You belong with me – ThaHaan fan fiction (Episode 5)


Next Morning Holi :
Everything was coloured. Bright hues of pink purple and orange were seen everywhere…. Thapki was facing immense emotional trauma. Her heart ached every time that she saw Bihaan… It felt like swallowing bile every time that she spoke with him….

She stood near the bedroom window sobbing. Suddenly she felt someone’s breathing near her neck and closed her eyes in fear…. then a hand came from behind and coloured her cheek in a fist full of red colour…. She knew who this person was. She knew him soo well that even his breath was recognizable… but Thapki could not bare to speak anymore her heart was beating hard against her chest she turned pale all over…. she cannot face him any further. The next thing she heard was in soft whispers “I Love You”

Thapki just stood still for a frozen moment and then impulsively turned back and hugged Bihaan… as tight as possible and broke down in his arms. Bihaan just stood confused for sometime and after recovering he wrapped his arms around her. His words seemed like the most sweetest thing ever… in less than a moment Thapki’s trauma vanished and she could feel the blood flow again through her veins…. “Did I say anything wrong Thapki?” Bihaan asked “No… do you promise to stay with me forever?” Thapki managed to speak through her crying…. “Yes I do. I will always be there no matter what… I shall always protect you and never ever let you go… I promise to love you the best i can! I will never leave you Thapki” he said as he soothingly stroked her hair… “I love you too” she finally said it… It felt as if she let out a breath she had been holdin onto….

After the hug…. Bihaan wiped away her tears and asked her to come down and tell everyone about their decision. Thapki had failed to keep Vasundra’s commitment but she knew there was no other commitment as strong as love. Thapki felt relief…. Sbe had conquered the war of her heart v/s mind…. And now nothing could stop them from Being together.
The whole family rejoiced and cheers of happiness were all round. Everyone was happy and as a surprise even Vasundra was…..

“Bihaan if i would leave you would you still love me?” Thapki asked with curious eyes…”yes i would because, it is all right to love someone who doesn’t love you back unless their worth the love. ” he replied back with a smile “but wouldn’t the love go waste?” She asked again “no! It is a great thing to be loved as it is to love. Love is not somethin that can be wasted.” He replied and planted a small kiss on her forehead…. She smiled back and lay her head on his shoulder and they watched the stars together……

So so sorry for latd update but my exams are on that’s why late update hope you’ll like this part…. I’ll try to post next part as soon as possible 🙂

Credit to: Cutecupcake

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  1. nice..but so short

  2. Wonderful ep yaar….Please post the nxt ep soon.?☺

  3. really not nice bihaan and thpkki. the most romantic pear druf and thapki ony. when druf and thapki is intresting to see , but when change the person is totaly boring. please don’t change thapki and druff pear. we also suddenly cannot accept. sorry to say this.

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