You belong with me…swaragini (episode 3)

Hiii friends…
Iam your princess..
Sorry for not posting these many days…
recap:sanskar planning to propose ragini. 3
sumi:ragini, wake up..
Ragini:its too early mom..
Mom:Today is someone’s birthday..
Ragini:oh…i forgot..Today is my birthday..right?
Ragini:mom..i will come now..
mom:where are you going?
Ragini:papa’s house..

Ragini is in sanskar’s room.
sanky is sleeping.
Ragini to are sleeping.But iam sure here somewhere my gift will be there.
Ragini is searching everywhere..
She opens the cupboard.There is a card in the cupboard.
Ragini:so sweet sanky..
She opens the card.
It is written:Many many happy returns of the day.Today..iam gonna confess something to you..
Ragini…i love you.
Ragini starts crying reading it..Sanskar woke up hearing it.
Sanskar:rags…you here..
what happened?
Ragini is still crying..
sanskar finds the card in ragini’s hand.
sanskar:Ragini…vo…mein actually..
Ragini:No sanskar..i dont want to hear anything.You cheated me..
Sanskar:No ragini ..its not like that.
Ragini:No sanskar..i was was my mistake..i should not have trusted insulted our friendship..
Sanskar:ragini..please..never say like that..its right that i love you..but i never let my love come in between our friendship…please trust me..
Ragini:No sanskar..please leave me onwards we are not bestiees..and i don’t wanna see you again in my life.Iam going to London.I will complete my course there.
Ragini leaves..sanskar cries
Ragini’s house
Ragini:mom and dad…i want to go London.I will do my studies there.
Dad:but you itself said na you don’t want to leave from here..and think how will you leave sanskar..
Ragini:i might said like that..but now i wanna join there.
Mom:As you wish..
Ragini:Tomorrow i wanna leave.. you wish.

Next day
Ragini leaves to London.
Sanskar cries.
Episode ends..

Precap:6 years leap.

So guys…how is the episode..
Guess what will be the current situation.

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  1. ayooo..6 years leap sanky should not let her goo…friendship is the base of most of the lovestories let their love blosoom soon…

  2. What the how van rags leave him like that poor sanky

  3. Omgggggg. What has happened? ?? He’s gonna start hating her I think. She should not have done that. Btw superb epi. Plz make it long

  4. Plzz dont seprate ragsan feeling bad for sanky

  5. awsm …what happenend next ????

  6. Poor sanskar. Very nice episode

  7. Guys…dont worry ragsan will never get separated…
    And by the way…thanks for your supports..

  8. Awesome but short

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