You belong with me – ThaHaan fan fiction (Episode 2)


The two days spent in the hospital were one of Thapki’s worst nightmare… Today finally her husband was getting discharged from there.

All Thapki felt now was a ton of guilt and sadness. Guilt, because of her inabilities to speak, her husband had paid the price and sadness that, she was going to repay this big favor not by thanking him but crushing his heart by filing divorce against him. Nothing was right. Everything was unjust and cruel… Thapki was lost in a complex mesh work of problems and trauma from which there was no escape…. Surrounded by these unknown feelings she was well aware of. Thapki was in love and now there was no way out…. her feelings couldn’t change and her heart had already given in. The only solution was to break their hearts and turn the love into hatred…..
She very well knew her husband was probably the only one who actually cared for her… and after breaking his trust no one would ever care for her. In the whole world there will be no one who will care for her or love her this very thought overwhelmed her and plunged her down into a deep darkness where she would be forever alone…. the thought sent chills down her spine. But nothing could be done now it was decided and over with even destiny didn’t wish to help.
She slowly walked in his hospital room, sat near him and stared at his weak and pale face.
His face…. a mask of innocence that hid his real face….

His face always smiling and spreading smile to everyone. She was doing the worst of the things ever… A small sob escaped from her. The sound was loud enough to wake him up. A strong blow of relief struck her…. There were no bounds to her joy! He was finally awake. His face was very pale and weak but he still managed to smile at her. She grabbed his hand and felt the heavy load of guilt collapse… “I i i am sorry bihaan… It’s all because of me due to my mmm inability to speak you you your in the hospital” and as she said this tears escaped her eyes as a waterfall…. Bihaan was confused as well as surprised he confronted her shouting ” Thapki nothing is wrong with you! I’m 100 percent sure that if it was me who was stammering you would do the same for me…. Because your a nice person and brave” he paused a little moment and held her hand clutched it tight and said ” I haven’t done anything great and nor is it your fault” his consoling voice seemed like the end of all her problems and it didn’t take much time to make her simle…..
Though she was smiling in her heart of hearts she was crying….. Crying very loudly she felt throbing pain and a mountain of sadness was building up………

Hello everyone I’m new here and this is my first attempt hope you guys find it good please let me know in the comments about what you think…. If you’ll think i should continue then the plot in the next part will revolve around Bihaan’s point of view

Credit to: Cutecupcake

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  1. You are so good that you made us feel and imagine evry single emotions between them….too good, but its short

    1. Hey thanks for that feedback did u read part 1 ??

  2. Pl do continue.

    1. Ok thanks 🙂

  3. Wonderful…???

  4. Lekhamadhumitha

    Pls continue.

  5. Hope all of you have read my previous part….. The first part but its okay anyway try and read that….. And thank you everyone for reading my work and for giving such sweet appreciation 🙂

  6. Very nice…

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