You belong with me – ThaHaan fan fiction (Episode 1)


The 2 days in the hospital were probably the worst for the Pandey family…. But it was the most horrible nightmare for Thapki. There weren’t less problems in her life anyway. She was disgusted at the very thought of her husband’s mother…. Vasundra such a hypocritical woman, pretence flowed in her blood….

Thapki was stuck in the most complex webs of problems, troubles and trauma from there was only one way out…. Divorce as suggested by her mother in law. Thapki agreed to this only because she had to save her husband’s life…. At this point nothing mattered more than him, more than his presence and more than his unconditional support.

Next Day : Pandey Nivas

The sunshine crept through the windows and layed its warm rays on thapki’s face… She woke up looked up to see his face… Still full of deep slumber and peace. Tomorrow she was going to betray him, break his trust, break him completely… This would snatch away his smile the mischief from his twinkling eyes and mostly destroy his respect for her. When she saw his face he looked innocent but she knew that behind this innocent face was a strong man with vast capabilities and great hopes…. He was not only rough and tough but also fun loving not only mischievous but very caring……
Thapki could not bear the thought of breaking his heart, a small tear escaped her eye and got her out from the world of her thoughts…..

She got up had a bath got dressed and went ahead to wake him up… There were unknown feelings arising in her for him which she was well aware of…. She was in love with that person she had least expected to…. Destiny had already played it’s game, her heart had already given in now nothing can be changed all she could do is curb her feelings and crush his heart…. Turn the love into hate

Hello everyone I’m new here this is the first part of my fan fiction if you think u like my writing pls pls leave your comments good or bad any suggestions and criticism is always welcomed….. Next part will showcase bihaan’s point of view

Credit to: Cutecupcake

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  1. Good starting …….

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    1. Yes thank you I’ll try to make a long one

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  6. Nice one….its really a good start!

    1. Thank you so much 😉

  7. Thank you everyone for your support and warm comments 🙂 hope you guys have read my 2 part ….. It’s been posted 😉 thank you a lot like really 🙂

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