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She goes into their room. She open cupboard and takes out her dress and put his dress on bed. She goes into washroom. He enters into their room and sees his night dress on bed. He smiles seeing that and takes some medicines to prevent himself from having cold or fever. He was smiling looking at his dress, remembering what has happened few minutes before when there was sound of door opening. He turns and there she was standing in her night dress and hairs wet. He gets lost in her while she doesn’t notice him. She was drying her hair with towel. She goes to dressing table as she looks in mirror, she founds him staring at her with a smile on his face. Their closeness sometimes before flashed in her mind and she blush without her notice.

“Shiv… Achhi…Achhi…Sh..” Anika turns to call him when she sneezes.

With her sneezes Shivaay came out of his dreamland.

“Ho gayi na Sardi.. Mana kiya tha na tumhe par tum ho na ki kabhi bhi manni hi nahin hoti hain meri baat… Agar fever ho gaya toh tum bhi na Anika kitni careless ho bilkul bhi dhyaan nahin rakhti ho…” he scolded her while searching medicines for her in his medicine box.

“Aap… Achhi… ho na… Achhi…rakhne…ke liye… Achhi…” she tries to stop her sneezes in front of him very well knowing the nature of her over protective husband she closes her nose with her one hand and said “Shivaay main abhi kitchen se jaakar adrak aur tulsi vali chai pi loongi achhi aur ye jo cold hai na vo bilkul chutkiyon mein…” taking gap in between and controlling her sneezes to some extent While he interrupted her

“chale jayega hain na. Tumne kaha aur chala gaya… Lo ab chup chap ye dawai lo” and hand over’s her medicines.

“Itni saari dawai…” She asked him taking medicines from him.

“ek cold ke liye hain, ek fever ke liye hain…” he starts explain her about them when she stops him

“Bas bas … bas kijiye… Aapko shayad yaad nahin hain lekin aapne abhi tak kapde nahin change kiye hain aapko bhi …” before she completes there was

“Achhi…” and Shivaay looked at her (he only pretends) and she continues

“Lo hogaya na… ab jayie aur kapde change kijiye… main inhe le loongi..” she said with worry and she gives him his night dress.

“pehle lo…” he insists so that she take her medicine in front of him now only as he knew she will not take them and will throw them in dustbin.

“Shivaay main le lungi aap jayien please..” she pleads to him

“nahin pehle lo tabhi main jaunga main tumhe achhi tarah se janta hoon…”

Anika takes all the medicines in a go and drink a whole glass of water after that making Shivaay shocked

“Anika…” before he says anything she speaks

“Ab jayien..” and Shivaay goes to washroom.

Anika drinks second glass of water after that.

“Oh my mata ho gayee meri toh…”

Oh my Mata … Pinky Aunty…’ and she stops

Pinky aunty ne mujhse vo sab kuchh kyun kaha tha aur ussi din uss aurat ka aana…Shivaay mujhse kabhi bhi nafrat nahin karenge, vo mujhse kabhi bhi dur nahin honge…Toh Phir unhone mujhse aisa kyun kaha… Pinky aunty kisi se phone par corridor mein baat kar rahi thi,unka mujhse voh sab kuchh kehna phir uss aurat ka yahan par aana aur yeh kehna ki voh meri m… Kahin Pinky aunty ne hi toh ye sab… Anika nahin vo aisa kabhi nahin karengi vo aisa nahin kar sakti hain par voh aurat jaate waqt kuchh kehna chahti thi… Par Pinky aunty ne usse kuchh bolne nahin diya… Kyun mujhe baar baar aisa lag raha hain ki unhone hi ye sab kiya hain… par tu galat bhi toh ho sakti Anika aakhir kyun karengi voh aisa… Anika Pinky aunty aisi nahin hain vo dil ki saaf hain agar unhe kisi se koi problem hain ya phir agar unhe kuchh kehna ho toh vo uss insaan se seedha seedha bol deti hain… Dadi bhi toh yahi kehti haina unke bare mein ki voh chahe kaisi bhi ho par dil ki saaf hain… par Anika unhone tujhse kaha tha na ki tere pass koi naam, khoon, khandan nahin hain aur voh kabhi bhi tujhe apni bahu accept nahin karengi… Uss din jab Shivaay ne hosh mein aane ke baad mera naam liya, mujhe apne pass bulaya uss waqt unke expressions… aur jab Shivaay ne apna Melham mujhe lagaya jo Pinky Aunty special unke liye layi thi uss waqt unke expressions…” and Picture was becoming clear to Anika when there was knock on washroom door and Shivaay comes out folding sleeves of his kurta.

“Tum Soyi nahin abhi tak…” He asked her while she was looking at him with a shocked expression.

“nahin vo bas abhi sone hi wali thi …” She replied to him after composing herself.

“Kuchh chahiye hain ya phir kuchh kehna hain…” he asked her after seeing her expressions.

