You belong with me – ThaHaan fan fiction (Episode 3)


Pandey Niwas:

Thapki came out from the washroom and saw Bihaan still in deep slumber on the bed…. he slept like a small baby all curled up! with a pouty mouth and half closed eyes…. Thapki was lost in his cuteness. the way he involuntarily touched his ears in sleep the way he smiled like a child… She was lost in her thoughts until she realised that this was not what she was supposed to do! She can’t afford to love him anymore… this thought gave her a chilly blow it felt as if someone had just punched her…. she couldn’t bear all this and left the room.
Bihaan was woken up by the numerous sounds going on in his house… he rubbed his eyes and yawned hard stretching his hands he managed to get up with all the pain of his bruises and injuries…. after the bath he came out his eyes fell on the dressing table where his gaze met Thapki’s earning.
He could imagine her wearing it… the way she picked it up with her graceful hands, the way she pushed back strands of hair away from her cheek the way her delicate fingers curled around the earing securing it in place….. nothing went unnoticed. Bihaan had seen her laugh, cry, smile, shout, pray , and everything that she ever did he had noticed her all the time….. He had least expected to fall for her. Before she was the cause of his problems his anger his difficulty but now, she was the solution to all his problems, she was his delight she had become his everything! Bihaan was very protective of Thapki. He also knew that she was going to leave this house in couple of days but, his heart said…. “If I confess I’m so sure she’ll agree…. Somewhere in her heart she does feel the same way for me and i know that true love always wins… You belong with me Thapki”

Well this is part 3 hope you guys have read the previous parts….. And thank you to you’ll soooooo much for your support and warm comments…. It’s really nice of all of you let me know what u wish to read in nest part

Credit to: Cutecupcake

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  1. Superb ep.Waiting for nxt pt.

  2. Awesome update … Waiting 4 d next part …plz add romance. .show mein tohhum expect nhi kr skte …plz u toh add kro…bihaan drink bhaang n romantic moments of thahaan ..plz

  3. Very Nice ff well done cutecupcake

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