You belong with me…swaragini (episode 2)

its me..your princess.
Thankyou guys for your great feedbacks on my ff..
And also sorry for late update..i was little busy..
Anyways..i will try my best to post thrice a week at least…
Hope you all enjoyed episode 1.I think that most of you guys are malayalees.Me too is a malayalee.The upcoming best couple award scene have similarities to niram movie but the story plot is entirely different.Hope you all will enjoy today’s episode..

Episode 2
Sanskar:You have forgiven me lets go for an outing.
Ragini:But where?
Sanskar’s phone rings..and he picks the call.
Sanskar in his phone:that’s great..
but how?
then fine…
We will be there soon.
Sanskar to ragini:Ragini …come fast..we have to somewhere..
sanskar:no more questions…get ready and come fast.
Sanskar leaves..
In a newly inaugrated mall..
sanskar:come fast..
Ragini:why did we come here…sanskar?
Sanskar:just wait and watch.

Sanskar:Ragini,here a competition is going on..
Ragini:what competition.
Sanskar:Best couple competition..
Ragini:But..why we are here..
Sanskar:Ragini,lets act like couples and iam sure we itself will win the competition..
Ragini:But what is the use of winning it..
Sanskar:The prizes for the winners are diamond ornaments.,
Ragini: No need anymore explanations…iam ready..
Both sanskar and Ragini registered for the competition..
Competition starts.
only round was there it was compatability test.Ragsan easily won the competition and receives the prices.
But shockingly they found their parents there..
Parents:we were already aware that you both itself will receive those prizes.Because we know that no one beat you both in compatability.
They altogether leaves from there.
At night
sanskar in his phone…
Friend:Atleast today you could have told her that you love her..
Sanskar:But ..iam little tensed about her reaction.
Friend:From last two years you are loving her…and in between this two years I have told you many times to confess it to her..But you are always tensed..
why so tensed.,iam sure that she also will be loving you.
Sanskar:Ok..i will propose her tomorrow..
Friend:why tomorrow?
sanskar:Tomorrow is her birthday.
Friend :Thats so great…so remove your tensions and propose her tomorrow.
Sanskar:Yes ..
Sanskar sleeps happily..
Episode ends.

Precap:Ragini finds a card in sanskar’s room and it is written “I love you ragini” in it.Ragini is shocked to see that..

So was the episode.?
I know that you all will be desperately waiting to know about ragini’s reaction and what happened further ..
You will get to know about it soon.

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  1. It look like nuvve kavali telugu movie some similaritu is there but i like it dr

  2. Superb epi. Ragini is not gonna reject him is she????

  3. hey this is the movie Niram right .It is my favorite

  4. Awsm episode..but plzz make it a bit long nd update soon

  5. i loved it a lot. adipoli episode dear

  6. Wow its like neeram movie i like it…

  7. Awesome but can u give d link of previous epi?

      1. Amy Jake..thanks for giving her the link..

  8. luv it ….

  9. plz make some long …

  10. It’s different from the movie niram and it’s really interesting so please post the next part soon☺️☺️

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