You belong with me…swaragini (episode 5)

Hiii friends..
Its me your princess.
Thankyou so much for reading my ff…
Episode 4
Episode 5

Ragini enters sanskar’s office.
Sanskar:Iam your boss…you should ask my permission before entering my cabin.You got it…
Ragini:Oh really..Mr Sanskar Maheswari.
Sanskar looks confused as well as angry.
Sanskar:What the hell are you talking..
Ragini throws a letter on his table.

He reads it…He gets shocked reading it..
Sanskar:Resignation letter?
Ragini:Yes..what do you thought,I will work as an employ here and you can take revenge on me for rejecting you.Its impossible and iam leaving..Bye forever..Never ever see you again.
Ragini leaves to her cabin for taking her things.
Sanskar:No..Ragini…No.I wont leave you.He punches his hand on the table.Suddenly a file falls down.He reads the file.
Sanskar:Ragini…you are gone.
Neil:Yes sanky,what happened?
Sanskar:Say Ragini to come to my cabin before going.

Neil leaves.
Ragini’s cabin
Ragini:Thank you so much god for giving me this idea..Sanskar will be crying there thinking about his failure…Ragini laughs.
Neil comes.
Neil:Sir said to meet him once before you leave.
Ragini:Fine..i will come.
Neil leaves.
Ragini:now what does he want.Whatever,anyway iam leaving na,I dont have to worry about him.
Sanskar’s cabin
Ragini enters his cabin.
Ragini:Mr Maheswari..why did you call me now..

Sanskar:Mis Ragini Gadodia,before going dont forget to pay the compensation..
Ragini:What compensation.
Sanskar:Oh..i think you forgot about the bond you signed while joining here.
Ragini:Thats when Sudeep sir was the head.
Sanskar:So is always a bond.You signed 2years you will have to work here one more year.
Ragini:Sanskar…anyway dont ever think that I will work here anymore.
Sanskar:So pay it and go.
Ragini:How much is the compensation..i will pay.Anyway its better than working here.
Sanskar:Thats cool…so pay 50lakh and get lost.
Ragini is super shocked.

Sanskar:Yes just 50 lakh only.. cannot do this..
Sanskar:Ragini,what did I do?you signed the bond right?In the bond it was written that if you leave the job before completing the bond period,then you will have to pay the compesation which the company ask you for..So ofcourse being the head of the company,its my right to ask you for the compensation.
Ragini:But 50 Lakh..?
Sanskar:Yes …50 Lakhs.So Mis Ragini..what you are going to do?
Staying here or leaving (by paying 50 lakhs)
Ragini looks tensed.
Episode ends..

Precap:Ragini and sanskar are travelling in his car.Its night.RAGSAN scenes…..

So how was it…
Ragsan scenes are on the way…

Credit to: Jeena Jake


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