“nahin…” she replied while shifting to her side of bed.

“Should I make tea…” He again asked her, if she needs anything.

“Nahin Shivaay aap please so jayien main toh aaj itna soyi thi…”

“Ki ab neend hi nahin aa rahin hain… janta hoon.. Par agar tunhe chai chahiyein hain toh main tumhare liye bana sakta hoon tum toh janti hi ho na ki tumhara pati permeshwar kitna achha chef hai kitchen…”

“phir se tadi marna shuru…” she replied coming back in her usual Anika mode.

“haan toh sach hi toh hain tumhe aati hain cooking…” he asked her in his usual style.

“Aati hain na..” she replied with full tadi.

“Mujhe pata hain kitni achhi aati hain mujhse aur Sahil se achha koi bhi nahin jaan sakta ki tum kitni awesome cook ho… am I right?” he asked her sarcastically with a smirk.

“No you are not right. Everything is not as you see that Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Yes I don’t know cooking so what?”

“Tum English mein baat kar rahin ho… I mean tumhe english aati hain toh tum hamesha itni weird language kyun use karti ho…tadi,michmichi, kidkitod…” he asked amused and surprised at the new information.

“Meri marzi main kuchh bhi use karoon…” She replied with full tadi of her but changed next instant and said with a sleepy tone “Ab so jayein na mujhe bahut neend aa rahin hain…” she said in order to get some time for herself to think about Pinky and she doesn’t want Shivaay to came to know about that until she herself was sure of it. She knew if she will talk with him few minutes more he will succeed in doing what he was doing. He will come to know what she was thinking and what if she was not right. She is his mom and he will not bear anything against his mom, she knew it.

“kya tumhe ab bhi neend aa rahin hain pure din sone ke baad ab bhi tumhe neend aa rahin hain… tumhe pata hain tumne mujhe ek baar phir se right prove kar diya hain ki I am always right.. lady khumbkaran” he said with a proud expression.

Anika was about to say something but stops herself Anika not now. Don’t answer him otherwise he will become a question shop and will continue to ask you questions until he gets to know what were you thinking. So it’s better to be silent. Don’t say anything’.

“aap so rahein hain ya nahin… aapko jo karna hain kijiye main toh so rahin hoon” and she closed her eyes after lying down on bed. He smiled at her and covers her with duvet. After switching off lights, he lays down on bed. He looks at her sleeping figure and closes his eyes looking at her only as he was tired after a long day.

Anika opens her eyes the moment when she feels that he has fallen asleep. She looks at him who was sleeping facing her. She moves close to him and was going to ruffle his hairs when she stops.

“He has fallen asleep just now. He is tired Ani after this much happenings in a single day. Don’t disturb him and let him sleep but he was happy today after all that drama” and she remembers about their night walk and a smile crept on her face unknowingly. Shivaay moves in his sleep and took her in his embrace. Now his hand was on her waist holding it tightly. She was shocked with sudden movement. She looks at him shocked while he was sleeping with a smile on his face, eyes closed.

“So jao Anika mujhe pata hin ki main bahut hi handsome hoon… Ladkiyan marti hain mujhe pe… par iss waqt mujhe check out… No tadna band karo aur so jao…” and Anika closes her eyes without saying anything. He was shocked after getting no reply from her. He opens his eyes and looks at her. She has her eyes closed. He shakes his head and closes his eyes. she was thinking about something Shivaay. She was in stress but she was thinking about what? Wait let me ask her now Shivay but may be you are wrong. She is sleeping. May be due to your action she woke up but don’t forget she is khumb karan.itna aasan nahin hain usse uthna. I will ask her in morning but I am not convinced. I am sure she is just pretending to sleep. Shivaay due to effect of medicines she may be sleeping… I will check on her in between’ he said to himself and closed his eyes. He holds her hand tightly in his hand.

Anika don’t open your eyes varna bagad bille ke Anika sensor shuru ho jayenge and then… Just sleep for some time and don’t do any stupidity… inhone toh mujhe aise pakda hua hain jaise main kahin bhaag kar chale jaungi aur phir kabhi vapas nahin aungi… ab toh haath bhi gaya.. Anika bas ab chup chap so ja… Jo karna hain kal bagad bille ke office jaane ke baad karna… Ab bas ye soch ki karna kya hain aur kaise’

Shivaay opens his eyes to check on her but she has her eyes alosed and he again closes his eyes.

Kal uss aurat se milna hain, Good Luck Chawl bhi jaana hain… bahut kaam hain.. pahle uss aurat se milna hain aur usse ye sach nikalvan hain ki ye sab usne khood kiya ya phir kisi ne usse karvaya’ and she slept in these thoughts only due to the effect of medicines. After sometimes she fully relaxes in his hold and he feels it. “Chalo lady Khumb karan so gayi” and with that he too slips into deep slumber both sleeping in each other arms.

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