I belong to u and u belong to me – twinj epi 12

Hey guys back again nd a little early as u all were excited for some sizling romance esp3cially my zoyu nd adeeba so here I m…
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Next day morning..
Kunj was the one to wake up first he smiled seeing twinkle nd thought she looks so cute while sleeping she was holding his torso… He kissed her forhead nd wished her good morning… Her hold on him became tight nd she kissed his cheeks nd wished good morning when kunj said..

K:twinkle thank u for coming back in my life nd I promise that now I won’t ever leave u nd will fill all the colours of happiness in ur life…
T:I know that kunj d now leave me as I have to get ready… Kunj smirked nd came on top of her nd said whts so hurry love… Nd he winked at her nd our twinkle ws red like tomato but she somehow managed to escape from him nd went to get ready …. After sometime they all had their bf nd twinkle nd kiara left to taneja mansion as leela has called them….

Mean while in sarna mansion kunj decorated their room in a perfect date setup nd decorated the terrace to and placed a dress for twinkle in the guest room…. He called her nd said plz when u comeback go directly in guest room there u will find something wear that there is a surprise waiting… Nd cut the call…
Later twinkle retuned nd went to gr nd found a knee lenght off shoulder one piece she wore that nd applied a little make up nd as per kunj instruction went to her room…..
Mature Content …. Read At ur Own Risk…. Kids Stay away nd later don’t Blame me as u all only Requested for this

As soon as she entered the room the sight surprised her the room nd the terrace was decorated beautifully when hung came from behind nd held her waist nd hugged her nd placed few kisses in her neck asked did u like it… Nd twinkle replied no… But I loved it nd turned nd kissed kunj cheeks… He then took her to the terrace where he arranged for the date they had their dinner talking dancing enjoying with each other….

Later kunj took her inside the room nd gifted her a neck lace a diamond studied one nd made twinkle wear that nd kissed her neck nd she mined which waked up the naughty sarna in him …. He started placing kisses on her one side of neck nd solder placing perfect love bite he did the same with her other side of shoulder to …… He moved his fingers on her bare back sending chill down her spine he then turned her nd kissed her ear biting her there ….. He than kissed her forehead that eyes than cheeks he held her chin nd soon captured her lips in his both biting nd sucking eo lips when twinkle gave enterence to kunj tounge in her mouth nd they explored eo … Later after s good 20 minutes they broke the kiss nd were breathing heavely nd twinkle was red dur to blushing…. Kunj picked her up nd lied her on bed and came tip of her he kissed her neck solder than arm hands finger then moved to the clevage nd kissed her sucked her there placing love bites on her Clevage ….

He now moved to her navel n sucked her there nd bite her there he than moved towards her legs nd kissed her there while twinkle was moaning all the time enjoying his sweet tortoure now twinkle was on top of kunj she kissed his ears nd bite him then his forehead than eyes than cheeks then his lips for 10 minutes ….. She unbuttoned his shirt nd removed it nd started sucking his hard tonned chest nd placing bites there now again kunj changed there position as h can5 handle her torcher nd came on top of her nd kissed her on her lips nd entered her nd now breaking the kiss started thrusting her while she was just moaning his name which was adding fuel in him nd he covered them selves in pillow nd made love all night nd slept in each others embrace..

Next day…
Both twinj woke up at same time nd twinkle hide her face in kunj chest to hide her bushing nd shyness… Kunj smiled seeing her nd kissed her forehead nd said thank u twinkle for entering my life nd loving me… Yesterday was the best night ofmy life thank u for once nd becoming mine.. Twinkle cupped his faced nd said thank u kunj for filling colours of ur love in my life nd yesterday’s night was the best night of my life to… I love u kunj…. Kunj … I love u too twinkle..
That’s it..

I hope it wasn’t so vulger nd hope u loved the sizling hot romance …
Plz tell hw was it nd drop ur comments..
Love u alll

Cover pic credit goes to zoya urf vaasu urf sidmintwinj

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it the episode was just toooooo hot ?
    Loved it ?
    Love you post soon ?

  2. Awesome and romantic episode presha I loved it

  3. hey presha kya ……romance muhh….it was fabulous fantastic…..loved it…
    post soon…

  4. Shalini15

    Presha it was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. it was too romantic.??????????????????loved it ???????????????????? nd don’t worry it was not vulgar. please post next asap.

    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Paavu

    hi presha g srry main ai nahi na itne dino se nw i m here so much srry ab stry bata daio zara kkkkkk love u it was awesome jo likha tha awesome

  6. Baby

    ohhhhhh god prehsa ☺
    too cute n romantic ufff………it was sooooooo lovely episode☺
    love u lods♥post soon☺

  7. Loved it presha??
    Post soon ?

  8. Aanya_pandey

    That was sizzling.. wat a romance..loved it

  9. Ramya

    Awesome presha

  10. SidMin23

    Presha it was full of romance and twinj were cute.

  11. Chiku

    Woaaah!! Lovely???loved it
    Post soon?☺️?

  12. SidMinTwiNj

    Hayeee preshu
    Ufff it’s so freaking hot??????? loved it from the heart core… Thank you for fulfilling my wish darling…

    With love ❣

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