You belong with me…swaragini (episode 9)

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Episode 8

Episode 9
Sanskar enters the room.But he didn’t find her there.Then he went to the window.He was damn shocked.He finds ragini drowning in the pool.He run towards the pool and jumps into it.He takes her in his arms and made her lie in the pool side.He is crying like a child.
Sanskar:Ragini..wake up…Ragini..
But Ragini is still unconscious.
He starts compressing Ragini’s chest.Ragini spills out a lot of water.Still she is not concious.
Sanskar is checking her heart beat.He finds it too low.
Sanskar shouts:Ragini….
Now he decides to give CPR to her.
His lips are so close to her’s.
It was to touch each other but Ragini slowly opens her eyes by coughing .She is damn shocked to find him so close to her.She misunderstood him and gives him a tight slap.
Sanskar is shocked.
Ragini:I never thought you will stoop this low..
Sanskar:Ragini..its not like that.
Ragini leaves from there without hearing him.
Ragini is sitting in the room and is thinking about the whole incident.She gets angry.
Sanskar enters the room.
Sanskar is also little angry.

Ragini:I don’t wanna hear anything sanskar…i never thought you will stoop so low..I can never imagine,you were trying to take advantage of me when i was tried to kiss me..You are so cheap sanskar..I now regrets that once you were my friend.
Sanskar gets very angry hearing it.He starts coming near to her.
Sanskar:What did you say..I was trying to take advantage of you when you was unconscious.I tried to kiss you..HUH?By saying all this he is coming near to her.
Sanskar:For taking advantage of you,I dont want you to be unconcious…I can do it when you are concious itself..Waana see..I will show you.
Ragini is moving backward.Now she hits to the wall.She tries to go from there but sanskar holds both of her hands.Now he is very close to her.
Ragini:Sanskar,what are you doing ..
Sanskar:Iam gonna kiss you.
Ragini is shocked to hear that.
Episode ends.

Precap:Didnt decide…sorry.

So guys,only some more episodes are remaining..Keep reading and support me.

Credit to: Princess


  1. aditi syam

    Not fair u stopped it i n correct moment not fair at all plzzzzz update one more chapter plzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzz

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