You belong with me…swaragini (episode 13) LAST EPISODE…

It me your Princess.
Episode 12

Its the last episode of my ff.Sorry if i hurt anyone of you.Thanks to everyone who read my ff.
As its the last episode of my ff,i would like to reveal something to all of you.Actually Iam writing many ffs on swaragini..but in different names.Given below are my ffs.
Its always you by Neena Jacob
An invisible feeling called love by Amy Jake.
Its Fortune by Ara Martinez.
Kidnapper:The girl who changed my life is Angella
An unknown story by Jeena Jake
An invisible lover by princess.
My commenting name is Abhi

Next episode onwards the writer’s name of all these ffs will be same..”Merin”.

I will stop my blabbering..Lets go to our last episode.

Episode 13
The Marriage day
Ragini’s house is decorated beautifully.
Sanskar is sitting in the mandap.
He is wearing maroon sherwani.He is looking so handsome.He is waiting for Ragini to come.He is continuously looking to the staircase.
Sumi:Why this Ragini is not coming..
Dp:She is the bride na, will take time for her.
Sanskar’s friends are making fun of him as he is always looking to the staircase.
Sanskar:Ma..why she is not coming.
Ap:She will come..time is there na..
Finally sanskar lose his patience and he starts going to upstairs.
All of them laughs seeing him.

In the room.
Ragini:Guys..let me go now..
friends:Nononono…lets check how much patience our jiju have….
Suddenly sanskar breaks the door and entered inside the room.
All of them gets shocked.
Ragini:Sanskar tum..
Friends left from there.
Sanskar:Ragini,what are you doing here.
Ragini:Vo..actually they…
She looks around and didnt find her friends.
Sanskar :Vo..what.
He starts going near to her.She starts moving backward.
Finally he pins her to the wall.

He leans towards her.
Ragini’s friends comes there and coughs.
Sanskar went from there.
Ragini blushes.
In the mandap
Ragini comes and sits near sanskar.
Both looks at eachother.
Sumi:Lets do the ritual.
Pandit:Take seven rounds.
Ragsan standa.
They starts taking the round.
But sanskar stops .
Ragini:Ragini,what happened.
Sanskar went near to her.
Ragini:What are you doing.
Sanskar takes Ragini in his arms and completes the ritual.
The whole family gets happy seeing their love for eachother.
Sanskar tied mangalsutra around her neck and puts sindoor in the middle of her hairline.
A drop of tear is about to fall from Ragini’s eyes.But Sanskar wipes it and said:Now you are Ragini Sanskar Maheswari,I will not allow even a drop of tear to fall from your eyes.

Ragini kicks the kalash full of rice and is about to enter.But Ap stops her.
Ap:Wait wait..According to ritual sanskar,you should take Ragini in his arms.
Sanskar takes her in his arms .Ragini blushes.
He made her lie in the bed.The bed is decorated very beautifully.
Sanskar then closed the door and looks at Ragini.Sanskar went near to Ragini.Ragini switch off the lights.
That’s the end of my ff.
Thanks everyone for reading it.

Credit to: Princess


    • Thanks for liking my ff..One of my new ff will be ragsan’s.My real name is Abhirami…Nick name Abhi.Writing name Merin.

  1. nice n i thought u would extend it ….anyways it was good …u write too many ff’s i wonder how would u manage….seriously!!1

  2. Sreelakshmi

    You belong with me …….
    loved the ff and loving the song of taylor swift
    read this ff remembering that song ……..
    anyway superrrr work princess

  3. Hi princess. Amazing ff ! Sad u r ending it. I’m surprised to knw that you have written all those ff actually you know what I love all ur ff. But now days I’m not able to read “it’s always you ” ff idk why and I’ve tried to search it also but still I’m not able to get . I’ve tried searching by ur name ‘neena jacob ‘ and also ff name but I’m getting only episode 1 I’m not getting after episode 1. So please please can you provide links from chp 2 upto the latest. I forgot the story also as it’s been a very long time since I’ve read tht ff. So please help me ???

  4. Lila

    Superb epii….will miss this ff do much…
    Can I ask u something? R u a girl or boy.?
    Sorry if my question hurt u

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