You belong with me – ThaHaan fan fiction (Episode 6)


Next morning:

Thapki saw her self in the mirror and began to get ready… There was something new in the day something new in her life! Since the day she had got her heart broken she never really much attention to her dressing…. The matter was to look ok but thers was something different today…. She felt like dressing up, she felt beautiful not only from inside but also from outside… This was the gift of love.

She decided to wear something different today. She looked at her suitcase the one she never really opened…. She took out, a pink phulkari print kurta and and salwar and dupatta…. After getting dressed she went near her dressing table and wore oxidized silver jhumkas with pretty bangles. Then she filled her hazel eyes with kajal…. Her eyes looked more expressive than ever before. Then finally she filled in the sindoor! She hadn’t touched it before but today was the day… To fill her life with new colours of joy and love. Finally she was ready to go down for breakfast.


Suman and Priti appreciated her new look and congratulated her on the joy of her marriage…. Thapki hadn’t seen Bihaan since morning she wondered where he could go… Suman and Priti left the kitchen to call everyone down for breakfast while Thapki stood there chopping some fresh fruits…. She felt a pair of hands wrap around her waist…. She felt his warm breath mingle on her neck and his hands tightened on her waist making him come more closer Now his nose touched her neck and ear giving her thousands of sensations and goosebumps…. Her hold the knife loosened as he softly brushed his lips against her neck…. Thapki left the knife and closed her eyes…. She felt chills running down her spine…. When he began to place wet kisses on her neck and slowy downward she felt immense pleasure but the suddenly turned around…. “What happened did i hurt you?” Bihaan asked with concern in his voice…. “N n no.. A aa.. I i I’m just not ready yet ….. Everything’s just so sudden…

I some time..” She said as she moved a little away from him…. Bihaan was not happy but he realised her tension and the way she felt so he said “I understand.. I’m sorry” he said as he managed to give a smile…. “I didn’t mean to hurt you Bihaan .. It’s just..” She stopped in between and hugged him… Her actions justified her words… He understood what she meant and hugged her saying “it’s ok Thapki…. ” she broke the hug and asked Bihaan to go near the dinner table and eat… As he beagan to retreat she held his hand and gave a small kiss on his cheek “i love you” she said softly and let go of his hand … Bihaan smiled and left
Physical closeness really doesn’t matter if two hearts are as close as one!

Thapki was cleaning their room when she found Bihaan’s childhood picture she looked at it and smiled “look at his eyes! Oh my God that crooked nose… And that expression looks like the timing of this picture was wrong” and she burst out laughing. She took the picture and kept it in her bag. Bihaan entered the room and removed his shoes and threw them in a corner, he flung his jacket and threw that also in the corner and he removed his scoks and was threw them but unfortunately it fell at Thapki’s feet who just entered the room… “Bihaan! What is all this i just cleaned the room…. The only thing you can do is create mess!!! Clear all of this Bihaan ” she screamed in a scornful voice “ooooo chill….. And why should i do all of this now your my wife! You have to obey my orders, serve me and clean my mistakes” he said laughingly “ok fine so you’re not going to clean all of this…. Fine I’ll show this picture of my cute crooked nose husband to the whole world by uploading it on social media!” And she was about to take a picture when Bihaan came there and their to snatch the picture….. Thapki and bihaan were running all over the room, helter scleter, jumping, climbing, breaking and what not!!!! “Thapki!!! I’ll clean but please please give that picture” Bihaan said breathing hard…. He cleaned the mess and asked for the picture… “Who said i was giving you the picture” she teased him and made him run again…. But this time bihaan was lucky enough to catch hold of her hand and he pulled her toward him….. The jerk was hard enough that thapki came really close….

Bihaan still held her hands. They felt each other’s heavy breathing and hard beating of their hearts…. Bihaan pulled her even closer and strook behind the hair on her face near the ear. He cupped her face and brought it near his…. Slowly brushing his lips against hers… He finally kissed her…. Her hands ran through his short soft hair while she kissed him…. His kissed her very gently and with so much care… Kissing him felt like relaxing on a hamock sipping lemonade…. He slowly nibbled her lower lip investigating every corner of her mouth…. He wasn’t fierce on her… Just very gentle and peaceful , she could kiss him all day! When they were out of breath they finally parted….

Credit to: Cutecupcake

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