You belong with me…swaragini (episode 4)

Hiii friends..
Its me…princess.
Thanks to everyone who reads my ff.
Recap:Ragini left to London.Sanskar is crying thinking about her.

Episode 4

After six years

A girl is driving a scooty..
We cannot see her face as she is wearing helmet.
She is dressed in a blue jeans and pink top.
She stops her scooty in TMGE research centre.Yes..she is doing researching here.
Another girl:Ragini ..come fast.

Yes…its our Ragini..Ragini gadodia.

Ragini:Yes sam..iam coming.But what’s the matter.

Sam…Samaira Khanna..she is Ragini’s friend.She is also doing researching here.

They enters their cabin.

Sam:Ragini,Sudeep sir sold this company to RSM group of industries.
Ragini:What?But when?
Sam:Last week…but today only they came.And by the way,where were you last week.
Ragini:I had a trip with my college mates. you know one thing..our new head is very hot and handsome.
Ragini:Did you talk to him.
Sam:No..always a khadoos is there with him.One Mr.Neil Malhotra.That idiot didn’t allow me to see him.
Ragini:Who is he?
Sam:May be..sir’s PA.
Neil comes.
Neil:Who is Ragini gadodia..
Ragini:Its me..but what happened?
Neil:Sir is calling you..
Ragini :me?
Neil:Yes..come fast..

Ragini is standing in front of sir’s cabin.
Ragini:Sir,may i come in? can..
ragini cannot see his face as he is facing to the opposite side.
Ragini:Sir,why did you call me..

Now he turns to Ragini.
Ragini is shocked to see him.
Yes..its none other than our dashing sanskar,
Sanskar:Yes..sanskar maheswari…head of R S M group of industries.And Mis…What was your name..
Ragini is shocked to hear that..
Ragini:Ra..Ragini gadodia.
Sanskar:Okay….Mis..Ragini gadodia…I heard that you are the best researcher here..And so iam planning to give a new project to you..Here is its files..Read it and say me your plans regarding it within 15 minutes.
Ragini:But..iam not interested in this project..
Sanskar:I didn’t ask you to be in this project..i just said.You got it.Now you can go.
Ragini leaves to her cabin.
Sanskar:Ragini…iam back.I know its difficult for me to hurt you..because it hurts me when it hurts you..But you will have to suffer the pain which i suffered when you left me alone..So Mis Ragini gadodia be ready for facing the worst days of your life..
Ragini’s cabin
Ragini is still shocked.
Ragini:Sanskar…God why did he come here. Not to take revenge from me.right?Yes..he came here to take revenge from me..But what will i do..Anyway i will not let him rule me..
She starts writing something in a paper.
Ragini:Now..i don’t have to hear any of his commands..
Episode ends..

Precap:Ragini gives a paper to sanskar..Sanskar is shocked to read it..

How was it yaar..
Many twists and turns are on the way..keep reading..

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