Hey guys..Jasmine here, writer of You Belong With Me. As I said this was my first try, I’m seriously happy that you guys liked it. Thank you all! ❤
Well, as Jwala said this story feels incomplete, now I’m too feeling the same. Lol, I don’t know why I’ve left it incomplete ?
But here’s a small part, basically on Sanskar’s POV. Hope you’ll like it.

Sanskar’s POV(when he was sitting on the park bench)

Swara! Or I should say Shona, my Shona! ❤
My best friend since I don’t know when. We’ve practically grew together. I still remember the good d days when we were children, playing on the swing set in my back yard and the tree house in hers. She had literally begged to Shekhar uncle to build the tree house.
I still remember how she had tortured uncle when he refused to build one. Poor man! ?
Anyways, how can one say no to her. She’s so cute, so bubbly and full of life. ?

I don’t know how and when I fell for her. Her cute antics, her big brown eyes, how they twinkled when she was happy and how they turned a darker shade of brown she gets mad. Her dark brown hair which urged me to play with them. Her small nose and perfectly shaped lips.

She was perfect.

Sometimes I can’t believe my luck that she’s my best friend. She had stayed with me through thick and thin. She was there for me when my mother left me. She managed to convince dad to let me stay with her. She cheered me when I felt low and sad. She was there to hug me when I needed one, sending shivers down my spine. Oh! How good it felt. Holding her against my chest, feeling her heart beat,
And her voice! ❤
It made me fall for her even more. She had an amazing voice, even better than Taylor Swift, though she never believed me.

I was head over heels in love with her. I even tore a page from her little message book to tell my feelings.
But then it could ruin our friendship if she doesn’t feel the same way. And certainly, I just can’t stand the idea of not having her by my side.

To stop my overgrowing feelings, I thought to move away. But I couldn’t just stay away from her. I managed to convince dad to return and we did. When we returned, I thought to try my luck once again.
I had a perfect plan. Jealousy!
I proposed Kavita, who is no less than a sl*t. I ditched her to be with Kavita. She even warned me about Kavita’s cheating, as if I cared about Kavita, but I ignored her until I was confirmed that she too feels for me.

When Ragini told me about Shona’s feeling, I was in cloud nine. When Ragini told me the song Shona would be singing in the talent show, I knew I shouldn’t delay anymore in proposing her.
I told my plan to Ragini and she agreed to help me.

As per plan, I dumped Kavita and told Ragini to inform the same to Shona before her turn comes. I told her to bring Swara to park after the show and she did exactly what I said. And here she is! Standing in front of me.

I walked up to her and looked down on her perfect features. She’s truely an Angel. My Angel ❤

“Shona”, I began, unsure of how to say while she stood waiting. Gathering my courage, I said, ” You remember when we were 14 and had that little message book in your tree house, and how you yelled at me when I tore a page out?”
She nodded.

“Well…here it is”, I handed a piece of paper out of my pocket.
She carefully unfolded it and read what was quickly scribbled on the page:


I stood there praying for her positive answer. Her next act gave me my answers when she came close and claimed my lips. I kissed her back with same passion. Breaking the kiss, we stared in each others eyes before leaning into another kiss. ❤

The end.

Author’s note- I don’t know what have I written but I do hope you guys like it. Ignore the typos and grammatical errors.
Thank you for reading! ❤

Credit to: Jasmine

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    Now story feels complete.

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    superb jasmine. . thank you for considering my opinion dear.. loved it very much. . I didn’t think that sansjar loved her.. it was really a surprise

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