You belong with me…swaragini (episode 7)


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Episode 6

You belong with me…swaragini (episode 6)

Episode 7
Its night..
They are travelling..
Suddenly the tires got punchered.
Ragini:what happened..
Sanskar:The tire goe punchered i think.

Sanskar:Don’t shout..Shut up and sit there …Let me check.
Sanskar:Oh…there is no extra tire..
Ragini:what to do now..
Sanskar:Let me call Neil..Offo..there is no range here.
Ragini:Now what..
Sanskar:There is a hut..let me go and check whether anyone is there or not.You just wait here.
Ragini:Me alone…
Sanskar:No..i will arrange five more people…
Sanskar:Just shut up and sit there.
Sanskar starts going to the hut.
Ragini is tensed,sitting in the car alone.
Sanskar is infront of the house now..its all darkness.
Sanskar is also little tensed.
Sanskar:Is there anyone here..
No one replied .So he decides to open the door.He is about to open the door but he heard a sound from behind .So he suddenly turns.
It was Ragini.

By seeing him shouting.
Sanskar:You..i said you to sit in the car na..
Ragini:Its so dark all around…i got
Sanskar:Haaa haaa enough .Let me open this door.
Sanskar opens the door .But he found no one there.But he got many mechanical items from there.Many tires were also there.
So he took a tire and some other things and starts walking towards the car.Ragini also follows him.
Ragini is standing in the road and sanskar is changing the tire.
Suddenly it rains.They got completely wet.Sanskar is about to run to hut.But he found Ragini trying to open the car’s door to enter inside.So he holds her hand and started running towards the hut.Now both are in the hut.Sanskar found a lamp there.He lightens it.He found Ragini shivering as her dress got wet.
Ragini is shocked to find sanskar coming towards her.
Ragini:Sanskar…dont try to come towards me..

But still he is coming.Ragini starts moving backward.Finally she hits to the wall.Sanskar is still coming towards her.He removes his coat.
Ragini:Sanskar..what the hell are you doing.
Sanskar is not even listening to Ragini’s questions .
Episode ends with Ragini’s shocked face.


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Credit to: Princess

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