You belong with me…swaragini (episode 8)

Its me your princess.
Hope you liked last episode. Episode 8

Now sanskar and Ragini are very close.
Ragini:stop it sanskar.
Sanskar puts his coat around Ragini and move away from her. Ragini in her mind:I think sanskar is good now also.
Sanskar is sitting down in a corner and is remembering about their past moments and all..(Teri meri dosti song plays bg).
She is also remembering the same things.
They both looks at each other.
After sometime ….

Its not raining now.
So they start going out.Sanskar starts changing the tire.
Sanskar:Its done..lets go.
They starts travelling..
Now,again its raining heavily.
Sanskar: Its already late..anyway we will not be able to reach on time.What to do now..
They saw one five star hotel.Sanskar stops the car.
Sanskar:I wanna call and inform Neil about cancelling the meeting.
They enters the hotel.
Sanskar:I wanna call someone..
Worker:ofcourse you can use this phone sir.
Sanskar informed Neil everything.
Sanskar:Ragini,come lets go.
Worker:Sir,its very heavy rain..I think you should stay here today and go back tomorrow.
Ragini:No lets go.
Sanskar:But I think..
Suddenly Ragini gets scared hearing the thunder voice.
Ragini:Okay..lets go back tomorrow.
Sanskar smiles seeing her afraid of thunder.
Worker:Sir..mam..You both are looking like best couples.

They both remembers about the best couple competition which they won.
Sanskar:We are not husband..wife.
Worker:oh..sorry .
Sanskar:So we need two rooms.
Worker:Sorry sir,only one room is vacant.
They both looks at each other.
Sanskar:But we need..
Ragini:Its ok we will adjust.
Sanskar is shocked to hear that.
Even ragini too.
Ragini:I mean we don’t have any other option..thats why.
They took the keys and went to the room.The room is in downfloor.A swimming pool is there near to it.
They entered the room.Both are feeling awkward.
Sanskar:I will come now..You stay here.
Sanskar went.
Ragini starts checking all the things in the room.
She saw the swimming pool.She is going near to the swimming pool.

On the other side sanskar is asking the worker about the nearby dress shops.
Worker:opposite to the entrance there is a shop.
Sanskar:okay thankyou.
He starts going towards the shop with an umbrella as its raining.
He brought a red saree for her and a black shirt and blue jeans for him.
Now he is coming back to the room.
Ragini’s leg slips and she falls into the pool.
Episode ends..

Precap:Sanskar is crying…by shouting”Ragini….”

How was it..
Thanks for reading.
And by the way guys,Iam planning to end it soon.
Its not because of comments or anything.Just i felt like i wanna make them confess their love to each other.And ofcouse after finishing this ff i will come back with another ff.
Keep reading..

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