laksh is insane.. Why?’He was asking about our relationship. He told he thought that we are in love..
oh sweet heart leave it. I said while packing her stuff in her bags. She is going for a thetre competition and Iam not going as I have foot ball selection same week. She is going for a week. And this is the first time.

I pretend to be happy. Wow I am ao happy. iwill enjoy this whole week. Noone is there to irritate me.
Ha ha ha very funny and same here. I snapped back..
If she is lyk this now itself, after marriage she aill never be back. She will forget us hey naa Sanky. Saying this Mishti ma left.. I felt bad. Hey don’t feel bad.. I will never get married. and she hugged me tight. I will miss you.. miis you too.. she said back.

Precap: Swara coming back, heart broken sanky, engagement, Emotional

Guys thought that I will end it in one chapter. Not possible. Sorry. I will end it by One more chapter. How was it. please give your opinion…

Credit to: Jane

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  1. Hai jane,
    Are you a keralite.i think it’s thae malayalam movie niram starring kunchakko boban and shalini.
    It’s my evergreen favourite film.Thanks for combining it with swasan

    1. Ya iam from kerala.. and what about you.. Thanks for reading my ff..Niram is an evergreen love story

  2. Its a film in Malayalam. NIRAM

  3. is this malayalam movie niram

  4. ❀?Natasha?❀

    Nyc……update nxy part asap….

  5. Hey its nuvve kavali movie story, but its good, waiting fr nxt part

  6. This story is similar to a malayalam movie..

  7. Hey Telugu movie Nuvekavali starring Tarun and Richa? supetb movie

    1. Actually malayalam movie Niram remake to all other languages. I thought so.. I lik it . So I thought to write the same with my favorite couple.

  8. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Nice … Just saw the movie yesterday.

    Keralathil evideya??

    1. Trivandrun and you.

  9. nice
    but sorry to say its concept same as on Malayalam film niram. ?

  10. Ths s the movie ninagaagi(fr u) in kannada…I luv the movie nd also ur os

  11. It is nuvve kavali movie no nice

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