You belong with me…swaragini (episode 6)

Hiiii friends.
Its me your princess..
Thanks a lot for reading my ff..

Episode 5

Episode 6
Ragini:sanskar please..
Sanskar:Yes or no..
Raginiin Mind:I have no other option now…i will have to stay here itself..oh god why..
Ragini:Haan…I have decided to stay here..
Sanskar:Thats great.. Today I have a meeting at 8pm .You are also coming with me.Here is a file.Make a presentation with the help of this file. 8?
Sanskar:Yes..8..its a part of your work.So you will have to come.So be ready.
Ragini:But… can go now..
Ragini gets out of his cabin.
Ragini:Oh god..this idiot came here for taking revenge..what to do now..

Sam is walking to her cabin.Suddenly her leg slips.Neil comes and holds her.
They both are having a deep eyelock.

Ragini comes.
They both came back into their senses.
Neil leaves.
Sam:vo..actually Ragini..
Ragini looks tensed.
Sam:Ragini,what happened.
Ragini:Nothing yaar..
Sam:Something is there…say na..
Ragini:Vo sanskar …
Sam:You mean..sir,.
Ragini:Haan Haan..he asked me to go with him for a meeting..that too at 8pm.
Sam:what…that’s are so lucky yaar..Then why you are tensed.
Ragini:I don’t wanna go with him.
Sam:But why..
Neil comes..
Neil:Hey Sam..sir asked you to bring xxx file.
Sam:Ragini you later..bye.

At 7:00pm
All the workers went except Ragini.Sanskar is there in his cabin.
Sanskar comes to Ragini’s cabin

Sanskar:Ragini,come lets go.
Ragini and sanskar leaves in his car.Sanskar is driving the car and Ragini is sitting beside him in front seat.
Sanskar switch on the radio.
Darmiyaan song plays.
Episode ends.

Precap:Their car break down…romance…rain..

So how was it,..
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Superb dear bt short..
    Post nxt part soon plz

    1. Thankyou..
      Will post nxt part soon.

  2. amazing ……

  3. Why she is angry with him because of love only

    1. Because she feels that he came here to take revenge from her..

  4. Very nice dear

  5. Superb yaar

  6. nice and i agree with hayathi he just love her

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