I belong to u and u belong to me – twinj epi 23

Hey guys back agai with the next part….
Here we go…
After the baby shower of twihi the pampering started again both the sisters were given the same love care attention there every needs were fulfilled the best part was kiaras pampering towards them nd begin a elder sister of them was worth watching like this 2 months passed….. Now twinkle was 9 months pregnent nd mahi was 7 … Delivery date for twinkle was after a week…..

Twinkle was in her room sitting hugging kunj nd restig her head on his shoulder nd was talking how there life change after they got married their separation then their reunite kiara nd now this baby when twinkle tightly held his hand nd screamed kunj was starteld by her sudden scream … He turned toward her when she said take me to hospital bcoz my water bag broke … He immediately took her in his arms nd called everyone nd went out nd made her sit in car nd drove off to hospital while every family member followed them…..

Soon he reached hospital nd took her inside nd called for doctor nd she was taken to ICU soon every one came nd kunj was feeling so restless as twinkle was in deep pain nd he was not with her supporting her…. After half an hour a baby’s cry was heard everyone was so happy… Doctor came out nd said congratulations Mr Sarna its a boy nd went away… Kunj ask the nurse if he can go nd see twinkle nd she said ok….

He went inside nd sat beside twinkle nd crassed her forehead nd hair she turned to see him nd smiled he held her hands nd said…. Twinkle r u ok… Tu thik hai na.. Bata mujhe while twinkle said yes I n fine nd made him see towards the baby… He went near the baby nd took him in his hands nd kissed his forehead he brought him near twinkle nd she too kissed him later he kissed twinkles forehead nd said thank u for the best gift nd she smiled…. Soon everyone came nd blessed both the mother nd the baby when the baby started crying… Babe asked twinkle to feed him nd everyone left only twinj along with kiara nd baby were left in the room… Twinkle feed the baby while kiara started playing with him nd twinj admired them nd their bond…

That’s all….
Love u….

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  1. SidMin

    Aww Loved it …..
    The last part was so sweet ….
    Love you post soon ??

  2. aww nice n cute epi

  3. Preshu dii ? I am back ……I couldn’t comment because of my stupid kharab nett??

    Butttttt for all special OSs and fffsss thankyou????
    You know I can instantly recognise your writing i.e writing style. Ass it’s sweet and short…..sach mein??
    Post soonn

  4. Cute episode i loved the last part twinj with their babies

  5. Hey preshu yrrr dil khush hogaya..muh muh..
    post soon..
    luv u..

  6. Asna

    Nice n cute episode…

  7. RUTU.....

    Cute episode dear I really loved it

  8. Chiku

    Awwww!! So cute. Lovely??loved it.
    Post soon

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  10. Baby

    reallycute n adorable episode presha☺
    luvd it♥
    lods of love☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺

  11. Ramya

    Wowww preshu
    Awesome so cute
    Love u keep smiling

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    Loved it presha

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